GH Update Wednesday 11/18/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/18/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly’s Elizabeth orders food for a hike in the woods with Lucky. Nikolas arrives and she accuses him of following her. But then Rebecca enters glad to see Nikolas.

At General Hospital a blonde woman asks Robin where the administration office is, she is looking for a doctor. Patrick walks around the station and calls the woman Lisa. He greets her with a hug. Robin interrupts and Patrick introduces her as Lisa Niles, the college girlfriend.

Johnny and Dominic meet at the restaurant. Johnny is still rocked from Claudia’s disappearance.

Spinelli says he has traced the camera. It’s a Lens Co SC E17 with thermal imaging. He says that thousands have been sold. Sam thinks they may have to wait to be contacted with demands. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Lucky.

Lisa says she wanted to surprise Patrick and meet his family. She also says she wants a consult with Robin.

Johnny says he knows Sonny killed Claudia and knows she had it coming, but he wishes he could have buried her and said goodbye. Johnny wants Sonny to pay for her murder.

Lucky says this isn’t an official visit and asks if they can talk in private. Spinelli and Sam leave, but first Lucky warns Sam that he doesn’t want her to get in trouble. After they leave Lucky asks what happened in the cabin. Jason doesn’t say anything more so Lucky starts to say what they know and what the police have been putting together on speculation, including how either Jason or Sonny killed Claudia and Max and Milo disposed of the body. But Lucky doesn’t believe that.

Rebecca says she and Alfred have a surprise for him so he can’t come home yet. She’ll call him when it’s ready. She leaves and Elizabeth asks to speak to him outside. She says she’s glad that Nikolas and Rebecca are working things out, but Nikolas doesn’t believe her. He tells her to look him in the eye and then says that he’s at least honest with himself about what he wants.

Lisa talks to Robin about a case of a girl who still doesn’t have function of one of her limbs. Robin and Lisa joke at Patrick’s expense. Then Matt walks up and implies that Lisa being there and being friendly with Robin isn’t a good thing.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth to walk away and he won’t follow her. She doesn’t move so he kisses her and she kisses him back. As they are kissing Robin walks up and interrupts them. She can’t believe they are doing this in public and says she will testify on Lucky’s behalf if he seeks custody of the boys. Elizabeth than opens her eyes and she is standing alone outside, all of that having been a daydream. Sam asks if she is alright. Sam wishes her a better day and begins to leave but Elizabeth calls her back. Elizabeth admits that while she was with Jason she judged Sam and had no right to do so and was a hypocrite. She apologizes and says Sam doesn’t have to accept it.

Lucky thinks something happened that made Jason and Sonny have to improvise because they were too sloppy and did too much covering. Jason says he doesn’t have anything to say. Lucky tells Jason that while he doesn’t condone what Jason does, he does respect him for trying to give Jake a better life with Lucky and Elizabeth. Lucky says he’s stepping down from the case but the new officer will be able to build a case against Sonny and Jason.

Dominic goes to Olivia’s apartment and shows her the photo of Claudia’s body. Dominic thinks Johnny might be responsible for the photos.

Spinelli goes to Johnny’s studio and sees photos and a camera on the desk. Johnny comes in and Spinelli asks him what kind of camera it is. He says Claudia gave it to him, but it’s too fancy for him. He wishes she was still there to thank her for everything she did for him. Johnny tells him about a day in the park with Claudia where he photographed her. He holds up the camera and Spinelli sees that it says SC E17.

Olivia doesn’t think Johnny would do that. Dominic also thinks Johnny could have been sent the photo first and then sent it to Jason. But Olivia doesn’t think Johnny is capable. Dominic knows Johnny would do anything to make Sonny and Jason pay.

Spinelli says he is there to commiserate about Claudia and says she was always kind to him, but misguided.

Nikolas arrived home to find a set table and Rebecca at the door. She says she’s been fantasizing about him all day and that she’s always wanted to go to France so it was a perfect idea. Rebecca suggests one day they can go to France as she kisses him. He kisses her back.

Mike gives Elizabeth her food and congratulates her on her engagement. Lucky walks in and tells her about seeing Jason. He says all evidence points to Jason and he’s taking himself off the case. She apologizes and says she should have just told him.

Sam comes into Jason’s penthouse and he tells her Lucky tried to warn him, but doesn’t suspect Michael. Sam says it must be hard dealing with Lucky because of Jake, but Jason says Jake is where he needs to be. Sam says that while she’s glad Lucky is happy with Elizabeth and the boys she doesn’t think Elizabeth feels the same way.

Matt tells Patrick that he won’t want Robin and Lisa comparing notes about him or fighting over him. And Robin being filled in on all Patrick’s past flings can’t be good. Robin and Lisa exit the elevator and discuss the case. Robin walks off and Patrick asks Lisa how badly she made him out to Robin. She says he’s safe for now.

Olivia suggests maybe someone else killed Claudia, but Dominic knows it was them. Olivia is worried about Dominic, having gotten too far in this but Dominic says he will bring Sonny down. Dominic leaves her the photo as a reminder of what Sonny can do to his own wife.

Elizabeth says she’s been unfair to Lucky and should have told him the truth. He says that while they can’t forget everything that has happened they have to move on. He takes responsibility for his addiction and affair and says he loves her wife all of his heart.

Patrick and Lisa reminisce and then Robin comes back with her recommendations for Lisa. Lisa walks away and Robin asks if he misses the good old days. He says no.

Johnny visits Olivia. She tells him he can say anything to her. He asks if she’s afraid he will hurt Sonny.

Elizabeth and Lucky are outside and choose their picnic spot. Elizabeth unpacks the food including brownies. They talk about going from artist and musician to nurse and cop, respectively. Lucky says they are happy.

Nikolas pulls away from Rebecca and tells her that he has been lying to her. He did want revenge and did offer Ethan a million dollars to take her away. He asks him why and if he is deliberately trying to hurt him. He says that he wanted to hurt her on purpose and then realized it was wrong and asked Ethan for help. He then admits to loving someone else.

Elizabeth says this is exactly what she needed. She makes a wish on an eyelash but won’t tell him what it is. Lucky points to a sign and goes over to look at it.

Joey Limbo meets with Anthony Zacharra. They discuss the upcoming ambush to kill Sonny.

Jason comes into the office to Dominic. Jason says Joey Limbo has agreed to the meeting but they want Dominic there also. They want this to be the end of the violence.

Olivia says Claudia’s death should be the end of the violence and hate and she doesn’t want Johnny to get hurt. She leaves the room to get something to eat and he opens a drawer looking for a corkscrew and sees the photo of Claudia’s body.

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