GH Update Friday 10/23/09

General Hospital Update Friday 10/23/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Jax and Carly’s house, Michael asks Jax why everyone wants to rehash the year he was comatose. He says Jerry is long gone so it doesn’t matter what he said. Michael tells Jax that if he wants to talk about it then he needs to tell him who he blames for the shooting. Jax tells him he blames Sonny.

At the hotel in Puerto Rico, Sonny is asleep on the lounge chair on the balcony, dreaming about the night of Michael’s shooting. He awakens with a start and Claudia runs out to him and asks if he is alright. He tells her he was just having a bad dream. She asks him to tell her about it. He tells her he was back at the warehouse watching his son hit the ground with a bullet in his brain.

At the penthouse, Jason, Sam, and Spinelli listen to the recording of Ian Devlin asking someone why he should take the risk. Devlin says, “He is a major player. If it goes wrong, I am a dead man. What kind of compensation? Fine, but I want guarantees.” Jason says he needs to know who is on the other end of the conversation. Spinelli says he will do his best as he works with his computer. Jason tells Sam that Devlin could only have been talking about a hit on Sonny. Sam tells him that Ian was involved in all kinds of illegal activity so he could have been talking to anybody about anything. Jason tells her he knows Devlin was talking to Claudia; he would bet his life on it. Spinelli retrieves another sound byte from the disk and plays it. Devlin says, “If I agree to this, I expect you to have my back. The other party says, “Done.” Jason says that is Claudia.

At Jax and Carly’s house, Jax says Michael would never gamble with his brother’s life the way that Sonny gambled with Michael’s. Michael says he knows Jax hates his father, but if Sonny thinks something will be dangerous, he doesn’t let his children go. Jax says Sonny doesn’t always know; he is just guessing. Carly enters with a package and tells Jax it is from his mom. Observing the tense atmosphere, she asks them if everything is ok. Jax tells her that Michael had asked him who he blames for the shooting so he told him the truth. Michael tells his mother that he assumes she blames his dad too. She tells him that she blamed everyone, but she got him back and that is all that matters. She tells him she doesn’t want to miss out on all the joy of having him back because of something they cannot change. She tells him that she blames the bastard who pulled the trigger and he is already dead.

At the hotel in Puerto Rico, Claudia brings a drink and he asks her if anyone called while he was asleep. She says no. He tells her he should hear from the South American partners soon. Claudia notes the exception of Mo Verde as a potential caller as he is likely sleeping with the fishes by now. Unless he managed to talk his way out of it, Sonny says. He tells her Mo can be pretty slick. Claudia tells him she doubts it because Sonny didn’t leave the council in a conciliatory mood. He tells her she looks nice. She suggests they go out on the town so he can show her off, unless he isn’t in the mood. He tells her the guilt kicks in and he relives Michael’s shooting in slow motion when he has a big win like he did tonight.

Someone knocks on Olivia’s door. Johnny goes to hide in her bedroom. She opens the door to her cousin Kate. She tells her it is late and she is tired. Kate tells her she is not surprised because keeping a life-altering secret from someone you love takes a toll. Olivia asks her if they need to talk about this right now. Kate warns her that if she doesn’t take her head out of the sand and take care of this disaster, someone will end up dead and she knows Olivia doesn’t want that to be her son.

