GH Update Wednesday 11/11/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/11/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is upset to that Alexis is there and believes she wants to talk about Josslyn’s custody.

Jax goes to Jason for help with Carly. He believes Carly will reconcile with him if Jason tells her it’s the right choice. Jason refuses because he talked her into going back to Sonny many times, and it has caused horrible repercussions.

Dominic is at Sonny’s and offers to help the house keeper clean out the fireplace. Michael overhears and asks Dominic why he’s helping.

Nikolas tells Luke to tell Lucky the truth if he cares so much. Lucky and Elizabeth approach them and asks Luke what he wanted to talk to them about.

At General Hospital Patrick tells Robin that his ex-college girlfriend Lisa, a doctor in Houston, has asked him to consult on a patient. Robin doesn’t seem thrilled about this and says her case is the perfect excuse to reminisce with him.

Jax says Jason should consider the kids but Jason doesn’t want to hear it. He says Jax needs to convince Carly that he’s equally concerned about all of her kids, Michael included.

Michael questions Dominic helping the house keeper, but Dominic just says he was being polite. Dominic says Michael is lucky having a cleaning staff and he didn’t have it as easy growing up. Michael takes offense to the insinuation that he’s spoiled and lazy. Lulu comes in and says she’s caught Dominic red-handed with Sonny’s garbage.

Alexis says Jax doesn’t know she’s there. She says Jax’s intentions were good, but Carly recounts what Jax has done. Alexis admits that she doesn’t know if she’d be able to forgive Jax, but she hopes she would. Alexis calls Carly stubborn and asks if she still loves him. Alexis warns her not to play the blame game and keep coming up with reasons why she’s mad. Carly says she needs space and time and Alexis tells her to remember the good things and not to mess things up.

Lucky talks to Luke and Nikolas and confronts Luke about not approving of Lucky and Elizabeth remarrying.

Kiefer looks at Kristina’s bruise and she yells at him for hitting her. He apologizes but she continues to be angry and says there is no excuse for hitting her. He says he’s sorry again and he doesn’t know how he could ever be angry at her. He offers to take her to the hospital, but she knows the hospital will want to know what happened.

Dominic asks Lulu why she’s at Sonny’s and she says she’s visiting Michael. She tells Michael that Dominic helped to save her and Michael says maybe one day he will help Sonny. Michael goes upstairs and Dominic leads Lulu out of the house.

Jax says he loves Michael and Morgan like his own, but knows Michael doesn’t want to be treated as a child. He also believed Jason could protect Michael from Claudia. Jason doesn’t want to be involved, but Jax asks for his help again. Carly comes into the office and says she hops Jax isn’t asking Jason to help him.

Elizabeth tries to get Lucky to leave but Luke tells him that he does wish Lucky and Elizabeth happiness but he’s trying to look out for him. Lucky doesn’t appreciate and takes Elizabeth away. Nikolas asks Luke when he started caring about Lucky’s personal life and Luke says when Nikolas started sneaking around with his fiancé.

Patrick offers to not do the consult but Robin tells him he should. She says it’s normal for an ex to want to get in touch and she’s not threatened. Patrick admits that he and Lisa cheated on each other often and were not in love. Robin notices Kristina at the nurse’s station and sees her lip. Patrick asks what happened and Kiefer says she slipped and fell. Kristina nods along.

Lulu and Olivia have coffee at Kelly’s and Lulu asks her what she knows about Dominic Purelli. Olivia says she doesn’t know much and Lulu tells her Dominic saved her life. Lulu says that she’s worried about Dominic because of his high risk profession and Olivia may advise him to quit. Lulu admits to knowing Dominic is Olivia’s son and a police officer.

Carly is mad that Jax wants Jason to convince her she’s wrong and Jax is right. Carly tells Jax he was wrong and yells at him for putting Michael at risk. Jax says Sonny, Jason, and Carly put Michael at risk and Michael should have gone to the police. He says she’s pushing Michael into the mob and is blaming Jax for trying to protect his family. He apologizes to Jason for wasting his time and leaves. Jason then looks at Carly and she tells him not to look at her that way.

Lucky and Elizabeth sit down to dinner. They talk about Luke and how Lucky is not like him, but is the best part of him. They are both surprised he is suddenly so interested in his life. Lucky thinks Luke is taking his sadness over him and Laura out on Lucky and Elizabeth.

Luke is angry that he’s getting involved but doesn’t want to see Lucky hurt. Nikolas says he’s tried to stay away but has feelings for Elizabeth. Luke doesn’t buy it and says that he has always had to listen to Lucky defend how great of a man Nikolas was. Nikolas points out that Luke stole Laura from Scott. When Luke says it’s not the same, Nikolas agrees saying he didn’t rape Elizabeth.

Lulu tells Olivia how she found out Dominic was a cop and questions her how she could have let this happen. Lulu tells her to get Dominic out but Olivia says she has tried everything.

Ronnie comes into Dominic’s room and he hands over a bag of ashes. He is sure they will link Sonny to Claudia’s murder.

Carly says this is all so hard because Jax is so wonderful and has been so loving but now she knows about all the lies. She worries she can’t get past this, but Jason says she will if she wants to. She thought Jax was the best thing that ever happened to her and she doesn’t want to destroy it. She wants to know if this is really as bad as she’s making it and asks Jason to tell her what to do. Jason refuses because of all the times he told her to go back to Sonny. She lets it drop and says she is bringing Michael home with her.

Elizabeth asks Lucky if he wants to get remarried because of his parent’s divorce, he says no. She tells him she made a list of all their wonderful memories together. He says they will create new memories and dreams, he sees his whole life in her. He asks her to remember the good and hold onto it.

Luke tells Nikolas he’s a credit to his family and he Luke has never tried to justify his behavior by saying someone else is worse. HE tells Nikolas he will destroy everyone he cares about, but Nikolas says that doesn’t make him any different from Luke.

Sam visits Jason at his office. She needs his advice on a case and says she has lost a client and he offers to help her break into her apartment. Sam admits to making the whole story up because she just wanted to see her. He smiles and asks what he’s going to do with her before kissing her.

Dominic says a witness saw Sonny with a bloody hand print on his shirt and in the morning Dominic saw him standing in front of a fire. He thinks this is as close as they’ve gotten to evidence.

Lulu is worried about Dominic and thinks Olivia should go to Sonny with the truth and make Sonny understand. Olivia says Sonny can be cold and calculated and doesn’t think Sonny would ever forgive it. Olivia asks Lulu to keep the secret to save Dante’s life.

Elizabeth says they have changed so much and Lucky thinks that’s a good thing. She is worried about disappointing him but he says that’s no way to live. He asks her to trust him that they will make it. He proposes to her again and gives her an engagement ring.

Jason and Sam kiss and undress each other in his office as Alexis walks in.

Ronnie takes the ashes to forensics. He opens the door to leave and Lulu is standing on the other side.

Carly comes to Sonny’s and calls for Michael. Max thinks she’s there because of what they did to Kiefer but Carly continues to call for Michael. Michael comes down and says he belongs with Sonny. Sonny understands why he killed Claudia and is proud of him. He goes upstairs and Max tells her Sonny just got home.

Elizabeth stares at the ring and tells Lucky she is afraid of losing him and is afraid getting married will risk what they have. She needs him in her life and her kids need him. Lucky asks her to tell him the truth. She says she loves him and then Rebecca and Nikolas walk into the restaurant.

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