GH Update Monday 10/5/09

General Hospital Update Monday 10/5/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas returns to Wyndemere. Nikolas asks Alfred for the note that Elizabeth left. Nikolas wants to find out why Elizabeth changed her mind about meeting him. Nikolas scolds Alfred for not getting information out of Elizabeth. Suddenly, Robin shows up. Alfred leaves the room. Nikolas assumes that Liz sent Robin in her place. Robin is confused about what’s going on. Nikolas explains that he and Elizabeth made a mistake. Robin figures out that Nikolas and Elizabeth slept together. Robin can’t believe that Nik had time to be with Elizabeth when he is seeing Rebecca. Nikolas explains how their attraction to each other began. Nikolas confides that his feelings for Elizabeth have turned into something more. Robin tries to reason with Nikolas. Nikolas says that he can’t get a hold of Elizabeth and is concerned about her. Robin pleads her case as to why Nikolas cannot be with Elizabeth. Robin’s advice is for Nikolas to steer clear of Elizabeth. Nikolas thanks Robin for being honest. Robin leaves. Spencer enters the room and starts drawing on a piece of paper (Elizabeth’s note).

At Sonny’s office, Sam and Jason discuss how to deal with Claudia’s possible involvement in Michael’s shooting. Sam points out that Claudia might not have been involved but that Jerry definitely was. However, Sam adds that Jason needs to follow his hunch regarding Claudia. Jason is determined to find out who was Ian Devlin’s accomplice. Sam brings up that Ian might hold the answers to Claudia’s culpability in the shooting. Jason shakes his head in confusion.

Claudia confronts Olivia at her apartment. Claudia reveals that she knows Dominic/Dante is Sonny’s son. Olivia tries to change the subject. Claudia won’t back down. Claudia stresses that she “holds all the cards”. Claudia threatens to go to Sonny with the truth. Olivia stands there in silence while Claudia goes on about supporting Sonny when he and Dante finally have a DNA test. Claudia is about to leave when Olivia finally speaks. Olivia asks Claudia what she wants. Claudia smiles, knowing that Olivia has to be compliant to her demands. Claudia asks why Olivia kept Sonny in the dark about his son. Olivia doesn’t answer. Claudia is tired of Olivia being so disrespectful. Claudia is unsure if Dante knows the truth about his father. Olivia asks Claudia what she needs to do for her to remain quiet. Claudia announces that Olivia needs to break up with Johnny immediately. Olivia says she won’t do that. Olivia explains that once she dumps Johnny, Sonny will want to be with her. Olivia tells Claudia that the best thing is for her to move on. Claudia implies that she and Sonny plan on having another baby.

At the Corinthos home, Sonny tells Dominic to take out Tommy, the rat in their organization. Dominic tries to talk Sonny out of getting rid of Tommy. Sonny questions why Dominic isn’t following orders. Sonny thinks that Dominic is trying to cover up something. Johnny is summoned to the house. In front of Dominic, Sonny fills Johnny in on the situation with Tommy. Johnny is adamant that he can take him out. Dominic changes his mind and offers to take out Tommy himself. Dominic leaves. Johnny comments that Dominic can’t be completely trusted. Sonny is impressed that Dominic is stepping up to the plate. Johnny isn’t entirely convinced that Dominic is loyal to the organization.

In Greece, Lulu knocks on a front door of a home, asking for directions to the Ruins. Lulu pretends to be lost by holding a map. While the guard isn’t looking, Ethan hits him on the head. Lulu and Ethan enter the house. Some men aim their guns at them. Lulu and Ethan try to convince the guards that Nikolas Cassadine owns this house and that she is his sister. The men will not budge. Quickly, Lulu grabs a passport from the desk. Lulu and Ethan hurry out the front door.

Carly walks into the nursery to find Jax, Michael, Morgan, Kristina, and Molly inside. Jax implies that they are holding an “intervention” because Carly was caught eating donuts. Carly gets upset but Jax explains that he was only kidding. Jax announces that they need to pick out a name for their daughter. Molly and Kristina suggest some names. Carly is determined to have their daughter’s first name begin with a “J”in honor of Jax. Molly likes the name Juliet and Michael likes Jessie. They all agree that they like the name Jasmine. The kids leave the nursery. Carly questions Jax on what that was all about.

Lulu and Ethan enter a bar in Greece. Ethan starts flirting with a local. Ethan introduces the woman to Lulu. The woman proclaims that Lulu and Ethan are in grave danger. The woman explains that she has been taking care of Helena, per the doctor’s orders. Lulu wants to know if Luke was at the Cassadine house. The woman discloses that Luke is being held captive. She adds that another unknown Cassadine is hanging around the house.

Sam and Jason continue to discuss Michael’s shooting. Sam reminds Jason that Ian said “there is more” before he died. Sam thinks that Ian could have been referring to another accomplice involved in Michael’s shooting.

At the apartment, Olivia is stunned that Claudia and Sonny are going to have a baby. Claudia points out that she will be pregnant soon. Olivia admits that she feels sorry that Claudia is Johnny’s sister. Claudia thinks Olivia is horrible by keeping the truth from Dante. Claudia questions who Dante is really working for. Claudia thinks that Dante might be working for another mob family. Olivia doesn’t admit that Dante is an undercover cop. Claudia agrees to keep quiet if Olivia breaks up with Johnny. Claudia leaves the apartment. Olivia appears overwhelmed.

Lucky shows up at Nikolas’ home. Lucky relays that Elizabeth took a trip into the city for a few days. Lucky comments that he and Nik haven’t spent much time together lately. Nikolas says he will ask Alfred to order some pizza for dinner. Spencer walks in and shows Lucky the picture he drew. Nikolas notices that on the underside of the picture is Elizabeth’s letter.

In the nursery, Carly wakes up from a dream about her daughter. Carly tells Jax that she is touched that he wants the baby’s middle name to be Jason.

At home, Sonny asks Jason to check on a business matter. Claudia walks in. Sonny says that they have something important to discuss. Sonny changes his mind about having another baby. Claudia reminds Sonny that he promised her a baby. Sonny stresses the point that he doesn’t want another child. Claudia starts to cry.

Johnny returns to Olivia’s apartment. Olivia is emotional. Olivia is holding the stuffed animal that Johnny won for her at the carnival. Olivia starts to cry. Johnny senses that something is wrong. Olivia wishes that they had met at another time in their life. Olivia struggles to say that she can’t be with Johnny anymore. Olivia apologizes for leading him on. Johnny can’t believe what he is hearing. Olivia wants to break up with Johnny. Johnny is resolute that they can get through anything if they love each other. Olivia tearfully confesses that she can’t be with Johnny because she loves Sonny.

From his vehicle, Jason makes a call to Sonny. Jason explains that he is on his way to make sure that Dominic takes care of Tommy.

Dominic and Tommy are in the woods. Tommy realizes that he is not on his way to a meeting with Sonny. Tommy defends that he hasn’t been disloyal to Sonny. Dominic says that they can work something out. Dominic asks Tommy to turn state evidence against Sonny. Tommy thinks that Dominic has lost his mind. Tommy asks Dominic if he is an undercover cop.

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