GH Update Friday 10/16/09

General Hospital Update Friday 10/16/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

In the motel room where Sam and Jason have gone to look for Devlin’s micro tapes, an undercover officer reads them their rights. Sam tells her she has no idea how crazy this is.  The officer says she sees solicitation every day.  Sam tells her there is no sex transaction happening here.  She knows who Jason is and tells him that she caught him with his pants down.  She will probably get a raise and a promotion for being the cop who finally sticks charges on him. 

In Jax’s office, after Carly has walked in on a conversation he was having with Olivia about Sonny, Jax tells Carly that he knows it meant a lot to her that Sonny came by the hospital to see her and concedes that there was good will behind it, but he is not inclined to take Sonny at his work.  Carly protests that Sonny will keep his word.  Jax tells her that he is more cautious than she is.  He worries so that she doesn’t have to.  He tells her there could be complications if the baby is born early so he will do what he can to ensure that she is safe and healthy.  He says that Sonny may have meant what he said, but his life is stressful.  Carly says she gets that but doesn’t see what it has to do with Olivia.  Jax says he asked Olivia to use her influence to keep Sonny away from Carly until the baby is born.  Carly says that is not necessary.  Olivia says she agrees with Jax because Jax just wants to keep his kids safe.  Every parent wants that.

At Sonny’s house, he tells Dominic that Joey Limbo has no loyalty to anyone.  He is unpredictable.  He is a loose canon who can go off on anyone for no reason.  Sonny says that with Joey’s release, things can get ugly.  He tells Dominic he has concerns about his ability to step up.  Dominic tells him to give him the order and he will do what needs to be done.  Claudia says she thinks Dominic is the right man for the job and she will do whatever she can to make sure this happens.  She hands Dominic a list of contacts who have worked with Joey Limbo.  She tells him that if he mentions her name they will give him information.  Sonny tells Dominic that he expects to hear from him as soon as he finds out something useful.  Dominic leaves and Sonny asks Claudia what that was about.  She says she was trying to be helpful.  He tells her that she has hated Dominic since the beginning and now she is helping him and he doesn’t understand.  She says Dominic works for them.  She tells him that he has been trying to find a way to repay Dominic since he saved Morgan.  She knows Sonny likes Dominic and wants him to succeed.  She suggests that Sonny might see a younger version of himself when he looks at Dominic.  She says if that is what Sonny wants then it is what she wants because she is all about Sonny.

In the motel room as Jason and Sam are being handcuffed, Sam tells the undercover officer that Jason’s pit-bull of an attorney Diane Miller will have the charges dropped and have the officer’s badge yanked.  The officer tells Sam she should curb her urge to talk as she is beginning to feel threatened.  Sam tells her that she has no evidence to file charges.  The officer says Mr. Morgan made it clear that he preferred Sam’s services over hers.  Sam says of course, she is a sleazed out hooker and Sam is his friend. One of the uniformed officers says he has heard the girlfriend line before.  The undercover officer asks why they didn’t do the deed at home, if they are lovers.  Sam tells her that is none of her business; two consenting adults can have sex wherever they want.  She tells the undercover officer that this bust isn’t going to do her any good.  The undercover officer tells the uniformed officers to transport Sam and Jason to the PCPD. 

In Helena Cassadine’s hospital room, she tells Elizabeth that she is prim and proper on the surface.  She asks who would suspect the hellcat underneath.  She says she underestimated Elizabeth.  Elizabeth ignores Helena’s comments and asks if she has any pain.  Helena says that insipid Emily-clone only has herself to blame for Nikolas’s wandering eye.  She says Rebecca played Nikolas from the start but did not anticipate Elizabeth waiting in the wings to console Nikolas with sex.  Elizabeth says it is good to see that a mysterious life-threatening illness has not mellowed Helena.  She tells Helena she can think and say what she wants, but no one will believe her insane ranting.  Helena tells her that they both know she is telling the truth.  She tells Elizabeth that she reminds her of Laura, a craven manipulator posing as a paragon of virtue leaving emotional destruction in her path.  Laura pitted Helena’s sons Stefan and Stavros against each other just as Elizabeth is doing with Nikolas and Lucky, the poor fool with eyes shimmering with trust.  She asks Elizabeth if she can imagine Lucky’s devastation when he has been doubly betrayed by his true love sleeping with his brother. She says it might be enough to send him reeling back into addiction hell.  Elizabeth tells Helena to shut her mouth or she will shut it for her. Luke says from behind Elizabeth that he got there just in time.  Helena invites Luke to come in and join them.  She says he will find their conversation fascinating and illuminating.  Luke asks Elizabeth if Lucrezia Borgia is spitting up poison at her.  Elizabeth says she is fine.  Helena tells Luke that she and Elizabeth were just discussing the illusion of morality.  Luke tells Helena that it is not wise to piss off the medical personnel. Helena says she and Elizabeth spar as a means of communication.  Luke tells her to leave Elizabeth alone and spar with him.  She tells him he is gallant and protective but may not be so quick to just to Elizabeth’s defense if he knew what she knows.

