GH Update Thursday 11/5/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/5/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny goes to the Penthouse and tells Spinelli he needs to know the location of the cabin where Carly had her baby. Spinelli tells him he doesn’t know. Johnny says he is sure Spinelli at least knows which direction it is. Spinelli tells Johnny he cannot tell him and warns him that pursuing this is dangerous. He reminds Johnny that Claudia was responsible for getting a young boy shot and she kidnapped Carly when she was in labor. Johnny tells Spinelli that no matter what Claudia may have done, he still has to help her. Johnny leaves.

In Carly’s hospital room, she tells Jax that Michael has suffered enough because of Claudia; she can’t subject him to a police investigation. Jax tells her that Claudia’s disappearance will be investigated. Carly says the police will talk to Sonny and Jason. They have no reason to think Michael was involved. Jax says they may find evidence. Carly says Jason and Sonny are covering up the evidence. Jax tells her there is no way to commit the perfect crime. Carly says Sonny and Jason have never been more motivated. Jax tells Carly she isn’t helping Michael by going along with it. Carly protests that she is trying to protect her son. Jax tells Carly that Michael has been confused since he came out of the coma. He is trying to find someplace to fit in. he tells her that Michael is already attracted to Sonny’s lifestyle. Jax reminds Carly that Michael asked her about Sonny’s business because he wanted to be a part of it. Carly tells him that Sonny would never let that happen. Jax asks Carly if she doesn’t think Michael is learning that the solution to a problem is to cover it up. He tells her that if he thinks it is ok to lie, cheat, and cover things up he will turn out just like his father. Carly protests that Michael knows better. Jax tells Carly to think about how she handles Carly’s death because her decision will determine whether Michael follows his father’s life or chooses the better life that Carly always wanted for him.

At Sonny’s house, the power is out from the storm. Sonny is stoking a fire in the fireplace. Dominic comes into the living room and tells Sonny he just stopped by to check in. He tells Sonny he and Lulu Spencer checked the Zacchara mansion to see if Claudia took Carly there but it was a dead end. He tells Sonny about the floor collapsing and lulu being trapped in the flooded basement until the rescue crew got her out. He tells Sonny that when he went to the hospital with Lulu, he found out that Sam found Carly and the baby, but didn’t see Claudia. He asks Sonny if he needs any assistance with that. The power comes back on and Dominic can see that Sonny is burning clothing in the fireplace. Sonny tells him no, he has everything handled. Dominic offers to help clean up. Jason enters the room. Sonny tells Jason that Dominic wants to know if he needs help with tonight’s job.

Elizabeth enters the hospital. Nikolas is sitting there so she asks him how Lulu is. He says he doesn’t know because he just arrived too. Elizabeth asks him what happened. He tells her that he only knows that she was trapped in freezing water when a building collapsed and she is stable now. Elizabeth asks Nikolas if he called Lucky. He tells her he did but Lucky is in the field right now. Elizabeth tells him she isn’t sure they should go to Lulu’s room together, but Nikolas reminds her that they are supposed to appear as though nothing has changed between them. They head off together to Lulu’s room.

Luke is in Lulu’s hospital room with her. She asks her father what he meant by the crack about Claudia and cement shoes. Luke asks her if she thinks Sonny will let her live after all this. Lulu says that if someone murders her now, everyone will know that it was Sonny. Luke tells her that Claudia will simply disappear and her body will never be found. Lulu says this is a little cold. Luke tells her that Sonny has good reasons to want to see Claudia on a metal slab. He reminds her that Claudia was responsible for Michael getting shot and then married Sonny and made a fool of him before this kidnapping. Luke says his guess is that Dominic is out there tying up loose ends right now.

Elizabeth and Nikolas enter Lulu’s hospital room and ask how she is feeling. She tells them she is feeling much better. Elizabeth tells her that they are glad she is ok. Lulu tells them the details of her ordeal. She says she probably would have panicked if Dominic hadn’t been there keeping her distracted with lame jokes and conversation. Nikolas says he is glad she had company even if it was Dominic. Lulu tells him Dominic is a decent guy. Nikolas reminds her that Dominic works for Sonny.

