GH Update Wednesday 11/25/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/25/09


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Laurie R.

At home, Lulu asks Maxie if she wants a latte before heading out the door.  Maxie enters the living room wearing a pink robe.  Lulu senses that Maxie was unable to get Franco to commit to the Crimson photo shoot.  Maxie blurts out that she slept with Franco.  Lulu can’t believe what she’s hearing.  Maxie maintains that it won’t happen again.  Maxie brings up her and Spinelli’s “exception list”.  Lulu asks her to explain what it is.  Maxie says that it is a list of potential people they would sleep with if given the chance.  Maxie lets slip that the actress Anne Hathaway is on Spinelli’s list.  Lulu says that Spinelli would never get the chance to meet Anne Hathaway so the list isn’t for real.  Maxie insists that she couldn’t say no to Franco since he is “mesmerizing”.  Maxie says that it was only a one-night stand.  Lulu isn’t so sure.  Maxie doesn’t have the heart to tell Spinelli the truth.

At Sonny’s office, Milo and Spinelli are making calls on their cell phones.  Milo tells Spinelli that Sonny has a request: he wants Max and Diane back together.

Diane shows up at the Davis home.  Diane hands Alexis a dish of candied yams.  Alexis is surprised to see Diane.  Molly interrupts and announces that they have dinner plans.  Molly hands Diane her coat.  Alexis can’t believe that Molly is so rude.  Alexis gets a phone call and steps away.  Molly gives Diane a dollar which she says is for a “retainer”.  Molly says that “attorney-client privilege” means that whatever she says is confidential.  Diane asks what Molly wants.  Molly explains that Sam and Kristina are setting Alexis up with a nice man at the Thanksgiving dinner.  Diane thinks it is a sweet gesture.  Diane wishes she could be at the party.  Diane hands Molly the dollar and says that anything for Alexis is “pro bono”.  Diane tells Alexis that she has been called in to work.  Alexis thinks it is suspicious but doesn’t press for information.  Diane declines the Thanksgiving offer.  Molly tells Alexis that they won’t be going to the country club this year.

Robin answers the front door.  It’s Sam.  Robin tells Sam that she thinks Alexis and Mac would be a good fit.  Robin and Sam set up a table in the living room.  They open a tablecloth when Patrick walks in with extra chairs.  Robin advises Patrick to stay quiet about the “set-up” involving Alexis and Mac.  Suddenly, Mac walks in and asks why the football game isn’t on.  Mac makes comments about the couch being moved.  Robin says that the game will be watched with no audio.  Sam brings in plates.  Robin says that Spinelli will be coming to the dinner.  There is a knock on the door.  Patrick greets Matt and Lisa.  Lisa hugs Patrick.  Robin looks bothered.

Michael and Carly are getting ready to spend Thanksgiving with Sonny and Mike.  Michael can’t believe that Jax won’t be with them.  Carly asks Michael to check on Morgan.  Jax walks in.  Carly says that everything is ready for Jax to spend Thanksgiving with their daughter.  Jax inquires about Carly’s plans.  Jax wishes Carly a happy Thanksgiving.

Edward, Tracy, Monica and Alice are sitting in the Quartermaine living room.  Rebecca walks in and says that she is helping at a homeless shelter for Thanksgiving.  Edward thinks it is odd that Rebecca doesn’t have plans with Nikolas.  Luke shows up to the surprise of everyone.  Luke says he would rather spend Thanksgiving with the Q’s.  Alice pours Luke a drink.

Carly, Michael and Morgan return to the Jacks living room.  Jax is sitting on the couch.  Carly announces that the car won’t start.  Jax offers to take a look at it.  Carly thanks Jax for his help.  Carly says she is going to check on Josslyn.  In private, Michael senses that Morgan “sabotaged” the car so their mother and Jax could spend Thanksgiving together.  Morgan explains that Carly and Jax need to get back together for Josslyn’s sake.  Morgan adds that Sonny, Mike, and Bernie will end up spending the whole time talking about business anyway.  Michael agrees with Morgan’s reasoning.  Carly and Jax return.  Jax says he can’t get the car to start.  Carly asks to use Jax’s car instead.

