GH Update Monday 11/2/09

General Hospital Update Monday 11/2/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

When Lulu goes to see Jason at his penthouse, she is surprised to find Dante/Dominic answering the door. Dominic explains that he and Spinelli are working hard to find Carly and Claudia. Spinelli is looking through surveillance footage on his laptop. Lulu senses that Dominic has done this line of work before. Dominic skirts around the issue. Lulu thinks it is strange that the car hasn’t been located yet. Dominic believes that the impending thunderstorm will compromise their search for Carly. Dominic tells Lulu and Spinelli that he is going to check out a lead. Dominic rushes out the door before Lulu can say anything.

Outside, it has begun to rain. A car has crashed – Claudia being the driver and Carly in the backseat. Carly awakens and calls out to Claudia, who is unconscious. Carly opens the car door and slowly gets out. Carly starts walking but suddenly experiences stomach pains.

In the police station interrogation room, Lucky is questioning Jason about the events that took place at Claudia’s birthday party. Jason is frantic and asks to be released immediately. Jason points out that only he can find Carly in time. Jason says that Claudia was responsible for Michael’s shooting. Lucky listens as Jason tries to get released. Before Lucky can answer him, Mac walks in. Mac tells Lucky that he needs to talk to him in private.

At home, Michael and Jax are worried about Carly. Morgan walks in and asks where his mother is. Jax comments that some secrets came out about Claudia at the party. Morgan is concerned about Carly. Morgan bluntly asks Jax what happened at the party. Michael blurts out that Claudia was the one who put out a hit on their father and was responsible for his shooting, the one that put Michael in a coma.

Alexis returns home with Kristina and Molly. Alexis asks Molly why she was walking around the docks with Morgan. Molly insists that she needed to get a water sample for her school project. Before their conversation can continue, there is a knock on the front door. It is Sonny, who is drenched from the rain. Sonny asks Alexis for her help. Sonny pleads for Alexis to get Jason released from police custody. Molly interrupts but Alexis tells her to go to her bedroom. Sonny feels sorry that Claudia kidnapped Carly so he presses for Alexis’ assistance in getting Jason released. Alexis says that she can’t help him. Sonny explains that Jason didn’t do anything wrong and shouldn’t have been arrested. Alexis brings up that Jason is not innocent by any means. Alexis says that Kristina feels guilty because she caused the car accident which caused Claudia to lose the baby.

Dominic asks Ronnie for help in locating Carly. Ronnie doesn’t want to get involved in the search. Ronnie is worried that Dominic is getting too close to the Corinthos family. Ronnie believes it is the perfect time for Dominic to find evidence at Sonny’s home while everyone else is looking for Claudia and Carly. Dominic is angry because of Ronnie’s comments.

Johnny and Sam pay Jason a visit at the police station. Johnny proposes that they all need to work together to find the missing women. Johnny is troubled about what Sonny said to Claudia at the party. Johnny isn’t sure of Claudia’s frame of mind. Jason asks Sam to find Carly. Sam says she will do her best.

Lulu and Spinelli are continuing to work on the surveillance footage when Sam walks into the penthouse. Lulu updates Sam on the search. In private, Lulu tells Spinelli that Claudia needs to pay for all that she has done. Dominic returns. Lulu is adamant that she is going to look for Carly. Dominic and Lulu leave the penthouse together.

The rain continues to pour as Carly contemplates what to do next. Carly opens the car door and grabs a flashlight from the glove compartment. Claudia is still unconscious. Carly walks away from the car. Carly stumbles after a few steps but regains her balance. Carly reassures the baby that they are going to be okay.

From home, Jax makes a phone call. Jax is furious that he can’t get the okay to use the helicopter. Olivia shows up to help. Olivia thinks that Jax is crazy for wanting to fly during a thunderstorm. Jax is irate that he can’t help Carly. Olivia tries to calm Jax down but he is furious nonetheless. Jax brings up that he should have told Carly the truth from the beginning. Olivia defends her son’s position and reminds Jax that Sonny can never find out that he is Dante’s father and that Dante is working undercover.

Lucky returns to the interrogation room to question Jason. Jason reinforces that he needs to be released soon. Lucky implies that Jason can’t escape from custody because there are guards at all the station exits. Lucky talks about why Mac doesn’t want to release Jason. Meanwhile, Alexis and Sonny arrive at the police station. Mac is shocked that Alexis is representing Jason. Alexis fires back and asks if Mac has any evidence against Jason. Mac explains that Jason is a threat because he will kill Claudia if given the chance. Alexis points out that Jason can’t be held in custody based on a hunch. Mac has no choice but to spring Jason loose. Mac tells Jason that he is free to leave. Lucky gives Jason some stern advice and insists that Jason shouldn’t seek vengeance. At the police station, Sonny and Alexis talk about Kristina. Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina will contact him when she feels comfortable.

At the Davis home, Kristina and Molly talk about Claudia’s birthday party. Kristina feels bad that she witnessed Sonny’s outburst. Kristina relays what occurred at the party. Molly is shocked about Sonny’s behavior. Kristina is saddened that her father could be like that and confides that she is scared.

Lulu and Dominic show up at the Zacchara mansion. They are looking for Carly and Claudia when they hear a noise. Lulu screams. It is Johnny. Johnny says that there is no sign of the women at the house. The three leave together.

Carly manages to find an abandoned house in the woods. Carly is clutching her stomach. The baby is in distress. Carly continues to talk to the baby while she lights some candles. Carly decides to start a fire but her contractions are getting worse.

Alexis returns home. Alexis and Kristina have an intense conversation about Sonny. Kristina asks if Jason is going to kill Claudia. Alexis doesn’t want to get into it. Kristina brings up the birthday party and says she regrets seeing Sonny in a rage. Alexis apologizes for Sonny’s behavior. Alexis explains that Sonny has a hard time dealing with his anger issues. Alexis admits that Kristina got a lot of good traits from Sonny. Alexis discloses that Sonny loves Kristina very much. Kristina appears unconvinced.

Jax tells Olivia that he is going to start up the chopper. As Jax is leaving, Sonny shows up at the Jacks home. Sonny replies that he is there to pick up the boys. Sonny is stunned to see Olivia. Jax points out that the boys are in bed and doesn’t want to disrupt their sleep. Sonny and Jax argue back and forth while Olivia tries to play peacemaker. Michael runs down the stairs and sees Sonny. Sonny says that Michael and Morgan are coming home with him. Jax interrupts and says that the boys aren’t leaving.

Jason returns home. Spinelli is worried that Jason will kill Claudia. Jason grabs his gun and says that he knows what he is doing. Jason leaves in a hurry. Sam returns and inquires about Jason’s whereabouts. Spinelli confides that he is worried about what Jason might do.

Jason is driving during the rainstorm. Jason pulls over to the side of the road.

Lulu accidentally falls into the water as she, Dominic, and Johnny are leaving the Zacchara property. Lulu starts to panic.

Carly is sitting on a couch, obviously in pain. Carly continues to talk to her unborn daughter. Suddenly, the front door opens and Claudia is standing there.

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