GH Update Tuesday 12/1/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/1/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

On the docks Dominic gives Ronnie the evidence he needs against Sonny. Dominic wants Olivia to be safe.

At Kelly’s Sonny drinks coffee and remembers his kiss with Olivia, as does Olivia as she stands in the kitchen. She brings Sonny out a bowl of chili and denies being mad at him, but admits to being mad at herself.

Robin visits Elizabeth at her home. Elizabeth tells her she is selling her home, but Robin tells her she doesn’t have to hide anything because Nickolas told her about their affair.

Lucky and Nikolas have a drink at Jake’s and Lucky voices his concerns about marrying Elizabeth.

Maxie arrives as Jason’s penthouse looking for Spinelli but he’s not there. Jason wants an explanation of the photo Franco took of her blindfolded laying on the floor in his studio. Jason asks about the picture and Maxie says she went to Franco’s studio with him and she didn’t know he would take the photo of her.

Jax meets Dominic at the docks and asks about the case. Dominic tells him about the incriminating tape and that Sonny will go down soon. Dominic wonders if Jax is worried that everyone will be mad at him when the truth about Dominic comes out, but Jax is sure that won’t happen.

Olivia is sorry she sent Sonny mixed signals. She admits to having fun with him but that’s it. She asks him to stop and says she can never be with him. Just then Johnny walks in.

Robin says Elizabeth is a good person and Elizabeth admits to being obsessed with Nikolas and says she hates herself. Robin asks how it all started. Elizabeth tells her about the first kiss while drinking at Jake’s and that ever since then she’s wanted him.

Lucky thinks he has been pushing Elizabeth and knows she is afraid. Lucky thinks he should call off the wedding.

At General Hospital Epiphany chastises Patrick and tells him to bring his own chart to the nurses. Matt walks up talking to Lisa. Matt wants her to apply for a job at GH. Matt is called away leaving Patrick to talk to Lisa about her possible move to Port Charles.

Elizabeth says she couldn’t stop thinking about her kiss with Nikolas, but says they fought their attraction. She says she loves Lucky but can’t stop wanting Nikolas.

Lucky thinks Elizabeth’s fears are getting worse but wants to be able to have faith.

Maxie says Spinelli can’t see the photos. She then says his studio was a loft but she doesn’t know where it was. She doesn’t know why Franco would send the photo to Jason but then remembers and tells Jason that Franco called Jason an “artist” at the opening.

Johnny is surprised to see Olivia working at Kelly’s. Sonny gets up to go and leaves a very generous tip. Johnny senses he has interrupted something, which Olivia denies. She then says he doesn’t have a right to question her because she doesn’t know where they stand. He says he has tried walking away from her but he can’t.

Patrick and Lisa discuss a case and look at x-rays. They decide to work together.

Elizabeth says he and Lucky’s sex life is great and loving but with Nikolas there is this passion she has never experienced before. Yet she doesn’t know if this is purely physical given they have been friends for years. Robin tells Elizabeth to be honest with Lucky and tell him she is conflicted. Robin tells her not to torture herself.

Lucky thinks maybe they have both made too many mistakes. He asks Nikolas if she has seemed different or said anything to him. Nikolas tells Lucky to talk to Elizabeth.

Sonny arrives home to find Dominic and tell him about a new job. Sonny says Joey Limbo was working with a Zacchara lieutenant, Tony Bianco. He wants Dominic to go after him.

Sam arrives at the penthouse and Jason shows her the photo of Maxie. Jason doesn’t know why Franco is going through all of this and neither he nor Sam can figure out what Franco would want with Jason or why he’s trying so hard to get Jason to notice him.

Matt asks Epiphany when Lisa will be out of surgery. Robin comes in and asks about Patrick’s consult. Epiphany tells both of them that Patrick and Lisa are in surgery.

Dominic says he will handle this or die trying. Sonny thinks Dominic is too valuable to lose.

Elizabeth goes to Jake’s and Nikolas is there too. He tells her about talking to Lucky and that Lucky wants to call off the engagement. Nikolas thinks Elizabeth should tell Lucky the truth.

Lucky meets Maxie on the docks. She says she needs to find Franco and wants Lucky’s help. She says her life is on the line.

Jason asks if this photo and the one of Claudia are connected. Sam is skeptical but they talk it out a little. Sam suggests they go to the gallery and try to meet with Franco.

Jax comes to Kelly’s and asks Olivia if he’s heard from Dante and then tells her about the recording Dante has of Sonny. Olivia says this isn’t all so cut and dry for everyone, even Dante. Olivia says she won’t be happy about this, but all Jax wants is her assurance that she won’t give up Jax’s part in Sonny’s arrest.

Elizabeth says she can’t tell Lucky the truth. Elizabeth asks why he’s putting this all on her and wonders if he could tell Lucky the truth. Elizabeth says she does want to marry Lucky and leaves.

Lucky asks why Maxie’s life is on the line. Maxie tells him she went to Franco’s studio and let him take photos of her and she wants to destroy the photos. So she needs Lucky’s help to find him. Lucky agrees to run a check on him and see what he finds.

Jason and Sam get ready to head to the gallery as Spinelli arrives home. Spinelli sits at the desk with his laptop right on the envelope holding Maxie’s photo.

Jax says he is not having second thoughts but he still can’t tell Carly because she would never understand. Olivia can’t believe the way Jax is acting.

Sonny meets with Johnny and tells him to look into Bianco. Dominic offers to help, but Sonny says Johnny can handle it. Johnny leaves and Sonny says he doesn’t want Dominic involved. Dominic says sending Johnny off to die so he can have Olivia isn’t worthy of Sonny.

Sam and Jason run into a man and ask him about Franco’s pieces. The man asks if he is Jason Morgan and says he is just as Franco described him.

Spinelli picks up the envelope but then Maxie enters. She sees what he is holding and asks where he got it.

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