In the hospital corridor, Nikolas thanks Rebecca for her concern but tells her he will not drag her into any Cassadine wars.  She tells him that she is just saying she will stand by him no matter what, even against scary Cassadines who eat women like her for lunch.  Lucky enters and tells Rebecca that he hopes she had better luck convincing Nikolas to send Helena back to Greece where she belongs.  Rebecca says it is Nikolas’ call.  Nikolas says he needs her here do he can get information on his long lost uncle.  Lucky tells him he can’t trust anything Helena says; she is just looking for a way back in and he is holding the door open for her.  Nikolas protests that Helena is his only source of information.  Lucky recommends that Nikolas find someone else because if he lets her back in, he will unleash hell on all of them. 

At the police station as Jason is being fingerprinted, Mac marvels at how the invisible hit man publicly makes a cash transaction for sex.  Sam asks Mac to stop this because they weren’t soliciting.  The idea that Jason would have to pay her is stupid.  The undercover officer says she saw cash exchanged.  Sam says the money was to rent a room.  Mac says at the Blue Palms Motel.  Sam tells him not to judge.  He addresses Jason who says he has nothing to say without his attorney.  Mac tells the arresting officer they will write up the booking slip and sort it out later.  Mac and the officers leave Sam and Jason alone in the interview room.

Johnny goes to Olivia’s office and she tells him she can’t go another round with him.  He tells her she is not that good of a liar but she can stop that.  He talked to Claudia and she all but admitted that she forced Olivia to break up with him.  Olivia says nobody forces her to do anything.  Johnny says he has already started to fix it.  He says he is acting with his head instead of his heart.  Arguing with Claudia is playing her game on her home field.  He says they have to hit her in her one vulnerable spot, which is her love for him.   He says he told Claudia what she wanted to hear.  He told his sister that he loves her enough that he is giving up on Olivia and won’t fight for her any more.  Olivia asks what that will accomplish.  Johnny says it will make her back off.  He tells her that if they had kept their relationship secret, Claudia would not have had a reason to threaten Olivia in the first place.  He tells her that this is Plan A and Plan B is the information he has on Claudia that she does not want leaked.  He says he will not hesitate to use the information that will blow Claudia’s cushy life with Sonny to pieces.  He tells Olivia that she does not need to be afraid anymore but she also needs to be truthful so he can fully protect her.  He asks her what Claudia is holding over her head.

Jason is in the interview room at the police station when Spinelli and Maxie come in and berate him for betraying Sam and for taking advantage of some poor woman who was probably forced into prostitution because of personal or financial hardship.  Sam enters and says she is glad to see Spinelli and Maxie.  She asks them if they have posted bail.  They ask if she was arrested too.  She says yes, and she can’t believe Mac took it this far.  Spinelli apologizes to Jason to jumping to an erroneous conclusion.  Maxie is delighted that Jason and Sam were role-playing.

Alexis meets Diane at the Metro Court bar.  Diane tells her the case in Philadelphia is taking all of her time and the paperwork in her office in Port Charles is piling up.  Alexis asks if anyone else will be joining them.  Diane tells her no and says they have so much to catch up on as it has been weeks.  She wants to know how Alexis id recovering from that horrible event at the carnival. Alexis tells her that Max is fine.  Diane pretends she doesn’t know what Alexis is talking about.  Alexis tells her she knows Max is the person she is waiting for and the reason she asked Alexis to meet her here instead of at the office.  Diane says if Max happens to come in alone or with the ADA with the bad shoes, she will have the opportunity to ignore him, as he deserves. She then relents and admits that she wants to know if Max has fully recovered from the car accident because when Milo called her, he left the message that there was a chance of spinal damage. She says Max has always been so strong and flexible.  She then reverts to her nonchalant demeanor and says she doesn’t wish ill upon Max but she doesn’t care what he does or with whom.  Alexis tells Diane that she has seen Max at Sonny’s house several times since she and sonny have started co-parenting Kristina.  Diane asks how Kristina is.  Alexis tells her some days are better than others, but says Diane doesn’t want to know about Kristina, she wants to know about Max. Alexis says Max is fine emotionally, but he is a little somber.  She asks Diane what she did to Max. Diane says she and Max were having a lovely celebratory encounter and them Max fabricated a fight and used it as an excuse to run off to the carnival where he apparently saved Louise Addison’s life and Diane hasn’t heard from him since then.  Diane says Louise is younger and prettier.  She doesn’t dress as well but she makes him feel like a hero.  Diane tells Alexis they should face it.  Max dumped her. 

