GH Update Wednesday 11/4/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/4/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny tells Olivia he feels bad for the boy and what they are going through and takes blame for unleashing Claudia.

Michael sits in his car and calls Sam. He tries to tell her that he found the car that Carly was in but the connection is really bad and Sam doesn’t hear anything before he hangs up.

Carly continues to ask for her baby while Claudia talks to the baby about how they have the save birthday and babies change everything.

As the water continues to rise, Dante reminds Lulu of the story of Officer Poletti and how Sonny had him killed. Lulu says she’s never heard of Sonny doing anything like that and Dante laughs and says she doesn’t know what Sonny is capable of. Dante asserts that Sonny’s children will be better off without him because Sonny is a killer. Dante wants to take Lulu on a real date when they get out of there. Lulu says she’s not shivering anymore and begins to fall asleep again.

Sonny knows that he’s ruined his image for his children after tonight and says Kristina now sees him as a monster. Olivia tells him that he does in the end put his kids first. He knows Jax and Carly are always trying to protect his kids from him and asks her if she believes his children would be better off without him. The lights go out and they light candles. Jax walks in to get Michael and Sonny accuses him of losing Michael.

Claudia says she never got to hold her baby and tells the baby that they don’t need Sonny. Carly continues to yell that Claudia can’t have her baby. Claudia puts the baby in a basket and tells Carly that she already has Michael and Morgan while she has lost everything. Claudia begins to walk toward the door as Michael walks in. He picks up a stick by the door and hits Claudia hard in the head. She falls to the ground as Michael stares on. Carly tries to talk to him but he falls to his knees and sees blood on his hands. Jason and Sam rush in as Carly cries. Jason picks up the baby and hands her to Carly, who is so happy to hold her baby. Michael continues to stare at Claudia’s body as blood drips down her face.

The water is almost covering their mouths now as Dane continues to talk. He wants to take Lulu to an opera but she falls asleep again. He begins mouth to mouth just as Johnny comes back and says he’s brought paramedics with him.

Jason tells Michael to see his baby sister because Carly needs to know he’s okay. He is still stunned but manages to get up and sit next to Carly. He apologizes to Carly for letting this happen because he knew what Claudia had done. She tells him not to worry and the most important part is that they are all safe. Sam kneels by Claudia and Jason asks for her cell phone.

Jax and Sonny continue to argue over where Michael is and who’s responsible for him leaving. Sonny’s phone rings and its Jason telling him Carly had the baby and they are both fine. They will be taken to General Hospital. He doesn’t want anyone else to know where they are and doesn’t say what happened to Claudia just to come and bring Max and Milo with him. Jason asks Carly what happened and she tells him the sequence of event. Jason tells Carly that when the police ask her what happens she needs to say that she left Claudia in the car, wandered off and had her baby alone, then Sam found her. She never saw Claudia again. Sam is also to say that Carly and the baby were alone when she got there. They both agree. Jason is going to keep Michael with him. If they ask about Jason they are to say they don’t know but they think he’s still looking. They all exit the cabin and leave Claudia’s body covered on the floor.

Lulu gains consciousness on a stretcher with Dante beside her. She calls him officer and Johnny overhears and asks what she called him. Dante brushes it off saying she’s delirious.

In the car Sam tells Carly how they found her. Carly tells Sam about her experience with Claudia and how Claudia helped her deliver the baby and then wanted to take her. She is so upset about what happened with Michael, but Sam says Jason and Sonny will help Michael through this.

Jason asks Michael how he found Carly. He tells Jason about Jax and Sonny’s fight and how he wanted to go to Canada because everyone would be better without him but then saw the car and went looking for Carly. Sonny arrives and Michael tells him he killed Claudia; he apologizes for not speaking up and says he could have stopped this. Sonny says he did stop her and tells Michael he did good.

Sonny sends Michael to the car and he asks if Sonny is going to make this go away. Sonny tells him they will take care of everything and sends him to his car. Sonny tells Jason he doesn’t need to see Claudia and that Jason should bury her. He wants this to end tonight. Sonny gets in the driver’s side next to Michael.

Olivia sits with Jax at GH. Jax doesn’t want to talk about Sonny and just wants Dante to put Sonny in prison. Carly arrives and Jax goes to see her and holds his daughter. They both smile as he looks at his daughter and then at Carly.

Michael tells Sonny about his memories from the institute and how he should have done something. Sonny tells him to blame him for all of this and how he will make this right.

Jason tells Max and Milo to grab Claudia’s body and bury it the Pine Barrens, he also wants the cabin burned. Max thinks it’s too obvious but Jason doesn’t care. He wants all the evidence gone.

Dr. Lee tells Carly and Jax that Josslyn is in excellent condition and Carly is doing well also. Dr. Lee tells them she had been concerned about a breach birth but is glad things turned out okay. Epiphany wheels the baby in and tells Jax and Carly not to blow their luck. Jax picks Josslyn up and brings her over to Carly. He tells her he is happier than he has ever been.

Sonny tells Michael that Carly and the baby are fine. Michael says Carly wants him to be like Jax but he can’t be because of what he’s done. Sonny blames himself for exposing him to this life, but Michael says he is just like Sonny now because he killed someone. Sonny doesn’t want him to be like him.

Maxie is on the road on the floor saying she’s checking something out at Kate’s house and needs the groundskeeper to come by.

Johnny, Dante, and Lulu arrive at GH. Olivia and Johnny fill each other in on what’s been going on with the other. Dante goes in to tell Lulu that Carly and the baby are safe, and she owes him a date to the opera which she agrees to. Johnny tells Olivia that he knows Jason would have disposed of Claudia after they found Carly.

Jason sets the cabin on fire.

Johnny sits beside Sam and Sam tells him that Carly delivered her baby alone. Johnny thinks something had to happen in between. Dante has the same conversation with Olivia. Dante assumes Jason was the one to finish Claudia off. He then goes back in to Lulu. He asks her not to talk about him being a police officer and she says that depends on if he’s still going after Sonny. He says Sonny is a gangster and has to pay for the deaths he’s caused.

Maxie sits in her car on the phone. Next door she sees Sonny get out o his car to open his front gate and notices a large blood stain on the front of his shirt.

Carly sadly tells Jax that while she is happy she is also scared. Jax says Sonny will find Michael, and Carly then tells him that Michael was with her before. She tells him about what happened that night with Claudia and how Claudia saved the baby’s life but then tried to take her. She tells him that Michael hit Claudia and killed her.

Max and Milo dig a whole and put Claudia in it.

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