GH Update Friday 10/30/09

General Hospital Update Friday 10/30/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone is gathered at the Metro Court restaurant for Claudiaís birthday party. Sonny tells her she changed his life. She left a permanent mark on him and his children. She showed him the value of trust and honor and how worthless any promise or person is without it. He looks over to Jason. He turns back to Claudia and tells her that she is everything that everybody warned him he would get in the end. He looks her in the eye and tells her she tried to kill him and shot his son instead, calling her a faithless bitch. She asks him what he is talking about and says it is not true. Carly, who had just exited the elevator, watches in horror. Claudia continues to deny it and asks if it came from Jason. She tells Sonny that Jason hates her and it is not true. She addresses the guests and says she needs a minute to talk with her husband. Sonny says no. he apologizes to everyone for thinking they were coming to a celebration. He apologizes to them for putting up with her lies and for any pain and damage that she has inflicted on anyone. He says it ends tonight.

Michael and Kristina are observing from behind a door. Jax looks across the room to Carly. Sonny says he should have trusted his instincts; he didnít go with his gut. He assures everyone that Claudia has lied to them for the last time. Sonny says now that he knows the truth, he knows there were other people involved in what happened to his son by trying to cover up the truth, and they will be dealt with.

Olivia goes over to Sonny and tells him that is enough. Sonny brushes her away and yells that he is not finished. Sonny says his marriage to Claudia was a business decision. He let his greed and ambition dictate his decision. He let her convince her to stay in the marriage as if nothing had ever happened and the whole time she knew she was responsible for putting his son into a coma. He tells her that for her own gain and without remorse, she left his son to die on the floor. He says she stepped over his body.

Johnny steps up and tells Sonny he is wrong; that is not how it happened. Johnny claims responsibility for calling out the hit that got Michael shot. Sonny tells Johnny he is lying to be loyal to his sister. Johnny insists that Claudia had nothing to do with it. Sonny tells Johnny that he would be happy to get rid of him, but he heard the evidence. She picked the time and place and she hired Ian Devlin and Jerry Jax. Sonny says yes, Jerry Jax, the brother of the man who married Carly.

Sonny tells Jax to tell them all how long he has known that his brother got his stepson shot. He tells Jax to tell everyone how long he covered for that psychotic. Claudia tells Sonny to stop. She tells him that whatever he thinks, he would never intentionally hurt Michael. She tells him that regardless of how the marriage started out, it was real and they belong together; they made a child together. He tells her to shut up. He says thank God for the car accident. Thank God that that child was never born to live in their lives. He tells her that she got pregnant as an insurance plan to cover her ass. He says thank God she will never bear his child. Claudia cries and asks him if he thinks their babyís death was a blessing. She calls him a sick, self-righteous son of a bitch and tells him. She tells him to go ahead and say whatever she wants to say about her, whatever his robot hitman tells him, but everybody in this room knows he lets his kids run wild; he lets his kids get shot at. Itís his fault his son was in the warehouse in the first place. He yells at her to shut up, calling her a lying whore. He tells her not to even mention his son after what she did to him. He calls her a psychotic piece of trash.

Sonny tells Milo and Max to take Claudia. Max approaches her, but she draws her gun from her purse. A terrified server stands frozen nearby. Jason draws on Claudia. Claudia takes Carly hostage and uses her has a shield. She tells Sonny if he comes after her, she will kill Carly. Tracy and Mayor Floyd tell Jason to put his gun down. Claudia starts to drag Carly into the elevator. Johnny tells her to let Carly go. Claudia tells John to stay out of it. Sonny tells Max and Milo to shoot Johnny if Claudia doesnít let Carly go. They grab Johnny and Milo aims at Claudia over Johnnyís shoulder. Jason still has his gun trained on Claudia. Jax pushes through the crowd to get to Carly. He tells everyone to calm down. Claudia tells him to get back or she will kill Carly right now. Carly tells Jason to take the shot. The elevator doors open and Claudia backs into it with Carly shielding her. Carly goes into labor.

