GH Update Thursday 10/29/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/29/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu is at Carly’s house. Carly asks Lulu to give her a few minutes to get ready for Claudia’s party. Lulu asks Carly if she is sure she should go being so close to her due date. Carly says she going to take the chance to party while she can since Sonny is paying for it.

At Sonny’s house, Michael asks Dominic if Sonny is reachable Dominic tells him Sonny is stopping by his office and then going to Metro Court. Dominic asks if something is wrong. Michael says he has to tell his father about Claudia.

In Claudia’s suite, Claudia asks Olivia if she can imagine the looks on Dante and Sonny’s faces when she tells them they are father and son. Olivia tells Claudia she won’t do it. Claudia says she can’t wait to expose Olivia. She says Dante and Sonny will be pissed when they find out. Claudia tells Olivia that Sonny has a right to know about the son Olivia has been keeping from her. Olivia punches Claudia, who reels back onto the bed. Olivia gets on top of Claudia ad tries to punch her again but Claudia kicks her away. They grapple standing up. Olivia bashes Claudia’s head into the bedside lamp. Claudia pushes Olivia onto the bed and pins her down.

Johnny is in a warehouse on the docks chained to the wall. He demands that Joey Limbo lets him out. Joey tells him it is for his own good. He tells him that things are going down and Anthony wants Johnny safe. Johnny says he has to find his sister because Sonny is about to get information that is going to get her killed. Joey says nobody cares about Claudia except Johnny.

In Sonny’s office, Jason pays the recording implicating Claudia in Michael’s shooting. Johnny watches Sonny’s face as he listens, but Sonny’s face is emotionless. Jason tells Sonny that the recording is dated March 28, 2008 and Michael was shot that Friday, April 4. Sonny does not respond. Jason demands to know what Sonny is going to do about it.

At Sonny’s house, Dominic suggests that Michael wait until after the party. Dominic suggests that Michael get a second opinion from Jason. Michael says no,

At Sonny’s office, Sonny pours himself a drink. Jason tells Sonny that when Devlin died, he said there was more. He tells him that Devlin recorded his business conversations and kept the recordings at the hospital, which is where he found this disk. Sonny reminds Jason of the games Jerry played with DVDs and Claudia. Jason tells him Jerry was telling the truth and Claudia lied her way out of it. Sonny finishes his drink and says he has to go to a birthday party that starts in an hour and he expects Jason to be there. Sonny leaves the office. After Sonny has left the building, Jason throws the DVD on the floor.

At Carly’s house, she returns to the living room dressed for the party. Lulu tells her she appreciates that she is going to the party with her. Carly tells her she is happy to give her a second opinion on Dominic. Carly tells Lulu that Dominic is a nice guy, but he works for Sonny. Lulu says she doesn’t think Dominic really wants to work for Sonny. She thinks there is another piece to the puzzle. She says she thinks she heard something important last night when she was drugged, but she can’t remember it. Carly says it might come back to her. Lulu tells Carly that Maxie just texted her and she will be going to the party. Carly says that is good because she doesn’t think she can go. She should be responsible about her condition and stay home. Lulu offers to stay with her but Carly says the boys will be home soon. Lulu leaves.

Morgan and Molly are headed to the docks to get a water sample for Molly’s science project because Alexis through out her original sample. They hear a man calling for help. They hear footfalls and hide behind a dumpster. The overhear Joey Limbo telling his guards to let him scream his head off; nobody can hear him. Morgan suggests they call 911 but Molly says they will be in trouble if their parents find out they are here. She suggests they help the man. Morgan says he will make an anonymous call. Johnny yells that this is life or death. Molly tells Moran the call will take too long; they have to save the man.

In Claudia’s suite at the Metro Court, she and Olivia continue to grapple. Claudia pushes Olivia and her head hits a vase before she falls to the floor. Olivia gets up and pushes Claudia into the mantle. Claudia pins Olivia against the wall. Olivia recovers and pulls Claudia to the middle of a room where they fall onto a table and break it. Olivia pins Claudia to the floor. Two police officers break through the door and tell them to break it up. Claudia tells them to get that psycho woman off her. She says Olivia tried to kill her and she wants them to arrest her.

At the docks, Molly and Morgan hear Johnny yelling for his captors to let him out. One of the guards responds, calling him Zacchara. Morgan realized Johnny is the captive and concludes that they have to get him out.