Tracy and Ethan enter Lulu’s hospital room. Ethan asks her how she is apart from being waterlogged. She says she is glad to be on dry land. Tracy asks Lulu what she was thinking. She says Claudia was armed and dangerous. Lulu could have been shot. Luke tells Tracy this is not the time or place. Tracy asks him if he approves of Lulu’s actions. Luke says he is proud of Lulu for keeping her head in a difficult situation. Ethan says he heard that Dominic came to her rescue and asks Lulu if that means he has to start playing nice with him. Lulu says not him too. Ethan asks if he misses something. Nikolas says they were just reminding Lulu that Dominic works for Sonny. Lulu says she loves that they are protective of her and that they agree on something but she thinks that if they got to know Dominic they would like him. Nikolas tells her she is far too trusting. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Lulu is a big girl and he should have a little faith in her decisions. Nikolas tells Lulu not to let Dominic persuade her that he is a victim of circumstance; he chose to do what he does. Lulu says it is not always that simple. Elizabeth says she is going to get coffee and asks if anyone wants anything. Tracy wants a decaf nonfat no-foam latte. Luke wants a black coffee. Nikolas goes with Elizabeth. Luke watches them go. Ethan goes over to the now vacant chair by Lulu’s bed and chats with her while Tracy asks Luke what is do fascinating about Nikolas and Elizabeth.

At Sonny’s house, Jason says everything is taken care of. Sonny asks about the cabin. Jason says they burned it down. Dominic interjects that it has been raining. He asks if Jason wants to go back to the cabin to make sure nothing is left. He says if the cops find any little thing they will send it to the lab. Sonny agrees that there is no room for error. Sonny asks Jason if he thinks they should send Dominic to check it out. Jason shrugs his shoulders. Dominic says he will go do it now and asks where he is going. Sonny tells him route 86, half a mile past Broad River Bridge. He says the blue sedan Claudia was driving is wrecked by the roadside. Dominic says he will make sure the cabin is in ashes as he leaves. Jason asks Sonny how Michael is doing. Sonny says he is better than expected. He says he is pretty sure Michael understands he had to do what he did.

In Carly’s hospital room, Jax holds her hands and reminds her that when Michael was shot she went through hell blaming herself for exposing him to Sonny’s world even though Sonny swore Michael would never be a part of it. Carly says Michael won’t be a part of it. Jax tells her covering up the fact that Michael killed Claudia is Sonny’s way but it doesn’t have to be Carly or Michael’s way. He says that telling the truth will help Michael to face what he has done and understand that he is not a killer who needs to hide from the law.

Detective Williams comes to the door of Carly’s room and says he is there to take their statements. Carly invites him in. he asks her how she is doing. She tells him that her healthy baby eclipses everything else. He asks her to tell him about the “everything else” from her point of view. Carly tells the detective that her ex-husband, Sonny confronted Claudia at her party in front of her guests. She relays that Sonny told Claudia that he had proof that she was responsible for their son Michael’s shooting. She says Claudia freaked out, grabbed her purse, took out a gun, grabbed Carly, and took her hostage. Carly says she went into labor at that point and Claudia forced her into a car that was parked outside of the hotel and she took off. Carly says she begged Claudia to let her go but Claudia wouldn’t listen. She says Claudia started talking crazy, saying that she wanted to take Carly’s baby.

Johnny walks up to Carly’s’ hospital room door and stops to listen when he hears Carly recounting her story. Carly continues that she had to stop Claudia so she grabbed the steering wheel to try to force her to stop the car and they crashed. Detective Williams asks where they crashed. Carly says Route 86 about half a mile past Broad River Bridge. Hearing that, Johnny takes off.