Inside the elevator, Claudia releases Carly and tells her she will do exactly what she says or she will put a bullet in her head. Carly lunges at the bank of buttons with both hands, hitting most of them, ensuring that the elevator will make many stops before it reaches the bottom. Claudia tells her to keep it up and they will see if they make it. Carly tells her she is in labor. She is about to have the baby and canít be anybodyís hostage. Claudia tells her she doesnít have a choice; if she wants to live and wants her baby to live, she will do what Claudia says.

Milo and Max are holding Johnny by his arms in the restaurant. Jason tells Sonny he has to let Johnny go. Jason says he needs Johnny to go talk to his sister. Sonny tells Max and Milo to let Johnny go. Jason and Johnny run toward the back stairwell together. Jax tells Sonny that Carlyís life is on the line because of him, calling him an arrogant son of a bitch. Sonny says he doesnít want to talk to him and walks away. Olivia runs over to Patrick, who is on a house phone, and tells him to dial 99 for security. He says he did, and it went to voicemail. Robin says she canít believe what just happened. She says Claudia is out of her mind. Olivia says she canít imagine what Carly is going through right now. She sees Dominic nearby talking to Lulu and says she is going to see if Mr. Pirelli needs any help.

Alexis goes over to Sam and asks her if she knew that Sonny was going to do that. She surmises that Sam and Jason gave him the information. Sam is texting someone on her phone and tells her mother that it is a little more complicated than that. Alexis asks her what happened. Before Sam can answer, Michael and Kristina come up to her. Alexis hugs her daughter and asks her what she is doing there.

Johnny and Jason are racing down the back stairs.

Sonny and Jax are on an elevator. Sonny asks Jax how he could lie to Carly like that and cover up what his brother did. Sonny asks him where his loyalty is. Jax tells Sonny he doesnít have to explain anything to Sonny. He says he has his reasons. Jax tells Sonny heíd better start praying that nothing happens. He stiffens his jaw and says if something happens to Carly and the babyÖ

In the bar, several people are on their phones trying to reach security. Robin announces that the police are on the way. Lulu stops Michael from leaving and tells him to let Sonny and Jason handle it. He tells her she doesnít get it; he could have stopped it before it happened. He reveals that he knew the truth and didnít say anything. He says that now his mom and the baby are in danger because he screwed up again. He again attempts to leave the restaurant, but Dominic stops him. He tells him he understands that he is worried about his mother, but running into an already dangerous situation is not going to help. Dominic tells him that the last thing his father needs is for his kids to be involved in this. Michael calms down and agrees.

Kristina is crying and Alexis tries to console her. Sam tells her sister that Sonny and Jason will make sure that Claudia pays. Kristina reveals that she is worried about Michael because he always blames himself for everything. She says she doesnít know what Michael might do if anything happens to his mom. Alexis assures her that nothing bad will happen to Carly and that everything will be all right.

Claudia and Carly exit the elevator appearing as if Claudia is assisting Carly to walk. Carly yells for the staff to call 9-1-1. Claudia tells them not to move or she will shoot. Carly and Claudia exit the building and see a car outside the door. Claudia pushes Carly into the back seat of a car, and then Claudia gets into the driverís seat and drives away.

Jason and Johnny run outside followed closely by Sonny and Jax. They realize they are too late. Claudia and Carly are gone.

In the Metro Court lobby, Jax talks to the staff. He asks if Claudia said anything. The attendant says Claudia told them she would shoot Carly if any of them moved. She then describes Claudia dragging Carly out the door. Jason observes that they couldnít get far on foot with Carly in labor so they had to have a car. Johnny says Claudia could have carjacked somebody. He asks the attendant if there were any cars in front in the last few minutes. She shakes her head. A valet comes in with a customer and says he just brought his car around and he was wondering if anyone had moved it. Jax asks if the valet left the keys in the car. The valet confirms that he left it running. Jason says a pregnant woman was kidnapped in that car. He asks for the make, model, license plate number, and anything else that may help them track them down. The customer says it is a rental so he doesnít know. The valet says it was a dark blue or black four-door.