In Helena’s hospital room, Elizabeth tells Luke there has been no change in Helena’s vitals.  He tells her that he is sure she has other patients to take care of and he has things to discuss with Helena. When Elizabeth doesn’t leave immediately, Helena asks her if she is afraid of what Helena might reveal to Luke.  Elizabeth tells her that she can say nothing that will hurt her.  Helena asks Luke if he can see that Elizabeth’s halo is a little crooked and tarnished.  Luke tells Helena to stop it and he tells Elizabeth she can go.  After Elizabeth has left the room, Luke tells Helena that he is beginning to think that saving her life was a mistake.  She asks him if he would kill her for telling the truth about that mealy-mouthed little betrayer.  She tells him that Elizabeth is far from the angel she claims to be. She tells him he may not be interested in what Elizabeth has done but Lucky will be.

Dominic enters Pozzulo’s restaurant, sees Lulu sitting alone at a table, and asks her if she is meeting someone.  She sarcastically notes his powers of observation and asks if he is sure that he is not a detective.  He chuckles and says maybe in another life.  She tells him the table is for him.  He sits down across from her and says she is stalking him now; he likes it.  She tells him not to get too excited.  This is morbid curiosity instead of fatal attraction.  He asks what she would like to know.  She asks what he decided to do about his situation.  He looks at her blankly and then concludes she means Claudia.  He tells her he decided he was making too big a deal out of it.  Lulu asks him if he thinks Claudia wants him to knock her up so she can pass the baby off as Sonny’s.  He says he knows it.  Lulu is surprised by his nonchalance.  He tells her it isn’t as if he will have to pay child support and Claudia is guaranteed to be discrete as Sonny is just as likely to kill her as to kill him if he finds out he has been betrayed.  He asks Lulu why he shouldn’t get into a devil’s bargain with Claudia; she would owe him forever.  Lulu tells him he can’t be serious.  He takes her hand and tells her he likes how she is concerned about him. She smiles and takes her hand back.  He tells her he has thought about the Claudia thing and there is only one reason he wouldn’t go through with it.

In Olivia’s office, Johnny says he is asking her to trust him.  She says it isn’t that simple.  He tells her she trusts him or she doesn’t. She asks him to stop pressing her.  He tells her it isn’t fair that he should give up his one chance at happiness because of his twisted, jealous, possessive sister.  She tells him it isn’t fair.  He asks her to let him fix it.  He kisses her.  Claudia comes to Olivia’s door, sees them kissing, and turns around.  Johnny tells Olivia she has to trust him.  Olivia tells him she can’t do this.  Johnny asks her not to push him away.  She tells him to meet her at her place tonight and maybe they can work something out, but she can’t make any promises.  He agrees and leaves Olivia’s office.  After he has gone, Claudia emerges from hiding and goes into Olivia’s office.  She tells Olivia she hopes she enjoyed stepping over that line because she is going to pay for it.

In the interview room at the police station, Maxie tells Sam and Jason that she is impressed.  Sam tells her they were not role-playing.  She says they went to search Devlin’s room at the motel.  Maxie tells them that role-playing is in right now.  Jason asks her to stop talking and bail him out or find Diane.

Johnny arrives at Sonny’s house after Sonny has called him there.  Sonny informs him that Joey Limbo has been paroled.  He asks if Johnny knew about it.  Johnny says this is the first he has heard about it.  Sonny tells him that it is too soon to know if Joey will act on Anthony’s behalf, but they do know that there will be trouble. He tells Johnny he needs to know where he stands.  Johnny tells him nothing has changed since the last time he asked; his loyalty is with Sonny.  He tells Sonny that Joey was in the clink with Anthony so they should not be surprised if Joey’s parole has anything to do with Anthony.  Sonny tells Johnny that he has Dominic looking in on it.  He confides to Johnny that he questions Dominic’s ability to step up.  He says he would normally have Jason on this assignment, but he can’t find Jason so he is relying on Johnny.  Johnny asks Sonny what he needs him to do.  Sonny tells Johnny to keep an eye on Dominic and if he sees that Dominic cannot follow through, Johnny is to step up and do it. Johnny says no problem.  Sonny tells Johnny that when he sees Jason to tell him to stop whatever he is doing and get on this Joey thing, pronto.  Johnny leaves. 

