GH Update Wednesday 10/21/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/21/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Jason’s penthouse Spinelli runs downstairs to a Jason sitting with a sleeping Sam on the couch. They talked about the emotional time she had at the hospital and she thanks him for being there for her.

Jax suggests that Carly go get a massage or foot rub, but Carly isn’t interested. She says she is taking Morgan to Sonny’s. When Jax tells her Sonny is out of town she wonders how he knows that.

Dominic and Ronnie meet up and Dominic makes fun of him for the cast on his arm. Dominic gives Ronnie a list he got off of Sonny’s desk of his associates in South America; he also tells him that Sonny and Claudia are attending a meeting in San Juan. He knows that it must be big for Sonny to have attended in purpose and leaving his power base.

Sonny talks on the phone in Spanish and Claudia asks if everything is okay. He says yes, the meeting is set. He also says he chose San Juan because he knows people there and he needs an advantage if he’s going to pull this off.

Jax says he went over to Sonny’s to talk to him about Carly’s stress levels but he was already gone. Carly starts to worry about why he went out of town, but Jax tries to calm her.

Spinelli asks Jason and Sam to tell him about their adventures. They tell him about breaking into a house and helping to save the pregnant woman and her baby. Spinelli is hopeful that the woman won’t press charges. Jason tells them that through his talk with Patrick he thinks Devlin may have hidden something at the hospital.

At the General Hospital nurses station Robin asks Patrick why he never came to bed the night before. He told her about the pregnant woman and how it made her think about when Emma was born. He also tells her about Jason’s investigation into Devlin. Patrick wishes he had been able to see through Devlin.

Dominic and Ronnie argue about how to take Sonny down. Dominic thinks they should build a case and send Sonny to prison but Ronnie thinks that even if Sonny ends up dead that will work for everyone.

Sonny tells Claudia about his business meeting and he’s there to show these people that doubt him the error of their ways and give them an opportunity to apologize.

Carly tells Jax she isn’t sick of him hovering and knows he just loves her and their daughter. She thanks him for putting up with her idiosyncrasies and not jetting off to Montecarlo to escape her. He says he and Patrick were just talking their life changes. Carly finds it funny that he and Patrick are both reformed playboys who now have wives and kids, but points out that Jax has the better wife.

Diane is on the phone in the hospital when she sees Max. She goes to talk to him and inquires about his health. He says he is meeting a friend and grabs a stranger who doesn’t want to play along and walks away. Diane asks if he has time to talk but he says Sonny has him running important errands. Diane knows that Sonny is out of town. Max walks away but Diane calls him back and tells him she doesn’t think of him as a love puppet.

Jason wants Spinelli to look at Devlin’s patient lists, files, and research because hospital files are secure and he could have transferred data into them. Spinelli finds records that show they have been backed-up by DVD. Jason wants those files.

Ronnie disagrees with Dominic about just putting Sonny in prison and thinks Dominic is letting his relationship with Sonny and his family blur his priorities. Dominic says he will bring Sonny down, but in a legal way. Ronnie says there might not be another choice. Before Ronnie leaves Dominic points out the tag on the wall “CO77X,” but Ronnie doesn’t recognize it.

Sonny tells Claudia that they have to intimidate everyone and show a united front. Claudia is looking forward to it. Sonny wants Claudia to let them know that Sonny is in complete control and for her to put down anything about Anthony. Sonny says that someone may try to take them out.

Alexis visits Jax in his office to talk about Michael. She wants to explain her decision and tell him how bad she feels about everything and for putting Jax in the middle. Jax says he is in the middle especially because of Jerry, which he plans to tell Carly the truth about after the baby is born. Alexis says none of this was his fault, but Jax is sure Carly will see him as culpable.

Carly talks to Olivia on the phone and makes arrangements but asks her not to tell Jax. Michael arrives home and he says he also didn’t know Sonny was leaving town, but thinks he might have left to give Michael space since he freaked out again. Michael wants him memories to stop and wants to regain control. Michael remembers the gypsies’ words again about villains being in the mirror.

Spinelli says a break=in to the files could cause difficulties. Sam suggests transferring the files to somewhere else in the hospital where she and Jason may have access.

Robin tells Patrick not to blame himself but Patrick wants to be more proactive and help find out what he was up to. He decides to look into the files he and Devlin worked on and sees they are all being moved to the conference room.

Sonny tells Claudia that she doesn’t have to come if she doesn’t want to take the risk, but she says she will and looks forward to showing him that she is an asset and leaves the room. She comes back in wearing a red dress and Sonny says she looks amazing. He says that together the others aren’t going to know what hit them.

Jason and Sam enter the conference room to find Patrick and Sam. They know Jason and Sam are looking for Devlin’s accomplices and Patrick wants to know the truth also. Sam points out the risk of Patrick and Robin helping. Patrick says he is allowed to look through them; it’s only illegal if Jason and Sam do it.

Michael doesn’t want to talk about anything, but Carly questions him. She doesn’t know why his memories would be bad and says he can tell her anything. Michael tells her that he thinks Ian Devlin had help in his shooting.

Max says his accident at the carnival was no big deal. They argue about why he was with a woman that day and how he should have been with her. Max says Diane was ashamed of him and she was too busy in Philadelphia for him anywhere. She says she has a Philadelphia man that is wonderful and storms away.

Spinelli meets Dominic after he called him for help with computer research. He points out the graffiti, CO77X, and asks Spinelli to find out what it means.

Claudia and Sonny walk into a casino where people are gambling everywhere. They are greeted by a man who asks Claudia about her father. She easily tells him that he is in prison where he belongs and that Sonny holds all the power now.

Dominic and Spinelli go back to the penthouse to do some research. Spinelli explains his skills and his ability to be in the zone. Dominic questions what else he can do.

Alexis stops by GH for a pamphlet and sees Sam who is in a rush. She then sees Robin and thanks her for helping her with the Brianna Hughes murder. Alexis says Robin would make a good investigator. Alexis asks her why she was with Sam and Robin tells her that they are looking for who Ian Devlin may have been working with.

Patrick and Jason talk about where they should start, mainly with the DVDs.

Carly asks if someone told Michael someone else be involved. He says none of his memories have had to do with the shooting, but Carly tells him she can help him work things out. Jax comes in and Carly tells him Michael is having a hard time with his memories.

Jason tells Patrick he didn’t murder Ian, he had no choice because he was threatening Maxie. Patrick gets a page and has to leave. Alexis enters and she knows what he’s doing. She asks him if she can do all this investigating without Sam.

Michael, Carly and Jax discuss keeping Carly away from junk. Michael remembers Jerry talking to him and tells Carly and Jax.

The casino owner wants to know why Sonny is there with no notice. Claudia puts her drink on the bar and says it has been watered. The owner says she has insulted him and his bartender and suggests Sonny tell her to finish her drink. Sonny picks it up and spills the drink on the bar.

Spinelli tells Dominic that he can avoid government detection in his work. He then says that nothing has been found in his search, therefore guesses it has no significance and is just a prank.

We again see a loft with CO77X on the window and black and white photos. There is also a painting of the tag on the floor splattered with blood.

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