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General Hospital Update Friday 11/6/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Sonny’s house, Michael comes downstairs and sees Sonny reading the newspaper. He tells his father that “Mob Princess Missing” is all over the television news. Sonny asks Michael to confirm that he knows not to talk to reporters. Michael asks if anything is in “The Herald” about his mom. Sonny says Carly and the baby are fine; Claudia is the big story. Michael says that when he woke up, he wondered why he was at his dad’s house and then he remembered he killed Claudia last night.

The events of the previous night flash back, beginning at Claudia’s birthday party. Claudia tells Sonny it’s his fault that Michael was in the warehouse. She takes Carly hostage and runs in a stolen car. Carly grabs the wheel and they crash. Carly finds her way to a cabin. Claudia finds her there. Carly delivers the baby and Claudia is taking her. Michael hears his mother screaming, comes running in, and hits Claudia with an ax that was leaning against the cabin wall. Jason, Max, and Milo dispose of the evidence and burn down the cabin.

Jason enters Carly’s hospital room. She formally introduces him to his new goddaughter Josselyn John Jacks and hands her to him. Jason places the baby into the bassinet. Carly tells him that it turns out that she and her daughter are not as fragile as everyone thinks. Jason says Dr Lee said Carly could have died from the stress. Carly tells him that is the perfect excuse for him to withhold information from her, but now she wants to know everything, beginning with how long he had known it was Claudia’s fault that Michael got shot.

At the Jack’s house, Jax tells Dominic that the police have already questioned Carly. Dominic asks if Carly was telling the truth. Jax says as far as he knows, she was. Dominic asks if Carly left anything out and Jax says he will have to ask Carly. Dominic says he is trying to bring Sonny up on murder charges and thought Jax wanted that too. Jack concedes and reveals Carly lied on the police statement. He tells him that Carly didn’t mention that Claudia found Carly in the cabin and helped deliver the baby, thereby saving Carly’s life. Dominic asks what happened next and who killed Claudia.

At Sonny’s house, he tells Michael that nothing puts him in the cabin last night. He says their story is that Sonny’s argument with Jax upset Michael so Michael drove to Sonny’s house and parked his car in the garage. Sonny will says that Michael was upstairs when Olivia and Jax came by, but he didn’t tell them he was there because he didn’t want to get into another argument. Sonny tells Michael it is imperative that he does not talk to anybody about how Claudia died. If he ever finds that he needs to talk about it, he should talk to Sonny. Sonny tells Michael he should not have to pay for what happened to Claudia because he has already paid enough.

In Carly’s hospital room, Jason asks where Jax is. She tells him Jax is not there. She asks Jason where Michael is. He is with Sonny. Carly says she needs Jason to tell her everything. He says he took care of the evidence. Nothing ties Michael to the scene but they have to stick to their story. Carly says that will not do them any good if Michael confesses. Jason says he doesn’t know what is going on with Michael. Carly tells him he must talk to Michael. She says that Claudia would have killed her and stolen Josselyn, but Michael got there just in time. Jason tells her that he is concerned because Michael doesn’t seem to be upset. Jason says he has been where Michael is right now. He tells her that taking a life is terrible even if you feel justified. He says he is concerned because Michael should be torn up inside, but he seems fine. Carly suggests that Michael is in shock. Jason says that means he will crash down without warning.

At Olivia’s apartment, she sits next to Johnny on the sofa, gives him a glass of water, and tells him he looks terrible. He tells her he found the wrecked car on hwy 86, and it was clean. He tells her the cabin is gone, too. He tells her that Carly’s story is that Claudia was never at the cabin, but he doesn’t believe it. She tells him she is afraid they will never know what really happened. Johnny says sonny killed Claudia. Olivia asks why he thinks that. He reveals that Maxie saw him get out of his car to open his gate and he had a bloody handprint on his shirt. Johnny says it has to have been Claudia’s handprint. Olivia holds Johnny and tells him to try not to think about that right now. Johnny says that when Sonny called out Claudia in front of all those people, he humiliated her and pushed her over the edge. He wonders if Sonny thought Claudia wouldn’t fight back. He says poor Carly was just standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Johnny says Claudia did a lot of bad things, she was cruel and vindictive, but at the end of the day, she was his sister and he loved her. He cries into his sleeve.