In the car, Carly tells Claudia that she has just bought herself some time so she should use it to think. She tells her that Sonny having evidence doesnít mean the police have the evidence. Carly tells her that Sonny and Jason canít kill her after Sonny has just announced what she did to half of Port Charles. They are all witnesses who can testify against Sonny if anything happens to Claudia so her survival is guaranteed. Claudia says Jason wonít stop until there is a bullet in her head. Carly says Jason canít do anything since Sonny publicly threatened her. She tells her that taking her hostage is what is messing everything up. Carly tells her to take her to a hospital so she can deliver her baby safely; it could be her only chance to save her own life.

Luke is behind the bar at the Metro Court restaurant telling someone on the phone about Claudia. He tells the person that she has a very pregnant hostage who happens to be his niece. He tells the person he knows what to do. He warns him that Claudia might call for favors. He tells the person not to leave him hanging; he wants to hear back from him. Luke hangs up and Tracy asks if they can leave now. Luke says no, things are just beginning to unfold. Tracy says he can stay but she is leaving. Mayor Floyd says he can escort her downstairs; it was obviously a mistake for him to attend a gangsterís party.

Max tells Milo that Dominic thinks they should stay at the bar, but he thinks he should go down to the lobby to see if Mr. C. needs their help. Milo agrees. Milo tells Max to stay positive because Carly is tough. Max says he knows that, he just canít believe Claudia went off the deep end like that.

Alexis tells Sam that she is going to take Kristina home and asks if Sam wants to come with them. Sam looks over to Michael and tells her mother she is going to stay here.

Dominic whistles to get everyoneís attention. He announces that the police are on the way so everyone needs to stay put and think about what happened so they can give the police their statements. Luke asks him who died and made him Chief of Police.

Commissioner Scorpio enters the Metro Court lobby and asks how this cocktail party turned into a hostage crisis. Jax tells him that Sonny decided to use tonightís birthday party to announce Claudia was responsible for getting Michael shot. He tells him that Claudia panicked and took Carly hostage, and Carly went into premature labor. He tells him about the car that Claudia took. Mac says he will get an APB for the car. He tells his detective that he wants roadblocks on all major roads heading out of town. Jax tells Mac he doesnít care about any of that; his wife is in labor and they have to find her now.

In the car, Carly tries to reason with Claudia. She tells Claudia that she knows she doesnít want her baby to die. Claudia floors the accelerator and tells Carly she almost had her convinced. She says that they both know Claudia is a dead woman and her only chance is to escape so Carly is her hostage until she gets somewhere safe. Carly tells Claudia to get real; she will not escape. Claudia says she didnít ask for any of this. All she wanted to do was be a good wife to Sonny and she thought that was finally going to happen after all of the pain and the loss. She reminds Carly that she lost her baby. Carly says she remembers, and it was a terrible thing for her, but she knows Claudia doesnít want to be responsible for another babyís death. Claudia tells her she doesnít care. Jason ruined everything and Sonny did too by believing Jason. Claudia says that if taking Carly is the only way to hurt Jason and Sonny, the so be it. Carly has a strong contraction.

At the Metro Court bar, Luke takes away Tracyís champagne and gives her a cup of coffee. He tells her he is going to try to get a lead on Carly. He tells her to keep an eye on Lulu until the cops arrive. Tracy tells him to make sure he doesnít get shot. He tells her to drink her coffee. As soon as he walks away, she reclaims her drink.

Patrick, Robin, and Sam are talking. Patrick says he couldnít imagine that what was in Ianís duffel bag would lead to something like this. He says he just hopes Carly and the baby are ok. Robin tells him they couldnít have predicted what Sonny would do or that Claudia would fly off the handle. Robin asks Sam what was in the duffel bag. Sam says she probably shouldnít go into details but it was enough to give Jason what he needed. Patrick reflects that first Carlyís son was shot and how she has been taken hostage. He wonders what is next. Robin says she hates that they had anything to do with it.

At a table, Alexis tells Kristina that the police will everyone questions about what they saw. She asks if Kristina will be able to handle it. Kristina says she will be fine; she will tell them everything. She asks her mother if she thinks the accident that Kristina caused pushed Claudia over the edge. Alexis assures her daughter that Claudia was always unstable. Kristina protests that she killed Claudiaís baby and asks her mother if she doesnít think that played a part in Claudia losing her mind.

