GH Update Wednesday 10/14/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/14/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis tells Sam that she wants her daughters to come to her for advice not Sam, and Sam takes that as Alexis seeing her as a bad influence. Alexis says she is concerned what the girls are learning from Sam.

Kiefer takes Kristina into a hotel room. He promises not to get mad and that he will make her first time really good. He kisses her.

Claudia tells Jason she isn’t worried about Devlin, but Jason thinks that she is afraid of the truth coming out.

Carly asks Dr. Lee what the baby’s chances of survival are if she is born tonight.

Claudia tells Jason she feels sorry for him because he’s fighting a fictitious enemy, but Jason thinks she’s right there. Claudia says there is no going back to change what happened and Jason should just be happy he’s okay. She says he’s doing all of this to assuage his own guilt.

Dr. Lee tells Carly to think positively. When Dr. Lee leaves Carly talks to her baby. Coleman and Johnny encourage Carly and say she’s doing great.

Sam wants to be a part of her sister’s lives. Alexis thinks that’s good to a point but they are impressionable. Sam tells Alexis that she micromanages every aspect of their lives and know that Alexis expects perfection. Maybe when they are with Sam they can admit to insecurity and fear.

Claudia tells Jason that Michael wants to move forward, but Jason won’t let him. Jason just tells her he is going to listen to Devlin’s recordings and if he hears her voice he’ll be back.

Sam says she tries to learn from her mistakes and pass those lessons along to her sisters and help them. Alexis says she is scared because Kristina only wants to talk to Sam, but she doesn’t want Kristina to make the choices Sam has made. Sam asks what is wrong with her. Alexis says nothing is wrong but the road she took was not ideal. She doesn’t want them to emulate her own decisions either and gives Sam back her key before leaving.

Kiefer and Kristina talk and she says she wants to be close to him but it’s a big deal. She takes out the condoms and gives them to him. She asks if they should wait for the birth control pills to kick in. He says no and kisses her. She pulls away and says she doesn’t even know how to have sex. He says he will teach her.

Kristina and Kiefer lay in bed after having sex. He tells her how happy he is that he is her first. His cell phone bings and he says it’s his reminder that he has to go. He tells her they also have to make sure no one see them when they leave so their parents don’t know they “hooked up.” He gets up and Kristina turns over looking upset.

Jax asks Carly about her contractions and Carly says she is very scared. Jax tries to reassure her. Coleman and Johnny come back in with ice chips and a story book. Johnny and Coleman leave, even though Johnny offers to stay as their “muscle.”

At her house Olivia serves Dante dinner. She says she knows he’s upset about being taken off the case but someone else will take Sonny down. Dante tells her Sonny isn’t how he thought he’d be. He’s like a regular guy who loves his kids and he can’t figure out why he’s with Claudia. They talk about Claudia and what she’s capable of. Olivia senses that Dante is still involved in the case and isn’t happy.

Jax and Carly are happy that the baby has a strong heart beat and the contractions have stopped. Carly apologizes for being such a pain and wants her baby girl to be okay.

Michael finds Kristina on the docks crying and asks if Kiefer did something. She says she’s not hurt but she’s scared because she’s not perfect like her mom thinks and her mom will find out and disconnect from her like she does with Sam. Michael says Sam is an adult and can do what she wants. Kristina tells Michael he can’t understand because Carly lets him breathe. Kristina asks for his support.

Jason visits Sam and he asks if she was crying. She says no but he wants to know. She changes the subject and asks about Claudia. He tells her what happened with Claudia and then asks her what’s wrong. She says family and then sadly tells him that her mother hates her and that hurts her.

Claudia is on the phone with a hotel trying to get information about Ian Devlin when Johnny comes in. He says he’s there to see her and she says she’s not in the mood to hear how much he hates her. He tells her about Carly going into labor and he saw firsthand what it’s like to feel as though you will lose a child. It makes him see what Claudia went through, and while he’s still mad at her he could never hate her. She tears up and hugs him.

Olivia demands to know if Dante is going after Sonny alone, but he says no. She says she hopes that’s true because Claudia knows he’s her son. He says Claudia doesn’t know he’s a cop though. He talks about Mr. Pulletti and how he knows Sonny was responsible. He thinks of all the boys that grow up without role models and women who become widows. Olivia begs him to forget about Sonny and leave town. He tells her he loves her and leaves.

Kristina tries to sneak into her house but wakes Alexis up in the process. Alexis calls her over to talk and asks about her school project. Alexis tells her about Molly walking in on Sam and Jason and that Molly must be really confused. Alexis takes this opportunity to remind Kristina that Sam has had a very different life and is much older so Kristina should come to Alexis for advice.

Sam tells Jason that she can see Alexis’ point of view. Her career choices, relationship choices, and low self-esteem make her see why Alexis has concerns. Jason says Sam is good for her sister’s and she is so glad to hear him say that.

Lulu runs into Dominic on the docks. He tells her about Claudia coming on to him, which Lulu thinks if gross. He says that’s not even the worst of it.

Sam says it’s ironic that Alexis sleep with Jerry and then lectures her about Jason. Jason says he can see Alexis’ point. Sam says that Jason has a good heart and kisses him. They kiss and she breaks away to go calling around her house to make sure no one is there. Jason grabs her and pulls her onto the couch.

Carly and Jax are hopeful that the baby is doing better but Dr. Lee wants to keep her overnight just in case. She also says that Carly and the baby aren’t home free and premature labor could start again at any time.

Claudia is very happy that Johnny has come around. He says he is too but he’s still not okay with what she did to Olivia. Claudia continues to deny it but does say that if she did do something Olivia was able to tell Claudia to go to hell. Johnny doesn’t know why Claudia would do anything because he loves Olivia. But Claudia says he is just infatuated, because Claudia and Johnny love each other and that’s the way it’s always going to be.

Lulu asks if he’s really considering sleeping with Claudia. Dominic then says that Claudia wants to get pregnant but Sonny doesn’t want to and he can’t get away now. Lulu understands that he wants Sonny to avenge Mr. Poletti’s death but if he does this there is no coming back, ever.

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