Dominic and Lulu are sitting on the patio of Kelly’s, drinking cider. She tells him she thought his father’s identity was a mystery to everyone including his mother. He tells her that he knew enough of his mother’s story to do some investigating. He says that his mother fell in with an older crowd during her big point of rebellion. She was drinking a lot and experiencing sexual freedom. He tells her that his mother uses that experience as an example of what Dominic should not do. He tells her that when he was about 14 years old, he asked some of his mother’s friends about men that she was involved with so he tracked them down. He tells her that one of them died in a car accident and the other two left the neighborhood, but they didn’t go far so he surveilled them. Lulu is amused that he used the word “surveilled” and he covers by telling her that at the time he liked to talk in those terms as if he was a private investigator or something. He tells her he watched the man’s house and saw that he had a wife and three kids. He decided the man had a complete family with no room for him so he left it alone.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Spinelli that he needs more. Spinelli says there is no more. Jason will not accept that and tells him he needs to do whatever it takes to match the voice on the recording to Claudia. Spinelli asks Jason if he is asking him to frame Mr. Sir’s wife for a crime they can’t prove she committed. Jason insists that Claudia did commit the crime. He asks Spinelli what the problem is. Spinelli tells him that gut instinct does not constitute real proof. He tells him that tailoring evidence to support a theory is dishonorable. Jason asks him when Claudia will start paying for what she has done. Spinelli tells Jason that his hatred for “Vixenella” is clouding his judgment and suggests that he step back and think about it.

At Kelly’s, Lulu concludes that Dominic did not approach the man he believes is his father. Dominic asks her if he was supposed to knock on his door and tell him he is the son he never knew he had with the woman he was too drunk or high to remember. He says the man had a family and he didn’t feel that dropping a bomb like that on him was fair to his family. Lulu tells him that he doesn’t know that the man wouldn’t have been happy about it. She tells him Luke was happy to find out about her. She asks if he is certain that the man he saw was his father. He says short of a DNA test he is pretty sure. He looks like the man and his children look like they could be Dominic’s siblings. He tells her that he realized that even if that man isn’t his father, whoever is would be the same. He would be a regular dude with family, bills, bowling buddies, and Sunday picnics so he decided to put it down and never looked back. Lulu tells him she just had the scary thought that he might be deeper than she thought. She says she’d better go before she gets too excited about it. He asks her what it will take to have more than cider with her. She tells him she doesn’t know but encourages him to keep trying and she will let him know when he gets it right. Lulu gets up and leaves.

At the hotel in Puerto Rico, Claudia tries to comfort Sonny but he tells her not to try to take away his guilt; it is his to carry for the rest of his life. He says watching your son get hurt is more painful than any bullet. He says that on nights like tonight when he feels his power he begins to think that his life is not so bad and then he remembers what happened to Michael because of who he is and what he does and doesn’t feel so good about himself anymore.

At the penthouse, Spinelli reminds Jason that he has not uncovered any evidence that corroborates his theory that Claudia had anything to do with Michael’s shooting. He asks him why he continues to ascribe evil intent. Jason says Claudia is evil; she got Michael shot and then married his father. Spinelli concedes that Vixenella is dark and damaged but has always been kind to him and shows genuine affection. Jason says he can’t believe Spinelli is falling for Claudia’s act. Spinelli says it is possible that Claudia is actually innocent. He tells Jason he is worried about him because he has never seen him this relentless in an unjustified attack. Jason asserts that Claudia is guilty. Spinelli asks him what he is basing that conclusion on other than his dislike of Claudia. Jason asks Spinelli to stop psychoanalyzing him and help him prove what he knows is true. Spinelli tells him he stands ready to serve as always and will provide appropriate cyber-assistance but he will not frame Claudia. Jason says that is fine, he doesn’t need Spinelli’s help. He can leave. When Spinelli attempts to speak again, Jason yells that he said go as he points to the door. Spinelli complies and goes out the door. After Spinelli leaves, Jason tells Sam, who has been silently observing, that he is sorry. She tells him no, he is angry because he thinks Spinelli might be right.

At the hotel in Puerto Rico, Claudia tells Sonny that she understands what he is going through. She tells him that Michael wouldn’t want him to torture himself; he wants to move on. Sonny says it may have been better for his children if he had stayed out of their lives. She asks him how that worked out for Kristina and he concedes that it did not work out well. She tells him his kids love him and respect him so he has to find a way to find peace in himself and just love his kids back.