Michael tells Dominic that he knew the truth about what Claudia did. He says he should have told his dad, but he waited too long and now his mom is paying the price. Dominic says Michael needs to go easy on himself; it is not his fault. Dominic asks if this is why he came to the house earlier. Michael confirms that it was. Dominic apologizes, saying he had no idea. Olivia and Mike come over to Dominic and Michael. Olivia tells Michael he shouldnít blame himself for any of it; it isnít his fault. Olivia asks to speak to ďMr. PirelliĒ for a moment and they go off together. Mike reminds Michael that his mom is strong and has gotten through worse than this.

Lulu and Maxie have joined Tracy at the bar. Maxie says she knew that Spinelli was working on something with Jason and Sam but had no idea that it involved Claudia. Lulu says they must have found what they were looking for because Sonny didnít seem to have any doubt that Claudia was responsible for arranging the shooting. Tracy says Claudia is a whack-job.

Olivia tells Dominic that he was about one sentence away from Sonny finding out that Dominic is Oliviaís son. Claudia was about to tell him when he cut her off. She tells her it may be time to come clean about at least one thing. Dominic tells her not to get any crazy ideas. She tells him that this room needed a cop earlier and he stepped up and acted like one. She tells him that maybe it is time for him to take out his badge and tell everyone what he is doing here. He looks over at Lulu and sees that she is looking at him. Olivia tells him he should end this undercover thing before anyone else gets hurt.

Detective Williams exits the elevator into the Metro Court bar. He announces that Claudia has escaped the building with a hostage and they need everyoneís help to track her down.

In the Metro Court Lobby, Johnny tells the commissioner that he will tell him everything he knows, including a list of places Claudia might go. He tells her there is a safe house on myrtle drive. Mac asks if she has been there recently to prep for an escape. Johnny tells him this was not premeditated; Claudia had no idea what Sonny was going to do tonight. Johnny has no idea what she is doing next.

Dr Lee enters the Metro Court lobby and asks Jax if anyone has found Carly yet. He tells her no. he tells her that Carly went into labor about 30 minutes before and he thinks her water broke. He asks her how long she thinks it will be before the baby comes. She says there is no way to predict. Dr Lee reveals that Carly didnít want to alarm him so she didnít tell him that she discussed scheduling C-Section to reduce the risk of stroke during childbirth. Jax asks her if she is saying that Carly could die if she gives birth naturally. Jason is distressed having overheard the conversation.

Carly is in labor in the back seat of the car. Claudia tells Carly that Sonny was going to have her brother killed so she had no choice. She had to act first. Carly asks her how that justifies shooting her son. Claudia says Sonny would have done the same thing to her. She was just trying to protect her brother because he is the only family she has. She tells her that Sonny kidnapped Johnny, locked him in a padded cell, and had his guys beat the crap out of him. Then Sonny told Johnny he was going to kill him and then kill Claudia. Claudia says she just did what she had to do to protect them. She says she didnít know that Michael would be there and she didnít know that Ian was crazy enough to take a shot with a child there. She tells Claudia that she felt guilty about what happened to Michael but she wasnít the only one to blame. She says Sonny has done the same thing hundreds of times. She tells Carly that if Sonny had left her any other choice tonight, she would have taken it.

IN the Metro Court lobby, Sonny tells Mac that one of his guys upstairs knows more about the Zaccharas than Johnny does. Mac tells Sonny to get him.

Dr Lee tells Jax she has no way to predict Carlyís chances of delivering a baby on her own, but she has handled all of the risks so far, and that is a good sign. Jax says all he can do is believe in Carly because she loves her children more than anything else.

Jason calls Spinelli and tells him he needs him to get on his computer and access every security camera on every building within a ten-block radius of the Metro Court and get ready to track a missing rental car. He tells Spinelli he will call him back with the carís details. He explains that Carly is in labor and Claudia is driving.

