GH Update Wednesday 10/7/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/7/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Carly tries to get Michael to calm down but Michael is defensive.

Jason tells Sam that Sonny wants him to back off of Claudia but Jason refuses to let Claudia get away with this.

Olivia says Claudia will be dead if she tells Jason the truth, but Jax tells her to just let Dante do his job and take Sonny down and Claudia right along with him.

Johnny demands to know what Claudia did to Olivia but Claudia denies any involvement and says he is better off.

Sam says they need physical evidence to prove Claudia’s guilt but admits that Claudia is dangerous and could have been involved in the shooting. Jason gets very angry and says he has to stop her.

Jax knows Claudia will go down with Sonny. Olivia doesn’t want Claudia to bring Dante down and Jax says Olivia is doing what she can to protect her son.

Carly tells Michael that she is on his side. He apologizes for his behavior. Kristina asks him why this didn’t happen in Mexico and he says he didn’t feel the same pressure he has here. Morgan asks if they are memories and Michael says they are coming back very fast and he can’t control them. Morgan says he should tell them what he remembers and they can all help him sort them out.

Johnny says Olivia admitted to being in love with Sonny but he thinks that’s crap. Dominic asks what Johnny’s break up has to do with Claudia. Claudia says that she knows Olivia has feelings for Sonny so she would never force her to break up with Johnny to let her try to get Sonny back. Johnny says she doesn’t think this through and gives her one chance to tell him the truth.

Jax offers to transfer Olivia to another hotel but Olivia says she’s not leaving Dante. Olivia doesn’t think Claudia is done messing with her. Jax agrees since Claudia doesn’t want to lose her leverage by telling Sonny the truth.

Johnny thinks Claudia must have something good on Olivia but wonders why she would do this and why she can’t just leave them alone. Claudia says Olivia was using him to make Sonny jealous. Dominic suggests maybe Olivia will just forget all of them and leave town. Johnny calls Olivia his safe zone and the best thing that ever happened to him. He wonders if he shouldn’t make her disappear. Dominic steps in and tells him to back off.

Carly thinks they should all respect Michael’s privacy and he will tell them when e is ready. Michael explains that the flashes are all jumbled and that words said to him in real time, like “I’m sorry” or “we miss you” often trigger a memory. Carly and Morgan tell Michael that they tried to bring him home after his accident but Carly realized that she couldn’t give him the care he needed. She then says she doesn’t care about any of that now because he’s recovered. The door bell rings and its Kiefer there to pick up Kristina and Molly. Michael is not happy to see him and asks Kristina why she would call him.

Back at the compound Helena and Luke are being held Mischa sneaks in Ethan and Lulu. Ethan says he will go grab Luke but tells Lulu she isn’t coming. Mischa tells them to be quiet.

In a room in the house Luke and Helena discuss their situation. Luke says Helena dragged him off to Greece, threw him in a cell, drugged him up and has been using him in a sick sexual game. So he can’t believe that she’s now lying in a bed pretending she’s dying and that Valentin has it in for all of them. Helena says it’s true and Valentin is going to try to destroy them all. She says she and Luke are on the same side. The door opens and it is Ethan and Lulu. Luke asks what took them so long. Lulu sees Helena and says she looks terrible. Helena says she did all of this for Nikolas. Luke asks how they found him and Lulu says Mischa sent them a text. Lucky isn’t there because he didn’t get the message. They undo Luke’s handcuffs and Helena asks them not to leave her.

Michael says Kiefer is a jerk and makes Kristina cry, but Kristina says that’s not true and it’s just a ride home. Kiefer apologizes but Michael reacts physically. Jax comes in to break things up and Kristina and Molly leave with Kiefer. Michael is sorry for his lack of self-control and Carly says she wants to know everything about his memories that he’s been bottling up.

Jason says they have to prove Claudia hired Devlin and Sam says if it’s true they will find out. Spinelli comes in; he is back early from his un-honeymoon because she was called back by Kate. Jason tells him to get to work on finding out what the PCPD took off Devlin’s body the night he was shot, now.

Claudia and Dominic are alone and she apologizes for what just happened. She says Johnny is turning into their father and she worries about his paranoia. She says she doesn’t know how she’s going to get through losing Johnny and begins to cry. Dominic tries to excuse himself but Claudia stops him and says she thinks they can be valuable to each other. Dominic says nothing is going to happen between them and they both have too much to lose, but Claudia thinks this could be the start of something for both of them.

