GH Update Tuesday 10/20/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/20/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky leads Elizabeth into the house to a room filled with people. He announces that they are getting married again.

At General Hospital Helena talks to Nikolas about his play for Elizabeth, while calling her Lucky’s one true love. She doesn’t think Nikolas would let anything stand in his way of getting what he wants, not even loyalty to Lucky.

At her apartment Olivia and Johnny continue kissing and go into her bedroom.

Jason and Sam find a pregnant woman lying unconscious on the floor and call the police.

In the lobby of GH Patrick is on the phone when Jax comes in looking for Dr. Lee. Patrick is short with him but then feels badly and goes to talk with him. They talk about Carly and Patrick tells him how happy he is to have settled down. They both say they are happy to be married.

Everyone offers their congratulations. Bobbi, Audrey, and Leslie are all in attendance for the party.

Nikolas tells Helena he won’t let her tell lies that will ruin lives. Helena says Lucky is so good that he never would imagine Nikolas could betray him this way. Rebecca comes in and tells Helena that she and Nikolas are happy. Helena laughs and calls her naïve.

Johnny and Olivia come out of her room and Johnny tells her he loves her. He wants her in his life, even if she doesn’t love him. He says that they can go back, and both can have their own secrets from each other. They will also have to keep their relationship a secret.

Jason is on the phone with 911 and gives them the details of the woman’s condition that he knows. He and Sam decide to bring her in themselves.

Kristina’s doing homework at home when Michael arrives, wondering why she wasn’t at school. She asks if Kiefer asked about her and says her and Kiefer have something great. Michael asks why she’s upset. She blurts out that she had sex with Kiefer.

Olivia tells Johnny that she missed him very much and wants him in her life. She also says this has to be a secret and they kiss again. There is a knock on the door and it is Dominic. Johnny answers the door thinking he is there for him, and tells him he’s going to have to be quiet about this.

Luke makes a toast saying he is happy to have Elizabeth back as a Spencer, although she has always been a member of the family. He also asks everyone to welcome Ethan as an official Spencer. Leslie tells Luke that she is sending photos to Laura, and Laura is curious to see what Ethan looks like. Bobbi says she is happy to see Luke acting like a father, surprised but happy.

Helena goes on and on about Rebecca and how disappointed she is in how Rebecca has turned out. Nikolas threatens her life if she continues. Rebecca leaves and Helena points out how Nikolas’ feelings have changed for Rebecca. Helena tells him that if he sends her to Switzerland and Valentine kills her he will regret it, because he will need her in the future.

Ethan and Lulu talk about the house they are in. Lulu tells him that Luke never spent a lot of time there but she was raised there. The house is more about Laura and her desire to raise a family. Elizabeth approaches Luke and thanks him for being there. Luke points out that Elizabeth seemed surprised by Lucky’s announcement and doesn’t think she is as sure of this decision as Lucky is.

Johnny says Dominic owes him for taking his place at the warehouse when he got shot and he’s calling in his favor now. Dominic agrees to not say anything. Olivia leaves to go to the market and tells him not to show up unannounced anymore. When she’s gone Dominic tells Johnny that Sonny and Claudia left the country and no one knows where they are.

Michael asks Kristina if Kiefer forced her and she says no, they had been planning it and went on the pill. She says it was great, but Michael questions her and asks why she’s so sad. Kristina says she is fine, but Michael feels like he has let her down by not being there for her and instead obsessing over his memories.

Jason and Sam rush into the hospital with the pregnant woman. Sam is visibly shaken and hopes the doctor’s can save the woman and the baby.

Elizabeth tells Luke that she and Lucky are going to make it this time and she loves him. Luke knows that, but also knows sometimes love isn’t enough. Luke tells her about how he used to feel trapped in this house and in his life and used to worry that Lucky would feel the same way, but now he worries that it’s Elizabeth that will feel trapped. Lucky interrupts their conversation.

Johnny tells Dominic that Sonny doesn’t tell him his travel arrangements but Dominic thinks he might have heard from Claudia. Johnny says no. Before he leaves Dominic tells Johnny that he would hate to see Ms. Falconeri caught in the cross fire of whatever has them being so secretive.

Alexis enters her house with flowers. They are for Kristina, from Kiefer.

Sitting in the waiting room, Jason takes Sam’s hand. They stand to talk to Patrick, who tells them Dr. Lee thinks the baby can be saved. Sam tells him how they found the woman looking for evidence on Ian Devlin. Jason asks Patrick if he knows anything about Ian and his dealings. When Jason turns around Sam is no longer there.

Elizabeth visits Nikolas at Wyndemere. She heard that Helena left the hospital and Nikolas tells her he sent Helena to Switzerland. She tells him that she couldn’t end her engagement partially because of the large family announcement of their engagement.

Olivia comes back and Johnny tells her that Sonny and Claudia left the country unannounced. Johnny wonders if she’s nervous Claudia will tell Sonny Olivia’s secret.

Dominic is snooping in Sonny’s desk when Jax enters. Dominic knows Jax had him reassigned and Jax tells him to make sure Sonny goes down.

Kristina wants to take a picture of her flowers. Alexis says she is a little jealous. Kristina tells her that Kiefer is really good for her, because he understands her and makes her happy. Alexis wants to talk about sex because she’s sure Kristina and Kiefer have talked about it. She tells Alexis that she will tell Kiefer she wants to wait.

Jason finds Sam looking at the newborn babies. He tells her the baby is doing fine. She is relieved that this woman won’t have to wake up in the morning and wonder where her baby went. Jason tries to comfort her. She says it’s a miracle they were there to help this woman and helped save her baby.

Elizabeth says she is going to marry Lucky and let her children grow up with a father. She’s not going to walk away from the man she’s loved most of her life for a man she can never really have. She leaves.

Olivia is worried about her secret, but is glad Claudia is out of town.

Dominic tells Jax to stay out of this, he needs to build evidence. Jax doesn’t care; he just wants Sonny in prison.

Jason and Sam continue to look at the babies. Jason tells her she would have been a great mom. She tells him she has never felt pain like losing her baby but she has made a decision to appreciate the things she has. Her life is good right now.

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