GH Update Wednesday 10/28/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/28/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky sits on the pier and Luke comes to sit with him. Lucky asks why Luke wanted to see him and why he seems to be hung over.

Dominic comes into his room in a towel while Lulu sleeps on his bed. He takes off the towel and turns around just as she wakes and screams.

Sam visits Jason at his office and he says he still hasn’t spoken to Sonny even though they are home.

Johnny is being held by the man that held him at gun point and is freaking out trying to get out to Claudia.

Claudia talks to Olivia on the phone about her party, and lets her know that Sonny wants everything to be perfect. Olivia wants to know why she really called and Claudia says she wants to talk about Olivia’s son with her before the festivities. Sonny comes in and Claudia says she is going to be pampered at the hotel before the party. He tells her to bring guards because there may be trouble after the Puerto Rico trip. Claudia is really excited for the party and thinks it will change both of their lives.

Lucky asks Luke if he spoke with Laura, suspecting that might be why he’s upset. He then tells Luke that he called Laura to tell her how he and Elizabeth are doing, but doesn’t want to tell Luke. Luke asks if he has any doubts about getting remarried.

Max calls Jason and tells him Claudia is heading to the Metro Court and Sonny is home taking care of some business. Jason wants Max to keep an eye on Claudia and watch out for Johnny.

Johnny’s hostage taker gets a phone call and hands it over to Johnny, it’s Anthony. Anthony says Joey has to take out Sonny and Jason, and Anthony wants Johnny out of the line of fire. He doesn’t seem concerned about Claudia and thinks it’s about time she paid.

Sonny asks how the party will change his life and she says it’s more about people seeing them as a couple, and she has a secret for him but wants him to trust her.

Dominic comes back into the room fully dressed and finds Lulu looking around on the floor for her shoes. She doesn’t remember how she got there or what happened and asks him what they did. He says they slept with him on the chair. She doesn’t know why she’d go with him and doesn’t remember anything happening after the Crimson shoot.

Lucky says he doesn’t have any doubts about marrying Elizabeth. Luke brings up her affair with Jason and wonders if there might be residual anger. Lucky becomes defensive but Luke just wants to make sure he’s being honest with himself. Lucky says he trusts Elizabeth, she just doesn’t trust herself. Lucky tells Luke to butt out but Luke asks if Lucky and Elizabeth even want the same things. Lucky says they both want a family and he loves Jake and Cam like his own sons and they are perfect just the way they are. Luke walks away.

Dominic tells Lulu that she just showed up on the pier while he was talking to Ronnie. She doesn’t remember. He tells her she was high and pretty much jumped him, but nothing happened even though she tried really hard to make it happen. She asks what she said and did. He tells her she kissed him but he would never take advantage of her.

Johnny tells Joey that Anthony is just using him to do his dirty work and Anthony doesn’t have any real power from prison. Joey says he promised Johnny would stay alive so he’s not going anywhere.

Nikolas comes upon Lucky on the pier. Lucky tells him about his futile talk with Luke and says he hates when Luke tries to give advice, especially because part of it is usually true. And he still knows him better than anyone.

Claudia tells Sonny she is worried because Johnny left her and urgent message but now the phone isn’t on. Dominic comes in and welcomes them home. Sonny tells Dominic to make sure Claudia gets to the hotel safely.

Sam visits Michael at his house because Michael called her. He asks her why Jason hates Claudia so much and what she has done. He says he knows Jason thinks Claudia is responsible for Michael’s shooting.

Carly goes to Jason’s office. He thinks she needs to go home but she tells him Michael is acting weird about Claudia’s party. She thinks Michael is keeping something from her about Claudia and why Sonny might not like her after he finds out. She says this is all just stressing her out so he should just tell her the truth.

Lucky says Luke brought up Jake’s paternity and whether Lucky had resentment. Lucky forgave Elizabeth and just wants all of this to be over. Nikolas says that if he’s having second thoughts maybe he should step back. Lucky says he’s not. Nikolas wonders if maybe there are things Elizabeth isn’t telling him.

Jax visits Sonny and they argue about Claudia’s party. Jax wants him to cancel it because Carly is stressing out about it. Sonny says it’s Jax’s problem if he can’t control Carly. Jax says if anything happens to Carly or their daughter he will kill Sonny himself.

Dominic helps Claudia into her room and tries to leave. Claudia brings up his mom and says she’s looking for Johnny. She wants Dominic to tell Olivia her secret is about to blow up if Dominic doesn’t find Johnny and get him to the party.

Jason says the situation is handled, but that’s not enough for Carly. She wants to know what he’s planning but Jason won’t involve her. She says the second the baby is born she wants to know everything.

At General Hospital Lucky asks Elizabeth if she has a break soon but she doesn’t. She apologizes for last night and says there is no one she trusts more than him. She doesn’t know what’s wrong. He says he knows what’s wrong because Nikolas told him.

Back at Sonny’s, Sonny tells Dominic he wants him to work the party and be useful. Dominic is hesitant about taking on so much responsibility at the party but then says he will do the best he can. Sonny then says that he and Claudia will be a little late and he’s on his way to Jason’s.

Olivia enters Claudia’s room. They discuss Dominic and Claudia says she is keeping her end of the bargain but Olivia hasn’t. She wants to know where Johnny is, but Olivia won’t tell.

Jason tells Sam that he’s still waiting for Sonny. Sam tells Jason about her talk with Michael. Sam thinks maybe Jason needs to find another way to make Claudia pay, if it means saving his relationship with Michael.

Elizabeth wants to know what Nikolas said to him. He says Nikolas told him that she loves him and doesn’t want to hurt him. Lucky says she feels responsible for them working this time around because she feels responsible for them breaking up. He tells her he doesn’t want perfection, he wants her. She asks why he is so wonderful to her and he wonders how she can’t see how wonderful she is. He tells her to take her time and leaves.

Johnny continues to try to get out of where he’s being held and gets the door open. He wrestles a gun away from one of the men but then gets caught again. Joey tells the men to cuff him to the wall. Johnny yells that he needs to help Claudia.

Claudia says she is sick of Olivia and will tell Sonny the truth tonight.

Dominic rifles through Sonny’s desk as Michael comes in looking for Sonny. He tells Michael Sonny isn’t there.

Sonny comes in to talk to Jason. Jason puts the CD in and plays it for Sonny. Sonny listens to Claudia and Ian arranging the hit on him.

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