GH Update Thursday 11/12/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/12/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky and Elizabeth are having dinner at Luke’s casino when Nikolas and Rebecca enter and ask if they can join them.

In Sonny’s office behind the restaurant, Sam stands behind Jason and puts her shirt on because Alexis has just entered and interrupted them. Alexis apologizes and turns to leave, only to discover that she has locked the door and cannot get out.

Lulu arrives at Dominic’s place and smugly tells him she caught him holding the bag. Ronnie is holding the bag containing the remains of Sonny’s shirt that Dominic retrieved from Sonny’s fireplace. Ronnie says to Dominic that it is no wonder he was in such a hurry to get rid of him. He says to Lulu that Dom was in too big a hurry to take out his trash, as he holds up the bag. He tells her to watch out for Dominic because he will break her heart.

Sonny arrives home and finds Carly sitting on the couch in his living room. He asks her how the baby is and she tells him Josselyn is perfect. He wonders who let Carly out of the hospital and she reveals that she checked herself out. She tells him that she is fine but Michael is in trouble so she wants him to come home with her tonight. Sonny tells her he doesn’t think that is a good idea.

At Dominic’s place after Ronnie has left, Dom asks Lulu what her deal is. He says she showed up at Sonny’s place and now here and people are going to notice. Lulu tells him his partner looks nervous and that she bets he is pushing Dominic to make the bust. Dominic tells her to back off. Lulu concludes that Ronnie is taking Sonny’s shirt to the lab for testing. He tells her they aren’t going to talk about that, but she says she cannot just stand by and watch while he builds a case against Sonny.

At Sonny’s house, Carly says everything happened so fast the night that Claudia died and the cover-up solved their immediate problems, but they didn’t think it through. Sonny says he made the decisions that he made to protect Michael. He says Michael is not in jail or being questioned by the police. He says he will help Michael get past this because he doesn’t want him to drag this around with him for the rest of his life. Carly tells him they need to think of this another way. She says that when Michael killed Claudia, she was trying to steal Carly’s baby so Michael was a brave kid trying to protect his family. She says it was an accident. Sonny says Michael shouldn’t have to suffer for that. Carly is concerned about Michael’s guilt and anger. Sonny tells her that he has been where Michael is and he can talk to him about it. Carly says she knows the evidence has been destroyed but that maybe they can get self-defense or justifiable homicide if they talk to someone. Sonny explains that if Michael admits to this he will become a target because the Zaccharas will want to retaliate. Sonny says that deep down, Michael doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Carly says that is not true. He is dealing with his guilt by telling himself that Claudia deserved it. Sonny says she did. Sonny says he wishes someone else had done it, but Claudia’s life was over the instant she got Michael shot. Carly says Claudia has hurt Michael enough. She tells Sonny not to let the way that Claudia died convince Michael that he is only good for a life in the mob. He tells her that she knows he will not let Michael into the business. She tells him she knows he says that but she knows that Sonny got involved in it so early that when he wanted to get out it was too late. She says she doesn’t want that for Michael so he needs to come home with her where she can give him a somewhat normal life. Sonny tells her that he is not saying that he never wants Michael to return to Carly’s house but after what he has just been through, he needs his father.

Sam is trying to unlock the door to Jason’s office. Jason tries to direct Alexis to the other door. Alexis is babbling about not to policing Sam or trying to be nosy. She says if Sam wants to have a relationship with Jason then to have at it. Sam ignores her and says the latch is 70 years old. Again, Jason mentions the other door. Alexis says she is not going to pressure san or insinuate anything. She says if she knew what was going on she wouldn’t have come in. She tells them that whatever happens in here stays in here because it isn’t her business. Sam gets the door open. Alexis says that was uncomfortable and she leaves. Sam asks Jason how bad it looked. Jason laughs it off and says they thought they were alone. Sam asks them why they don’t just admit that they are in a relationship.

