GH Update Thursday 10/8/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/8/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Kristina enter the family planning clinic for Kristina’s appointment. Kristina says she is embarrassed to be there, and observes that everyone else is there for an abortion. Sam assures her that everyone there is in the same boat and understands her need for privacy. She tells her sister that she still thinks she is too young to have sex, but she is doing the responsible thing. Kristina tells Sam that if their mother had been responsible, neither one of them would exist. She reflects that if she got pregnant by accident, she would not give her child up for adoption or keep the child away from its father the way their mother did with Sam and her.

Ronnie and Dominic outfit Dominic with a wire. Dominic says that id Sonny finds out he will kill him.

Claudia calls Olivia from the back terrace of her home to confirm her room reservation under the name Deborah Jackson. When she reenters the house, Sonny is standing there and wants to know what the call was about.

At the clinic, Sam explains that their mother’s life was complicated when she got pregnant and she made the best choices she could. She assures her that their mother loves all three of her daughters with all of her heart. Kristina thinks Alexis should be nicer to Sam after having given her up for adoption. Sam says they are making up for lost time. She tells her sister to acknowledge the thing their mother has done right instead of dwelling on what she has done wrong. While they are chatting, they notice that Dr. Lee, their mother’s OB-GYN is the doctor working at the clinic. Kristina worries that Dr Lee will tell Alexis that she was there.

At the Metro Court., Marty looks over Olivia’s shoulder and notices that she is comping a suite. She tells him not to ask. Carly comes in and Olivia asks what she is doing there. Carly says she is checking on the hotel that she owns. Olivia reminds her that her doctor put her on strict bed rest and working is not resting. She offers to bring Carly some tea. Carly wants to know if Jax put her up to this. Olivia concedes that Jax may have mentioned something, but she is Carly’s friend and she is worried about her too. Carly says Jax is like a dictator; he has everyone in town treating her like an invalid. Olivia tells her that she has the perfect life that every woman wants with a handsome, devoted husband, two great boys who are safe, and a baby on the way. She doesn’t have to worry about persistent exes, a young man with a psychotic sister. Carly asks what she missed. She wants to know if this is about Johnny or her son.

Dominic tells Ronnie he doesn’t like this. Ronnie asks what the problem is; Dominic has worn a wire before. Dominic says this situation is different. Ronnie tells him that in this case, he is in too deep and that is why they need to wrap it up quickly. He tells Dominic that the line between who he really is and his cover has been blurred. Dominic says he should be congratulating him for getting closer to Sonny than any cop has done before. Ronnie says Dominic is no longer objective. Dominic tells him that Sonny has kids who will be hurt by this. Ronnie tells Dominic that he has gotten close to Sonny’s youngest son, which is another reason they need to close this case quickly. Dominic admits that he likes Morgan but it doesn’t change who Sonny is or what he does. It also doesn't alter the fact that Dominic is a cop and his job is to bring Sonny down. Ronnie worries that Dominic will go soft, but Dominic says that when Sonny put out a hit on Tommy Soto without blinking it proved why Sonny has to be stopped. Sonny is not a law unto himself. He doesn’t get to decide who lives and who dies. Dominic says he will take Sonny down with or without a wire.

At Sonny’s house, he asks Claudia if everything is ok. She tells him she was just making reservations for later. She thought it would be nice for them to have dinner together. He says he would like that. He tells her he brought her something. He hands her a box containing a bracelet. She tells him it is beautiful, but he doesn’t have to giver her gifts because he feels guilty about not wanting another child. He says it is a token of his appreciation for her forgiving Kristina for causing the accident and for accepting that he doesn’t want any more children. He tells her he is not going to forget it. She advises him not to forget that there is a chance that she is already pregnant.

At the hospital, Patrick calls Judy and leaves a message asking if she is available to watch Emma tonight. Matt is amused that his brother has left his NASCAR days behind and is now racing to find a babysitter so he won’t have to change another diaper. Patrick insists that Robin and Emma are the best things that have ever happened to him and he wouldn’t change anything about his life. Matt wishes him luck in finding a sitter and tells him he will see him in surgery.