In Claudia’s suite, she tells the police that the crazy woman broke into her room and attacked her without provocation and might have killed her if the cops had not arrived. Olivia says that is an exaggeration. Claudia tells them she wants Olivia charged with assault and asks if they are going to deny her protection because her husband is Sonny Corinthos. The police officer tells Olivia that they have to take her downtown but that if she behaves herself she will be released quickly. One officer leaves Claudia’s room with Olivia. The other officer remains.

At the Metro court bar, Jerry instructs the wait staff to be slow with refills because most of the party guests have reputations for violence and they don’t want them to get drunk. Dominic arrives and thanks Jax on behalf of Sonny for throwing the party for Claudia. Jax tells Dominic to cut the crap; he just wants Sonny behind bars. Calling him Detective Falconari, Jax tells him to work his case. He tells him he seems to be getting too comfortable in his role as the family friend. Dominic tells Jax that he knows Sonny is a tough target; otherwise, he would have found a way to lock Sonny up years ago. Dominic walks away. Alexis enters and tells Jax that that looked tense. Jax tells her he has been snapping at everyone tonight. Alexis asks him why. He tells her that Carly wanted to come tonight in spite of going into false labor last week. He tells her that he is here because he owns the place and asks Alexis what her excuse is.

Dominic finds Mike and tells him he is the stand-in host until Sonny arrived. Mike says he was surprised to be invited. Dominic says it is good for fathers and sons to spend time together. Mike concludes that Dominic put in a good word for him with Sonny.

Luke and Tracy enter. She tells him she doesn’t know why she let him talk her into coming. He tells her he could use several drinks. She asks him why. He says some things she doesn’t want to know, some things he wishes he didn’t know. She suggests they stay long enough to wish Claudia a happy birthday and then leave.

Dominic is talking to Robin and Patrick. Robin tells Dominic that she has known Sonny for years. She says Dominic that he reminds her of Sonny when he was younger and more jokey.

Maxie waves Dominic over. She asks him what his intentions with Lulu are. Lulu steps off the elevator just in time to overhear the query and tells Dominic he doesn’t have to answer. He tells her he could try, but she is hard to ignore.

Michael enters and Mike asks him why he is there. Michael says he is looking for his dad; he really has to talk to him.

Sam meets Jason at Sonny’s front restaurant and asks him how it went with Sonny. Jason tells her that Sonny listened to the recording and then said he had to go to Claudia’s birthday party. Sam says Sonny might be in shock or might not care anymore. Jason says that doesn’t matter because he cares.

Milo and Max are driving Sonny to the party. In the back seat, Sonny takes out his pistol and looks at it.

At Sonny’s restaurant, Jason tells Sam that if Sonny doesn’t do the right thing, he will do it himself. Sam tells him he doesn’t know what Sonny is going to do. She warns him that if he defies Sonny he stands to lose everything that is important to him.

Outside the warehouse on the docks where Johnny is being held, Molly goes up to the guards and asks permission to collect some water from their pier for her science project. The guard tells her she shouldn’t be there. It is private property. She tells him she didn’t mean to trespass. The other guard tells her to leave. She tells him she is not sure how to get out. The guards agree to get her water sample and show her the way out. Once they have left the warehouse entrance, Michael goes inside. Johnny tells him he can’t allow the guards to catch him in there and commands Michael to go. Michael runs back outside.

At the Metro Court, Dominic asks Maxie if Lulu told her she spent the night in his room, drugged. Maxie asks her if that’s why she didn’t come home last night. Lulu explains that she drank a spiked bottle of water at the photo shoot. Dominic says it was fortunate that he was there to rescue her. Maxie tells him he could have brought her home. He says he was her protector. He assures Maxie that he didn’t lay a hand on Lulu despite her asking him to. Dominic departs. Maxie recaps to Lulu that she was drugged, but not by Dominic, and then he rescued her. She concludes that Lulu is in deep.

Nearby, Michael piles some hors d’oeuvres onto a plate and disappears through a door. Dominic sees him and promptly calls Carly to alert her to Michael’s presence at the party. Carly says she is coming to get Michael.

Alexis tells Jax the price of co-parenting is showing up at a party for a woman that she loathes for the sake of her child. Jax says she could have sent her regrets. Jax says he can’t wait for this to be over. Alexis says she has the feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Max, Milo, and Sonny arrive at Claudia’s suite. Sonny enters, telling Claudia she looks fantastic. She tells him she had champagne sent up as a surprise. He tells her he has a surprise for her too. He presents her with a necklace and puts it on her. He pours the champagne and tells her he wants to toast to her birthday’ she is finally getting what she deserves.

