GH Update Tuesday 10/6/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/6/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At their home Sonny and Claudia discuss him not wanting to have another child. She asks what changed his mind.

Johnny asks Olivia if this is a joke. She says she can’t deny her feelings for Sonny anymore, and he says that doesn’t make any sense. He asks her who put her up to this.

Jason is on the phone with Bernie in the car on his way to help Dominic. Meanwhile Dominic is in the woods and has told Tommy that he is a cop and offers him a deal, tell the police everything he knows and be brought into witness protection. Dominic says if he doesn’t cooperate he doesn’t have any value to him, and points the gun at him.

At Wyndemere Nikolas takes Spencer’s drawing from Lucky, which has Elizabeth’s letter on the back. He then sends Spencer up to bed. Lucky asks why Nikolas doesn’t tuck Spencer in or read him a story. Nikolas says he’s not as disinterested as he seems but he doesn’t want to interrupt Spencer’s schedule.

Michael, Morgan, Kristina, and Molly all sit in the living room discussing baby names. Michael thinks Carly will name the baby Jason. Carly and Jax enter and Carly says she has the perfect name. She announces Josslyn John Jax. Molly read that Josslyn means “the merry one.”

Sonny says he knows she will be a good mother and has known since he saw her fight for their last child. He says it’s not her it’s him. While he agrees that he loves his children he says that he’s not doing them any favors and can’t protect them. He says all he can change is what he does now, and he won’t continue the pattern he has started. Claudia says that she is different from Carly and Alexis and she can raise their child to accept the world they live in. She wonders what would happen if she was already pregnant.

Olivia reiterates that she was dishonest with him and should have ended it before. She says their relationship was just a fascination and she felt sorry for him because he is so needy. She thought she could open up his life because he was so dark when she met him. He runs down the reasons she’s dumping him because he says there are too many and none of them make sense. He says he knows she cares for him.

Dominic says he will kill him if he doesn’t take the deal, because if he doesn’t his cover is blown. Tommy doesn’t believe he’d kill him, but Dominic says you don’t go undercover unless you are a little bit crazy. Tommy agrees to testify and give up everything he knows. Dominic then tells him to knock him out.

Nikolas says that he is a stranger to Spencer while Lucky is raising two sons that aren’t even his. Nikolas thinks it has to do with the love his uncle lavished on him and worries that Cassadines raise Cassadines.

Claudia says that if she is pregnant she could never have an abortion. Sonny says he would never ask her to do that and they would raise their baby together. Sonny asks when they might know, and she says it might be a little while.

Johnny says he’s not going to make this easy. She says it doesn’t matter; she’s in love with Sonny. She says she can’t keep sleeping with him and thinking about someone else. She asks him to just let it be over, but he says he can’t and kisses her. She kisses him back.

Jason’s happens on a passed out Dominic. When he comes too he says Tommy took off 15 minutes ago. Jason knows they won’t catch him and tells Dominic he’s going to have to explain this to Sonny.

At a bar Lulu and Ethan talk Mischa. She tells them that Helena is very sick, and couldn’t be faking it. She says she is just a nurse but knew something was off. Luke asks if she’s sure Luke is a prisoner at the compound and Mischa says yes. He got out of the cell once and made it to Helena’s bedroom before he was caught.

Luke is handcuffed to a chair right in front of Helena lying in bed. Helena says she is on her deathbed and tells him that Nikos had another bastard, Valentin. Luke laughs but Helena says this isn’t funny. Valentin has been waiting to retaliate against the Cassadine's for not being acknowledged as a Cassadine.

Olivia pulls away and Johnny says that was not the kiss of a woman who is in love with someone else. She says that was just a physical response because he turns her on. She reminds him that they both agreed in the beginning to see where this led and then if it didn’t work there wouldn’t be any hard feelings. Johnny agrees to go and says he can’t stand to listen to what she’s saying. He knows something else is going on but he can’t make her trust him with the truth. He leaves and she breaks down in tears. She then makes an urgent phone call.

Claudia holds a pregnancy test and leaves the room.

Dominic tells Sonny that he had a problem with Tommy and Sonny can’t wait to hear his story. Dominic says Tommy jumped him and got him in the head, the next thing he knew Jason was there. Sonny tells Dominic this is a major screw up and it’s not going to happen again. Sonny says there is no room for Dominic in his organization and tells him to leave. Jason asks Sonny to give Dominic another chance for saving Morgan’s life. Dominic says he wants to prove himself and he won’t make any more mistakes. Sonny says he will let him stay but he is on probation. He then dismisses him. When he leaves he asks Jason why he stepped up, and Jason says he did it because he knew Sonny didn’t want to fire him.

Jax comes to see Olivia. She tells him that Claudia knows and now she’s living her worst nightmare. She says Claudia wants her to break up with Johnny and she’s furious. She says she loves Johnny but she threw it away. She says it might be time for her to start spilling and let everyone know what Claudia did to Michael.

Claudia looks at her pregnancy test and throws it angrily.

Molly throws out the name Jessica, and Carly questions if they don’t like Josslyn. Kristina says the name sounds different but she’s not sure about the John. Michael is sure Carly will call the baby “baby Jace” no matter what. He then has a memory of Claudia apologizing to him. Everyone looks worried about him.

Jax says he knows she’s angry but she shouldn’t overreact in the heat of the moment. He then says it’s not her secret to tell it’s his. She wonders if she can wait that long.

Sonny didn’t want to fire him because he had high hopes for Dominic but he can’t keep him around just because he’s grateful. Jason says there is a difference between killing someone in a shoot out and murdering someone when you are face to face. Sonny appreciates Jason stepping up for him and then says they need to talk about Claudia.

Claudia meets Dominic at the door as he enters the house and she invites him to have a drink with her. He says he is beat but she tries to kiss him. He asks what this is all about.

Carly says each of them can pick one name, but if they don’t pick something that she likes better then Josslyn John then the discussion is over. Michael leaves the room and Carly asks Kristina if Michael zoned out a lot in Mexico. She asks if there is something that triggers this behavior. Michael overhears and breaks a vase and yells at Carly for talking about him behind his back.

Olivia says she doesn’t have to tell Sonny, she could just go straight to Jason and he would kill Claudia. Olivia says she wouldn’t feel bad if Claudia died to save the people she loves.

Sonny asks Jason to stay away from Claudia and have some compassion for her. Jason says he can’t even pretend to do that. Sonny asks him to treat her with a little respect.

Dominic says Claudia already turned him down once and wants to know what changed her mind. She goes in foe the kiss but Dominic is pulled away by Johnny. He grabs Claudia and pushes his fist in her face, demanding to know what she did to Olivia.

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