A woman gets off the elevator and asks Patrick is he is the Patrick Drake that used to date Lisa Niles. He confirms that he knew her in college. The woman introduces herself as Louise Addison, Lisa’s best friend. She says she can’t believe she is finally meeting the legendary wild man.

Sonny asks Claudia how soon she will know if she is pregnant. She tells him in about three or four weeks. She says that part of her wants to know now if she is not pregnant so she can move on with her life and another part of her wishes she is pregnant. He tells her that if she is pregnant, they will raise the child, love it, and give it a stable home. He will be the best father he can be.

At the Metro Court, Olivia tells Carly that she broke up with Johnny last night. Carly says she didn’t see that coming and asks Olivia what happened. Olivia says the Johnny is handsome, sexy, fun, and fundamentally a great guy, bur they knew it wouldn’t lat so it made more sense to end it now rather than later. Carly doesn’t buy it. Olivia admits that she broke up with Johnny because of Claudia.

Leslie tells Patrick she recognized him at the Dunk-a-Hunk at the carnival from pictures Lisa had shown her. She says she saw pictures of him driving racecars and says that is a dangerous hobby for a doctor. He tells her he hasn’t raced cars since his daughter was born but he hopes to get back on the track. Robin comes up and Patrick introduces her to Leslie. Robin recognizes her as the Assistant District Attorney. Leslie tells Robin that she must be an amazing woman to get Patrick to settle down.

Alexis finds Michael sitting at the docks. He tells her he likes to watch the boats and think. She thanks him again for pulling Kristina out of the wreckage. He tells her he is glad he was there. Alexis tells him that he is more than just Kristina’s brother; they are also close friends. She says Kristina and Molly think the world of him. She tells him that she knows he is working very hard to recover from the trauma of the gunshot wound and the subsequent surgeries. She says she admires and supports him, but she has heard that he punched Keifer in the face without provocation. He admits that he did.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Olivia that this will backfire on her; the second Sonny finds out she is available he will be all over her. Olivia says she is not going there with Sonny. She says it is tempting to steal Claudia’s husband but she has learned her lesson with him. Claudia enters the hotel and Olivia excuses herself to go talk to her. She secretly hands Claudia the room key. Claudia tells her the room had better be satisfactory or she will tell Sonny Olivia’s secret. Olivia returns to Carly who wants to know what that was all about. Olivia tells her that Claudia was making the usual digs about her and Johnny. Carly says she seems to have taken it well. Olivia says she is trying to turn the other cheek with Claudia. Carly doesn’t believe Olivia would have given up that easily and wants Olivia to tell her what is really happening.

Dominic enters Sonny’s office. Sonny tells him he wants him to deliver some papers for him. Johnny then enters the office. Sonny tells Dominic that the papers are about the Michael Corinthos Jr. Foundation and are to be delivered to Olivia Falconari at the Metro Court. Dominic wonders why Sonny is not sending Max or Milo. Sonny asks him why he would even question anything he wants him to do after what happened last night. Dominic departs to deliver the papers. Johnny says something else happened last night. Dominic stops at the door, turns around, and tells Sonny he wants to clear the air about Tommy Soto. Sonny tells him it has been handled. He tells him to go. Once Dominic has left the room, Johnny discloses that he and Claudia had a fight last night about Olivia in front of Dominic.

At the hospital, Leslie shares stories that Lisa had told her with Patrick and Robin. Robin asks what Lisa is doing now, and Leslie says she is a surgeon at Providence Hospital in Houston. Robin has to go. Leslie tells Patrick that she has heard that a reformed ladies man makes the best husband. She tells him she is glad to have finally met him, but she has to go speak to a victim now. Matt returns just in time to see Leslie departing and asks Patrick who it was. Patrick tells him she was someone who knew someone who knew him when.