Kristina rushes to Kelly’s. She looks around, looks into the window, and then sees Dominic sitting on the patio. She asks him if he saw a tall guy with dark hair that may have looked like he was waiting for someone. He asks if she is talking about the guy she was with at Maxie and Spinelli’s reception. She says yes, he is her boyfriend and she was supposed to meet him here. Dominic says he has not seen him. She says she is a little late, but she thought he would wait for her. Dominic tells her not to worry about it; he is probably running late too. Kristina is disappointed that she has not received a text. Dominic suggests they ask Mike if he left a note. Kristina says he is not the type. Dominic asks her what type he is. She asks Dominic if it is true that guys will do anything including pretend to love a girl just to have sex with her and then when they do, they forget about her.

At Olivia’s apartment, she asks Kate if she is threatening her. She asks her if she intends to step in and tell Dante that Sonny is his father if Olivia doesn’t do it. Kate tells her that she has supported her decision for all these years but the circumstances have changed and Olivia needs to tell Dante the truth. She says Dante will realize that he is swimming in conflict of interest and will quit the case and go home. Then no one will end up shot. Olivia asks her cousin if she thinks she has not been pulling her hair out for months trying to figure out a way to get her kid pulled off this case. Olivia tells Kate that if Dante finds out that Sonny is his father he will not pack his bags and go home. He will go straight to Sonny and confront him. She says that once Sonny knows, he will never let Dante go. Kate tells her that Dante and Sonny deserve to know the truth about each other. Olivia tells her it is not her decision to make. Olivia tells Kate that Sonny has running the mob down to a science. He has never been caught. The police will eventually give up and go after someone else so nobody has to know anything. Kate says Olivia doesn’t want to tarnish her image; she is afraid that if Sonny and Dante know the truth, they will look at her differently. She tells Olivia that this is not about what is best for Dante; it is about what is best for Olivia. Kate leaves.

Jason and Sam return to the conference room where Patrick and Robin have continued to research Ian Devlin’s files. They inform them that they have finished going through everything in Ian’s patient files and there was nothing questionable in any of it so if he was involved in anything, he didn’t bring it to the hospital. Jason says they might have missed something and says he wants to go through them himself. Robin tells him that they will help him as much as they can, but they cannot allow him to go through confidential patient files. Jason says he doesn’t care about medical histories. Patrick says that he would still be looking at medical histories. Jason tells them that he needs to find the evidence that places the blame for Michael’s shooting on the right people. Robin tells him that she understands that he needs to find the evidence, but he needs to consider the possibility that the answers may not be here. Olympia enters, sees the foursome, and says she is not even going to ask. She tells Robin and Patrick that she finally convinced the maintenance department to clean out the lost and found in the staff locker room. She tells them that if they think they have something down there they had better go and claim it before it is garbage. Olympia departs. Jason asks Robin and Patrick what happened to the contents of Devlin’s locker.

Jason, Sam, Robin, and Patrick go to the employee locker room at General Hospital and start sifting through things. Patrick hoped to find a t-shirt that he lost. Sam sees a duffle bag that is identical to the one that they found in the basement of the pregnant woman’s house the other day. Jason opens it and finds that it contains a change of clothes, wads of cash, and some disks dated March 2008. Sam observes that that is right around the date of Michael’s shooting. Patrick acknowledges his silence by saying he is sorry they didn’t find what they were looking for. Jason nods in appreciation. Sam and Jason take the duffle bag and depart. Patrick tells Robin that if he doesn’t find his t-shirt, he is going to conclude that she did something mean to it.

Kate enters Jake’s Roadhouse and tells Coleman he has no idea the day she has had. She orders a white wine and then changes her mind. She tells him to make it a beer with a shot of whiskey. He tells her that is a boilermaker and proceeds to prepare it. He asks her what has her so bent. She tells him that her cover model had a lapse in judgment and is all over the tabloids. He asks her if that isn’t good for sales. She says the model shaved her head and exposed her tattoos and that doesn’t work with the concept. He asks her if she getting hammered over a magazine cover. She tells him no, she is angry with herself for passively standing by while someone she loves is determined to destroy herself and half of the people around her.

