GH Update Monday 11/23/09

General Hospital Update Monday 11/23/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Laurie R.

It is the night of Franco’s art show. The mysterious artist is lying on the floor appearing to reenact a crime scene. Franco awakens to see Maxie storming through the door. Maxie looks around the area which is set up as a bedroom. Franco asks Maxie to sit next to him on the floor. Maxie has no clue that this man is Franco. Maxie calls him a “pompous twit”. Maxie grabs Franco’s arm and tells him to leave the art show immediately. Franco won’t budge. He flirts with Maxie and discloses that he is Franco the artist. Maxie doesn’t believe it. Franco shows Maxie some of his passports. Maxie still isn’t convinced. Franco produces an aerosol can and starts spraying on the wall. Maxie realizes that the strange but charming man is indeed Franco.

At the penthouse, Jason and Sam are getting ready for the art show. Sam believes that Jason will be a great asset in helping her and Spinelli with security. They kiss. As they are leaving, Lucky shows up unannounced. Sam insists that she and Jason are needed at an art show. Lucky says that he only has a few questions. Lucky confronts Jason about the shoot-out that left four men dead. Jason remains quiet. Lucky implies that the police think Jason is involved. Lucky discloses that Joey Limbo’s body was posed at the crime scene. Sam is confused. Lucky says that the crime scene is unusual but still believes that Jason knows something.

Lulu is hurrying to put on her heels when there is a knock on her apartment door. It is Dominic. Dominic compliments Lulu on how she looks. Dominic implies that there is an art exhibit to attend. Lulu thinks Dominic is asking her to accompany him so he has an alibi.

At home, Olivia has a conversation with God. Olivia is torn between staying quiet or telling Sonny everything. Olivia wipes the tears from her eyes. There is a knock at the door. It’s Sonny. Olivia is in no mood to talk. Sonny suggests that Olivia should accompany him to an art show. Sonny explains that he needs an alibi for tonight since there was an attempt on his life earlier in the night. Olivia wants to know if Johnny is okay. Sonny blurts out that Dominic saved his life which surprises Olivia. Sonny is adamant that he didn’t initiate the shoot-out tonight.

At the art show, Jax greets Robin and Patrick. Jax insists that the show will be a success solely due to Kate’s tenacity. Luke and Tracy arrive shortly afterwards. Tracy makes a comment about Lulu’s obvious attraction to Dominic.

In the reenacted bedroom, Franco and Maxie are talking when Luke walks in. Franco throws him the can and Luke uses the spray to make a tic-tac-toe sign on the wall. Maxie isn’t happy. Maxie leaves the room in a hurry. Luke and Franco have a conversation about the artist’s unusual style. Luke doesn’t understand why Franco would reenact crime scenes. Franco says that the people of Port Charles will pay big bucks for his art. Max and Milo walk in and asks Franco about his photographs.

Maxie runs to Lulu and tells her that Franco is very strange. Dominic is admiring Franco’s photographs on the wall. Dom comments that he is “drawn” to the art on the wall. Lulu asks Dominic if he likes the photographs. Dominic senses that he has seen something like this before.

Olivia gets dressed for the art exhibit while Sonny waits in the living room. Sonny thanks Olivia for attending the event with him.

Olivia and Sonny arrive at the art show and run into Robin and Patrick. Sonny thinks that Franco’s art is “dark”. Nearby, Tracy asks Jax why Kate decided to put together the art show. Tracy comments that the art is as disturbing as some of the residents of Port Charles. Meanwhile, Spinelli is looking for Maxie. Lulu reminds Spinelli that Maxie is taking care of last minute details for the exhibit. Dominic interrupts and says that a lot of Franco’s art looks like “graffiti”. Sam and Jason arrive. Jason thinks that the art is troubling.

Maxie speaks to Franco again. Franco tries to flirt with Maxie. Maxie changes the subject and brings up fashion. Sonny appears and Franco greets him. Sonny says that the art looks “real”. Sonny points out that Franco needs to be careful that life doesn’t imitate art. Maxie points out that Franco just spoke to a well-known mob boss. Sam and Jason walk in. Franco stares at Jason with hatred. Sam thinks that the art is a bit creepy. Franco wants Maxie to introduce him to Jason. Maxie doesn’t think it is a good idea but finally relents. Maxie walks up to Jason and Sam. Maxie explains that Franco is desperate to talk to Jason. Jason shakes his head in confusion and says that he knows nothing about art. Jason refuses to talk to the artist. Maxie relays the message to Franco. Franco isn’t happy. Franco tells Maxie that they are leaving the art show immediately.

Luke and Sonny argue about Joey Limbo. Luke feels betrayed by Sonny’s actions. Sonny explains that Joey and his men tried to take him out tonight. Sonny apologizes for Luke’s involvement in the matter. Luke is resolute that he doesn’t want any part in Sonny’s future business dealings.

In the limo, Maxie inquires about where she and Franco are headed. Franco wants Maxie to see his art studio. Maxie senses that something isn’t right. Maxie insists that they should return to the art show. Franco tells Maxie that she should trust him. The driver pulls over and Franco hands Maxie a red blindfold to cover her eyes. When they get to the art studio, Maxie wants to take off the blindfold. Franco says that Maxie should trust her senses. Maxie appears scared. Franco asks Maxie to do one thing for him.

Jason, Sam and Spinelli return to the penthouse. Jason asks Spinelli to check out something on his laptop. Spinelli finds security footage of Franco and Maxie leaving the art show. Jason notices that Franco is waving at the camera. Jason remembers the homeless man that waved to him after the shoot-out. Sam can’t believe that Jason is trying to connect Franco to the homeless man. Spinelli shows Sam and Jason footage of the homeless man waving to the camera. Jason thinks that Franco and the homeless man are one in the same.

At Franco’s studio, Maxie is lying on the ground, surrounded by a chalk outline. Maxie has no clue as to what’s happening. Franco is taking pictures of Maxie. Franco advises Maxie to stay still. Maxie realizes that this “lunatic” is taking pictures of her. Franco insists that Maxie needs to relax. Maxie has had enough and rips off the blindfold. Maxie is disgusted to see that Franco had her reenact a crime scene. Franco uses his charm to calm Maxie down. Maxie comments that Franco’s studio is cool. Franco agrees to be blindfolded by Maxie.

At the art exhibit, Dominic tells Lulu that he is adamant that he has seen Franco’s graffiti art before.

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