At the clinic, Dr Lee assures Kristina that her visit to the clinic is completely confidential; she cannot tell Alexis about the visit without Kristina’s permission. She tells Kristina she will give her an examination and if all goes well, she will write a prescription for birth control pills.

On the docks, Alexis asks Michael why he hit Keifer. Michael says because Keifer showed up. He doesn’t like him, he is a jerk, and he puts on an act for adults. Alexis tells him that he is concerned about him, Kristina, and Molly. He says he would never hurt them. She tells him she knows that he would never hurt them intentionally but he has been making a lot of reckless choices and it scares her. She worries that Kristina and Molly might not be safe around him. Carly, who has been standing nearby listening, asks Michael to leave so she can have a conversation with Alexis. Michael complies and leaves. Carly tells Alexis that if she has a problem with Michael, she is to come to her. She tells Alexis not to lecture her kid again.

In Sonny’s office, he asks Johnny why he and Claudia would be fighting about Olivia, especially with Dominic there. He tells Sonny that Olivia broke up with him and it was Claudia’s doing. Claudia has hated Olivia since they met. Sonny concludes that Johnny thinks Claudia forced Olivia to break up with him. Johnny says Claudia hated the fact that he was with Olivia. She used any excuse get in Olivia’s face and called her every name in the book. Johnny concludes that finally, Claudia pushed Olivia too far. Sonny wonders what Olivia said but then changes his mind and says it is none of his business as long as it doesn’t affect Johnny’s job performance. Johnny says it won’t. Sonny tells Johnny that he works with Dominic and there is no reason to put him in the middle of a fight with his sister. Johnny says the next time he will use discretion. He puts his coffee cup on Sonny’s desk and leaves.

Dominic enters the Metro Court looking for Olivia. She is not at the concierge so he is about to leave them with the woman who is there when Olivia walks up behind him and asks if it is for her. He hands her the folder and says he will let Mt. Corinthos know she received it. She asks him to wait a minute for her to look at the papers and see if she has any questions. While she is pretending to go over the papers, she asks Dominic why he hasn’t returned her calls. He takes her pen and writes the word “wire” on the paper as he says Mr. Corinthos wanted to know if this number is ok with her. She tells him to thank Mr. Corinthos for dropping the papers by and she will get back to him as soon as possible. She walks away and hid phone rings. Claudia tells him she needs to see him at the Metro Court in room 524.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Robin that Judy can watch Emma so they can go to Karaoke. Robin tells him that she thought he would be in surgery so she took on two more patients. He says he will call Judy to cancel but Robin encourages him to go with Coleman or Mac. She makes him promise not to sing a duet with anyone else.

On the docks, Alexis tells Carly she wasn’t lecturing Michael; she was just talking to him. She says she is very sympathetic to everything he is going to him. Carly doesn’t understand why Alexis would go being her back and try to convince Michael to stay away from his sister. She tells her she understands that it is difficult to be objective about her son, but Michael admitted attacking Keifer without provocation; he lost control of himself again and she is uncomfortable with her girls being around him. Carly asks Alexis if she is implying that Michael would harm Kristina or Molly. Alexis says she is suggesting that Michael may need more time to heal. Carly tells Alexis that she was there when Michael hit Keifer. She says Keifer is bigger than Michael, he is a bully, and he has been causing problems for Michael. She tells her that Keifer provoked Morgan right here on this dock. Alexis says she didn’t know anything about that and concedes that her experience with Keifer is obviously different than Carly’s has been. Carly says that Keifer and Michael have an ongoing feud. Michael may have been in the wrong last night but it doesn’t mean that he would harm Kristina or Molly. Alexis says she is sure Carly is right but she doesn’t want to take any chances so she has instructed her daughters not to spend time with Michael. Carly says that Alexis can be a control-freak if she wants to be but her girls are going to resent her for keeping Michael out of their lives.