In the bar at the Metro Court, Dominic tells Detective Williams the only people that are left are John Zacchara, Jason Morgan, Sonny Corinthos, and Jasper Jacks. He tells him the hostageís uncle, Luke Spencer left 10 minutes ago. Detective Williams says he is curios about what Ms Falconari knows. He turns to her and asks her if, when she was arrested earlier for assaulting Claudia, she knew that Claudia was responsible for Michaelís shooting. Dominic looks at her, intrigued.

At their table, Alexis tells Kristina she is sorry she had to see what Claudia did. She tells her she wishes Kristina hadnít been here. Kristina says she just wanted to see the party. She apologizes for disobeying her mother and wishes she hadnít. She tells her mother that she always thought she was being unfair to keep her and her father apart, but now she understands. She says she never knew her father could be like that. He was a monster. Alexis looks up and sees Sonny standing there. She tells him they didnít know he was there. He asks what Kristina is doing here. Kristina tells him she is sorry. He tells her he will explain everything later, but right now he has to help find Carly.

Sonny goes over to Dominic and tells him that Claudia stole a rental car and Carly is in labor so they have to find her before the baby is born. He asks Dominic to put together a list of anyone from the Zaccharas that might still be loyal to Claudia.

Maxie and Tracy are sitting at a table. Lulu comes over to join them and takes Tracyís drink from her, replacing it with coffee. Tracy asks if he is dead yet. Lulu tells her to keep it down; she doesnít think Sonny has a lot of patience for insults tonight. Maxie says she is sure Jason has Spinelli working this case but wonders if she should call him to let him know they are ok. Lulu says sheíd better make it a text.

Dominic parts company with Sonny. Milo and Max come up and ask Sonny if they can do anything to help. Sonny tells him the cops arenít going to let anyone out without giving statements. He tells them to hang tight and keep their phones on.

Patrick comments to Robin that more pain and grief keep coming out of Michaelís shooting. Robin tells him it goes father back than that. Sonny lives this life. She gives him the benefit of the doubt but then something crazy like this happens. Patrick says he doesnít know how he would react if he discovered his wife was responsible for his sonís shooting. Robin says he would react like a sane person. She says she is sick of the violence in this town and it seems like Sonny is always in the center of it.

Tracy observes Lulu watching Dominic as he is writing the list for Sonny. Tracy asks her if she is alright or if she is worried about a certain Corinthos employee. Lulu tells her she is worried about Carly. Tracy tells her that Luke is working on tracking her down. She tells Lulu that Carly is capable of taking care of herself and her baby.

Carly is having contractions in the back of the car. Claudia asks her how long it has been since her last contraction. Carly concludes that Claudia doesnít give a damn. Claudia says that if her child had survived, Sonny wouldnít have come after the mother of one of his kids. Carly says that is why Claudia got pregnant in the first place. Claudia says her baby died because of Kristina and she thought Sonny shared her pain. Carly says that maybe Sonny couldnít hold onto the guilt when he knew that she was responsible for getting Michael shot. She says that maybe Sonny couldnít stop thinking about his son on the warehouse floor bleeding with a bullet in his head and then lying still in a hospital bed for a year. Claudia reiterates to Carly that she didnít mean for Michael to get hurt. Carly says she doesnít care; Claudia did it, she is responsible for it, and Carly hopes Claudia burns in hell for it. Claudia says she thought Carly would understand. She asks her how she would feel if that little tiny baby inside her that she loves so much was taken from her.

In the Metro Court lobby, Johnny tells Jason that didnít have a chance to mention it earlier, but he spent the last 24 hours locked in a warehouse courtesy of Joey Limbo who dragged him out of his garage at gunpoint. Jason asks him how he got out. Johnny tells him he was screaming for help and Morgan and Molly happened to be walking by he assures Jason that Morgan and Molly are fine. He explains that he locked the guards in the warehouse and took the kids home. He tells Jason that the reason he is telling him this is that he found out that Joey is not interested in protecting Claudia. He says he has reason to believe that Joey has orders from Anthony to knock Claudia off. Jason asks what Johnny plans to do if Claudia calls for help. Johnny says saving Carly and the baby is the top priority.

