GH Update Monday 11/30/09

General Hospital Update Monday 11/30/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Franco is looking through photographs at his art studio. Enraged, Franco throws the photos on the couch. Franco starts smashing items around the studio. Franco’s female friend shows up unannounced. She inquires about the new pictures Franco has taken of Maxie. Franco suggests that Maxie is “bait”.

Sam shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Jason kisses Sam. Sam brings up the Thanksgiving party at the Drake home. Sam says that Jason missed a party that was full of drama. Sam senses that Jason is preoccupied. Jason believes that Franco saw him shoot at Joey Limbo’s men. Sam thinks it is possible that it was only a homeless man – not Franco. Jason doesn’t understand why Franco would target him.

At the Crimson office, Maxie is on the phone inquiring about Franco’s decision regarding the photo shoot. Spinelli appears and asks if Maxie is feeling better. Maxie explains that she has a lot of work to do. Spinelli comments that Maxie needs to slow down and rest. Maxie is worried that she failed Kate because she was unable to book a shoot with Franco. Spinelli asks why Maxie is so upset. Maxie doesn’t tell Spinelli the truth about her one-night stand with Franco. Maxie explains that Kate is counting on her to book the shoot. Spinelli thinks that Kate is too demanding by asking Maxie to change Franco’s mind. Spinelli suggests going on a shopping spree to distract Maxie for a while. Maxie says she would like to but has too many things to do at the office.

Sonny goes to Kelly’s and finds Olivia behind the counter. Olivia says that she is filling in while Mike is at the hospital. Sonny teases Olivia about her cooking skills. Olivia says that she is busy making chili. Sonny says that he would like some chili but Olivia needs to add more peppers. In the back room, Olivia chops up the peppers. Olivia and Sonny make small talk until Mike shows up. Sonny asks Mike how he is doing. Mike shows Sonny his bandaged finger and jokes that he needs to be more careful while cooking. Mike leaves the back room. Olivia and Sonny argue about what ingredients to add to the chili. Olivia dares Sonny to make better chili than hers.

On the docks, Dante/Dominic is listening to a taped conversation on his cell phone. Lulu grabs the phone out of his hand. Lulu listens as Sonny says that the police are close to finding the proof to put him in prison. Lulu regrets listening to the conversation. Dominic is confident that this is the evidence to put Sonny away for good. Lulu isn’t convinced. Lulu asks Dom what he is going to do with the information. Dominic divulges that he has become close with the Corinthos family. Nonetheless, Dom stresses the point that Sonny needs to be held accountable for his actions. Lulu says that Dominic should follow his heart.

Diane meets with Elizabeth at her home. Diane asks why Liz needs her services. Elizabeth explains that she and Lucky are engaged and they want to sell the house. Diane advises that now is a bad time to sell a property. Diane asks if Elizabeth and Lucky are going to live in Liz’s home while a new one is built. Elizabeth emphasizes that they can’t afford to have two homes right now. Elizabeth refuses to accept money from anyone, especially Jason.

At the penthouse, Sam and Jason discuss Franco’s motives. Spinelli returns. Spinelli brings up that he is worried about Maxie and her health. Sam wants Spinelli to check some security footage on his laptop. Spinelli asks Sam to check up on Maxie. Sam leaves in a hurry. Spinelli talks about Franco and his connection to Kate. Spinelli discovers that Franco has been living here for a few months.

At Kelly’s, Sonny puts on an apron to make chili in the back room. Olivia thinks that Sonny is adding too much pepper for the recipe. Sonny doesn’t appreciate Olivia’s hovering. Dominic interrupts the playful bickering. Dominic inquires about Mike’s whereabouts. Sonny says that Olivia is filling in for Mike. Dom says that he’ll leave but Sonny doesn’t mind if he stays. Dominic feels awkward so he leaves anyway. Olivia wishes that Dom would have sampled the chili to see if Sonny did a good job. Outside of Kelly’s, Dominic makes a call to Ronnie and refers to the evidence that implicates Sonny.

Nikolas knocks on Elizabeth’s front door. Nikolas says he noticed the “for sale” sign in front of Liz’s house. Elizabeth says that she and Lucky intend on building their dream home. Elizabeth doesn’t want to listen to Nikolas. They begin to argue just as Lucky walks in. Elizabeth has a daydream that she tells Lucky the truth about her feelings for Nikolas. Elizabeth jumps back to reality when Lucky asks why she and Nik were fighting. Nikolas covers for Elizabeth. Nik says that he was surprised to see that Elizabeth’s house is for sale. Nikolas offers the couple some money but Elizabeth refuses to take any. Nikolas feels uncomfortable so he leaves. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she asked for Diane’s advice about selling the house. Lucky thinks that Elizabeth is stalling about the move. Elizabeth is worried that everything is going to fall apart. Lucky reassures Liz that everything will work itself out. Elizabeth is skeptical.

Sam goes to the Crimson office and finds that Maxie is acting strange. Maxie is mumbling about shoes which confuses Sam. Sam says that Spinelli is concerned about Maxie. Maxie explains that she let Kate down by not convincing Franco to agree to a photo shoot. Sam brings up that Franco is a well-known recluse so he probably wouldn’t agree to any more publicity. Maxie makes an odd comment about Franco. Maxie says that Franco referred to Jason as an “artist”.

In the back room, Sonny gives Olivia a compliment. Olivia is surprised that Sonny is being so nice. Olivia stirs the chili and decides to sample a taste. Olivia says that Sonny’s chili isn’t too bad but it could use some more oregano. They laugh and there is an awkward silence. Sonny leans in and kisses Olivia.

Dominic meets with Ronnie on the docks. Dominic hands Ronnie a manila envelope. Ronnie thinks that Olivia is going to get in the way of the investigation. Dominic maintains that his mother needs to remain safe.

Lucky meets with Nikolas on the docks. Lucky apologizes for Elizabeth’s standoffish behavior. Lucky says that Elizabeth feels pressured about the move. Nikolas mentions that Liz “needs time to adjust”. Lucky believes that Elizabeth is having a hard time forgiving herself because of the affair with Jason. Lucky asks Nikolas if the right thing to do is “set Elizabeth free”.

At home, Elizabeth stares at a photo of her family. Elizabeth has tears in her eyes.

Lulu returns to work and asks Maxie if she has told Spinelli the truth about Franco. Lulu can’t believe that Maxie won’t tell Spinelli. Maxie is adamant that no one can know that she slept with Franco.

At the studio, Franco tells his female friend that “the artist” (referring to Jason) would not meet him during the art show. Franco is furious because of Jason’s snub. Franco passionately kisses his female friend.

At home, Spinelli suggests going to see Franco to get some information out of him. Jason stares at the picture of Claudia’s dead body. Jason wonders if Franco sent him the photograph.

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