GH Update Tuesday 11/17/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/17/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Dominic walks into Sonny’s office as Lulu is talking to him. Dominic tries to get her to come with him and get something to eat, but she repeats her question to Sonny, what would he do if he found out a police officer was gathering evidence against him.

On the docks Lucky asks Maxie if she saw Sonny go into or out of his house the night Claudia disappeared. Maxie says no, but Lucky calls her a bad liar.

In his penthouse Jason looks at the photos of Claudia’s dead body as Spinelli walks through the front door with groceries. Jason tells him someone knows the truth about Claudia and he needs Spinelli’s help.

On the Haunted Star Luke tells Elizabeth that he knows what’s going on with her and Nikolas, but assures her he’s not judging her. Luke doesn’t want to do anything but he knows he can’t stay quiet. He admits to having spoken with Nikolas and says Nikolas is justifying his actions and not taking Lucky’s feelings into consideration. Elizabeth doesn’t want to tell the truth, but Luke says she owes Lucky that much.

Nikolas thanks Rebecca for the idea of throwing Lucky and Elizabeth an engagement party but says he and Luke together don’t make for a good occasion. He says he doesn’t want Tracey and Elizabeth to see this as Rebecca’s ulterior motives. Rebecca agrees, but then says they can do something at Wyndemere.

Sonny says he would never lift a hand against Lucky because he respects Luke and would never hurt one of his kids. Lulu asks if he wouldn’t hurt an officer that was the son of a good friend. All Sonny can say is that it won’t come to that, because no cop has made a case against him and no cop ever will.

Maxie says he shouldn’t be questioning her at all because it just brings up their past. Lucky continues to question her, but Maxie won’t budge. Maxie says she was at Kate’s but couldn’t see anything because it was dark and raining. Lucky warns her that she might be subpoenaed.

Jason needs Spinelli’s expertise and swears him to secrecy before showing him the photos of Claudia and fills him in on some of the night including Michael being the one to kill Claudia.

Patrick comes home to find Robin and sees a large bucket with beer and ice. The card says it’s from Lisa, his college girlfriend, thanking him for his consult. He says it’s a naked beer but tells Robin it’s an inside joke.

When questioned why she wants to do something for them, Rebecca says Lucky has been kind to her even when he learned the truth. Nikolas looks at a photo of Emily, and Rebecca acknowledges that today is the anniversary of her death. Rebecca says she and Nikolas have something in common in that he came to Port Charles and found a sibling and she came in search for one. She wants to go back to Wyndemere, but he tells her he has a business meeting and leaves.

Elizabeth doesn’t want to hurt Lucky again, but Luke says she’s only human. Elizabeth promises she will never be with Nikolas again, but Luke says she has to tell Lucky. She says she can’t.

Sonny tells Lulu he has business to take care of and Lulu leaves while Dominic is asked to stay. Sonny tells him that Lulu is important to him and doesn’t want Dominic putting her in danger. Dominic asks Sonny if he thinks Lulu likes him, and Sonny says she’s waiting for him outside. Dominic goes out and leads Lulu out of the restaurant.

Jason tells Spinelli to start by tracing the camera and the paper. They are hoping it will lead them to the source.

Patrick, Matt, Mac, and Coleman hang out at Patrick’s house drinking from the tub. Patrick tells them the story of getting the beer from someone who made their own beer in college.

Dominic asks if she was going to tell him the truth and she says maybe. She admits to being scared when Sonny asked Dominic to stay and thought she’d given him away. He asks why she’s so sure she didn’t give him away.

Spinelli says he can tell the camera is from a specialized supplier. He is busy on the computer when Sam knocks and comes in to tell him that McCall and Jackal have been hired on a case that doesn’t involve cheating spouses, and will provide security for a show of Kate Howard’s. Spinelli isn’t listening to her and she tries to get his attention. Spinelli shows her the photos and says he’s working on something.

Jason and Sonny meet in the office and Sonny tells him about his conversation with Lulu. Jason then shows Sonny the photo.

Mac is happy to be there with the guys. Robin answers the door and its Louise checking on the delivery. Patrick has them all get in on a video to send to Lisa thanking her, which Robin films.

Maxie argues on the phone about the art show as Spinelli stands beside her. She is happy that they will be working together but Spinelli begins to say he can’t when Maxie cuts him off. She goes off on him about how he’s been saying they need to spend more time together and she doesn’t want to hear about another stupid mob thing that needs his time. She says he will not turn her down.

Lulu says Dominic should leave and that bringing Sonny down isn’t worth losing his life. Dominic admits that he and Sonny are on opposite sides of everything but they both agree that Lulu is something special. He kisses her and she kisses him back before he leaves.

Sonny wants to know if the person that took the photo knows about Michael, but Jason thinks the picture taker believes Jason is responsible. They both want the person found.

Louise and the men watch the game and Louise talks football. Patrick says Lisa has a wonderful sense of fun. Off to the side Robin asks Mac to babysit Emma on Friday so she and Patrick can have a date night. Mac says he can’t because he’s going to Mal’s for karaoke. Patrick gets a call from Lisa and thanks her and tells her he wishes she was there too. Robin looks on with a frown.

Spinelli says that McCall and Jackal can multi-task and freelance personnel will be there. Maxie doesn’t like the sound of that, but Spinelli says they will be there on site. Maxie asks him to tell Jason to get someone else to help. When Spinelli says no Maxie questions why he won’t help her and why she’s not a priority. She wants to count on him and he says she can and he supports her.

Elizabeth visits Nikolas at Wyndemere. He says that while they both feel guilty what they have done was not thoughtless and they can’t stop themselves. Elizabeth asks why she didn’t warn her Luke knew and he said he didn’t want to use it as an excuse to see her. She accuses him of wanting Lucky to know.

Lucky visits Luke on the Haunted Star. Lucky thinks this is about Sonny and the case against him. Lucky says he will find the truth about Sonny. Lucky begins to leave but Luke says it’s not about Sonny it’s about him and Elizabeth.

Jason comes home to find Sam. He wants to go over that night and see what they missed.

Dominic comes back to Sonny’s office. Sonny shows Dominic the photo and tells him Claudia is dead. Dominic asks who killed her.

In the dark room occupied by our mystery man a woman lies on the floor in the exact same position as Claudia did with a pool of blood around her. She opens her eyes and asks if she can get up.

Nikolas says part of him wants Lucky to know and says Elizabeth probably does too. She asks if Nikolas hopes he will be there to pick up the pieces of her shattered life if Lucky learns the truth. She says she wants to feel for Lucky what she can’t stop feeling for Nikolas and then walks away.

Luke tells him to have a serious conversation with Elizabeth because she’s not telling him everything. Lucky wants Luke to be happy for him, but Luke says something is wrong. Luke says Lucky is like Laura and see love as perfect. He worries Lucky will be broken when this all falls apart. Lucky admits that it’s not the adultery he’s so mad about with Luke since he’s guilty of that too. He’s mad that Luke gave up on love and on Laura. Lucky says he won’t do the same with Elizabeth and tells him to keep his doubts to himself.

Sonny says it doesn’t matter who killed Claudia. Dominic asks about Jason but Sonny says Jason may be too close to this and wants Dominic’s help finding who’s responsible.

Sam suggests maybe this was random but also knows this is just the start or the blackmail.

In the dark mysterious apartment the woman gets up as the phone rings. A woman leaves a message and says his work is scheduled to appear at Kate Howard’s art exhibit and she wants him to be a good boy and not cause any trouble like last time. The camera zooms into a photo of Jason’s face.

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