Sam enters the penthouse and asks if Spinelli has heard from Jason. Spinelli says no, and he assumes Jason is attempting to minimize Spinelli’s knowledge of certain criminal events that may have transpired. Sam tells him that she just returned from dropping Carly and the baby off at the hospital and she thinks everything will be ok. Spinelli says that is excellent news. Sam asks him if he has told anyone that she and Jason were together. Spinelli says his lips are sealed. Sam asks him to make certain to be silent if Johnny asks. Spinelli reveals that Johnny was just there, clearly distressed, fearing for the life of his sister, and determined to find her. Sam says she feels badly for Johnny because even though Claudia was a terrible person, she was his sister and the only person who was loyal to him. Spinelli says he thinks Johnny suspects foul play, most likely at the hand of Stone Cold. Sam says what if Johnny does something stupid like try to avenge her death. Spinelli says Stone Cold will have to defend himself. Sam observes that Jason and Johnny have become allies and friends but now because of Claudia they could wind up killing each other.

At the hospital, an elevator door opens. Johnny attempts to get on it, but Maxie is exiting it and bumps into Johnny, causing him to miss the elevator. Maxie says Lulu told her she is not coming to work today because she almost drowned in a cave-in at his old house. He confirms that it is true, but they got her out of there. He says they were there looking for Carly and Claudia but didn’t find them. Maxie says this must be terrible for Johnny. She tells him that everybody thinks Sonny went after Claudia and she thinks that he did because she saw him outside his house earlier with blood all over his shirt.

In Carly’s hospital room, she continues to tell her story to Detective Williams. She says it was pouring with rain and she could barely see, even with the flashlight. She tells him that she found a cabin and went in because she knew the baby was coming. She says she gathered as many things as she could find to deliver her baby. Detective Williams asks her if no one was with her. Carly says no. She tells him that Sam showed up later and brought her and the baby to the hospital. He asks her when the last time she saw Claudia was. Carly says after the car crash, she woke up and Claudia was unconscious in the front seat. She says she said Claudia’s name but Claudia never moved. She says she wanted to get away from her so she could take care of herself and her baby, so she just left Claudia there. Jax looks very disappointed. Detective Williams asks Carly if she has any idea what happened to Claudia. Carly says no. Detective Williams asks her if she saw or talked to Sonny or Jason. She tells him that the last time she saw them was at the Metro Court. Detective Williams turns off his recorder and tells Carly that he is glad she and the baby are alright. He leaves. Jax tells Carly she just made a terrible mistake. Carly says she protected her son just like Jax protected his brother. She tells him he knew that Jerry was involves in Michael’s shooting but never said a word. She asks him how he could lie to her.

In front of the hospital elevator, Johnny tells Maxie he is surprised Sonny didn’t see her. Maxie tells him that she was at Kate’s house and happened to see Sonny pull up. He asks her how she knows Sonny was in the car. She explains that the power was out so he had to get out of the car to open the gate. She tells him that when the headlights hit him she could see a bloody handprint on his shirt. She tells him she shouldn’t be telling him any of this. Johnny tells her it is fine; it actually helps. Johnny leaves.

At Sonny’s house, Jason says the cops will not believe that Claudia just disappeared without a trace. Sonny tells him that the police will get warrants and will question them, but as long as everybody has their story straight, they are in the clear. He says the evidence is gone and Claudia is buried. Jason reminds Sonny that when Michael thought he ran Claudia off the road he went to the police and confessed. Jason is concerned that Michael might do that again. Sonny says Michael will not do that because he has grown up since then. He says that he and Michael had a good conversation on the way home and Michael understands that Claudia had to be stopped. Sonny assures Jason that he will get Michael through this.

Dominic inspects the site of the burned out cabin. He hears a gun cock behind him so he draws his gun and turns around. Recognizing Johnny standing there, Dominic lowers his gun. Johnny asks him if they already did this once tonight as they had a similar encounter when they both went to the Zacchara mansion looking for Claudia. Dominic says it would be tough on Lulu if the guys who saved her ended up killing each other. Johnny says Dominic didn’t waste any time. He must have dropped off Lulu and come directly here to torch the place. Dom says the place was like this when he got there. Johnny concludes that Dominic is there to clean up any leftover evidence that might incriminate Sonny. Dominic is surprised that Johnny mentioned Sonny. Johnny says Sonny "offed" his sister.