Dominic and Kristina are sitting inside the Kelly’s. He gives her a warm beverage and she says she was in such a hurry that she forgot to bring a sweater. She tells him he doesn’t have to answer her question. He hardly knows her so he shouldn’t have to give away secrets of the brotherhood. He tells her that his brotherhood doesn’t disrespect women. He tells her that it is true that some men lie to get women into bed and then dump them. He says guys like that aren’t worth the gum under her chair. He says guys like him tend to pound guys like that into the ground and he asks her if he wants her to do that to Keifer. She tells him no one needs to be pounded. Its just sex, no big deal. Dominic tells her sex is a very big deal, it should be special and deep. He stops himself and asks if she has a mother or sister that she can talk to about this sort of thing. She says yes, and thanks him for trying to help. He asks if she needs a ride home. She says she will text her brother to come get her and just wait here with her grandfather. Dominic tells her he thinks her grandfather would like that. She says Keifer might still show up. Dominic says he is a fool if he doesn’t. Dominic leaves.

In the employee locker room, Patrick finds his t-shirt. Robin tells him she hates it. He says it is just a t-shirt. She says it is a symbol. He says it is of a life he doesn’t have anymore. She says exactly, and hides it behind her back. He asks her if she is insecure. He tells her he will dump the shirt, snatches it from behind her, and tosses it across the room. She says he doesn’t have to do that. She retrieves the shirt and gives it back to him. She tells him that it makes her think of him with other women and she just wants to scratch their eyes out. He tells her he will be making love to her for the rest of his life. They go to the break room. Robin reminds him that when they agreed to help Jason and Sam look through the files they also agreed to turn anything they found over to the police. Patrick tells Robin that she didn’t stop them either. She says she helped Jason raise Michael for the first year of his life and she knows how the shooting has affected him. Patrick says if Jason is right, Claudia is involved, and they aren’t going to the cops. Robin asks him if it is their responsibility to protect Claudia. He tells her they took an oath to save lives. He took the bullet out of Michael’s head. He says that he doesn’t know what he would do if it was Emma.

Jason and Sam return to the penthouse with the duffle bag. He tells her he wants to see disks with dates between March 28 and April 4. She tells him she is just as worried about him as Spinelli is. He tells her he doesn’t have time for this. She asks him to consider the possibility that these disks don’t implicate Claudia or anyone else in Michaels shooting. He tells her he knows Claudia is responsible. She asks him if his instincts are wrong, if he will be able to walk away from it. She asks him if this is about avenging Michael or getting Claudia.

Michael and Kristina are sitting at a table at Kelly’s. Mike asks them why they have long faces. Michael says it is just school stuff. Mike tells them if they need any grandfatherly wisdom, they know where to find him. He asks Michael how Carly is. Michael says she is large. Mike tells him to tell her hi, and his dad too. Michael tells him his father is out of the country on some business trip. Mike sarcastically says it was nice of Sonny to tell him. Mike goes back into the kitchen. Kristina tells Michael that she didn’t know their father was out of the country but it is no surprise; he never tells her anything. He tells her not to try to make this a statement that their dad doesn’t care about her. He says he didn’t tell him either; his mom did. Kristina says whatever. Michael tells her that their father loves all of them. She says he just loves Michael and Morgan more. He asks her if she had a choice, if she would choose growing up distant from their father or taking a bullet in the head like Michael did.

In their hotel in Puerto Rico, Sonny thanks Claudia for saying what she said to him earlier. She tells him that no one that is close to him will understand the cost of this life and the toll it takes the way she does. He tells her that is why they are here together. She says she is glad he finally realizes it. Someone knocks on the door. Claudia gets her gun and strategically positions herself while Sonny opens the door to the partner from the meeting who pledged loyalty to Sonny. Sonny lets him in and he tells Sonny that his associates wanted to relay the message assuring him that there will be no more trouble. He says they all agree that Sonny is the man to lead them into the future. Sonny asks about Mo Verde. The man tells him Mo has no future; he had an accident. The man says he won’t keep them any longer and heads toward the door. Sonny asks him if he can arrange a car and protection so Sonny can take his wife out on the town.

