GH Update Friday 10/9/09

General Hospital Update Friday 10/9/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Kristina return home from the family planning clinic and Alexis greets them by saying it would have been nice if someone had called her. Kristina holds her bag containing birth control pills behind her back. Sam apologizes and says it is her fault.

At the penthouse, Spinelli is on his computer and alerts Jason that he has confirmed the location of the box containing the deceased doctor’s personal effects. Jason tells him not to move the box; he wants it to stay where it is.

In the lobby at the Metro court, Olivia tells Sonny that she did not break up with Johnny because of him. She assures him that he is not the center of her universe, despite what his ego may tell him. He tells her that is good because he is no longer an option for her.

Upstairs in a suite in the Metro Court, Claudia is reclining on the bed asking Dominic why he is so shy; after all, she has seen him with his shirt off before. Dominic tells her that the idea of being dismembered by her husband makes him shy. Ronnie is a van listening to the conversation because Dominic is wearing a wire, which is the real reason he cannot take off his shirt. Claudia gets up and tries to grab Dominic. She says Sonny is not there; the two of them are. Dominic grabs her hands and tells her he has tried to be polite, but she doesn’t get it. He tells her there is no way in hell he is sleeping with her.

At Alexis’ house, she thanks Sam for the apology and tells her that a courtesy call would keep her from worrying. While Sam has Alexis’ attention, Kristina hides her package behind a throw pillow on the sofa. Sam tells Alexis that she was working a case on a teenage girl so she took Kristina along with her to the mall so she could blend in. Kristina thanks Sam for taking her to “the mall” and says she is going to her room to do homework. When her mother’s back is turned, she retrieves her package and takes it to her room. Alone with Alexis, Sam tells her mother that it will never happen again. Alexis tells her that she went to the mall once as a teenager and got her ears pierced. She says that back then, girls liked to go to the malls to make out with boys. She asks Sam if she thinks Kristina will get all boy-crazy.

At the hospital, Maxie asks Robin if she can help her with returning her wedding gifts and writing thank you notes. Robin says she is stuck at work. Maxie asks if Patrick can help her. Robin tells Maxie that Patrick is at Jake’s for the Karaoke competition. Maxie is surprised that Robin would let Patrick go to a bar without her. Robin explains that she and Patrick trust each other. She says he went with Louise, the Assistant District Attorney. She tells Maxie that Louise’s best friend was Patrick’s college girlfriend. Maxie says that makes her Patrick’s ex-girlfriend, once removed. She warns Robin that if she doesn’t give Patrick what he needs, Louise will.

Patrick and Louise enter Jake’s Roadhouse. She tells him it reminds him of another bar called Big Alley. He says he hasn’t talked about that place in years. He tells her you can take the boy out of the dive but you can’t take the dive out of the boy. When they get to the bar, Patrick introduces Louise to Coleman, who is tending the bar. He recognizes her from the carnival and reminds her that he was running the shooting gallery. He tells her she was good with a rifle. She tells him he cheated and jokes that it was for a good cause so she is not going to report him. Patrick tells Coleman that Louise is the ADA. Coleman says that in that case, her first drink is on the house. She and Patrick both order Vodka on the Rocks and Coleman relays the order to K.Z. Coleman asks Patrick to get the karaoke mike and get things started. Patrick and Louise go to find a table. K.Z. brings their drinks to Coleman and offers to sing karaoke. Coleman tells him karaoke night at Jake’s is not for amateurs. Coleman takes the drinks to Patrick and Louise’s table. Louise is not at the table so in her absence, Coleman asks Patrick if you-know-who knows he is here with what’s-her-name. Patrick tells him that Robin knows exactly where he is and who he is with, but thanks Coleman for asking. Coleman returns to the bar. Johnny enters Jake’s and sits at the bar. He orders tequila shots and asks Coleman to keep them coming.

