GH Update Monday 10/26/09

General Hospital Update Monday 10/26/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At Jake’s, Dante/Dominic tells his cousin Kate that she needs to keep quiet about his secret. Kate threatens to spill the beans to Sonny. Olivia suddenly appears and tells Kate to mind her own business. Olivia whispers that Kate needs to stay quiet. Coleman walks by and is curious as to what they are discussing. Olivia says that it isn’t Kate’s place to tell Sonny the truth. Dante is mad that his undercover work could be compromised. Dante leaves the bar. Kate and Olivia argue about telling Sonny that Dante is his son. Olivia begs Kate to remain silent about the whole thing but Kate fires back. Kate can’t believe that Olivia could go this long without admitting the truth to Sonny.

At the penthouse, Jason and Sam are still reeling from listening to a recorded conversation which proves that Claudia was involved in Michael’s shooting. They listen to the CD which consists of a conversation between Ian Devlin, Jerry Jacks, and Claudia. Sam is amazed that Jason was right this whole time. Sam emphasizes that they finally have the proof to implicate Claudia. Sam thinks that Jason needs to tell Sonny about the recording. Jason is growing more angry at Claudia’s actions. Jason wants Claudia to pay since she allowed Ian to shoot even though Michael was at the warehouse. Sam brings up that Sonny might want Jason to let it go. Jason doesn’t want to consider anything but vengeance toward Claudia.

Michael and Kristina are eating at Kelly’s. Michael reveals that he finally remembers who was behind his shooting – Claudia. Kristina thinks that Michael should tell their father about the memories. Kristina believes that Sonny will go to the police with the information. Michael laughs because Kristina is naïve. Michael says that Sonny will not hesitate in having Claudia killed. Kristina can’t believe that Michael could live with himself if something bad happened to Claudia. Michael is adamant that Sonny needs to know the truth. Kristina tries to convince Michael to change his mind but he becomes angry. Michael thinks that Kristina’s feelings for Kiefer are clouding her judgment. Michael leaves in frustration. Mike asks how Kristina is doing. Kiefer shows up at Kelly’s for his date with Kristina.

Sonny and Claudia are aboard the jet heading back to Port Charles. Sonny insists that he will throw Claudia a huge birthday party when they arrive home.

At home, Carly and Jax are talking when she gets a phone call. It is Sonny and he wants to book the Metro Court on the 29th. Carly asks what Sonny needs the hotel for. Sonny explains that he is throwing an extravagant party for his wife. Carly is in shock. Carly can’t understand why Sonny would agree to throwing a bash for Claudia.

At the Drake house, Robin tries to get Patrick’s attention but he is preoccupied. Patrick admits that he can’t stop thinking about Claudia and the horrible things she has done. Robin hopes that Jason can find the evidence to show that Claudia is guilty. Patrick is torn since he doesn’t know what to do. Patrick wonders if he should alert Claudia to Jason’s suspicions or remain quiet.

At Jake’s, Olivia and Kate’s argument is interrupted by Coleman. Coleman points out that the women should try to get along. Once alone, Kate points out all the reasons why Olivia needs to come clean. Olivia brings up that Dante could get hurt or killed if the truth comes out. Olivia explains that Jax was able to get Dante back on the Corinthos case. Kate is stunned by the news. Olivia believes that Jax will do anything to make sure that Sonny is sent to prison. Kate reminds Olivia that she (Kate) almost died at her and Sonny’s wedding. Kate thinks that Olivia is making a big mistake not telling Sonny and Dante that they are father and son.

Dominic shows up at Johnny’s auto body shop. Johnny starts talking about Claudia and her terrible choices. Dominic comments that Claudia tried to seduce him. Johnny is concerned about how Claudia will react if threatened.

On the jet, Sonny promises that Claudia’s party will be a huge success. Sonny thanks Claudia for her help with the mob families. Claudia starts to think about her miscarriage. Sonny tells Claudia about Lily, his first wife. Sonny explains that Lily and their unborn child were killed in a car bombing. Claudia begins to understand why Sonny doesn’t want to have any more children.

At Jake’s, Kristina thanks Kiefer for the gift of flowers. Kristina inquires about why she hasn’t heard from Kiefer. Kiefer says that his parents are going out of town so he suggests they hang out together. Kiefer senses that Kristina doesn’t want to spend time with him. Kristina says that she isn’t sure that she has free time on Thursday but she’ll check her schedule. Kristina reassures Kiefer that she isn’t mad at him.

Jax listens as Carly calls the Metro Court to book the party for Claudia. Jax thinks that it is a bad idea. Carly disagrees and maintains that she will give Sonny the party of Claudia’s dreams. Carly senses that something else is bothering Jax.

At home, Jason and Sam discuss the taped conversation. Sam proposes that Sonny might be lenient toward Claudia and think that she has suffered enough. Sam asks Jason if he can live with it if Sonny doesn’t want to have Claudia killed. Jason isn’t allowing himself to go there. Spinelli walks into the penthouse. Spinelli inquires about the Devlin case. Jason apologizes for his earlier behavior toward Spinelli. Jason tells Spinelli that he is done with his laptop. Spinelli leaves. Sam questions why Jason didn’t tell Spinelli about the incriminating evidence against Claudia. Jason comments that Spinelli would let something slip about the investigation. Sam realizes that Jason is protecting Spinelli. Sam thinks that Jason is in danger and worries about his safety. Jason opens the closet to retrieve his gun. Sam panics and says that Jason needs to consider Michael in his decision.

Kiefer gives Kristina a ride home. Alexis appears at the front door. Alexis smiles when she sees that Kristina is with Kiefer. Kiefer explains to Alexis that he and Kristina’s schedules have been conflicting lately. Kiefer adds that he looks forward to spending some time with Kristina.

Sonny is worried about Kristina. Claudia points out that Alexis is putting a lot of pressure on Kristina. Sonny is frustrated that he and Alexis have different parenting styles. Sonny senses that Kristina will start acting out if Alexis continues to expect perfection out of their daughter. Claudia suggests that they have Kristina over more often for some family time.

At home, Robin tells Patrick that she could call Mac about the situation but thinks that is a bad option. Robin theorizes that the best solution might be to stay out of it. Robin points out that she and Patrick don’t really know what kind of evidence Jason could uncover regarding Claudia’s guilt. Patrick changes the subject and says that he is glad that he is married to Robin.

In the Davis living room, Alexis and Kiefer have a discussion about Harvard. Kristina appears bored. Kiefer wants to bring Kristina to a coffeeshop sometime and asks for Alexis’ permission. Alexis is impressed that Kiefer asked her up front. Alexis agrees and maintains that Kristina needs to be back home by 11:00 the night they go to the coffeeshop. Kiefer leaves to finish his homework. Kristina is shocked that Alexis would let her go out on a school night. Alexis thinks that Kiefer is a good influence on Kristina.

Michael appears at Johnny’s auto shop. Michael comments to Johnny that Claudia could be in serious trouble. Michael discloses that he is starting to remember things, like Claudia being responsible for his shooting.

At home, Jax apologizes for arguing with Carly about the party. Jax maintains that he is against helping Sonny. Carly thinks that Sonny will find out what kind of a person Claudia really is. Olivia suddenly shows up and says that Carly left her a text message. Carly announces that she needs Olivia’s help with planning Claudia’s party. Olivia is outraged that Sonny wants to celebrate Claudia’s birthday in such an extravagant way.

On the jet, Sonny and Claudia talk about the birthday party. Suddenly, the plane starts rocking back and forth. The pilot announces that they are experiencing turbulence. Claudia looks worried.

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