GH Update Tuesday 10/13/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/13/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At Sam’s Molly tells Sam and Jason that she is conducting an experiment in her hot tub and then tries to excuse herself.

Michael yells at Sonny when he tries to help.

Dominic wants to know why Claudia wants him and she says he reminds her of Sonny.

Johnny sits with Carly as she has contractions. She says it’s too soon for the baby, she still has six weeks. Carly starts yelling for help and Coleman comes out with a gun pointed at Johnny. He says she’s in labor and there’s no chance of getting her to the hospital on time. Coleman says Jax, Jason, and Sonny will kill them if anything happens to Carly or the baby.

Olivia meets Jax on the pier and tells him that Dante has been pulled off the case. She says he’s upset but he will come to accept it.

Dominic asks how he reminds her of Sonny and how that matters. She says she likes that he’s a challenge and she controls him because she can out him as Olivia’s son.

Sonny tells Michael he needs to work on controlling his outbursts but Michael thinks Sonny is treating him like everyone else and storms out.

Sam tells Molly that she can’t use the hot tub unsupervised and the key she gave her is for emergencies only. Sam also says Molly shouldn’t intrude on people’s personal time. Molly apologizes for interrupting Sam and Jason’s passionate love. Sam immediately says that has nothing to do with her and Jason and Molly is too young to understand. Molly asks why they pretend like they aren’t even dating.

Ethan and Luke walk onto a very crowded Haunted Star. The man at the card table, Link, reminds them of Luke and the man behind the bar, Evan, reminds them of Ethan. Tracey says they have been replaced.

Jason tries to explain that Sam and he don’t discuss their relationship, but Molly says in books people discuss their love all the time. Molly says they don’t even kiss unless no one else is around and Sam says that’s a part of their privacy. Molly says this is because of Jason and how he broke her heart before. Molly was worried about them seeing each other again and maybe Sam is worried too. Sam interrupts and says this isn’t any of Molly’s business and she and Jason are off limits. Molly says she just wants Sam to be happy, and then tells Jason she like him and knows he has feelings for Sam. Molly says they are afraid if they get too involved something will go wrong and they will lose each other again.

Kristina talks to Kiefer on the phone about birth control and Alexis overhears some of it.

Dominic wants to work out a compromise but Claudia isn’t interested. Claudia says she will get a room at the Cosmopolitan for tomorrow night.

Coleman is on the phone with 911, Carly talks to them also. They both urge the ambulance to come quickly. Coleman says he will drive her to the hospital and he and Johnny help her up to take her to the car.

Sam comes back into her apartment after taking Molly home. Jason is looking at a map and starts talking about the Devlin case. Sam interrupts and says they have to talk. Sam says maybe Molly is right and they need to figure out where they stand.

Kristina tells Alexis that she is doing a project with Chelsea on women’s reproductive rights and got a lot of information from the clinic. Kristina leaves and Alexis asks Molly where she was. Molly tells her that she was doing her experiment but needs to do it again because she was disrupted by Sam and Jason having sex.

Olivia tells her this situation is over, but Jax says that’s not true because Claudia won’t stop here. Olivia thinks Claudia has gotten what she wants, Olivia away from Johnny. Jax doesn’t agree and also thinks Dante won’t stop now that he’s so close.

Carly, Coleman, and Johnny arrive at General Hospital and Epiphany calls for Dr. Lee.

Jason asks where Sam wants to start their talk. Jason starts to talk and then Sam stops him and says they should work instead. Jason accepts this and they start talking about Claudia and how they need her to make a mistake. Jason then stops and says that he wants to talk. Sam says he never wants to talk and things are going well. She likes being with him and she’s afraid if they talk they will mess everything up.

Claudia asks Sonny how things went with Michael. He says he understands the pressure he’s under but Michael won’t listen. Sonny wants to help but doesn’t know how.

Olivia says Jax wants Sonny to go down for personal reasons. He would do anything to protect his kids and she feels the same way. Jax thinks what Dante wants counts for something. Olivia knows if Dante stays she will have to tell them the truth, but for now she is sure Dante will leave now that he is off the case. She leaves and Jax makes a call to a senator.

Dr. Lee says there are no signs of fetal distress and Johnny helps her with her breathing. Dr. Lee says the medicine to stop the labor isn’t working, but Carly wants more.

Tracey thanks Link and Evan while Ethan and Luke look on. Ethan says the drink he was served is horrible. Luke tries to tell Tracey that he is innocent. Tracey says Link is better than Luke in every way. Ethan tells Tracey that Luke was held prisoner, but Tracey doesn’t care she still has a business to run. Luke grabs Tracey and kisses her.

Jason wants to tell Sam that he didn’t realize how much he missed her but it all just came back. It’s simple to be with her and it feels right. He is grateful. She says she is happy and a little scared. There is a knock at the door and it’s Alexis, who would like a moment alone with Sam.

Claudia calls for a hotel reservation and Michael enters the house. He is here to apologize to Sonny for earlier. Claudia tries to help Michael and Sonny by showing Michael Sonny’s side and being there for Michael. Michael knows Sonny feels guilty.

Sonny goes to see Dominic and Dominic tells him he’s leaving, and Sonny says it’s just as well given the situation with Claudia.

Alexis tells Sam what Molly told her and Sam says her and Jason were fully clothed. Alexis says Sam’s choices haven’t been great, taking Kristina to the mall on a stake-out and giving Molly a key. Sam just apologizes. Alexis says that the girls look up to her and think she’s everything and she’s having sex with a mobster so Alexis wants to set some limits.

Kristina and Kiefer kiss outside. She says she can’t have sex for a while because she needs to be on the pill for a month. Kiefer says he got a room for tonight and they can use condoms. Kristina says she has done a lot of reading and doesn’t like the odds of just condoms. Kiefer says she’s just making excuses and promises he will take care of her.

Claudia suggests showing Sonny he doesn’t blame him by moving on and not focusing on whether he does r does not remember. Michael thinks Claudia understands him. Jason walks in and asks to speak with Michael privately. Jason tells her he doesn’t want her talking to Michael. He then tells her that Ian Devlin kept recordings with her about the night Michael got shot.

Sonny tells Dominic that if he ever rises in the ranks of an organization he shouldn’t ever get married or have kids, because it’s not good for them. He says that’s why he doesn’t want to have a baby with Claudia. Dominic looks surprised to hear Claudia is trying to have a baby.

Jax arrives at the hospital and wants to know what’s going on and why Johnny and Coleman are there. Carly feels so bad that the French fries hurt the baby. Dr. Lee comes in and says they need to discuss a c-section since the baby may be born tonight.

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