At Sonny’s house, Michael comes down the stairs freshly showered. Sonny asks how Michael is feeling. Michael says he doesn’t know; he is just cold inside and kind of numb. Sonny says part of that is Adrenaline because he has been through a serious trauma and it hasn’t settled in. Michael says it is weird because he is so used to being confused and angry but now he is just calm. Sonny tells Michael that the reality of what happened is going to hit him like a ton of bricks and he will begin to doubt himself and wonder if what he did was wrong. Sonny says he is not saying that it is ok to kill someone for no reason, bur if Michael starts to have those feelings he is to come talk to Sonny about it. Sonny assures Michael that he did the right thing. Michael says that it may have been inevitable that Claudia would be killed, but to say it was right… Sonny tells Michael that Claudia put herself in that position and she knew how it was going to end. He says he is sorry that it fell on Michael, but he thanks God that he was able to save his mom’s life.

In Carly’s hospital room, Jax says he did not cover for his brother. He tells him Jerry sent him a ridiculous DVD and said he was in on a plot with Claudia to kill Sonny. Carly asks him when he got the DVD. He says he got it the night they renewed their vows. Carly is shocked that Jax knew all this time yet said nothing. He tells her they were so happy and had just gotten their lives back together after Sonny almost ruined everything. Carly tells him not to make this about Sonny. He tells her he struggled with his decision. She tells him he decided to lie. He says it is not that simple. She tells him she doesn’t understand after they worked so hard to regain their trust and promised that they wouldn’t play any more games or manipulate each other. He tells her that his biggest fear was that she would see Jerry when he looks at him and he didn’t want to lose her. She yells at him that he knew who shot her son. He tells her that he wanted to tell her but then they found out she was pregnant with a life threatening condition and that stress could kill her. He asks her what he was supposed to do; he couldn’t dump that on him.

Jason knocks on Carly’s door and says he came to check on her. Jax says it is a bad time; they are in the middle of something. Carly tells Jax to go; she wants to talk to Jason alone. Jax exits. Carly is crying. Jason asks her what happened. She tells him that Jax knew Claudia was dangerous and that Jerry was behind shooting Michael, but he said nothing. Jason doesn’t respond. He picks up Josslyn from the bassinet and tells her that her mom needs her right now. He places the baby in Carly’s arms.

Tracy and Luke are walking in the hospital corridor with Elizabeth and Nikolas behind them and Ethan behind them. Tracy says they need to complain to the nursing staff about Lulu’s care. Luke says this is not the time to harangue the staff. Tracy says the water pitcher was empty and there were no paper towels; that is inexcusable. Nikolas presses the call button for the elevator and the doors immediately open. He escorts Elizabeth onto the elevator. Ethan goads him, telling him that he thought his posturing was saved for Rebecca. Nikolas tells Ethan that they have managed to remain civil for Lulu’s sake and suggests that they continue. Ethan says that would be easier if Nikolas stopped lying to Rebecca’s face. The elevator doors close. Luke tells Ethan that he is flogging a dead horse. Ethan says that seems to be a common theme. Luke says that if Ethan wants to mix it up with Nikolas he can go right ahead. Ethan says he will get Rebecca away from Nikolas. Ethan walks away. Tracy returns and announces to Luke that the nurses have hopped to it; her work here is done. She asks Luke what the frustrated look on his face is about. He says there is nothing uglier than witnessing a family train wreck and the Spencers are headed for a nasty one.

In Carly’s hospital room, she holds baby Josslyn and coos to her, telling her she is a miracle. She tells the baby that her mom and dad are happy to have her and that her dad would be there right now, but he just made a really bad mistake because the horrible things that happened tonight would not have happened if he had told the truth. Jax watches through the window.