Ethan and Lulu don’t understand why Luke would even consider helping Helena after everything they have done to each other. But Helena pulls a good card by saying Luke would want the satisfaction of killing her himself. It works, and Luke takes her with them.

Jason tells Spinelli that they are looking for evidence that links Claudia and Devlin. Spinelli agrees to help but doesn’t think they have any real reason to think Claudia is guilty and thinks they are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Jason says if they don’t come up with good evidence he will never believe Claudia is innocent.

Jax and Carly tell Michael he doesn’t have to keep apologizing. Carly thinks the memories may be contributing to his rage and suggests he tell them everything he remembers. Jax says he will tell them when he’s ready. Jax says this isn’t about Kiefer it’s about Michael and it’s up to him how he wants to handle it. Michael is confused and doesn’t know what to do, but Jax suggests staying away from Kiefer as a first step. Then Carly says he can change schools, but Michael thinks Kristina needs him.

Kristina apologizes to Kiefer for Michael’s behavior on the deck of her house. From inside Alexis talks to them. They go inside and Alexis asks Kiefer what happened to him. Molly says Michael punched him for no reason. Kiefer says it’s no big deal and leaves. When he is gone Alexis asks what happened. Molly explains to Alexis about Michael’s outburst and the thrown glass and how Michael lost it with Kiefer. Kristina says it wasn’t that bad. Alexis thinks it is that bad and that this needs to be addressed.

Luke and the rest of the escapees are held at gun point by guards. The guard wants Helena brought back to the house. Lulu says she can’t wait to tell Nikolas about this. They all look off to the side and say Nikolas is there. Nikolas appears and asks what’s going on.

Alexis tells Kristina that while she feels bad for Michael’s situation she is not comfortable with the violence he has begun creating. Kristina tries to stand up for Michael but Alexis thinks it’s dangerous. She says they don’t know what Michael will or won’t do and neither does Michael. She then says a lot Kristina’s bad choices of late have involved Michael. Molly says Michael can’t be blamed for Kristina’s bad choices. Alexis says it’s not safe for them to be around Michael.

There is a knock on Olivia’s door. It’s Johnny. He tells her he called Claudia out and knows that she’s responsible. Olivia asks him to let it go. Johnny begs her to let them make it through this together and then says that he will gladly give up Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting if it means he can be with her.

Dominic and Ronnie meet up and Johnny tells him that Claudia came onto him but he turned her down. He then asks about Tommy Soto and says he got away just in time because Jason found him later on. Ronnie says that since Tommy mostly works for the Zacharra’s he isn’t giving the police much against Sonny. Dominic thinks he knows plenty. Ronnie says the case is closing in and it’s time to deliver the goods.

Sam wonders what is taking so long and Spinelli says the PCPD has installed new firewalls. He then brings up Maxie and Aruba again and Sam, frustratingly, asks him not to talk about Maxie until he finishes this. He says that maybe he and Maxie can work as a team like Sam and Jason. The computer beeps and he has brought up the evidence log. They seem to see something of interest.

Nikolas asks again what’s going on. She tells him about Valentin and how she contacted him because she wanted to influence Nikolas. She says that Valentin is evil and out there somewhere because she unleashed him. Nikolas then asks why she’s sick and she tells him they have been drugging her. She says Valentin won’t stop until he has everything. Luke and Mischa talk and he tells her he’s never seen Helena like this.

Spinelli finds a micro-recorder on the list of evidence and they all suspect it may have useful information on it. Spinelli locates it at Warehouse 17, which is access restricted to PCPD and D.A. personnel. Jason tells Spinelli to get him in there.

Johnny tells Olivia that they have always been honest with each other and wants her to tell him the truth. She just says she’s in love with Sonny, and that she doesn’t love Johnny. She says if he loves her at all he will just let her go. Johnny leaves and Olivia receives a call from Claudia. Claudia wants Olivia to make her a hotel reservation under the name “Deborah Jackson.” Olivia doesn’t want to but Claudia says she will do whatever she wants or she will tell Sonny.

Dominic tells Ronnie the timing is off and doesn’t think they should take the risk. Ronnie knows that Sonny will be suspicious about Tommy, plus the fact that Claudia is putting the moves on him, Ronnie is worried. Ronnie says Dominic has to wear a wire.

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