At Luke’s casino, Nikolas and Rebecca sit with Lucky and Elizabeth. Nikolas says they should celebrate. Lucky tells Nikolas this is supposed to be dinner for two. Rebecca apologizes when she notices the ring in an open box on the table. Lucky asks Nikolas if he needs to explain what is happening here. Nikolas reminds them that when Elizabeth and Lucky decided that Nikolas and Emily should get married, they were merciless in trying to push them together and barging into their private moments. Lucky asks him if this is payback. Nikolas says no, this should serve as a reminder to all of them to celebrate finding the right person. Lucky tells Nikolas that this is his and Elizabeth’s celebration, not Nikolas’s. Rebecca says they can be witnesses to ensure that everything is official when Lucky puts the ring on Elizabeth’s finger. Lucky tells Elizabeth that it is her decision. She says they can stay so they can see how happy they will be and how much they love each other. She tells Lucky they can show Nikolas and Rebecca how real love works can survive almost anything. Lucky concedes and says that if he has to do this in front of them, then that is the way it is. He proceeds to tell Elizabeth that he has always loved her and that they are better together than apart. He says they were made for each other and meant to be together forever. He tells her he is honored to wear his ring and spend the rest of her life with him. He puts the ring on her finger. Elizabeth tells Lucky she has loved him for most of her life and she always will. She says she is honored that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She says it has taken them a long time to get to where they are, but he is the only man she wants and the only man she will ever share her life with. Nikolas toasts to Lucky and Elizabeth. He says they have always wished happiness on him and he would like to wish happiness on them as they begin their lives together.

At Sonny’s house, Carly reminds him that legally, she could get Michael and take him home with her if she wanted to. Sonny reminds her that she brought him back into the boys’ life because they needed him. Carly admits that she would never do that to him again. Sonny tells Carly that she needs to discuss this with her husband because Jax went off about the custody the night Claudia grabs her. He says he wanted to take the boys home with him that night because he felt they needed their father. He says he and Jax argued and Jax brought up custody in front of the boys. He tells her that that Michael got in the car and went into the storm because of the argument. He says none of this would have happened if Jas had let the boys go with Sonny. Sonny says it is his responsibility, not Jax’s. Jax is just trying to take his place. Carly protests that Jax is not trying to take Sonny’s place. Sonny tells her that Jax cannot love the boys as much as Sonny does. Sonny tells her that he and Michael have a connection that won’t be broken and no matter what Jax does, he cannot take that away from him. Carly says she is trying to break the cycle of violence that Michael has seen since he was a little boy. She says it’s no wonder that he thinks he is destined for a life in the mob. Sonny repeats that he will not let that happen. Carly wonders how Sonny will prevent it if Michael is in Sonny’s house. Sonny tells her to go home and be with her baby girl and he will get Michael through this. He says that as a father, he has to do what he thinks is best.

At Dominic’s place, he asks Lulu why she came to Sonny’s house today. He observes that he has never seen here there during the several months he has worked at Sonny’s house. He asks her if she was thinking about telling Sonny the truth about him. She says that maybe she was going to tell Sonny that Dominic Pirelli is really Dante Falconari working undercover for the NYPD and maybe not. She says she is trying to figure this out. He tells her that this is not a game; if she gives him up to Sonny, he is a dead man. She says she isn’t sure about that. He tells her that he is not the only one at risk; his mother has been covering for him. She tells him he has gone from a warning to overkill because even if she believed that Sonny would kill him, she knows that he would never hurt Olivia under any circumstances.

In Sonny’s office, Sam tells Jason that the way they are acting makes no sense. She says she had to make a transparent excuse to come over to see him. She asks him why she needs an excuse. She wonders who they are hiding from. She tells him it is not as if they are married or either of them will lose their job if they are together. Jason tells her he wants to be with her, but he doesn’t want to assume or expect anything. She says she just doesn’t want to talk about the past; she just wants to stay here in the present. He agrees. Carly calls Jason and informs him that Sonny doesn’t want Michael to come home with her. She asks Jason to talk to Sonny. Jason says he will try but he doesn’t think it will do any good. Sam tells Jason to go help Carly and then come to her apartment later.

