GH Update Tuesday 11/24/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/24/09


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Laurie R.

At his art studio, Maxie tells a blindfolded Franco that he is going to do exactly what she wants. Maxie twirls Franco around until he becomes dizzy. After taking off his blindfold, Franco pours Maxie a drink. Franco brings up an old flame which makes Maxie curious. Maxie asks some questions and Franco admits that he used to be in love with a girl named Vanessa. Franco explains that Vanessa was brutally murdered by a psycho. Maxie doesn’t believe Franco’s story. Franco is impressed by Maxie and says that she isn’t like other women. Franco admits that he likes “tagging” and making a lot of money from his art. They playfully flirt back and forth. Franco says that the “secret to life is anyone can die at any time”. Maxie smiles at Franco and he leans in for a kiss.

At home, Jason asks Spinelli for his opinion regarding the security footage of Franco and the homeless man. Sam thinks it is possible that they are one in the same. Jason doesn’t believe in coincidences. Jason is sure that Franco is the homeless man that waved to him after the shoot-out. Spinelli asks an important question: why would Franco pose as a homeless guy? Sam brings up that Franco desperately wanted to meet Jason at the art show. Spinelli isn’t convinced that they are dealing with the same man. Spinelli wants to go back to the exhibit to wait for Maxie. Spinelli leaves in a hurry. Jason and Sam discuss Franco’s motives for posing as a homeless man. Jason senses that something isn’t right.

Sonny brings Olivia home after the art show. Olivia asks Sonny to come in and talk. When Olivia unlocks the door, she is shocked to see that Johnny is already inside. Olivia looks horrified. Johnny implies that they have a lot to talk about. Sonny has a confused look on his face. Olivia tells Sonny that he needs to leave. Sonny wants to stay but senses the tension in the room. Sonny graciously leaves to prevent an argument with Olivia. Olivia isn’t happy with Johnny. Johnny proposes that Olivia should tell Sonny the truth. Olivia picks up a photo frame holding a picture of her son. Olivia maintains that she can’t tell Sonny the truth. Johnny tells Olivia that Dante is close to sending Sonny to prison. Olivia admits that she is “paralyzed” about the situation. Olivia contemplates going back to Bensonhurst. Johnny feels that Olivia is doing more harm than good by staying quiet. Johnny thinks that sooner or later someone is going to end up getting hurt.

Lucky pays Anthony a visit in prison. Anthony asks if Lucky found Claudia’s body. Lucky is adamant that he isn’t there to talk about Claudia or her whereabouts. Lucky wants to know about Joey Limbo. Anthony asks if Lucky has any idea who murdered Joey. Lucky is unwilling to give away too much information. Anthony implies that Lucky and Johnny are a lot alike. Anthony adds that Luke is involved in Sonny’s business dealings.

Dante/Dominic and Lulu are still at the art exhibit. Dominic is obsessed with Franco’s graffiti art. Lulu inquires about Dominic’s fascination with it. Dominic is having a hard time remembering where he previously saw the graffiti.

Sonny returns home to find Lucky waiting in the living room. Lucky explains that he is following up on a lead. Lucky says that Joey Limbo was found murdered and the body was posed. Lucky admits that the cause of death isn’t typical of a mob hit. Lucky brings up Luke’s involvement. Sonny is evasive and says that Lucky needs to talk to his father. Sonny says that everyone was surprised when Lucky joined the police force. Lucky confides that Luke was different from other fathers. Sonny says that Luke was disappointed when Lucky decided to be a cop. Lucky admits that he didn’t want to end up like his father. Lucky says that he doesn’t regret any of his choices. Sonny listens as Lucky explains why he wants to give justice to those who can’t protect themselves.

At the art studio, Maxie thinks that Franco is trying to get her drunk. Maxie explains that she is with someone and has no interest in a one-night stand. Franco laughs and insists that no one will ever find out. Maxie says that she made a promise to stay faithful. Franco asks if Maxie’s parents are still married. Maxie doesn’t understand why Franco is asking these types of questions. Franco believes that Maxie is too young to know what she really wants or needs. Maxie won’t back down. Maxie says that Franco doesn’t know anything about her. There is obvious sexual tension between Maxie and Franco. Suddenly, Franco grabs Maxie and kisses her. Franco rips off Maxie’s shirt.

At the penthouse, Sam asks Jason about the shoot-out with Limbo’s men. Jason explains that he and Sonny were going to meet with Joey Limbo to talk about a truce. Jason says that they were ambushed and a gunfight erupted. Sam is worried that someone could have seen Jason at the shoot-out. Sam believes that the homeless man could have witnessed the ambush. Jason confides that he didn’t hesitate to shoot at the ambush. Jason is contemplating whether he took the right actions. Sam believes that Jason was justified in protecting himself. Sam argues that Jason isn’t a monster because he has “great instincts”. Jason thanks Sam for her support.

Olivia continues to tell Johnny that she is protecting Dante from Sonny. Olivia wishes Johnny didn’t know the truth. Johnny bluntly asks if Olivia loves him. Johnny thinks that Olivia is using him so he keeps a close eye on Dante. Olivia apologizes for lying about Dante but swears she loves Johnny. Olivia says that Johnny can’t give Dante any incriminating evidence. Johnny agrees to stay quiet but promises that he will be eagerly waiting for Dante to send Sonny to prison.

Dominic returns to the Corinthos home. Sonny relays that Lucky is looking for answers regarding the shoot-out. Sonny is concerned since Luke set up the meeting with Joey Limbo. Sonny doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Luke’s family. Sonny implies that he could be sent to prison if the police find evidence that he killed Claudia. Dominic remains quiet.

Franco and Maxie kiss in the limo. Maxie laughs. Maxie admits that Franco is charming in his own way. The limo stops in front of Maxie’s apartment building. Franco wants to go up to Maxie’s apartment but she doesn’t think it is a good idea. Franco kisses Maxie. Franco leaves in the limo.

Spinelli goes to the art exhibit. Maxie is nowhere to be found. Spinelli leaves a message on Maxie’s voicemail. Spinelli turns around and is surprised to see Lucky. Lucky inquires about Spinelli’s PI business. Spinelli says that he and Sam provided security for Franco’s art show. Lucky thinks that Jason showed up at the art show so he had an alibi. Franco’s photographs catch Lucky’s attention. Lucky says that the pictures look just like Limbo’s crime scene.

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