GH Update Monday 11/16/09

General Hospital Update Monday 11/16/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Elizabeth is working on a patient’s chart when Ethan walks up to the nurses’ station. Ethan needs Elizabeth’s advice regarding Rebecca. Ethan thinks that Nikolas is going to end up hurting Rebecca. Elizabeth gets defensive and points out that Rebecca deserves what she gets. Elizabeth believes that Rebecca has caused nothing but trouble since she arrived in Port Charles. Ethan realizes that Elizabeth isn’t going to help him.

On the docks, Lucky and Nikolas are in a heated discussion. Lucky thinks that Nikolas is out of line for making an inappropriate comment about his relationship with Elizabeth. Nikolas apologizes for “jumping to conclusions” and bringing up his brother’s sex life. Lucky senses that Nikolas is jealous of his relationship with Liz. Nikolas admits that he would like to find love again. Lucky insists that something is troubling Elizabeth and he doesn’t know what it is. Nikolas remains silent.

At the office, Jason tells Sonny that he doesn’t want to kill anyone. Sonny is stunned by Jason’s words. Jason doesn’t think that retaliation is the way to go. Jason is worried that Michael is okay with killing Claudia. Jason wants to set a better example for Michael.

While the song “Mad World” plays, we are shown a dimly lit apartment and a bulletin board filled with newspaper articles on Jason Morgan.

Joey meets with Luke at the casino. It is implied that they are old friends. Joey is shocked that Luke is still friends with Sonny. Luke says that Sonny wants to set up a business meeting. Joey agrees to the suggestion. Lulu walks in and there is an awkward silence. Joey flirts with Lulu before leaving. Lulu confronts Luke about what he is getting involved in. Luke explains the situation – that he is only helping Sonny set up a meeting with the mob. Lulu doesn’t think it’s a good idea since Lucky is a cop. Luke questions why Lulu is suddenly worried. Lulu explains that Sonny’s true colors came out at Claudia’s party. Lulu thinks that Sonny might have killed Claudia. Luke senses that Lulu is more concerned about something else.

At home, Jax tells Carly that Dominic isn’t doing his job (keeping an eye on Michael and Morgan). Dominic defends himself in front of Jax and Carly. Dominic leaves in a hurry. Carly asks Jax what is really wrong. Jax brings up that Sonny is the cause of all their turmoil. Carly defends Sonny which angers Jax even more. Jax doesn’t want Josslyn to get caught in the middle. Jax storms out of the house.

When Lucky returns to the police station, Mac is humming a tune. Lucky makes a comment that Mac was a hit at Maxie and Spinelli’s wedding reception. Mac changes the subject and bluntly asks if Lucky has the evidence to put Sonny away for good. Lucky updates Mac regarding Sam’s police statement. Lucky believes that Sam is telling the truth. Mac is adamant that Sonny got rid of Claudia. Mac knows that Sonny will never confess to the murder. Lucky says that he is looking for a witness from the night of Claudia’s disappearance.

Joey visits with Anthony in prison. Joey relays the message about the meeting with Sonny. Anthony says that Joey needs to call Luke to say that the meeting is a go. However, Anthony adds, Sonny will be taken out before he ever gets to the meeting.

At the office, Sonny tells Jason that he can talk some sense into Michael. Dominic knocks on the office door. Sonny tells Dom that he needs his help with a job.

On the docks, Johnny runs into Maxie, where they sit on a bench. Maxie feels sorry about what Johnny is going through regarding his sister’s disappearance. Johnny says that it is imperative that Maxie keeps her mouth shut about what she saw that night. Maxie says that her lips are sealed about it. Johnny is worried that Maxie could be in danger if Sonny found out she saw him wearing a blood-stained shirt. Maxie can’t believe that Jason would allow anything to happen since she is involved with Spinelli. Nonetheless, Maxie agrees to keep quiet.

Jason goes to see Carly. Carly is admiring a stuffed animal giraffe. Jason updates Carly about Sonny’s mob meeting. Jason says that he won’t be killing anyone. Carly realizes that Jason is backing away from the business because of Michael. Carly is upset that Michael wants to be just like Sonny. Carly wipes tears from her face. Carly doesn’t want Jason to disrupt his own life to help save Michael. Carly divulges that she owes a lot to Jason. Josslyn starts to coo so Carly picks her up. Carly hands Josslyn to Jason.

At the office, Dominic tells Sonny that he can’t trust Joey. Sonny says that Jason will be stepping back from his normal duties. Sonny wants Dominic to step up his game. Jax rudely interrupts. Jax explains that he and Sonny need to have a talk about their situation. Sonny doesn’t want to hear anything Jax has to say. Jax makes some threats but Sonny isn’t worried. Sonny comments that he has only tolerated Jax because of Carly. Jax warns Sonny to stay away from his family.

Nikolas walks up to the nurses’ station. Elizabeth tells Nik that she can’t talk to him right now. Nikolas says he ran into Lucky on the docks. Before Nik can say anymore, Monica interrupts the conversation. Monica comments that today is difficult since it is the anniversary of Emily’s death. Monica congratulates Elizabeth on her engagement to Lucky. Nikolas appears bothered by the whole thing.

At the police station, Lucky tells Mac that he is waiting to hear from a maintenance man that was working on Kate Howard’s pool the night of Claudia’s disappearance. Suddenly, Lucky’s phone rings. It is the maintenance man. Lucky asks the man some questions about what he witnessed that night.

Edward is looking at some pictures of Emily when Rebecca walks into the Quartermaine living room. Edward asks Rebecca how she is doing. Rebecca feels sorrowful that she never got a chance to meet her twin. Rebecca appreciates that Edward treats her like she is part of the family. Edward believes that Nikolas isn’t treating Rebecca fairly. Rebecca says that Nik isn’t the problem, it’s Elizabeth. Rebecca feels that Elizabeth doesn’t accept her and never will.

Johnny shows up at the prison to see Anthony. Johnny begs Anthony not to avenge Claudia’s death. Anthony laughs at Johnny’s suggestion. Anthony believes that Claudia sealed her own fate but still wants to go after Sonny no matter what.

Luke calls Sonny to update him on the status of the meeting with Joey. Luke says that Joey agreed to the meeting. Sonny thanks Luke for calling. As Sonny finishes the call, Lulu opens the office door. Lulu appears concerned. Lulu is worried about her father and doesn’t want him getting involved in Sonny’s business. Lulu makes some comments that she is “close to a police officer”. Lulu raises a hypothetical question – what would Sonny do if he knew that a cop was close to busting him? As Lulu is talking, Dominic returns to the restaurant. An employee tells Dom that Mr. Corinthos is talking to Lulu Spencer. Dominic interrupts Sonny and Lulu’s conversation.

Nikolas meets up with Rebecca at the Quartermaine house. Rebecca announces that Edward wants to throw an engagement party for Lucky and Elizabeth. Rebecca names a few of the guests but Nik interrupts by saying the party can’t happen.

Elizabeth goes to the Haunted Star where Luke is tending to the bar. Luke admits that he knows the truth about her feelings for Nikolas. Luke insists that Liz tell Lucky the truth right away.

Maxie and Lucky meet on the docks. Lucky brings up the maintenance man’s statement regarding the night of November 5th. Lucky asks Maxie if she saw anything at the Corinthos house that night.

Jason returns to the penthouse. Jason rifles through the mail and comes across a manila envelope. Jason opens the envelope and stares at its contents.

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