GH Update Monday 11/9/09

General Hospital Update Monday 11/9/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth wheels a cart into the hospital supply closet. Elizabeth is unaware of Nikolas standing outside. Nikolas enters the closet and closes the door behind him. Elizabeth and Nikolas longingly stare at each other. Nikolas grabs Elizabeth and they kiss. They begin to undress each other. Right outside the supply closet, Mayor Floyd asks Lucky if he is close to arresting Sonny for Claudia’s disappearance. Lucky points out that he is still gathering evidence. The mayor wants the matter resolved as soon as possible. Mayor Floyd hints that Lucky is stonewalling the investigation because of Sonny’s friendship with Luke. Elizabeth and Nikolas realize that Lucky and Mayor Floyd are right outside the supply closet. Nik and Liz stop kissing and eavesdrop on the conversation. Lucky explains that no direct evidence leads to Sonny at this point in the investigation. The mayor is suspicious of Lucky’s reluctance in arresting Sonny. Nearby, Rebecca notices the men arguing about the case.

At home, Carly and Jax quarrel back and forth. Carly is angry at Jax because he has been lying for months. Jax argues that he was only trying to protect Carly and the baby. Jax says that he forgave Carly when she cheated on him with Sonny. Carly is offended that Jax would bring this up. Jax explains why he kept quiet for so long. Carly is upset and doesn’t think she’ll be able to forgive Jax anytime soon. Jax thinks that Carly is letting Sonny off the hook so easily. Jax believes that Sonny is the cause of all this turmoil. Carly points out that at least Sonny “took action” which infuriates Jax. Jax is irate that Carly is defending Sonny, of all people.

At the Corinthos home, Johnny confronts Sonny about Claudia’s whereabouts. Sonny isn’t forthcoming and only says that Claudia is out of the picture. Johnny is mad that Sonny is being so evasive. Sonny brings up that Claudia would have tried to get rid of him first if the roles were reversed. Johnny realizes that he isn’t going to get the truth out of Sonny. Johnny has tears in his eyes.

Michael pays Jason a visit at the penthouse. Michael is worried that people are going to find out what really happened to Claudia. Jason feels bad that Michael was caught in the crossfire. Michael bluntly asks Jason if he would have let Claudia live if Jason had arrived at the cabin first. Jason admits that he doesn’t know what he would have done. Jason wants Michael to live a normal life. Michael is tired of listening to Jason’s words of wisdom. Michael storms out of the penthouse.

Dante/Dominic runs into Lulu at Kelly’s. Lulu tells Dominic that she is grateful that he saved her life. However, Lulu confides that she doesn’t know what to do about the information regarding Dominic (that he is really Dante Falconeri and an undercover cop). Dominic asks why Lulu and Johnny’s relationship fizzled. Lulu replies that it is too complicated to get into. Lulu tells Dominic that she has to go and suddenly leaves Kelly’s in a hurry. Mike makes a comment that Lulu likes Dominic. Johnny walks through the front door and heads over to Dominic’s table. Johnny is mad that he can’t get any answers regarding his sister.

Olivia goes to see Sonny at the Corinthos home. Olivia asks how Sonny is doing. Sonny is curious as to why Olivia is suddenly concerned about his feelings. Olivia discloses that she is worried about Sonny’s children. Sonny asks Olivia to be honest – does he deserve to be punished? Olivia confesses that Sonny does not deserve to be punished for what happened with Claudia. Sonny is surprised by Olivia’s answer.

Jax and Carly continue to argue about Michael’s wellbeing. Carly still cannot believe that Jax allowed Michael to live with Sonny and Claudia. Carly brings up that Jax doesn’t care about Michael since he put his safety into harm’s way. Carly thinks that Jax’s main priority is to protect their daughter, not Michael. Jax disagrees but Carly doesn’t believe him. Carly can’t get past that Jax knew about Claudia and could have prevented a lot of heartache along the way. Carly tells Jax to leave. Jax reluctantly walks out. Carly begins to sob.

At home, Jason reminisces about when Michael was a baby. There is a knock on the door. It is Sam. Sam senses that something is wrong but Jason says he is okay. Sam explains that she needs to go to the police station and give Lucky a statement. Sam says that Lucky will trust what she says. Jason is contemplating telling Lucky the truth about Claudia. Sam is visibly confused. Sam can’t understand why Jason would want to reveal that Michael killed Claudia. Jason admits that he is confused about what to do next. Jason explains that Michael was justified in killing Claudia since he was protecting his mother and sister. Nevertheless, Jason is worried about how Michael is going to deal with killing Claudia. Jason feels like he let Michael down. Jason wonders if he did the right thing regarding the promise he made to Michael when he was a baby.

Kristina and Kiefer run into Michael at Kelly’s. Kiefer angers Michael by making some inappropriate comments. Michael gets into Kiefer’s face and suggests they should fight. Mike breaks up Michael and Kiefer before a fight can begin. Kristina tells Kiefer that he needs to stop pushing Michael’s buttons. Kiefer doesn’t understand why Kristina is so bothered. Kristina finally blurts out that Sonny was in a rage at Claudia’s birthday party. Kristina confides that she doesn’t know how to act around her father now. Kiefer asks if Kristina thinks that Sonny killed Claudia. While Kristina starts to cry, Kiefer holds her in his arms.

As Nikolas and Elizabeth listen from the supply closet, Lucky tells Rebecca that he is happy that Nikolas gave her another chance. Lucky thinks that Rebecca indirectly helped him reconnect with Liz.

Alexis arrives at Jax’s office. Alexis inquires about Jax’s urgent phone call. Jax explains that Carly kicked him out of the house. Alexis is shocked. Jax relays the reason behind Carly’s decision. Alexis sympathizes with Carly, to the disappointment of Jax. Jax is having a hard time giving Carly some space. Alexis senses that Jax isn’t telling her everything. Jax admits that other secrets are involved.

Michael heads to the Corinthos home. Michael tells Max and Milo that Kristina is still seeing Kiefer. Max offers to head to Kelly’s to talk some sense into Kristina about her boyfriend. Michael interrupts while Sonny finishes with a business call. Michael tells Sonny that Kristina is still with Kiefer. Michael adds that he is pleased with himself that he didn’t punch Kiefer this time. The conversation turns into a discussion about Claudia’s murder. Michael says that he doesn’t regret killing Claudia. Dominic walks in and hears Michael’s confession.

An apartment filled with information on Jason is shown. There is a chalk outline in the shape of a body on the apartment floor.

At home, Carly is sitting on the living room couch holding Josslyn. Lady Jane, Jax’s mother, suddenly arrives. The proud grandmother holds Josslyn in her arms. Jane asks where her son is.

When the coast is clear, Nikolas and Elizabeth leave the supply closet. They are both concerned about what they heard. Nikolas walks away. Lucky shows up seconds later. Lucky announces that he has been looking for Elizabeth all over the hospital. Elizabeth is acting strange. Lucky asks what is wrong. Elizabeth is emotional. Elizabeth realizes that she can’t keep the secret any longer. Elizabeth confesses that she has been sleeping with Nikolas for a while. Lucky is stunned by the news. Lucky can’t believe that Elizabeth accepted his marriage proposal if she had feelings for Nikolas. Lucky starts to yell at Elizabeth. Nikolas shows up and hears everything.

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