At Pozollo’s, Lulu asks Dominic if he could really father a child with a dangerous psycho like Claudia and just let it roll off his back.  Dominic reminds her that he grew up without a father.  He said it was just a fact of his life like having dark hair.  He didn’t dwell on it or complain about the things he missed out on.  He tells her he had a good childhood with a great family and good people like Mr. Polleti around him.  He tells her his plan was to have a nice wife and a couple of planned, wanted, loved kids. He tells her he doesn’t want to mark up his dream to father a kid whose sole purpose in life is to be a pawn.  Lulu is happy to hear that. 

Claudia closes Olivia’s office door.  Olivia tells her to give it a rest and stop trying to control her brothers’ life; he isn’t going to thank her for it.  Claudia tells Olivia that Johnny knows she has his best interest at heart.  Olivia tells her she is not being altruistic; she is obsessed with Johnny.  Claudia says she loves her brother like her brother loves her.  Olivia tells her that Johnny loves her like a normal person loves a sibling and what Claudia feels is something else.  Claudia tells her not to dare.  Olivia asks her if hearing it said aloud creeps her out too.  Olivia tells Claudia that her brother has needs that his sister can’t fulfill.  She says the sooner she gets that through her head and lets her brother have a normal love life, the better off they both will be.  Claudia says Olivia is gross.  She tells her to stop talking about her about her and her brother.  Olivia tells Claudia that the jilted lover routine just makes her look insane.  She needs to accept that she and Johnny might have something real or something that means a lot to him, or else she will lose her brother forever.  Claudia asks Olivia if she honestly thinks she is going to let her take away the only family she has.  Olivia tells her she is not taking anything.  She tells Claudia to listen to herself.  Claudia tells Olivia that she wasn’t going to tell her this until after the fact, but since she is insulting her and threatening to turn her brother against her, she will tell her now so she can choke on it a little longer.  She says she will be sleeping with Olivia’s son tonight and will continue until he gets her pregnant and there is nothing Olivia can do about it.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Rebecca if she has seen Nikolas.  Rebecca says she saw him earlier and apparently, there is some tension between him about Helena.  Elizabeth says Nikolas should listen to Lucky.  Helena is evil and he should never have brought her here.  Rebecca says Nikolas is in a difficult situation and Elizabeth of all people should understand that.  No matter how awful she is, Helena is still his grandmother.  She is sick and apparently terrified of this mysterious relative.  Elizabeth tells Rebecca she doesn’t know what she is talking about; she has no idea what kind of damage Helena can inflict and she’s better pray she never finds out. 

In Helena’s room, Luke assures her that the only reason she is alive is that she can provide information about Valentin.  She tells him that his lack of concern amazes her.  It makes her that much more impressed with Elizabeth’s mastery of duplicity.  She says it is only Lucky’s welfare that they are talking about and he is the dispensable son.  Luke squeezes her IV bag and she yelps in pain.  Nikolas enters and asks Luke if he got anything useful out of Helena.  Luke says he is done there and tells Nikolas to work her over for a while and if he doesn’t get anything useful out of her to ship her back to Greece.  He says she was already well on her way to deaths door; maybe they should have left her to her fate.  Luke leaves.  Helena thanks Nikolas for saving her life and for proving that he is a Cassadine through and through.  He tells her that at best, she is a temporary, necessary evil and if he finds out that if this is a set up… his phone rings and he says he has to go.  Helena asks if it is a summons from Elizabeth.  He doesn’t respond and walks out of her room.

At the Metro Court bar, Diane tells Alexis that she thanks God for the Philadelphia case because not only will her cut of the settlement be sizable but it takes her mind off what a shallow disappointment Max turned out to be.  Alexis asks her why she doesn’t call Max.  Diane says she doesn’t grovel and she has already spent enough time wallowing in regret over what was apparently just a trivial affair. Diane changes the subject and asks hoe Alexis likes pro bono work.  Alexis says she enjoys working with people who are actually innocent.  Diane asks Alexis how she would feel about working with clients who are actually guilty but would pay well for her services.  Diane invites Alexis to join her firm.  Alexis says no.  Diane asks her to come on board as “of counsel” until they figure out if their styles are compatible.  She says Alexis will have her own office and support staff and Diane will have someone she trusts keeping the firm afloat while she is in Philadelphia.  Alexis tells her it is a generous offer, but she likes what she is doing now and she doesn’t think that she is the best choice considering Diane’s client list. Diane concludes that Alexis doesn’t want to defend Sonny.  Alexis confirms that she does not; she has done that already and lived to tell about it.  She says she gained a beautiful daughter from it but it turns out that she doesn’t enjoy organized crime.  She assures Diane that she is not judging her because everyone deserves a vigorous defense and Diane provides that, but Alexis has to say no.  Diane asks her to consider it a cry for help.  She is Philadelphia all the time but her clients here still need to be attended to.  She tells her that if something major comes up that she doesn’t want to touch she can refer it to Chris O’Shea until Diane comes back.  She tells Alexis that she would be invaluable for say to day operations, contracts, handholding, and occasionally posting bail.  Alexis explains that she and Sonny have a good co-parenting relationship right now and that working with him professionally would be a disaster.  She says that even though she would start out with good intentions she would eventually start ignoring Sonny’s guilt, rationalizing his intent and ultimately helping him to commit murder.  Diane reminds her that she just said she would be the one helping him to commit murder.  Alexis tells her that Sonny is her daughter’s father and she doesn’t want to have to focus on what a big fat crook he is every day.  She says her answer is no and tells Diane not to ask her again.

