GH Update Tuesday 11/10/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/10/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Carly’s home Lady Jane is so happy to see Josslyn but asks where Jax is. Carly tells her she asked Jax to leave because she can’t live with a man that lies to her.

At the same time Jax tells Alexis that he didn’t lie he simply decided to withhold the truth. Alexis understands why Carly doesn’t see it that way. Jax also wants to keep the baby away from Josslyn. He then tells Alexis that if Carly goes through with divorcing him he wants Josslyn to live with him.

Jason tells Sam that he has chosen his work and knows he can never have a normal life of a family and kids, and he’s learn how to deal with it. But he never wanted Michael to deal with this.

Sonny tries to talk to Michael but he says it’s too late he already killed Claudia. Dominic appears at the door and Sonny tells him not to sneak up o them.

Lady Jane recounts what Carly has been through with the abduction and feels awful for Jax not having told her. Then Carly tells her to sit down so she can tell her more, Lady Jane is sure she is about to hear Jerry’s name. Carly tells her that Jerry was involved in Michael’s shooting and Jax knew for a long time. Lady Jane says she understands why Carly is upset but wanted to protect Carly and the baby.

Sam says that Jason, Sonny, and Carly have never let Michael learn about his mistakes through consequences. He’s never had to make the right choice.

Michael tells Sonny he’s fine and leaves. Dominic tells Sonny that he’s hearing whispering from former Zacharra people and think Sonny put his personal life before business and Sonny and Anthony will soon be at war.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she’s been sleeping with Nikolas, she apologizes and he yells at her. Just then Nikolas walks up and Lucky shoots him. Elizabeth opens her eyes and it was all a day dream. Lucky asks her what’s going on. She tells him about a horrible accident brought into the ER. Elizabeth tells Lucky she can’t imagine her life without him in it. He is amazed that she is able to forget his mistakes, and in the end they always end up back together. He says she is the only person she completely trusts. They are both supposed to be working so he asks her out to a nice evening just the two of them. He kisses her before her leaves.

Kristina talks to Kiefer about how her studying is taking a backburner to her family drama. She has to go to her tutor and he asks her to meet him again and they can get a room at the Metro Court. Kristina leaves and Kiefer makes a call. Max and Milo come up and take Kiefer’s phone to mess with him. They tell him he has to learn for disrespecting Michael and smash his phone. Mike comes out with their food and Max and Milo decide they’ve done enough. Before they leave they tell him he only gets one warning.

Lady Jane said she wanted to come sooner. Carly says Jax got the DVD a month before she found out she was pregnant. Lady Jane says Jax didn’t want to lose Carly. But Carly can’t forgive that Jax let Michael live with Claudia all those months. She asks Lady Jane if she could forgive someone who put her children in danger.

Sonny says there is no Zacharra faction and asks Dominic what side of the street he’s on. Dominic assures him he’s in the Corinthos camp and is there to help.

Johnny visits Anthony in jail and tells him about the night of Claudia’s birthday party and that Claudia has “disappeared.” He also tells him about the bloody hand print on Sonny’s shirt and the cabin burning down. Johnny knows she’s dead, but doesn’t know where her body is. Anthony freaks out and starts yelling.

Lady Jane visits Jax at his office and tells him she knows about what’s going on with him and Carly and she can see where Carly is coming from being angry. Lady Jane tells him to stop defending himself and just beg forgiveness.

Morgan gets home from school and asks where Jax is. Carly tells him that she and Jax will be spending some time apart because she asked Jax to leave. Morgan is upset and says they need Jax. He yells at Carly that she always messes everything up for everyone else, then runs upstairs. Jason comes to see Carly.

Elizabeth and Nikolas argue at the nurse’s station. Elizabeth is very upset with herself but doesn’t know why she can’t stop.

Lucky visits Luke on the Haunted Star and says he’s under arrest for noise citations from the blues music he blasts and echoes to his neighbors. He asks Luke to turn down the music and tells him he has plans with Elizabeth. Luke asks if he’s really betting his whole heart and soul on Elizabeth. Lucky asks why he shouldn’t. Luke tells him about a gambler he had in the other night that always bet the same number no matter how much he lost, which he thinks is similar to love. Lucky says Luke is no example and he’s trying not to fail miserably. He wants Luke to be happy for him.

Lady Jane knows Jax needs to tell Carly that he would do anything for her and admit he’s wrong. Jax doesn’t think it will help. Lady Jane tells him to get creative and do whatever he needs to do.

Jason tells Carly that she has to stay strong for Michael and that maybe covering up Claudia’s death was a mistake. Carly tells him Jax had the same reaction.

Dante is on the phone sitting at a restaurant, saying he needs a rundown of the Zacharra people to find out who stands where. Sam comes in looking for Jason and Dante offers to buy her coffee. She tells him not to bother hitting on her, he then asks her what happened to Claudia.

Anthony can’t believe Johnny will just accept this, but Johnny says there is no proof. Anthony threatens to kill those responsible for Claudia’s death. Just then the guard comes in and says Anthony has another visitor. Sonny walks in.

Dante says Sonny has them on high alert and he’s just trying to get a grasp on things. Sam tells him she didn’t see Claudia on the night Carly was taken.

Carly tells Jason that she asked Jax to leave but is worried about Michael right now. She wants Michael to stay with her. They then talk about possibilities of helping Michael. Carly doesn’t want Michael in Sonny’s world but they are also worried about what would happen if people found out he was guilty.

Sonny tells Anthony that Claudia could be running away out of the country as they speak. Anthony tells Sonny that whatever happened to Claudia he holds no grudge and they can have peace again.

Kristina finds Kiefer outside of Kelly’s and he is furious because Max and Milo just gave him a warning about staying away from Kristina. He slaps her.

Carly calls Max and tells him to get Michael ready because she’s on her way to get him. Alexis comes to see her, but Carly says she doesn’t have time. Alexis is there to talk to her about Jax and ask her to give Jax a second chance. Carly asks if Jax called Alexis because she’s a friend or because he needs a custody attorney.

Jax is waiting for Jason at his new office. He tells Jason he’s sorry about what happened but the best thing for everyone is for Carly and Jax to be together. Jax asks what Jason thinks Carly needs and asks him to talk Carly down because she doesn’t want their marriage to end either.

Anthony has a meeting and asks the man how long it will take to take Sonny out.

Sonny and Michael argue because Michael wants to stay with him. Michael knows the Zacharra’s will retaliate because of what Michael did. Michael says he did what he had to do just like Sonny will do what he has to by taking out Anthony. Michael has looked up to Sonny all his life and now he’s just like him, Michael Corinthos III.

Nikolas goes to the Haunted Star to see Luke. Luke tells him he saw him and Elizabeth together. Luke says he either needs to end things with Elizabeth or tell Lucky, because it’s not fair.

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