At Dominic’s place, Lulu tells him that Sonny trusts Dominic Pirelli to guard his children but Officer Dante Falconari is betraying to him and lying to his face. She tells him that if she knows that he is gathering evidence and doesn’t tell Sonny, then she is betraying Sonny as much as he is. Dominic asks her about the people Sonny has betrayed over the years. He reminds her of the violence that Sonny brought to Port Charles, making it a dangerous place to live. He says that every time Sonny orders a hit he is betraying everyone by flaunting the system that is supposed to keep people safe. She tells him the system can work both ways and she was taught not to trust it. She tells him that Sonny has done good things for Port Charles too. She tells him that he bought a whole wing of the hospital to treat aids patients whether they have insurance or not. She tells shim that Sonny has donated millions to the head trauma unit that Carly started. Dominic tells her the money for his good deeds comes from Smuggling extortion and murder. Lulu says she only knows what she sees. She says Sonny is a good man who doesn’t deserve what Dominic is doing to him. Dominic says if that’s the way she is going to play it, his life expectancy just got a lot shorter. He says he has one thing that he wants to do to her before he dies.

Jax goes home and Carly tells him that she told him she doesn’t want him there. He says he doesn’t want to be separated from their daughter. She observes that it is totally different when it is his kid. He tells her that she knows he never intended to put Michael at risk. She says she is sick of intentions. She says Michael didn’t intend to kill Claudia but he did. She says Claudia didn’t intend to get Michael shot and put him in a coma, but she did. She says Sonny intends to take care of Michael but his is messing him up and won’t listen to her any more than Jax will.

Jason rushes into Sonny’s house. Sonny concludes that Carly called him. Jason says yes, but he wanted to come out here anyway. Sonny says he is not giving up his son. Jason says he is more afraid for Michael than he has ever been before. Sonny says he will do whatever he has to do to protect his son. He says he should have forced Michael to come home with him the night of Claudia’s party, but he can’t do anything about that now. He says he can help Michael come to terms with what is happening so he can get on with his life. Jason says Michael is lucky to have a father who understands what he is going through, but anything Sonny does will prove to Michael how powerful Sonny is and how well Sonny understands this kind of situation. He says Michael will admire him more than he does now and want to be like him and follow in his footsteps.

Michael is eavesdropping on Jason and Sonny from the staircase.

Sonny asks Jason how many times he has to say he is not going to allow Michael into the business. He says Michael will finish high school and go to college. He says Michael can become anything he wants to be as long as it is safe and legitimate. He says that first Michael has to put what happened with Claudia behind him and he can show him how to do that. Jason tells Sonny that Michael says he doesn’t feel guilty about killing Claudia. Sonny is sure it just hasn’t hit him yet. Jason says they have isolated Michael so that they are the only people he can talk to about it. Sonny thinks it should be that way. Jason disagrees. He tells Sonny that they are setting themselves up as examples for Michael but he does not want Michael to be like either of them. Sonny says Michael will get a perspective. Jason tells Sonny that Michael keeps saying that Claudia got what she deserved without remorse. Sonny thinks it is just talk and that Michael is trying to stay tough. Sonny says he knows what Michael is going through and he will help him through it.

At the Jacks’ house, Jax tells Carly that he doesn’t want to be like Sonny and he doesn’t want to make her life more difficult. He says he realizes he should have told her about the DVD the moment it arrived. He tells her he wants the best for all three children. She says wanting the best is not the same thing as providing it. She tells him that Sonny wants the best for Michael, but he is too messed up to see what Michael really needs. Jax tells het that Michael needs to be in a stable home with two parents who love each other and they can give him that. Carly reminds him that he just proves he is willing to lie and keep secrets as long as it is justified in his mind. He tells her he was wrong and he is sorry. He says they have already missed a day they could have spent with their daughter. He tells her that he hopes he can get back to the way it was before but if they can’t, he wants her to know that no matter what, he is on her side no matter what happens. He tells her he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Dominic and Lulu are in Sonny’s restaurant looking at menus. Lulu says that if he looks up “Mob Front” in the dictionary, he will find this place. He says the food is excellent. She asks him why he brought her there. She wonders if he is trying to impress her with his bravery. She says Sonny’s office is right behind him and she could walk right in there and tell Sonny the truth and Dominic wouldn’t make it out of here. He tells her she could do that, but if she did, she would miss out on a life-changing appetizer with anchovies that they serve here. Lulu suggests that he is trying to guilt her into keeping mum. Dominic says that maybe he just wanted to have some of the best Italian food this side of New York City, and if it is going to be his last meal, he might as well enjoy it. He tells her he knows the menu so he will handle all the ordering. She says she doesn’t let guys order for her. He tells to suit herself, bur he is going to have one of the house specialties and he will not share it with her.

