GH Update Tuesday 11/3/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/3/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Dominic and Johnny rush down some stairs to help Lulu, who has fallen into water at the Zacchara Mansion. Something has fallen on top of her legs and they can’t move it.

Sonny wants to take Michael and Morgan home with him but Jax wants them to stay with him.

Claudia finds Carly lying on the couch in the abandoned house.

Jason sneaks around a house, gun drawn.

Dominic thinks they need to call for help and Johnny leaves to go get a rescue team. Dominic sits next to Lulu and talks to her to keep her distracted. Lulu is freezing and Dominic puts his arm around her to give his body heat.

Sam is upset that she wasn’t able to go with Jason, but Spinelli is sure Jason wouldn’t want her to witness what Jason will do. Spinelli wonders if his questioning of Jason’s theory that Claudia was responsible for Michael’s shooting made it harder for Jason to uncover the truth sooner.

Jason breaks down the door of the house and pulls his gun on a woman and her children.

Sonny urges his kids to get ready but Jax and he continue to argue. Morgan tells Sonny it’s not the night to visit him and Carly would expect them to be waiting for them then. Sonny still isn’t having it and doesn’t want Jax to use this to get closer to his kids.

Claudia tells Carly that she needs help and needs to do what’s right for her baby. Carly yells at her for shooting her son and says she’s not touching Carly’s daughter. Claudia says she won’t let anything happen to her baby.

Dominic jokes around with Lulu and she wonders why he’s trying so hard with her. He says he’s attracted to her but she says there are a lot of attractive women and probably ones that wouldn’t give him such a hard time. He says he likes the back and forth with her. She admits she might be enjoying his attention.

Jax tells the boys to go upstairs but Sonny tells them it’s time to leave. Olivia steps in and sends the boys upstairs. Jax says this is his house and Sonny has signed away his parental rights. They continue to argue and Olivia tells Sonny to leave the boys where they are. Sonny asks her how she would feel if someone told her to walk away from her son, then he leaves.

Jason apologizes to the woman and asks her if she’s seen Carly or Claudia. Jason offers to help them when she says they are also stranded but the woman yells at him to go, which he does.

Claudia holds the knife Carly had and begins to look around for a pot to boil water. Carly sees Claudia’s gun unattended and tries to go for it but is overcome by a large contraction.

Lulu tells Dominic a story about camping with her mom when she was younger because Laura wanted to give her a nice, normal part to her childhood. She says sitting in rising water is right up her dad’s alley though, and asks Dominic where he gets his adventure gene.

Jason returns to his penthouse to tell Sam and Spinelli about finding the woman and her children.

Jax thanks Olivia for backing him up and calls Sonny selfish. He also blames Sonny for sending Claudia on her rampage. Olivia then tells him not to bad mouth Sonny in front of the kids, and that in the end Sonny put the kids first by leaving.

Sonny arrives home and Bernie tells him Carly and Claudia still haven’t been found despite every person working for Sonny out looking.

Carly says she keeps pushing but the baby’s not moving. Claudia thinks she feels the head and maybe a shoulder and Carly tells her she has to push the shoulder down.

Lulu tells Dominic to climb out but he tells her he’s not leaving. She tells him she’d rather him live, but he says they will both live. She then tells him she remembers that he is an undercover cop.

Sam asks Jason if he’s okay and he says he keeps thinking about the woman and her kids and how scared they were. He worries that he could have killed her because he was blinded by his hatred for Claudia. Sam tells him to stop thinking like this and to trust his instincts because Carly needs him. Jason kicks into gear and has Spinelli look at more cameras. He spots a car and thinks he sees Carly in the back seat.

Jax apologizes to Michael and Morgan for fighting with Sonny. His phone rings and it’s the police. As he walks away to take the call, Michael blames himself for the situation but Morgan says it’s not his fault. Michael says he has been stressing Carly out the whole time he’s been awake and thinks he’s Carly’s problem.

Olivia visits Sonny at his house. He asks her if she thinks it’s his fault Carly was taken. Olivia doesn’t place blame and says no one could have seen this coming. But Sonny knew she had a gun and was hoping she’d try to kill someone and be shot in self defense. Olivia says he can’t think about all this and Claudia turned out to be a coward in the end. Sonny thinks Carly has the upper hand then because she’s the bravest person he knows.

Claudia pushes and Carly says the baby shifted, and asks her to do it again. Claudia thinks the shoulders are unstuck and Carly is glad she has felt the baby move.

Dominic claims she’s having delusions but she tells him it’s not nice to lie.

Jason tells Spinelli to send the picture to all of Sonny’s men. He wants everyone out looking and leaves with Sam.

Jax looks at a photo of him and Carly and remembers Carly’s wedding vows to him. Morgan comes down and says Michael isn’t in his room.

Michael is in his car driving toward the Canadian border.

Sonny is upset that Jax feels Michael and Morgan belong to him since he has been married to Carly four times. He lists Carly’s not so great qualities but says that’s where the attraction was. He says before Carly he was always attracted to fragile women who he could save. But even after Lily and Brenda, he loved Carly the most. She put up with him and he can trust her completely, just like Olivia.

Claudia tells Carly to push and that she has to fight for her baby. Claudia sees the baby coming and says the baby is out. We don’t hear the baby cry and Carly asks if she’s okay.

Olivia says he comes up a lot in conversations between her and Carly because Carly loves him, even though she can hate him at the same time. Olivia agrees that underneath everything Sonny is a good man. Sonny says Olivia and Carly are very similar. He reminisces a bit about their time together in their youth. Even though you can never go back you always have your memories. He wishes there was something to hold onto, something lasting.

The water has risen to the base of their necks as Lulu and Dominic continue to talk. She says she heard him talking to Ronnie on the docks and he called him Officer Falconeri, so he must be related to Olivia. He admits Olivia is his mom and his name is Dante. Lulu points out that Johnny is dating his mom and begins to fall asleep. She asks why he’s going after Sonny and his family, when they all trust him.

Sam and Jason drive and Sam thinks they aren’t driving anymore. Jason says when they find them he will take out Claudia and Sam needs to protect Carly. Sam points out that if Carly has given birth Claudia won’t need two hostages, she wonders if she might have killed Carly and took off with the baby.

Michael finds a car and a piece of paper. He starts calling for Carly and goes off running.

Claudia holds Carly’s baby and the baby cries. Claudia looks at the baby and says she is going to take care of her. Carly tells Claudia to give her her daughter.

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