At the Metro Court, Olivia tells Sonny that he was never an option for her. She tells him she has done fine without him for the past couple of decades and another 20 years would suit her fine. He tells her that when she lashes out like that, it means that she is hurt. He says if it is about her boy-toy Johnny, he can’t do anything about it, but if it is about him, then he is telling her he is sorry. She tells him she doesn’t want an apology or anything else from him. She tells him she broke up with Johnny because they not nothing but crap from everybody around them. She tells Sonny that he was the worst because he constantly put Johnny into danger. She says Johnny is a decent man who doesn’t need to suffer because of her. She broke up with him because she cares, not because she doesn’t. Olivia walks away and leaves Sonny standing in the lobby.

Upstairs in the suite, Claudia pulls her arm away from Dominic and Dominic walks away from her. She says she is trying not to be insulted. He tells her she should stop leaving herself open to insult. She tells him she would hate for something ugly to happen between them. He tells her they are not having sex now or ever. She reminds him that he was pretty hot for her. She concludes that he no longer needs her since he has found his own good graces in her husband’s organization. He tells her that is one way of looking at it. The other way is that he took her at her word when she said she wasn’t interested. He tells her he likes Sonny, he respects him, he likes his job, and he would like to continue breathing. She concludes to him that it would be bad if she told Sonny that he is not who he says he is. She then calls him Dante Falconari.

Ronnie is in a van listening to Dominic and Claudia’s conversation through the wire Dominic is wearing.

Dominic tells Claudia she must have him confused with someone else. She tells him his family changes their names. She says his cousin Connie, AKA Kate Howard, has a big mouth, especially when she has been drinking. She heard Olivia and Connie talking about him in the parking lot outside Jake’s. She says Sonny will be very disappointed when he finds out that Olivia has been lying to him all these years. Dominic asks Claudia what she wants. She says she wants him right now and any other time that she says or Sonny will find out about him and about his mother.

At the penthouse, Jason comes down the stairs telling Spinelli that the warehouse will be easier to break into than the PCPD so he will need Spinelli in his ear. He turns around and sees Spinelli wearing a black shirt and ski mask. He asks Spinelli what he is doing. Spinelli says he is making his own preparations. Jason tells Spinelli he can’t go. Spinelli says that breeching the perimeter of a restricted facility is just the kind of manly action that he needs post-honeymoon. Jason repeats that Spinelli can’t go. Spinelli asks who would be more valuable. Sam knocks on the door, sees Spinelli in his ski mask, and asks if they are going to work. Spinelli says they have an important mission. Jason asks her to come with him and she agrees.

At the Hospital, Maxie tells Robin she has to work to keep her guy happy. Robin asks if Patrick has mentioned being unhappy. Maxie tells her the best offense is a good defense. Lucky come up and asks if they are talking about football. Robin tells him it is something like that and hands him the file on Mrs. Kincaid, telling him that the signs indicate domestic abuse. Lucky congratulates Maxie. She thanks him and says it was the best non-wedding ever. Robin asks about Elizabeth and tells Lucky that the staff misses her. He says Elizabeth need some time on her own. Robin tells him that can be good sometimes. Lucky tells Maxie that he hopes everything works out. After Lucky leaves, Maxie tells Robin that Lucky’s marriage is a good example of what she was saying earlier. Elizabeth stopped paying attention and Maxie was the other woman. Robin protests that she pays attention to Patrick and there is no other woman. Maxie says she knows that; she is just saying it is never too soon to put that extra spark into their relationship.

At Jake’s Roadhouse, Patrick and Louise toast to Lisa. She tells him that for a guy she just met, she knows way too much about him.

Behind the bar, K.Z. asks Coleman for a chance to sing and get the crown going. Coleman tells him that he doesn’t pay him to sing and besides, he has heard him whistling in the kitchen and he needs to practice. He gives him drinks and tells him to take them to table twelve. Johnny asks Coleman for another shot and chugs it down. Olivia walks in and Coleman asks Johnny if he should get another glass. Johnny and Olivia look at each other for a long moment and then she goes to sit alone. Johnny tells Coleman to keep pouring them. He tells him to put him under a table is he passes out, otherwise keep pouring them until he does. He tosses back another Tequila shot. K.Z. returns to the bar and tells Coleman that ten bucks says he can get the crowd going. At their table, Louise tells Patrick that she has to be a lot drunker than she is to do karaoke. He tells her he understands that because nothing was more terrifying for him than singing in front of an audience. He stands up to go sing, but K.Z. is already on his way to the stage. Patrick says that is cool; he has always wanted an opening act. He tells Louise she would be surprised how many people get up there and choke. K.Z. turns out to be an excellent singer. He sings Phil Collins’ “Take a look at me now” and as he sings, Olivia fights back tears and fights the urge to look at Johnny while Johnny can’t take his pain-filled eyes off Olivia.