In Carly’s hospital room, Jason tells her that he saw Ric at the warehouse on the anniversary of Michael’s shooting, and accused Ric of the shooting. He says Ric revealed to him that Claudia hired Jerry and Devlin to shoot Sonny. He says Ric claimed a DVD that proved it was hidden in Sonny’s house, but the DVD that he found was blank. Carly ask Jason why he didn’t tell her. He says Sonny told him not to say anything until he had evidence. Carly tells Jason that Michael remembered Jerry talking to him when he was in a coma. Jason says he remembered Claudia visiting him too, and she said the same things that Jerry did. He concludes that they must have thought Michael would never wake up. Carly says Michael didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to upset her. Carly asks Jason if Jax knew. Jason confirms that Jax knew that Jerry was involved and asked Jason not to go after Jerry until after Carly had the baby, but Jerry came after Jason first. He says he thinks Claudia told Jerry that Michael and Kristina had run away. Carly asks Jason if Claudia sent Jerry after Michael. Jason says it would have been the perfect way to shut him up. He tells her that Jerry found Michael and Kristina, but Sam diverted his attention. He says Jerry almost killed him; without Sam, he would be dead right now. Carly concludes that that is why it took so long for him to come home from Mexico. Jason tells Carly that finally, he and Sam found a recording that Devlin made of Claudia ordering the hit. That proved that she got Michael shot so Jason played it for Sonny right before the party. Carly says she can’t believe he didn’t tell her. Jason says he wishes he had handled the whole situation better, but if he had said something and then something happened to her or the baby, he wouldn’t have been able to live with himself. She says she knows, and she forgives him. She says she cannot understand Jax.

At the Jacks’ house, he tells Dominic that it doesn’t matter what Carly saw because she will never testify against Claudia’s killer. He says Claudia was about to steal Carly’s baby and somebody showed up and saved them both. He says he is just glad that they made it to the hospital in time. Dominic asks if Claudia was alive or dead when they left. Jax says he doesn’t think Carly knows. Dominic says he thinks Jason arrived with Sam, and when Sam took Carly to the hospital, Jason stayed behind. Either he whacked Claudia or he waited for Sonny to do the honors himself. Dominic says Sonny doesn’t usually like to get his hands dirty, but under the circumstances, he could have made an exception, and that would explain the bloody handprint on his shirt. Jax didn’t know about the bloody shirt. The doorbell rings and Jax goes to answer it. Sonny enters and says he needs to talk to Jax about Michael. When he sees Dominic, he asks what he is doing there.

At Olivia’s apartment, Johnny is tormented by the thought of bloody handprint. He says he is pretty sure that Jason got rid of Claudia. He says Sonny has to know where she is. Olivia tells him he might have to let it go. He asks her if she would be able to let it go if it were Dante. He tells Olivia that he wants to say goodbye to his sister, bring her flowers, and remember the good things about her. Olivia says she doesn’t think Sonny is going to help him. Johnny tells her he already has some leads, and Dominic is going to help him. Olivia is surprised. Johnny tells her Dominic is a good guy. He explains that he ran into Dominic when he was doing a final sweep of the cabin and he agreed to help find out what really happened to Claudia.

At the Jacks’ house, Dominic tells Sonny that he just wanted to touch bases with Morgan, but he is already in school. Jax interjects to Sonny that he doesn’t need his thugs knocking on his door to check on his stepsons. Sonny says Michael is with him, but Dominic is to keep an eye on Morgan because that is what Sonny pays him to do. Dominic agrees and departs. Sonny tells Jax he wants to talk to him about what happened with Michael last night. Jax reveals that he knows Michael killed Claudia so Sonny doesn’t have to lie. Jax concludes that Sonny is turning Michael into a killer just like himself. Sonny says Michael saved Jax’s wife and child, so Jax should be grateful. Jax asks Sonny if it has occurred to him to take the matter to the authorities. Sonny says he will not have his son wind up in prison. Jax says it was involuntary manslaughter; Michael would get probation and a reduced sentence and then get on with his life. He says that now, Michael will never have that chance because Sonny will keep covering for him. Jax says Sonny will destroy Michael’s life the way he has destroyed every innocent person that has ever gotten too close to him. Sonny tells Jax could have prevented the whole travesty by telling the truth.

Olivia visits Carly in her hospital room. She says she was hoping to get her hands on that beautiful baby girl. Carly tells her the baby is in the nursery. She shows Olivia two tops and asks her which one she should wear home. Olivia is surprised that Dr. Lee is releasing Carly after less than 24 hours. Carly reveals that Dr. Lee is not aware that Carly is leaving. Olivia tells Carly that she should ask Jax what she should wear. Carly says that is not going to happen. Olivia says Carly and Jax should be celebrating their miracle baby. Carly says Jax knew the truth about who shot Michael, he lied to protect his brother, and he put her son in danger for months.