Nikolas arrives at Elizabeth’s apartment. She demands to know how he could deliberately ruin a special evening between her and Lucky. She tells him not to act like he didn’t know they would be at that restaurant because she told him about it. She tells him she also knows he saw the ring because it was sitting on the table. She tells him that it was obvious that they were in an intimate conversation and Nikolas just barged in. Nikolas says he was just trying to help. Elizabeth says she thinks he was annoyed because Lucky wanted to take her to a nice romantic dinner and Nikolas wanted to spoil it. Nikolas says he just wanted to alleviate the pressure between them. Elizabeth reminds him that he showed up after she had asked him to stay away. He says he cares about her. She says he made her feel guilty. He says he is sure it was difficult for her to sit there and listen to Lucky pour his heart out knowing that she doesn’t feel the same. She tells him not to dare to tell her how she feels about Lucky. She asks him if he listened to anything that she said to Lucky at dinner or if he just assumed she was lying when she said she has loved Lucky since she was a teenager. She tells him that she and Lucky may have changed over the years, but they will never stop loving each other. Nikolas asks her where that leaves him. Elizabeth says she can’t believe h is even asking her that. She says she keeps telling herself that he is he is still grieving Emily and doing things that he would never consider if she were still alive. He says Elizabeth is not answering his question. She tells him he is supposes to be her best friend and brother-in-law. She says that having sex was him was the stupidest, most self-destructive thing she could have done. She says it has undercut every good part of her life and taken the joy out of her reconciliation with Lucky. She reveals that she had Lucky drop her off at her apartment because she couldn’t be with him tonight. She says she told him she needed to think when she was really going to call Nikolas. She says she knows Lucky is wondering why she is pushing him away and is probably blaming himself for what is happening. She tells Nikolas that what they are doing is wrong and that she should hate him for it. He reminds her that she doesn’t hate him. She says that is because she knows this is about Emily. She says Emily would be appalled if she knew what they are doing. Nikolas asks her what they are doing. He tells her that they are trashing their lives to be together because they can’t deny their feelings anymore. She tells him he doesn’t know what she is feeling. He tells her they just started admitting how they feel no matter how painful or inconvenient it is for her. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him away and tells him to get out and stay away. He apologizes for showing up at the restaurant and promises not to chase her or show up unexpectedly anymore. He tells her if she wants him, she knows where he is. Nikolas leaves.

At Sonny’s house, he tells Jason that Anthony Zacchara will use Claudia’s death to make a move soon. Jason says that is another reason that Michael is better off at Carly’s Sonny says Michael will think that killing Claudia triggered a war that has really been brewing a long time. Jason tells Sonny that if he talks to Michael about things like this, Michael will begin to feel that he is part of this business. Sonny says he cannot walk away from his son. Jason tells him that no one is asking him to walk away from Michael. Sonny says he can’t tell Michael where to live either because Michael keeps coming back to Sonny’s house. Jason tells Sonny that if Michael stays with Sonny, he will never have the life that Sonny has worked so hard to give him. Jason says Michael has better options at Carly’s house. Sonny says he doesn’t want Michael to feel that Sonny is turning his back on him. Jason assures Sonny that Michael knows how much he loves him. He says Michael listens to Sonny and respects him. He says Sonny has to be the one that tells Michael to leave. Sonny says a father should never have to tell his son to leave. Jason says a good father puts his son first and does what is right for the child. He tells Sonny that he knows he is a good father.