Commissioner Scorpio receives a phone call with the make, model, and License plate number of the stolen vehicle. As Mac recites the information back to the caller, Jason types it into his phone. Jason heads toward the exit but the police wonít let him pass.

Upstairs at the bar, Dominic gives Sonny the list and says his Zacchara resources will call Sonny if they hear from Claudia. He tells Sonny that Claudia is panicked, but she isnít stupid. She wonít use Zacchara resources. Detective Williams comes up to Sonny and says he heard Sonny put on quite a show tonight. He asks him where the evidence that links Claudia to Michaelís shooting is. Sonny yells that he doesnít give a damn. His sonís mother has just got kidnapped and is about to have a baby. After a moment, Sonny calms down and tells the detective that Jason got the evidence. It is in his office. He will call his people tell them to let the detective in. Williams says he will send a squad car over shortly.

Alexis comes over to Sonny and he asks how Kristina is. Alexis says Kristina is shaken up and scared because she has never seen this side of Sonny. Sonny says he didnít know Kristina would be there. Alexis tells him she believes him, she just canít understand why he chose to handle things this way. She asks him, if he thought Claudia was involved in Michaelís shooting, why he didnít just go to the police.

In the lobby, Mac tells Jason that if he tries to leave the building, he will arrest him. Jax asks Jason if he has a lead. Jason says he doesnít have a lead; he just wants to go look for Carly. Mac tells him the police are handling the search. He will not allow Jason go out there to do his thing and have Claudia wind up dead. Jax tells Mac that they need everyone out there searching; this is not the time to take a moral stand. He asserts that his wife and child are out there with a crazy person. He says Jason knows how to find people. He asks Mac who cares what happens to Claudia. Mac tells Jax to calm down. The elevator doors open revealing Sam and Michael who hear Jax tell Mac that he is not going to let his wife and baby die just because Michael got shot.

In the car, Carly asks Claudia what her comment was supposed to mean. She asks if she intends to wait for her to give birth and then take her baby. Claudia tells her she will do whatever she has to do to survive. She tells Carly that keeping her big fat mouth shut will give her and her baby the best chance of survival. Suddenly, Carly lurches forward and grabs the steering wheel. Claudia tells her she is going to get them killed. Tires screech. Horns honk. Carly continues to pull the wheel to the right.

At the Metro Court Bar, Detective Williams thanks everyone for their patience and cooperation. He asks them to call the station if they remember anything else or if they see Claudia or Carly. He tells them they are all free to go and warns them about the storm outside.

Once the guests have started leaving, Sonny tells Olivia she was right about Claudia and he should have listened to her. She tells him that what he did tonight was wrong and not because Claudia didnít deserve it, but because he is better than that. He asks her how she knows that. She says she knows him. She tells him she knows how good he can be. She knows what it is like to have the best of him and she is going to carry that with her forever. She touches his cheek. Dominic observes from across the room.

Downstairs in the lobby, Jax apologizes to Michael. He says he didnít mean that the way it came out. He is just worried about Carly. Mac tells Jason he doesnít have the time or the manpower to deal with him right now. He tells one of the officers to take Jason downtown. Sam runs over and protests that Jason didnít do anything wrong. Jax tells Mac to let Jason go find Carly. Mac says he will not let Jason go out and hunt Claudia down because they all know how that will end. There has already been enough violence. Michael says it is Claudiaís fault; she took his mom so she deserves what she gets. Mac reminds Michael that he spent a year in a coma because Claudia tried to shoot his dad. He says it has to stop. Mac tells his officer to arrest Jason. Sam says he canít arrest Jason because he didnít do anything wrong. Mac says he has a roomful of witnesses that saw Jason pull a gun. He says he can hold Jason for at least 48 hours. Jax asks Mac what he is doing by wasting time with trumped up charges against Jason when Carlyís life is in danger. He tells Mac they need to find Carly and the baby before Claudia kills them.

The rental car has gone off the road into an embankment with radiator steam seeping from under the hood. Carly and Claudia are both unconscious or...

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