Jason arrives at the police station and tells Lucky it is a waste of time because Lucky knows that Jason will not be able to answer his questions. Lucky says he doesn’t know that until he asks. Lucky proceeds to ask irrelevant questions about Jason’s favorite color and favorite music before he gets around to asking where Jason went when he left police custody. Jason says he has nothing to say without his attorney. Lucky tells Jason that he was with him at the precinct and he could see that Jason was not gunning for Claudia, but was only concerned for Carly and her baby. He says that while Mac assumes that Jason killed Claudia, Lucky is open to alternative scenarios.

Nikolas enters the police station and tells the officer at the desk that he is there to see Lucky Spencer. The officer tells him Lucky is interviewing a suspect and it may take a while. Nikolas says he will get in touch with Lucky later. As he is heading out the door, Elizabeth is coming in. She asks what he is doing there. He tells her he came to talk to Lucky about her.

In the interview room, Jason suggests that Lucky request to be taken off this case. He says Mac didn’t include Lucky when the call came in about Claudia taking Carly hostage, so he doesn’t see why Lucky should be stuck with investigating the aftermath. Lucky says he knows all the suspects and has information that other cops don’t have. He says Mac doesn’t think Carly and Sam are telling the truth. Jason asks Lucky if he doesn’t see a conflict of interest. Lucky says he is just gathering information. He doesn’t see a conflict yet. Lucky asks Jason again where he went when he left the station and whether he received a call from Carly or Sam. Jason tells Lucky he can’t tell him anything. Lucky shows Jason a folder and says he has already written his report, and it says Jason refused to answer any questions. He tells Jason their conversation is off-the-record. Jason tells Lucky that he went to look for Carly when he left the police department. Lucky asks Jason if he found her. Jason tells Lucky that he appreciates that he is trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he can’t answer his questions. Lucky tells Jason that sometimes when people refuse to answer, their silence tells everything.

At Sonny’s house, Michael is staring out the patio door. Johnny comes in and startles him. Johnny asks if Sonny is around, and Michael says no. Johnny says he wants to talk to Michael about Claudia. He says that what Claudia did was terrible and Michael has every right to hate her, but for what it’s worth, Claudia didn’t hate him. He says Claudia didn’t mean for Michael to get hurt; it was an accident. Michael says it was no accident; Claudia put out a hit on his dad. He says she dragged his mother out of Metro Court at gunpoint, and she and put him in a coma for a year and then married his dad and pretended to care about Michael. He tells Johnny not to act sorry and apologize for his sister; she got what she deserved. Michael walks away.

In the interview room at the police station, Lucky tells Jason that perhaps no one has explained the justice system to him. He tells say it exists for the protection of everyone, which means that no matter how many times he has broken the law in the past, if he didn’t break it this time, he is entitled to its protection. Jason says he cannot help him. Lucky says they retrieved the recording from Sonny’s office and the tech guys are authenticating it. He says Claudia was clearly planning a murder. If she were still alive, they could bring charges against her and Jason would not be sitting here staring another murder investigation in the face. He asks Jason if he doesn’t get tired of this. Jason says that of course he gets tired of it. Lucky says he is sure tired of it. Lucky tells Jason that Claudia took Carly hostage at gunpoint so if someone killed her, there is a strong argument for justifiable homicide, but Jason covering it up makes it look more like murder. Jason puts his face in his hands and remains silent. Lucky tells him that all the denials are just digging him in deeper.

In the front office of the police station, Elizabeth tells Nikolas she doesn’t want him talking to Lucky about her for any reason. Nikolas tells her that Lucky has been asking him what he thinks is wrong with Elizabeth and he cannot just refuse to talk to his brother. He asks her what she is doing there. She says she came to drop off a picture Cameron drew. She shows him that it is a picture of her happy family, Jake, Cameron, Lucky, and Elizabeth. Nikolas turns and leaves.

In the interview room, Jason tells Lucky that he respects him because he doesn’t abuse his power or use his badge to push people around. He says he believes that Lucky genuinely wants to find the truth but that sometimes the truth causes more damage. He says Claudia is gone and there is no proof so Lucky can ask questions all day and Jason will refuse to answer until his attorney arrives. He says when it has gone on long enough, someone will come in here, get this file, put it in a box, and everyone will forget that Claudia Zacchara ever existed. He says that is what she deserves. Lucky says he knows that Jason did not kill Claudia but knows who did. He says there is proof somewhere and no matter how well Jason thinks he has buried it, it will come out; it always does. Jason leaves the interview room.