At the police station, the arresting officer briefs Commissioner Scorpio about the events at Claudia’s hotel room. Mac dismisses the officer and tells Olivia that Claudia is no one to mess with. She says she knows that, but she has to get to her son before Claudia does. He asks her if she means Dominic Pirelli or Detective Dante Falconari. She asks how he knows that. He tells her that he became aware of Dante’s undercover work when he arrested him in a drug raid. Olivia tells Mac that Claudia has found out and plans to tell Sonny at the party tonight. Mac asks her if Claudia knows that Dante is a cop. Olivia says Claudia only knows that Olivia is Dominic’s mother, but if she tells Sonny that, Sonny will figure out the rest. Mac tells her that he is all for Dante busting Sonny. He releases Olivia.

Morgan returns to the warehouse by the docks with a chain cutter. Johnny tells him the guards will be back at any minute. Morgan tells him Molly is acting lost. He cuts the chain holding Johnny. Johnny tells him he needs to get out of there and get Molly to safety. The guards reenter the warehouse. One of them tries to grab Morgan but he ducks and runs. The other one pushes Johnny against the wall but Johnny pushes back with the chain cutter. The guard drops his gun and Johnny picks it up. The other guard draws his gun, but Johnny has the first guard’s gun trained on him already. He demands that the second guard drops he gun. The guard complied. Johnny picks up the second gun and exits the warehouse, locking the two guards inside. Johnny, Molly, and Morgan run.

At Sonny’s restaurant, Jason tells Sam that if he goes against Sonny and kills Claudia, he will probably have to leave the organization and leave town. Sam reminds him that he doesn’t know what is in Sonny’s head. She tells him Sonny is probably processing and deciding how to respond. She says Sonny must feel betrayed and may be questioning his own instincts, wondering why he didn’t see this. Sam insists that Jason give Sonny some time. He agrees but says if Sonny doesn’t take care of Claudia, he will.

Kristina enters the Metro Court and goes over to an inconspicuous corner. Michael sees her and tells her she is busted. She tells him she wanted to see the party. He concludes that she is hiding because her mother didn’t want her to come. She asks him if he has told their dad about Claudia. Michael says that is why he is there.

Mayor Floyd comes up behind Alexis, startling her. He apologizes for the trouble his wife caused her. She agrees that they should call a truce. He invites her to return to her job as District Attorney. She thanks him, but tells him she enjoys private practice.
Nearby, Tracy observes to Luke that their mayor is at a mob party. Luke says there is nothing wrong with a little moral latitude in public office and reminds her of the judges and public officials in her pocket. She asks him why he is so ornery tonight. He tells her he has been thinking about Lucky betting his whole heart on a third try with Elizabeth. Tracy warns him that he cannot argue with someone who thinks he is in love. Luke says they may be in love, but it is also an illusion and in Lucky’s case, a deliberate delusion.

Maxie sees Dominic standing nearby and tells Lulu that she could at least play hard to get. Lulu says she is not playing anything with Dominic. Maxie says Lulu is trying so hard to act like she doesn’t care that she is doing the exact opposite. She tells her that when Dominic was talking about how he rescued her, Lulu had a goofy smile on her face. She concludes that Lulu is into Dominic. Lulu insists that she has done everything to discourage Dominic. Maxie says she will be around when Lulu decides to face her feelings and wants to talk about them. Maxie walks off. Lulu spins around the other way and crashes into a waiter. Dominic watches, amused.

Patrick walks over to Robin with drinks in his hand, commenting that parties have come a long way since the days of kegs in frat houses. Robin had not been listening. He asks her if she is ok. She admits that she is still stuck on what to do about the evidence against Claudia. Patrick reminds her that she said that it might not be their problem to solve. She asks him if she would be betraying Sonny if she warned Claudia about the incriminating evidence.

Max and Milo escort Sonny and Claudia into the party. The servers wheel out a cake and sing “Happy Birthday.” Sonny compliments Jax on the decorations and asks him to thank Carly for him. Jax says he will tell her and comments that money will buy almost anything. Jax walks away. Mayor Floyd comes up to Sonny and thanks him for inviting him. Sonny offers sympathy for the loss of the Mayor’s wife. He tells him that he knows the bad press could affect his political future and assures him that he will do anything he can to help. The mayor asks if he has a choice. Sonny asks if he wants to win the election. They both laugh. Mayor Floyd shakes Sonny’s hand, wishes Claudia a happy birthday, and departs. Claudia tells Sonny she loves it when he puts people in their place.