At the Jacks’ house, Jax tells Carly that the first few days of their daughter’s life is her chance to bond with them. He says he doesn’t want to miss that chance because they will never get it back. Carly agrees that Josselyn needs him and Morgan doesn’t want him to go. She tells him that she won’t fight him if he wants to stay, but he has to sleep in the guest room. He says he will accept that compromise. She tells him not to assume it will all work out because she isn’t sure. He tells her that he nearly lost her but she and their daughter are safe and they can build on that. Carly’s phone rings. Sonny says she can come to pick up Michael and then hangs up before she can respond.

At Sonny’s restaurant, Lulu tells Dominic that she is glad she let him order because their meal is really good. He tells her it is amazing what a good Italian cook can do with offal. He asks her what offal is and he tells her it is mostly cow brains. Lulu stops mid-bite and looks horrified. He tells her he is kidding; they are eating eggplant marinated in lemon and capers for a couple of days, then grilled and tossed in fresh pasta. He tells her that everyone in his family knows how to cook, although he never appreciated it when he was a kid. He tells her he remembers that he used to sneak down the fire escape to play stickball when he was supposed to be peeling garlic. She tells him she could see him doing that, but it could be a sweet story designed to keep her mouth shut. He says he wouldn’t lie to her about something as sacred as stickball. She asks him why she should believe a word that comes out of his mouth when he lies to Sonny, Jason, and everyone else in the organization who put their lives on the line for him and people who depend on him to keep them safe.

At Elizabeth’s apartment, Elizabeth remembers Lucky crying as he said his vows during their first wedding. There is a knock on the door. She opens it to Lucky who is standing there with flowers. He tells her he is worried about her and asks what she was going to tell her at dinner before Nikolas and Rebecca arrived.

At the Jacks’ house, Jax holds Josselyn and talks to her. He tells her that he is glad her mommy didn’t fight him on this but he fears the fighting is yet to come. He tells her that her mommy’s ex husband is a dangerous man and that everyone that gets close to him gets hurt. Then he tells her that Dominic, the son that Sonny doesn’t know about, will put him behind bars and it will be better for everyone.

At Sonny’s house, he tells Michael that he is his son and he will always have his name, but he will never follow him into his business. He says he will not allow him to live the kind of life that Sonny lives and that is why he wants him to go live with his mom. Michael tells Sonny, Carly, and Jason that he understands that they all want what is best for him and that he will go live with his mother out of respect for both of his parents. He tells them though, that they need to understand that they can’t decide how he will live his life for much longer. He says the time is coming soon when he will make all of his own choices and there will be nothing they can do to stop him. Michael leaves. Carly leaves after him. Sonny says God help Michael, he sounds just like Sonny.

At Sonny’s restaurant, Lulu tells Dominic about rescuing her dad from the Markham Islands. He tells her they should come back here sometime. She adds if he is alive. She asks him if this is the place where he tries to convince her to keep her mouth shut. He refills her wine glass and tells her this is where he tells her she should try the canola because it is the best dessert in town.

Nikolas arrives home and apologizes to Rebecca for his late arrival. She tells him it is fine, she enjoyed having the time alone to think. He asks what she was thinking about. She asks him if Elizabeth seemed a little off tonight. She says Elizabeth didn’t seem as happy as she thought she would be about reuniting with the love of her life. She continues talking about Elizabeth’s gorgeous ring. Nikolas kisses her to stop her talking and tells her he doesn’t want to talk about Lucky and Elizabeth; he just wants to be with her. They kiss again.

At Elizabeth’s apartment, she puts her rose in a vase and says they are so perfect that she might paint them. He tells her she is avoiding his question. He says she didn’t react the way he had hoped she would when he gave her the engagement ring. He says he doesn’t want to start out this way. He implores her to tell him what is wrong. She tells him that she is wrong. She says she has failed him so many times and she is sorry. She says she is sorry it has taken her this long to get to where he is and trust that they belong together. They kiss.

At Nikolas’s house, he and Rebecca lay together after making love. Nikolas stares into space.

At Elizabeth’s apartment, she and Lucky lay together after making love. Lucky kisses Elizabeth’s forehead. Elizabeth looks at her ring, and then stares into space.

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