At Sonny’s house, he reminds Michael about when he took him to the coffee warehouse to show him his legitimate business. He says he was fooling himself. He says that keeping one of his businesses clean doesn’t make it legitimate. He explains that the coffee business is a front for everything that he does. Michael says he has always known that. Sonny tells him that what he is saying is that everything he does affects Michael, whether Sonny likes it or not. He starts to tell him that things would be different if Michael was the son of a doctor or a lawyer. Michael says he is Sonny’s son. He tells his father that he is always trying to protect him, but he doesn’t need to be protected; he accepts the life his father lives. Sonny tells Michael that he wants him to move on, put this behind him, and have a normal life, go to college and get an education. Michael says he can learn from Sonny; he built success out of nothing and people treat him with respect. Sonny says that is because they are afraid of him. Michael says Sonny is a leader. Sonny screams “No, no, no!” He says he built everything that he has so his children can have the opportunities that he never had. He says he wants Michael to be better than him. Michael tells his father that no one is better than he is.

At the burned out cabin, Dominic asks Johnny if Sonny confessed to murdering Claudia. Johnny says he did not talk to Sonny, but he knows pretty much of what happened. He tells Dominic that Claudia and Carly got into the car and ended up here in this cabin where Jason and Sam found them. He guesses that Carly had already had the baby by then so Sam took Carly and the baby to the hospital. He concludes that Jason waited here with Claudia fir sonny to arrive. Dominic suggests the possibility that Claudia escaped and headed to the Canadian border. Johnny asks Dominic if he really thinks Sonny would let Claudia live. He says Sonny is just like Anthony. When someone crosses them, they must be eliminated. Dominic concedes that Claudia crossed Sonny. Johnny tells Dominic that he is not saying his sister was a good person. He admits that when Claudia felt threatened or cornered she did crazy, destructive things. He says sonny is worse because he is deliberate and cold-blooded. Dominic says that right now, nothing says Sonny did anything. Johnny concludes that Sonny killed her. The only things to wonder about are whether she suffered or begged for her life. He says that maybe that is how Sonny got the bloody handprint on his chest. Dominic asks Johnny if Sonny had Claudia’s blood on his shirt. Johnny tells Dominic that Maxie was parked on Harbor View Road when Sonny came home and had to get out of his car to open the Gate because the power was out and she saw the bloody handprint on his shirt. Johnny says Sonny killed her; the only questions are how much she suffered and what they did with the body. Dominic says Johnny that he will need help and he owes Johnny, so they will work together to figure out how Claudia died and where she is buried.

Sam is playing pool by herself at the penthouse when Jason returns home. She tells him he looks as exhausted as she feels. He says it has been a long night. She tells him that Spinelli went to Maxie’s place. She says she hopes Jason doesn’t mind that she decided to hang out in his penthouse. He kisses her and thanks her for taking Carly and the baby to the hospital. She says she is glad she could help. He asks her if the police have talked to her yet. She says no, but they did leave a message on her answering machine saying that they want to bring her in for questioning. He tells her that he knows what she is going to say and tells her there is no evidence to contradict her story. She says that is fine, but she is worried about him because the police have been after him and Sonny for years. She says the police are going to comb every inch of that cabin, inside and out. He says he did his best to make sure that nothing was left that will implicate him, Sonny, or Michael. He reflects that Claudia is gone; it is finally over.

The song “Mad World” plays as the camera pans through a cluttered building that appears to be an abandoned warehouse except for the open liquor bottle and glass on a table behind an out-of-place sofa. Pictures of Jason, pictures of crime scenes, and articles about Jason and the mob are on the walls and on a large table. Jason’s name is written repeatedly on a chalkboard. Someone places a new photograph of Jason burying Claudia on top of Jason’s fingerprint card. The final image as the camera fades out is a canvas with the graffiti tag that Dominic has seen all over town painted on it.

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