At Jake’s Roadhouse, Kate continues to drink boilermakers at the bar while she talks to Coleman about an unnamed person who is keeping secrets. She tells him that the person in question doesn’t see her own motives. He tells her that if she has too much to drink and can’t drive home, he has a room upstairs where she can crash. She laughs at the notion and tells him he might be an interesting makeover challenge. He tells her his current appearance is the makeover. She tells him he is really quite handsome underneath all that. He says he will take it as high praise. She tells him she could blow the secret wide open if she wanted to. He asks her if she wants to and she says more and more. He asks her why she doesn’t just do it and she tells him that the damage exposing it can do is just as bad as the damage keeping can do. Dominic enters and sits at table. Kate goes to join him and asks Coleman to send the whisky and a glass over to the table. Dominic tells her not to start with him. She tells him he can either pretend he doesn’t know her or she can announce that they are related but either way, she is going to buy him a drink and he is going to listen to what she has to say. Dominic tells her she is drunk. She tells him he needs to resign, get out of Port Charles, and go back to Brooklyn. He tells her he has had this conversation with his mom a million times and he will not have it with Kate. He tells her he is not quitting and he is not leaving until he finishes what he came here to do. She tells him he will never bust Sonny no matter how much evidence he gets. He tells her Sonny is not above the law. She tells him that may be true, but Dominic is not the one who will put him out of business. She says she is going to tell him why he can’t.

At Kelly’s, Michael tells Kristina that his life has been hell since he got shot and sometimes he thinks it would have been better if he had died. She asks him how he could say something like that. Michael has a flashback of Jerry telling him it might be better for everyone if he were dead. He remembers Jerry saying Claudia did this to him because she wanted his father dead, but Michael got in the way. Kristina tells Michael he is scaring her and asks him to say something. He tells her he just remembered Jerry coming to see him when he was in the coma. He reveals to his sister that Jerry said Claudia is the reason he got shot. He tells her that he remembers Claudia saying the same things. He concludes that it was Claudia all along. She asks him what he is going to do about it.

In their hotel room in Puerto Rico, Sonny and Claudia toast to his victory. He tells her he would be a dead man if not for her and not only because she had a gun in her purse. He tells her that by representing the Zacchara faction at his side, she helped convince the South American partners that they can support him. He asks her if she minds if they go home now because he wants to get started on arranging her birthday party. He tells her he wants to show family and friends how lucky he is to have her by his side.

At the penthouse, Jason is frustrated because all of the disks he has seen so far are about drug negotiations. He tells Sam she doesn’t have to stay. She says she wants to stay. He asks her if she wants to make sure that he doesn’t frame Claudia. She tells him she knows he won’t do that, but she is worried about him. He tells her that he is just trying to find the truth. He inserts a disk dated March 31 into his computer. She tells him the truth may not always be what he wants or expects. They listen to the disk.

Claudia: you didn’t waste any time did you?
Jerry: And why are we here?
Claudia: On Friday at 7pm, Sonny’s expecting a shipment of coffee. He’ll be here to sign off on it. It’s all very legit.
Jerry: How do you know this?
Claudia: I know.
Jerry: All right, that leaves at least two bodyguards.
Claudia: No, the customs inspectors will be here so he can sign off on it in person. He can’t risk having guards around.
Jerry: I can do this.
Claudia: Good. Then we’re agreed; Sonny dies on Friday.

Sam tells Jason he was right; it was Claudia.

The song “Mad World” by Tears for Fears plays as the camera pans around a bare office in a warehouse with a desk and file cabinets. Surveillance photographs and articles about Jason posted on the wall and on the desk with several file folders. Jason’s fingerprint card with mug shots is also on the wall. “Jason Morgan” is scrawled repeatedly on a dry erase board and a chalkboard. A canvas with the graffiti tag CO77X that Dominic has been seeing all over town painted on it is on the floor, leaning against the side of the desk.

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