Jason and Sam return to the motel room where they were arrested earlier so they can continue their search for the micro tape.  Sam tells him she feels like she has to apologize for Maxie.  She says she doesn’t always think before she speaks.  Jason says Maxie never thinks and she just keeps riding him and he has to ignore her. Jason finds piece of paper in the circuit breaker box.  It is a page from Devlin’s prescription pad with a handwritten address on it.  Sam says they may have gotten a break.

In Olivia’s office, she tells Claudia there is no way in hell she is sleeping with Dante.  Claudia tells her she doesn’t have a say in it.  Olivia tells her she will give her up to Sonny so fast her head will spin.  Claudia tells her she should rethink that unless she wants Sonny to find out Dante is his son and that she has been lying to both of them since the day he was born.  She tells her that if she is willing to take that chance she can knock herself out but the deed will be done before the words to come out of her mouth.  She says if Sonny asks her why she cheated on him, she will tell him the truth.  He wouldn’t give her a baby so she is having one with his kid.  Olivia tells her she will never let that happen.  Claudia tells her to try to stop her and she will burn her own house down.  As Claudia leaves Olivia’s office, she taunts her by calling her grandma.

Nikolas meets Elizabeth in an art studio and asks her why she wanted him to meet her here.  She says it was the only place she could think of where no one would see them.  She tells him Helena knows everything; she accused Elizabeth of sleeping with Nikolas.  Nikolas says Helena couldn’t possibly know that.  Elizabeth says she does and she is going to tell Lucky. 

Lucky comes to Helena’s hospital room and says the nurse told him she wanted to see him.  She tells him she was hoping they could converse in a more civilized manner than they have been.  He tells her he is not going to stop until he convinces Nikolas to send her packing. She tells him that the faith he puts in his brother and all of the people he loves is quite touching.  She asks him how it felt to know that all that precious trust had been betrayed.

As Jason and walk away from the motel, he hands her the paper he found and tells her to get to work with Spinelli on tracing the address.  He says it may lead t to the location of the tapes.  Sam says it would be good if they find any evidence.  Johnny comes up and tells Jason he needs to talk to him.  Sam tells Jason she is on it and leaves.  Johnny tells Jason that Joey Limbo got paroled and Sonny is predicting danger. He tells him that Sonny wants him to backburner whatever he is doing now and focus on heading Joey off.

Dominic knocks on Claudia’s hotel suite door and she tells him that she is glad he is on time.  She tells him this doesn’t need to be unpleasant. He tells her that he just came to tell her face to face that he would not be sleeping with her.  He wishes her luck with having a kid and passing it off as Sonny’s but tells her that it will not be his kid.  She asks him if he is forgetting what is at stake.  She says if he doesn’t start working on getting her pregnant then Sonny will find out who he really is.  Dominic tells her he guesses he can’t stop her.  She concludes that he would rather risk his life than sleep with her.  She says she will try not to be offended.  She asks him if she is willing to risk her mother’s life as well.  She asks what he thinks Sonny will do to her when he finds out she has been lying to him this whole time about something so important. 

Olivia storms into Sonny’s house and tells him she can’t keep doing this.  He asks what the hell he did now.  She tells him his wife is out of control and she is going to put a stop to it before Claudia does some permanent damage.  Sonny asks her what Claudia did.  Olivia says it isn’t what she has done, it is what she is about to do.  Olivia tells him that she realizes now that keeping her mouth shut has just made her complicit in this whole thing and it gives Claudia all the power.  She can’t do it anymore.  She has to come clean and tell Sonny the truth about Claudia and about her.  Michael hears her as he approaches Sonny’s house so he stops to listen. 

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