In Carly’s hospital room, Olivia tells Carly that Jax only wanted to protect her and the baby. Carly reveals that Jax got a DVD from Jerry before Carly found out she was pregnant. Olivia says she knows; she saw it when she walked into his office while he was watching it. Carly asks her why she didn’t say anything. Olivia says Claudia was not her secret to tell. Carly tells her that is a load of crap. She should have told her as one mother to another. She tells her that she should have thought about how she would feel if her son was spending time with the woman who got him shot. Olivia says she is sorry. Carly asks Olivia if she knew that Claudia sent Jerry after Michael in Mexico. Olivia doesn’t answer. Carly says Olivia was standing next to Jax while he put her son at risk. Olivia explains that Jax was afraid to lose Carly of the baby. Carly yells that her son’s life was at risk. Olivia says Carly’s life was at risk too, and so was the baby’s; Jax just wanted to wait until Carly delivered the baby to tell her. Carly asks what about Michael. Olivia says Claudia was married to Sonny and Jason was there the whole time watching. Carly says it wasn’t on Olivia or Jax to risk Michael’s life. Carly says her friend Olivia turned out to be no friend at all. She asks Olivia if her son was in danger because of a secret that could get him killed, and someone she loved and trusted knew about it and didn’t say anything, if Olivia if she could forget it.

At the Jacks’ house, Sonny tells Jax that he loves to put himself above Sonny, but he knew for months that Claudia put Michael in the coma but said nothing. Jax tells Sonny not to blame him for bringing Claudia into Michael’s life; Sonny married her. Sonny says it wouldn’t have happened if he had known the truth. Jax says Sonny didn’t want to know the truth; his marriage was a smart business move. Sonny says he needed proof and Jax had it. Jax says he was trying to protect Carly. Sonny says Jax was trying to protect his psycho brother, which means he chose Jerry over Michael. Sonny says Jax put his kids in danger and he doesn’t know how Carly will ever forgive him. Jax tells Sonny he is trying to shift the blame and avoid taking responsibility for his disaster of a life. Jax says Sonny is to blame for all of this because he knew how dangerous Claudia was when he backed her into a corner at the party. Sonny repeats that Claudia would not have been in the picture if Sonny had known the truth. Jax says she is out of the picture now because Michael saved his mother. Jax says that Sonny is dragging Michael into a cover-up that will destroy his life instead of helping Michael get through this the right way. Sonny says he is just trying to protect Michael. Jax tells Sonny he is just trying to feed his own ego. He tells Sonny that he is making Michael completely dependent on him by asking him to keep this secret. Jax says it is always about Sonny and an innocent person who loves him will take the fall.

Jax enters Carly’s hospital room to find it empty. He asks a nurse if she has changed rooms, but the nurse informs him that Carly checked herself and the baby out.

Morgan comes home to the Jack’s house and finds his mother sitting on the sofa cradling his baby sister. He asks his mother why she isn’t in the hospital. She tells him she was ready to come home. She introduces him to Josselyn and Morgan welcomes his little sister home.

Dominic arrives at Olivia’s apartment and asks her if she is trying to blow his cover. She tells him to lose the attitude. He says any of the seven voicemail messages she has left in the past hour could land him in the bottom of the lake, and she could end up there with him because obviously Sonny doesn’t have a problem with killing people he supposedly cares about. He asks her why she is so mad at him this time. She tells him she knew he would find a way to investigate what happened to Claudia, but says he should be ashamed of himself for taking advantage of Johnny’s grief for his sister.

Sonny arrives home. Johnny is sitting in the living room waiting for him. Sonny says the guards told him Johnny was there. Johnny tells Sonny that in light of recent events, he wanted to be clear that he still wants to work for Sonny and will follow any order Sonny gives him, just as he always has. Johnny says he knows Joey Limbo is in town working for Johnny’s father and will probably strike soon. Sonny tells Johnny that he has been in a difficult position with Sonny and his organization and has managed to keep working and be respectful most of the time. Johnny says he gave his word and that means something to him. Sonny says that Johnny nevertheless protected his sister knowing what she did. Johnny says she was his sister. Sonny tells Johnny that that is the reason he will not hold him responsible for what she did.

