GH Update Monday 10/19/09

General Hospital Update Monday 10/19/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In an alley, Johnny asks Jason if he is still looking for the person responsible for Michael’s shooting. Jason fires back and accuses Johnny of protecting his sister. Jason is determined to bring down Claudia.

At Sonny’s home, Olivia announces that she has something to reveal about Claudia. Unbeknownst to them, Michael is listening from the patio. Sonny defends his wife and tells Olivia to back off. Olivia is irate at both Sonny and Claudia. Sonny can’t believe that Olivia is so upset. Olivia confesses that she is disappointed in Sonny’s life choices. While Olivia badmouths Claudia, Michael walks in and tells her to stop. Michael thinks that Olivia is so protective of Sonny because they were friends in Bensonhurst. Olivia apologizes for her stinging words concerning Claudia. Olivia graciously leaves before another argument begins. Sonny says that he appreciates Michael’s concern for Claudia.

In the hotel room, Dante/Dominic tells Claudia that he won’t sleep with her because of his parents. Dante explains that he was raised in a Catholic family and will only have children when he is married. Claudia is amused by Dante’s excuses. However, Claudia warns that she will tell Sonny the truth if Dante doesn’t comply with her demands. Claudia reminds Dante that he has no leverage. Dante thinks that Claudia’s plan will blow up in her face. Dante emphasizes that his mother will get back with Johnny sooner or later. Claudia appears angry by Dante’s remarks. Dante leaves the hotel room. In frustration, Claudia throws a drinking glass at the door.

Lucky visits Helena at General Hospital. Helena implies that someone close to Lucky is betraying him. Lucky doesn’t believe a word that Helena says. Ethan shows up and asks what is going on. Lucky introduces Helena to Ethan. Helena is astonished that Luke has another son. Helena asks to speak to Ethan in private. Ethan is surprised. Helena confides that she has a secret to share about Lucky. Ethan is suspicious of Helena. Lucky suggests that he and Ethan should leave right away. Ethan quickly agrees.

Nikolas and Elizabeth meet at her secluded art studio. Elizabeth is worried that Helena is going to tell everyone about their one-night stand. Elizabeth is panicking since Lucky could find out the truth. Nik is shocked that Liz would tell Lucky even if it destroys him. Elizabeth points out that she might have no other choice but to tell Lucky that she and Nikolas slept together. Nikolas thinks that Lucky will be devastated. Elizabeth believes that it is better that the truth comes out rather than get married for the wrong reasons. Elizabeth admires Lucky’s role as father to Cameron and Jake. Nikolas wants to know where Elizabeth and Lucky’s relationship is heading. Elizabeth admits that she cares deeply for Nikolas but is resolute that they can’t be together again.

At Sonny’s restaurant/office, Jason meets with Sam. They talk about information regarding Ian Devlin. Jason asks Sam to join him with checking out a lead on Devlin.

Tracy pays a visit to Helena. Helena comments that she is shocked that Luke is still married to Tracy. Luke walks in and defends Tracy. Tracy announces that Helena will be leaving the hospital. Helena refuses to leave. Helena stresses to Luke that he needs her help. Luke admits that he did some research on Valentine Cassadine. Luke says that Valentine is dead. Helena explains that Valentine is alive and well. Tracy doesn’t believe Helena’s reasoning. Helena warns that Valentine is a danger to the Spencer and Cassadine families. Tracy and Luke leave the hospital room.

Outside, Lulu runs into Dominic. Lulu bluntly asks if Dominic slept with Claudia. Dominic says no and points out that Lulu’s advice helped him with his decision. Dominic thinks that Lulu is attracted to him. Lulu laughs in response. Dominic suggests going on a date. Lulu tries changing the subject. Dominic notices some graffiti written on a brick wall. Lulu inquires about it. Dominic makes up an excuse. They enter the restaurant.

There is a knock at Claudia’s hotel room door. It is Johnny. Johnny asks what is going on. Claudia implies that she was meeting with Dominic. Johnny doesn’t want to know any of the intimate details. Claudia pours the two of them a drink. Claudia discloses that Dominic refused to sleep with her so now he will pay. Johnny is disappointed that Claudia would try to get pregnant by Dominic and then pass the baby off as Sonny’s. Johnny senses that Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting is going to come out soon. Johnny doesn’t think this is the right time for Claudia to get pregnant. Claudia wants to remain married to Sonny but thinks he needs time to warm to the idea of a baby.

Olivia goes to see Anthony in prison. Olivia is not pleased that she was summoned to see Anthony. Olivia wants to know what Anthony wants. Anthony inquires about Olivia’s feelings for Sonny and Johnny. Anthony thinks that Claudia must be furious that Johnny loves Olivia. Olivia wants to leave but Anthony blurts out that he could have her killed at any time. Anthony explains that Johnny is “infatuated” with Olivia and it is causing tension at work with Sonny. Olivia maintains that Johnny can take care of himself. Olivia says that it is unbelievable to think that Johnny could come from such a twisted family.

At the art studio, Elizabeth and Nikolas discuss their feelings for each other. Nikolas is having a hard time accepting that he can’t be with Liz. Elizabeth points out that they have always been great friends. Elizabeth believes that her attraction to Nikolas has been a distraction from their grief. Nikolas doesn’t agree and says that their feelings for each other have only magnified since Emily’s death. Nikolas kisses Elizabeth. Nikolas rushes out of the art studio.

Bernie meets with Sonny at the Corinthos home. Bernie is concerned that some of their shipments are going to be compromised. Bernie thinks that Sonny’s connection to the Zacchara organization makes him vulnerable. Sonny wants to schedule a meeting with the other mob bosses.

In a basement, Jason and Sam turn up nothing with their lead. Jason is frustrated beyond belief. Sam smiles and tells Jason to chill out. They start searching the basement again. Sam thinks she has found something. Jason uses a screwdriver to open an air vent. Jason pulls out a duffel bag filled with barabonds and money. Jason checks for the tape recording but it isn’t there. From above them, Sam and Jason hear a noise.

Johnny goes to see Anthony. Johnny is irate and inquires about Olivia’s visit. Anthony makes disrespectful comments about Olivia. Anthony apologizes for Johnny getting caught in the line of fire at the warehouse. Anthony believes that Johnny is playing with fire. Anthony implies that Olivia could end up getting hurt. Johnny makes a threat that Anthony better not come after Olivia. Anthony smiles and says that he is impressed with Johnny’s demeanor.

Nikolas shows up at the hospital. Nikolas tells Helena that she can stay in Port Charles or leave the country. Helena points out that Valentine is a danger to everyone involved. Nikolas stresses that Helena needs to stay out of his life. Helena announces that Nikolas is worried that she is going to reveal that he slept with Elizabeth.

Lucky brings Elizabeth back to his house. When Lucky turns on the lights, Elizabeth sees that a group of their closest family and friends are sitting in the living room. Everyone claps. Lucky says that he and Elizabeth have something to announce. Elizabeth looks terrified.

Sonny makes a phone call that he needs the jet ready within the hour. Claudia returns home. Sonny apologizes for backing out on having another child. Claudia admits that her priorities have changed and now she hopes to have a child in the future. Sonny asks for Claudia to join him on his trip. Sonny thinks Claudia would be a valuable asset in talking to some of the well-known mob families.

Johnny appears at Olivia’s doorstep. Johnny grabs Olivia and they passionately kiss.

Dominic returns to the scene with the graffiti on the wall. Dominic recalls a memory from his past.

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