GH Update Tuesday 10/27/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/27/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Johnny’s shop he thanks Michael for giving him the opportunity to help Claudia, but asks why.

At the penthouse Sam tells Jason she’s not trying to stop him but wants him to realize the consequences. Jason says he does, but Claudia has to pay.

On the Haunted Star Luke tells Ethan to just walk away from Nikolas and Rebecca. Rebecca and Nikolas walk in.

Elizabeth opens the door to her home to find Lucky (played again by the original, Jonathan Jackson) who asks if she remembers him. She says she does. They are going out to dinner but Elizabeth seems nervous and scattered. He asks if she’s okay and she says yes. She suggests they go to the Haunted Star and see Luke, because Lucky and Luke miss each other. She wants to help them smooth out their relationship. Lucky agrees to go.

Dominic and Ronnie argue on the docks about how Dominic has already given him evidence against Sonny, but Ronnie needs more. Ronnie leaves and we hear Lulu. She heard everything and knows he is a cop.

Johnny asks Michael if he’s sure about his memories. Michael says yes, he knows what Claudia heard, but it will be up to Sonny to decide whether to believe Claudia. Johnny says he better be sure and that they had a good reason to put a hit on Sonny. Michael doesn’t think that will matter to Sonny and knows it won’t matter to Jason.

Jason talks about what happened in Mexico with Jerry and how he didn’t tell Jason the truth. He thinks Claudia may have sent Jerry after Michael and Kristina. Sam is furious that Claudia would try to have Jerry kill Kristina and Michael and tells Jason she wants Claudia to pay.

Nikolas and Rebecca approach a table and Ethan wants to go over but Luke stops him. Luke then goes over to greet Elizabeth and Lucky. Luke is happy to have them and offers to get them chips. Lucky goes to get drinks and Elizabeth sees Nikolas and Rebecca across the room. She then has a quick fantasy of kissing Nikolas on a table.

Lulu sits with Dominic and he can tell something is wrong with her and asks if she’s drunk. She is rambling and says she hasn’t been drinking but admits that she has a bottle of water and the photo shoot. Dominic thinks something may have been in her water and says she needs to go to a doctor. She thanks him and calls him officer.

Jason and Sam try to figure out what happened with Claudia and Jerry and why she sent him after them.

Elizabeth says she wants to leave. Nikolas watches them walk away, and Luke notices. Rebecca and Nikolas continue to play and Nikolas encourages Rebecca to bet more and more money as Ethan works on. Tracey goes over to Luke and tells him about Claudia’s birthday party which they are invited to. Nikolas tells Rebecca he will continue to pay all night, and Ethan asks what it is he’s buying.

Johnny is on the phone asking about Claudia and Sonny’s whereabouts. Jason comes in and says they made an emergency landing. Johnny then asks if he should be worried.

Lulu asks if the guy Dominic was talking to was also a cop. She says it all makes sense since he carries a badge and acts like he hates the mob. She says he is undercover and wants to bust Sonny. Sonny is her father’s friend. She also refuses to go anywhere with him.

Ethan questions Rebecca on why she can’t see Nikolas is using her. Luke asks Tracey why she thinks they are invited to Claudia’s party. Ethan continues to yell and wants Nikolas to deny trying to pay him off to take Rebecca away.

Lucky and Elizabeth go back to Lucky’s. He apologizes for surprising her with the engagement party and for pushing her. She says it all worked out and everything is official. She kisses him.

Jason tells Johnny he doesn’t have a problem with him and whatever happens when Claudia comes back doesn’t involve him. Johnny points out that he will do anything to help his sister, just like Jason would for his.

Nikolas tells Rebecca he didn’t mean to overstep by offering to cover her tab and asks her if its likely Ethan would turn down a million dollars. Nikolas starts to yell to the crowd and say he wants to be with Rebecca. Ethan punches Nikolas and they begin to fight. Luke breaks it up and Rebecca pulls Nikolas away. Ethan then turns his anger on Luke, who tells him to stop fighting at work. Luke tells Ethan to just stay out of it because he doesn’t have any proof.

Nikolas and Rebecca walk onto the docks. Nikolas knows the problem isn’t the Haunted Star it’s Ethan. Rebecca knows Nikolas wouldn’t offer Ethan money and that he’s just jealous. She wants to go back to Wyndemere, but he thinks he should just take her home.

Lucky and Elizabeth continue kissing. He stops and asks if she’s ready, to which she says she is. She then has a flashback of being with Nikolas and pulls away. Lucky asks if she’s okay.

Jason comes back to the penthouse and tells Sam about Claudia’s birthday party and is inviting everyone. Sam says Jason needs to call Sonny or fly there and kill Claudia, because she doesn’t care what happens to Claudia now. Jason doesn’t want to do that and wants to wait for them to come back. He also hopes Claudia doesn’t take Johnny down with her. Sam wants to kill Claudia with her bare hands but will settle for her dying at her party.

Lulu and Dominic enter his room at Kelly’s and he offers her water. She says he brought her there to sleep with her. He says he wouldn’t do that and she says maybe she wants to and maybe she has thought about it for a while and has had fantasies about him. She kisses him and he kisses her back.

Tracey brings Ethan ice. Luke doesn’t want Ethan to ruin the peace that has come for the Spencer’s and Cassadine’s. Ethan Is a Spencer now and should care about his family as a whole. Luke and Tracey walk away and Luke says he is going to find Nikolas and let him know they are neutral in Ethan and Nikolas’ feud.

Elizabeth apologizes for freaking out and says she loves him and wants to raise their boys together but can’t seem to accept it. She doesn’t know who she is anymore. Lucky is understanding and thinks they will get through it. He will wait as long as it takes for her to trust their relationship. She says she doesn’t deserve him and leaves. Lucky stands alone with tears in his eyes.

Michael comes home to find Carly on the couch. She tells him about Claudia’s birthday party. Carly tells him she doesn’t want Michael to go to the party, and Michael says Sonny won’t want to throw Claudia a party anyway. Carly asks why.

Sam continues to talk about Jerry and Claudia, and Jason asks if she wants to talk about what Jerry did to her. Sam says the man she was sold to was drunk and stupid and not hard to get away from. Jason reminds Sam that she was supposed to stay out of this so she could have deniability. She says it’s too late for that and Jason kisses him.

Johnny leaves a message for Claudia for her to call him. As he’s talking a man walks in and pulls a gun on him, saying “your father told me so much about you.”

Dominic and Lulu continue to kiss but he pulls away because he doesn’t want to take advantage and have her hate him. HE wants to take her to the hospital but she doesn’t want to go because there are too many people there that will question her. She lies on his bed and he decides to let her sleep there. He says he hopes she forgets all of this by the morning. She calls him officer again.

Lucky calls Laura and asks if she got the pictures from the engagement party. He says Elizabeth is good but seems afraid of being with him and she still feels guilty and is afraid to disappoint him. But he knows she won’t do that. He asks what he should do. Should he tell her things will be okay or should he call off the engagement? He can’t give up on her and knows they can be happy.

As he talks to Laura Elizabeth runs into Nikolas on the pier and they kiss passionately. Luke sees them.

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