At the clinic, Kristina comes out of the exam room and tells Sam that it was a weird experience. Sam asks her if it made her change her mind about having sex. Kristina tells her sister that Keifer really wants to move their relationship to the next level and she is afraid that if she does not, the relationship will end. Kristina asks Sam if she remembers her first time. Sam tells her that she had sex the first time for all the wrong reasons. She says she had self-esteem issues and she thought that having sex with a boy would make him happy and make him care about her. She just wanted to matter to somebody but she was just being used and was too stupid to know it. She tells Kristina that she won’t make the same mistake because she knows her family and she knows that they care about her. She tells Kristina she wishes she would wait until she is older when she can have a genuine emotional connection. She says she was an adult before she had a sexual relationship that was based on mutual love and respect and she is afraid that if Kristina rushes into having sex she will miss out on what is truly special and what really feels right.

Dominic arrives at Claudia’s hotel room and asks her what this is about. She tells him she wanted to see him privately. He says her house is private. She tells him her husband is there and she doesn’t want him to know about it. Dominic says he doesn’t like keeping secrets from his boss. She asks if he is loyal to Sonny now. He tells her he has been loyal to him ever since he took the job. She reminds him of the other job he took when she set up an ambush on Jason Morgan. He reminds her that the ambush failed. She concurs and reminds him that she put her ass on the line for him when he was shot. He tells her she wanted him to get out of her house and disappear. She says she is glad he didn’t listen because she needs him now. She tells him not to say no and kisses him.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Matt that he is going to Jake’s for Karaoke and asks if he is coming. Matt says he has a date with an intern. Patrick tells him to bring her with him. Matt says cheap beer, peanuts, and Patrick singing “Macho Man” is not his idea of the perfect first date. Matt and Patrick go their separate ways. Leslie comes to the elevator at the same time as Patrick and says she has heard that Jakes Roadhouse is a lot of fun. He tells her it is Karaoke night and she asks if she can join him. He says sure, his brother blew him off and his wife has to work. They get on the elevator together. Robin has overheard their conversation from the station just beyond the elevators.

Sam and Kristina arrive home. Kristina thanks Sam for taking her to the clinic. Sam says her advice about sex was probably the last thing Kristina wanted to hear. Kristina says she is sorry Sam had all those bad experiences when she was young. Sam says she hopes Kristina can learn from her mistakes. Kristina says Keifer wants it to be good for both of them. She says Keifer is sweet and not a user like the guys Sam was talking about. She tells Sam that Dr. Lee told her that she has to wait a month before the birth control will be effective. She just hopes Keifer can wait. They go inside and find Alexis is there, waiting for them.

Sonny enters the Metro Court, sees Olivia at the concierge, and walks toward her.

Claudia and Dominic are kissing in the hotel room at Metro Court. Dominic pulls away and asks her how many ways he has to tell her he is not interested. She tells him he seemed pretty interested. He asks her why she is suddenly so into him, especially since she and Sonny seem to be so into each other.

Ronnie is in a van listening to the audio from the wire.

Claudia tells Dominic that he can give her things that Sonny can’t. She pulls him toward the bed.

At the Metro Court concierge, Olivia tells Sonny that she received the papers that he sent over and thanks him. He tells her that is not the reason he is there.

In the hotel room, Dominic pulls away from Claudia and tells her no offense, but he doesn’t want to be looking at a bullet in the head. As she takes off her jacket, Claudia tells them they will be discreet; Sonny won’t know about it. He tells her he doesn’t want to take any chances. She says she will make it worth his while and kisses him again. He asks her what, besides the obvious, she has in mind. She tells him she has information that only she can give him that will help him move up in the Corinthos organization quickly. He just has to give her what she wants.

Olivia comes around to Sonny’s side of the concierge so they can talk. He says Johnny told him that she broke up with him. He asks her why. She tells him it is none of his business. He asks if she broke up with Johnny because of him.

Upstairs in the hotel room Claudia is clawing at Dominic’s shirt buttons. He pushes her away. She lands on the bed and starts unbuttoning her own shirt. She tells him to undress himself; she will watch.

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