Diane shows up at the restaurant.  Spinelli and Milo are acting strange.  Spinelli brings up Max.  Diane thinks that something is wrong.  Spinelli implies that Max is “unable to perform” due to the carnival accident.  Diane is saddened by the news.  Diane sits down in the booth.  Spinelli praises Max.  Spinelli realizes that he needs to check in on Maxie and hurries out the door.  Max comes out of Sonny’s office and is surprised to see Diane.  Diane says that she has some questions to ask Max.  They enter the office together.

Kristina runs into Ethan on her way to the Drake house.  Kristina is carrying pumpkin cookies.  Kristina asks about Thanksgiving in Australia.  Kristina senses that Ethan has no plans for dinner so she asks him to join her.  Kristina explains that she is having dinner at Robin’s house.  Ethan graciously declines her offer.  Ethan says he has had a change of heart and will attend the Quartermaines’ party.

At the Drake house, Lisa asks Patrick about Emma.  All the guests are watching the football game on television.  Lisa comments about the game.  Sam leaves a voicemail for Molly saying that Kristina hasn’t shown up yet and Maxie has the flu.  Mac asks Sam some questions about Claudia.  Robin interrupts and says that they are not talking about work on Thanksgiving.  Mac suddenly announces that he has to get to the police station.  Robin tells her uncle that he can’t leave.  Alexis and Molly arrive at the party just as Mac is leaving.  Robin manages to get Mac back inside.  Molly blurts out that she needs Mac’s help with a school project.  Robin pipes in that she will get Alexis and Mac some drinks.  Lisa is introduced to Alexis.  Alexis and Mac both sense that something is wrong.  Alexis tells Sam that she is being set up.  Mac pulls Patrick aside and asks him what Robin is trying to do.  Patrick is evasive and says he doesn’t know anything.  Mac and Alexis concur that they are being set up.  The guests start complaining that Mac and Alexis are standing right in front of the television.

At home, Michael causes a diversion so Morgan can sabotage Jax’s car.  Michael brings up taking a trip.  Carly and Jax are confused as to why Michael is talking about this on Thanksgiving.  Michael offers to help around the house with watching Josslyn.  Morgan returns and gives a thumbs up to Michael.  Carly tries out Jax’s car but it won’t start.  Carly agrees to stay home for Thanksgiving.  In the other room, Michael and Morgan give each other a high-five.

Ethan shows up at the Quartermaine home with cookies.  Edward thanks Ethan and Rebecca for sticking by him after the carnival accident.  Ethan and Rebecca make small talk.  Everyone eats pizza for Thanksgiving dinner.  Rebecca asks Monica how the pizza tradition started.  Edward begins to sing a Thanksgiving song which makes all the guests laugh.

Alexis and Mac walk out of the Drake house.  Kristina is just arriving with the cookies.  Inside, the guests are talking about Alexis’ “poor taste in men”.  Patrick brings up Jerry Jacks.   Lisa can’t believe that he is as bad as he sounds.  Alexis and Mac walk in and announce that they have no intentions of dating.

After having sex, Diane mentions that Max’s erectile dysfunction is cured.  Max states that he has no problem in that department.  They both realize that Milo and Spinelli were trying to get them back together.  Diane and Max admit that they have missed each other. 

At home, Maxie has flashbacks of her sexual encounter with Franco.  Spinelli shows up with some turkey soup and tissues.  Unbeknownst to Spinelli, Maxie is preoccupied.

The Jacks’ Thanksgiving is spent in the living room with Carly, Jax, Michael and Morgan eating potato chips and junk food. 

At Sonny’s office, Milo pours Diane and Max some wine.  Max asks Milo to join them.

At the Drake house, everyone sits down to have the Thanksgiving meal. 

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