GH Update Monday 10/12/09

General Hospital Update Monday 10/12/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Louise Addison return to the Drake house to find the living room decorated and Robin wearing a bold outfit and donning a blonde wig. Patrick is in shock to see his wife this way. Robin makes a comment that Maxie is in big trouble. Changing the subject, Patrick explains that he and Louise wanted to surprise Robin with dinner after karaoke. Robin maintains that Maxie asked her to wear the outfit. Louise heads for the front door but trips on the way. Louise sprains her wrist in the process. Louise applies a cold pack to her wrist. Robin apologizes for her odd behavior.

As Jason hides nearby, Lucky catches Sam in the PCPD’s evidence room. Sam makes up a story that she is checking out evidence from a case she is working on. Lucky points out that Sam is breaking and entering. Sam says that Lucky shouldn’t feel obligated to cover for her due to their past relationship. Lucky admits that Sam helped him through a tough time in his life. Sam agrees that Lucky did the same for her. After a period of awkwardness, Lucky says that he’ll keep quiet about seeing Sam in the evidence room. Lucky leaves. Jason appears from the shadows.

In private, Ronnie announces to Dominic that he is off the Corinthos case. Dominic maintains that he will take Sonny down no matter what.

While talking to Carly, Sonny runs into Claudia at the Metro Court. Sonny asks why Claudia has a room key. Claudia lies and says the room is for Johnny. Sonny is confused since Johnny has his own room above the auto shop. Sonny asks for Carly’s advice. Sonny explains the situation about Johnny’s hotel room. Sonny can’t believe that Claudia wants to get Johnny a room when her brother doesn’t want anything to do with her. Sonny and Claudia playfully argue back and forth about the issue. Finally, Sonny backs down and tells Claudia that he’ll support her decision.

Johnny finds Olivia crying outside of Jake’s. Johnny wants to talk things out but Olivia wants him to go away. Johnny is resolute that he and Olivia are meant to be. Johnny doesn’t buy Olivia’s story that she loves Sonny. Olivia is upset and continues to cry. Johnny argues that he will never give up on Olivia. Olivia swears that she wants the best for Johnny but it isn’t her. Johnny won’t leave. Johnny thinks that their relationship is strong enough to survive. Olivia emphasizes that she still carries a torch for Sonny. Johnny knows that Olivia is lying and asks her to be honest. Johnny believes that Claudia made Olivia break up with him. Olivia is adamant that Johnny needs to let go. Olivia walks away in frustration. Johnny has tears running down his face.

While eating dinner at the Drake home, Robin asks if karaoke night went well at Jake’s. Robin teases that Patrick used to avoid intimacy at one time. Patrick affirms that he is perfectly content with married life. Louise feels it is her cue to leave. Robin offers to bring Louise home.

Outside of Jake’s, Johnny witnesses Carly eating junk food. Johnny comments that Carly should be watching what she eats. Carly maintains that she is tired of tofu and only eats sweets occasionally. Carly asks why Johnny is holding a tequila bottle. Carly senses that Johnny is upset about his break-up with Olivia. Johnny says that Olivia is lying about her feelings for Sonny.

Lulu runs into Dominic on the docks. Dominic says that he has missed spending time with Lulu. Lulu senses that Dominic is preoccupied so she playfully asks what happened to all his best pick-up lines. Dominic brings up a childhood memory. Dominic says that he was close to Mr. Peletti, his friend’s father. Dominic explains how the man was a father figure to him growing up. Dominic remembers feeling sad when the man suddenly died. Dominic discloses that he was killed by a mobster. Lulu quietly listens. Lulu thinks that Dominic is in the mob so he can avenge the man’s death. Lulu suggests that Sonny can help Dominic find out who was responsible for Mr. Peletti’s murder. However, Lulu questions if Mr. Peletti would want Dominic to seek vengeance.

Claudia returns home to find Sonny in the living room. Claudia reminds Sonny that it will be a few weeks before she finds out if she is pregnant. Sonny is worried about Michael. Sonny brings up Michael’s memories from being in a coma. Michael interrupts the conversation. Michael isn’t happy that he is being talked about. Claudia decides to leave the room. Sonny brings up Kiefer. Sonny says he understands why Michael doesn’t like Kristina’s boyfriend. Sonny wants to talk to Michael about his sudden outbursts. Michael doesn’t think Sonny can help him. Sonny tries to understand what keeps setting Michael off. Sonny insists that Michael’s loved ones are frustrated about how to help him. Michael is shocked that Sonny empathizes with his feelings. Michael is concerned that his fits of rages are getting worse and more memories are coming to light.

Robin returns home to find Patrick asleep on the living room couch. Robin covers Patrick with a blanket. Robin stops to admire a photo from their wedding day. Suddenly, Patrick puts his arms around Robin. Patrick says he is happy that Robin is home. They kiss.

Sam is surprised to find that Jason is waiting at her apartment. Jason apologizes for making Sam feel uncomfortable around Lucky. Sam asks if Jason is okay with Lucky being with Elizabeth. Jason implies that he looks forward to a relationship with Sam. Changing the subject, Jason admits he is confused as to what happened to Ian Devlin’s tape recording. Sam suggests that Devlin might have hidden the tape prior to his death. Sam and Jason discuss where Devlin would hide the recording. Jason says he will ask Spinelli to look into Devlin’s bank accounts. Sam thinks that Jason is acting too serious and asks him to smile. Sam and Jason kiss on the couch. Molly interrupts.

Dominic returns to the Corinthos home. Dominic tells Claudia that no one can find out that they met at the Metro Court. Claudia implies that they need to meet again. Dominic doesn’t want to get in the middle of Claudia and Sonny’s marital problems.

Michael and Sonny continue to talk about the outbursts. Michael suddenly remembers a memory of Claudia’s confession. Sonny realizes that Michael is remembering something. Sonny questions why Michael won’t disclose anything about his disturbing memories.

Outside of Jake’s, Johnny confides to Carly about his feelings for Olivia. Johnny says that Claudia won’t allow him to care about anyone more than her. All of a sudden, Carly starts to have a contraction. Carly is concerned since it is too early for her to give birth.

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