Carly arrives at Metro Court to meet Sonny. He asks what is going on with Michael and she tells him that Michael had another rage episode last night. She tells him Molly and Kristina were at her house and when Kristina’s boyfriend came to pick her up, Michael lost it. Sonny says he has met Keifer and there are many reasons to want to hit him. She says that doesn’t give Michael the right to attack him. Sonny asks if she wants him to talk to Michael. She says no, she wants him to talk to Alexis. She says that after Molly and Kristina told Alexis about the incident, she found Michael and started unloading on him about how he is damaged and dangerous and she doesn’t want him around Molly and Kristina. He tells her that Alexis tends to be overprotective. Carly says that if she hadn’t walked up when she did, Alexis would have talked Michael into committing himself. He suggests that Carly may be exaggerating. Carly says Alexis has no compassion for Michael. She says that instead of worrying about Michael, Alexis should pay attention to her own daughter.

At Alexis’ house, she sits Kristina down for a talk. She tells her that she is at an age where she is probably confused about things and she wants to give her the answers. She says she has noticed Kristina is spending a lot of time with Sam, which is good, but if she has questions, she can ask her. Kristina wonders if Alexis doesn’t trust what Sam might tell her. Alexis says she doesn’t know what Sam would say. She knows that Sam loves Kristina and her intentions are good, but Sam wasn’t raised the way that Kristina and Molly were. Kristina defensively asks what her mother is trying to say. Alexis says she wants to offer her and Molly the kind of guidance that she wasn’t able to give Sam. Kristina says at least Sam didn’t run a pregnant woman off the road and let Alexis take the blame.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Spinelli that he needs to break into the police warehouse. He says that if things go wrong and he gets arrested its no big deal but if Spinelli gets arrested he will lose his PI license, his business, everything. Sam tells Spinelli that he will be in her ear guiding her the whole time. Spinelli takes off his ski mask and concedes that it makes sense to send Sam instead.

In the suite at the Metro Court, Dominic asks what Sonny will think when he finds out Claudia invited Dominic up to a hotel suite. Claudia asks Dominic why Sonny would believe him over her. He asks her which one of them has the bigger history of lying and manipulating. Claudia tells him that if he were such a boy scout he would have told Sonny who he was right away. She tells him that the fact that he has been hiding it means that he has been up to no good for a long time. She asks which rival family paid him to get into Sonny’s life. He concludes that she thinks she has it all figured out. She says she knows her father and Sonny will kill him when they find out. She concludes that he will do what she wants when she wants it from now on. She tries to kiss him but he rebuffs her saying he wonders why she wants to sleep with him so badly that she is threatening his life.

Damian Spinelli is in the penthouse on his computer wearing a headset. He does a sound check to verify that Sam and Jason can hear him.

Jason and Sam are in the police warehouse and confirm that they can hear him. Sam tells him they are on the north side of the building. Spinelli says he cannot disable the entire security grid but he can divert the cameras so Samantha can gain access through a rooftop vent. Jason kisses Sam for good luck before she ascends the ladder.

In the suite at the Metro Court, Dominic asks Claudia if this is about his Ma. Sonny has a history with her and Claudia so feels threatened by it that she is she getting revenge by doing her Olivia’s son. Maybe it is because Olivia is with Claudia’s brother. He tells her that either way, it’s twisted. Claudia tells him he can think what he likes; she doesn’t care. She asks if he wants her to take his clothes off or if he wants to do it for her. The police bang on the door. When Claudia answers it, the two officers arrest Dominic for the armed assault on the Corinthos warehouse. He protests that he was busy getting run over by a car at the kiddie carnival at the time. The officer tells him that he has nothing to hide. The two officers take the handcuffed Dominic away.