Jason enters the penthouse and finds Michael there. Michael says Spinelli let him in. Jason asks Michael how he is doing. Michael says he messed up when Johnny came over to the house and apologized for Claudia. Michael says he flipped out and started yelling. Jason asks Michael if he said anything. Michael discloses that he said Claudia got what she deserved.

At the Jacks’ house, Carly and Morgan go into the nursery. Morgan says it is not ready yet. Carly says it is beautiful and puts baby Josselyn in the bassinet. Morgan asks her if she doesn’t think they should wait for Jax and Michael. Carly says Michael will be there soon, she and Josselyn are fine, and Morgan is here. She asks what could be better.

At Olivia’s apartment, she tells Dominic that Claudia was all Johnny had except for a crazy old man who will rot in prison forever. She says Johnny loved Claudia. He was trying to save her even though he knew he probably wouldn’t have succeeded. She tells him Johnny is grieving and heartbroken even if Dominic doesn’t see it. Dominic says he understands that. Olivia says Johnny trusts Dominic and thinks he is helping him find out what happened to his sister when he is really finding evidence to put him in prison. Dominic tells her that he is trying to put Sonny in prison and doesn’t se the problem with cooperating with Johnny when they are both trying to figure out what happened to Claudia. Olivia says Dominic will get a promotion and Johnny will go to jail. Dominic says he has no problem with John and will put in a good work for him when the time comes but right now, he is close to proving that Sonny committed murder and nothing is going to stop him.

At Sonny’s house, Johnny says Claudia was trying to protect him when she set up the hit. Sonny asks how much Johnny knew about it. Johnny says he knew that Claudia was going to have Sonny killed but he didn’t know where, when, or who was going to pull the trigger. Johnny tells Sonny that Claudia felt terrible about what happened to Michael and regretted every day. Sonny tells Johnny that he appreciates that he wants to continue to work for him. He says he respects that Claudia was his sister but he doesn’t want to talk about it again. Johnny says he can’t do that until he knows the truth. He asks Sonny what really happened to his sister.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Michael that when something like this happens you go numb at first and then a couple days later realty sinks in and it gets bad. Michal says he is ok. Jason says Michael had every reason to believe that Claudia was going to kidnap his sister; he was protecting his mother and his sister. Michael tells Jason that he doesn’t have to baby him; he did what he did. Jason says he knows, but Michael is so young and it is a lot to deal with. Michael concludes that Jason thinks Michael is not strong enough but says he will not feel guilty and confess. He says Claudia was dangerous, she got him shot, and she tried to kill his father. He says if he had to, he would kill her again.

At the Jacks’ house, Carly, Morgan, and Mercedes come downstairs. Morgan has the baby monitor against his ear. Morgan asks her if she wants them to pick up some cheesy snacks on the way home. She says she wants two bags and she wants to order pizza later. Jax enters and Morgan announces that he missed the baby coming home. Jax says he must have missed them at the hospital. Morgan says the baby is upstairs and asks Jax if he wants to see her. Avoiding eye contact with Jax, Carly says she thinks Josselyn is asleep for a while. Morgan gives Jax the baby Monitor so he can listen to her. Mercedes says she and Morgan had better get going. Morgan tells Jax they are just going to get some stuff.

After Mercedes and Morgan have left, Jax asks Carly why she left the hospital without telling him. She says she wanted to be at home. Jax says he knows she is angry but asks her not to use their child to punish him. She wonders how he can say that after what he did to Michael. She tells him that he sent her son to live with the woman who put him in a coma to protect his brother. Jax says he wasn’t protecting his brother. He says he knows he made some serious mistakes but he loves Michael. Carly says Jax likes to say he loves Michael but he didn’t protect him when he needed to be protected. Jax says the can protect him now. He says he thinks it is a huge mistake to make him keep the secret of how Claudia died. Carly says this is coming from the man who protected Jerry for months at Michael’s expense, who knew jerry went to Mexico, almost killed Jason, and could have killed Michael. Ajax says he was trying to protect Carly. He asks her what part of that she doesn’t understand. Carly says they were so happy and close, but he is the same as he has always been. He expects and demands honesty from her and then lied to her face for months. Jax says he was trying to take care of his family. He says he loves Michael and Morgan as much as Carly does. Carly says he does not; Josselyn is his priority and he will protect hr at her brothers’ expense, especially Michael. She tells him that Michael’s life and safety matters less to Jax than Josselyn’s. Carly says she will not compromise any of her kids. Jax asks her to listen to him, but she tells him no, she wants him to leave.

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