Mike comes up to Sonny and Claudia. He tells her she looks beautiful. Claudia says she is glad he could make it. Dominic watches them from nearby. Claudia excuses herself, to go talk to Dominic, leaving Mike and Sonny alone to talk. Mike tells Sonny he is a little surprised that Sonny is giving a party for Claudia. Sonny tells his father that Claudia has worked hard to be the wife that he deserves.

Jason and Sam exit the elevator. They see Claudia talking to Dominic. Sam observes that there is a pretty big crowd and Claudia looks happy. Jason concludes that Sonny has not said anything to Claudia.

Johnny, Molly, and Morgan arrive at Carly’s house. Mercedes informs Johnny that Carly went to get Michael from the party at the Metro Court. Johnny says he has to go to the Metro Court but he will call Bernie and have him send over some men to watch over Morgan and Molly. Molly asks him to stay. Johnny thanks Molly and Morgan for their bravery in saving him and explains that now he must save his sister. He leaves.

Olivia runs into the Metro Court and jumps into an open elevator. Carly enters a moment later. Marty stops her and she tells him that Michael crashed the party and she is here to get him. Marty informs her that he has strict orders from Jax not to let her go upstairs.

Upstairs at the Metro Court bar, Jax tells Sam that Jason looks more intense than usual. She tells him that Jason isn’t Claudia’s biggest fan. Jax tells her that he only went along with this party because Carly insisted and he doesn’t want any trouble. He asks him to tell him if she knows about anything going on. She tells him nothing is going on tonight that she is aware of. He asks her to let him know if she hears otherwise. Sam observes Jason watching Sonny and Claudia.

Sonny thanks Luke and Tracy for coming. Luke says they wouldn’t have missed it. Tracy tells Luke to speak for himself as she chugs down another glass of champagne. She tells Claudia not to think she can worm her way into society with her wandering money. Luke apologizes for Tracy and escorts her away. Sonny observes to Claudia that it is annoying when Tracy is right.

Observing Dominic’s approach, Maxie suddenly dashes away from Lulu, leaving her stunned. Dominic comes up behind Lulu and presents her with a glass of champagne, assuring her that it is safe to drink. Lulu apologizes for Maxie reading drama into everything. Dominic says that when Maxie asked about his intentions toward Lulu, he thought she had mentioned him to her in a positive way. Lulu tells him that when she tells Maxie that a guy gets on her last nerve, Maxie interprets it to mean the exact opposite when Lulu really meant exactly what she said. Dominic concludes that he keeps Lulu off balance. She tells him she doesn’t think she knows who he really is. He tells her that is good.

Olivia exits the elevator at the bar. Sonny asks for everyone’s attention. He thanks everyone for coming and says he has a few things to say about his lovely wife.

Downstairs, Carly tells Marty that she is worried about Michael and the last place he needs to be is at a party for Claudia. She says she is just going to grab him and take him home. Marty says Jax was emphatic about not letting Carly go up there. Carly promises him she will not risk her pregnancy. Marty eventually concedes that if Carly is just going to pick up her son and leave it will be ok. She tells him to go home. He tells her to take care. She enters the elevator.

Upstairs, Sonny says he wants to thank some of his closest friends.

Johnny runs into the Metro court and pushes the button to call the elevator. Impatient, he goes to the stairs instead.

Upstairs, Sonny says Luke Spencer helped him build what he has in Port Charles and they have always had each other’s backs and that is worth its weight in gold. He tells him that Tracy is a loyal wife and that is a beautiful thing to have. He tells Robin that she has always been like a little sister to him and he is happy to see that she has everything she ever wanted. He says she brought Patrick into his life. He says he came close to losing his son because of his own carelessness and Patrick saved him and brought him back. Sonny says he will never forget that.

Johnny is running up the back stairs.

Carly’s elevator has stopped on another floor. A couple exits the elevator. Carly refused to allow a bellman with a luggage cart onto the elevator.

Upstairs, Sonny acknowledges his father for always standing by him and never giving up on him.

Johnny reaches the floor where the party is occurring. Olivia sees him arrive.

Sonny tells Alexis he appreciates the mutual respect they share. He tells Jason that he is his right hand man and he would not be here without him and sometimes the price has been high. Sonny finally addresses the birthday girl, Claudia.

Jax observes Carly exiting the elevator.

Sonny goes over to Claudia and asks what he can say about her, how he can best describe her, how he can ever repay her.

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