At Alexis’ house, she tells Kristina that if she wanted that comment to hurt her, it did. She says she can see that Kristina is mad and asks if it is just at her. Kristina says she is mad at her dad too. She says that when Sonny looks at her, all he sees is the accident that Kristina caused that made Claudia lose her baby. She says now Sonny has an excuse to stay away from her, which she surmises doesn’t bother Alexis; she would be happy if Kristina never saw her father. Alexis says that wouldn’t make her happy. She suggests that Kristina start to focus on the many things she has to be grateful for. She is smart, pretty, lives in a nice home, and has two sisters. Alexis encourages Kristina to focus on how lucky she is. Alexis says it is her job to get Kristina to channel that in a positive way because she is establishing a foundation for the rest of her life. Kristina asks if that means avoiding Sam and Sonny. Alexis tells her that is not what she is saying. Kristina says she thinks Sam lives a pretty cool life. Alexis says she thinks Sam is cool too, and there are many things about Sam that she hopes Kristina will emulate, but there are other things that she hopes Kristina won’t emulate. Kristina asks if that is because Sam didn’t get into Yale and is not a lawyer. Alexis tells Kristina to stop it. She says she is not perfect and she doesn’t think she is perfect. She tells Kristina that she needs to know that Alexis didn’t have a lovable, supportive childhood and she wouldn’t wish her childhood on anybody. She says she wants better for Kristina. She says there are plenty of things that she has done that she wishes she could do over, and if she could do it over, she would. Kristina says like not get pregnant with her or Sam and walks away.

At Jake’s Roadhouse, K.Z. tells Coleman that he told him he could do it. Coleman says everyone is too intimidated to follow his act. At Patrick’s table, Louise tells him that the crowd is thinning so if he is going to sing, he’d better make it fast. Patrick says he is going to take the night off; he knows when he is outmatched. Louise says she is hungry and asks what is good here. He tells her the fries are the only thing that won’t make her sick, but there is a Chinese restaurant nearby if she wants to get take out and take some home to Robin. Louise says she doesn’t want to intrude. Patrick says it is no intrusion. Robin will probably be reading a medical journal and eating cereal because she forgot to get takeout on her way home, so they will surprise her.

Robin goes home and finds Maxie there with moon and star shaped balloons. Maxie tells her that if she read a magazine occasionally instead of those boring medical journals, then she would know that Crimson recently did an article about spicing up romance with fantasy and role-play. Robin tells Maxie that this is so not her fantasy. Maxie says she will never know unless she tries it. Robin picks up a toy ray gun from between two lava lamps and says she doesn’t even know what she is trying. Maxie says she is playing Planet Sexy to Robin. She says Patrick is out drinking with another woman. Robin insists that there is no other woman. Maxie says they are going to keep it that way. Robin says she is so hungry and she forgot to get takeout on the way home. She asks Maxie if there is any food on this planet. Maxie says food is for later; this is for now, as she presents Robin with a bag containing an outfit that she got for her to wear to help Patrick get ready. Robin takes a metallic silver lamé vest with pink faux-fur out of the bag and tells Maxie it is silly. Maxie asks Robin what Patrick will expect to see when he comes through the door. Robin says her on the couch, eating cereal, reading her medical journals. Maxie tells her she has to surprise him. She tells her to keep an open mind; the worst thing that can happen is that they will have a few laughs and then have mind-blowing sex.

At Alexis’ house, she sits next to Kristina and tells her there has not been one moment that she wished she didn’t have her. She has loved her since she was conceived. Kristina asks if that is true when she reminds her of her father. Alexis tells Kristina that her father is a difficult man with an unusual life but he has fun qualities, a tender heart, and he can be very charming. Kristina asks about the bad stuff. Alexis tells her nobody is perfect. She says the only thing she can do is to try to make positive choices in her life whether it is about her health, job, goals, or the people she spends time with. Kristina says not Sam or Michael and asks Alexis approves of anyone. Alexis says she won’t answer that because Kristina will pull away from anyone she names. Kristina tells Alexis not to tell her not to spend time with Keifer because then she would have to break up with him.

In the lobby of the Metro Court, Carly tells Sonny that as Kristina’s father, he has a right to say who she can spend time with. He asks her if she wants him to order Alexis to let Kristina spend time with Michael. Carly says Michael is about to have a new baby sister and a frazzled mother and stepfather; she doesn’t want him to feel lost in the shuffle. He is close to Kristina; they rely on each other. She says that if Kristina can’t come over then Molly can’t come over either and that is not fair to Morgan. She says she wants him to stand up for his boys and tell Alexis she is overreacting. He says he has been getting a lot of advice lately on how to be a father. Carly tells him she is worried about children that are born; the ones they have. Sonny tells her that if that is another dig about him wanting to have another child with Claudia, that is not happening. He agrees that he needs to focus on the kids he already has.

The police officers who arrested Dominic in Claudia’s suite at the Metro Court bring him to Ronnie’s motel room. Dominic tells Ronnie that was nice timing and thank the officers for the ride. Ronnie tells the officers to tell the Lieutenant he will take it from here. The officers leave. Dominic tells Ronnie that that is why he didn’t want to wear a wire. Ronnie asks if he wanted to sleep with Sonny’s wife. Dominic says his cover could have been blown sky-high. Ronnie tells him Claudia knows he is Dante Falconari; his cover can’t be blown any higher than that. Dominic says Claudia has no idea that he is a cop. He will say they questioned him and had nothing to keep him so they let him go. Ronnie tells him that Claudia Zacchara is nobody’s fool and from what he has heard, she is vindictive. All she has to do is dig around to find out more. Dominic says he can save this. Ronnie tells him that he has talked to Gorski and it has been decided that Dominic is off the case.

Sam and Jason are in the police warehouse looking at boxes. Sam tells Spinelli over the radio that there are no evidence boxes for Ian Devlin Spinelli says the schematic says the boxes are alphabetized from north to south. Jason says the schematic is wrong; the boxes are everywhere. Sam suggests to Jason that they split up. They hear something that sounds like a door closing. Once they have determined that it is safe, they continue looking. A voice directs them to put their hands up and step to the center of the aisle. Sam complies and comes face to face with Lucky, who puts his gun down when he sees who it is. She tells him this probably looks really bad. Jason, who wasn’t seen, watches from the shadows.

At Patrick and Robin’s house, Robin is putting on the metallic silver platform boots that complete her space costume. She is wearing the pink and silver vest, a silver mini-skirt, a pink mesh top with matching stockings, and a blonde wig. When she hears Patrick pull up, she grabs her toy gun and perches on the back of the sofa to wait. When he opens the door, she pulls the trigger of the toy gun so it makes a noise and says, “Greetings Earthling, Welcome to my planet.” Louise comes in after Patrick, creating an awkward moment for all.

At Jake’s Roadhouse, Johnny plays the piano and sings, “Try a Little Tenderness” to Olivia. Olivia runs out.

In Ronnie’s Motel room, Dominic says he can finish this; Claudia thinks he is working for a rival mob family. He tells Ronnie his cover is safe. Ronny says until she spills it to Sonny. Dominic doesn’t think she will. Ronnie asks id Dominic plans to shut her up by sleeping with her. He tells Dominic that Claudia is a whack job. He will end up twice as compromised and just as dead, and his mother will too. Dominic says he just needs a little more time. Ronnie says not a chance; he is off the case. Dominic protests not until Corinthos is busted. Ronnie tells him he has his orders. Dominic says he will resign if her has to and continue as a private citizen. He says one way or the other Sonny is getting arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

In the lobby of the Metro Court, Carly tells Sonny she can’t imagine that Claudia took it very well; she has been running around town telling everyone that she was going to have his baby. Sonny tells Carly that Claudia was disappointed bur she did ok with it. Carly says she is glad Sonny came to his senses. Sonny says Kristina got him through it. He felt guilty because Kristina caused the accident that made Claudia lose her baby so he felt obligated to give her another child. He tells her that he was talking to Michael about it and Kristina overheard it and couldn’t believe that he would bring another child into this world because of guilt over something she did. He confides to Carly that he is more worried about Kristina than he is about Michael because Michael is a survivor like Carly but Kristina is fragile.

Sonny sees Claudia getting off the elevator fastening her belt. He calls her name. She asks what she is doing there. He tells her he was just going to ask her the same thing.

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