GH Update Thursday 10/1/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/1/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Sonny’s house, he thanks Alexis for reminding him that he hasn’t been the father he wants to be for Kristina and the boys. Alexis tells him that she knows he genuinely wants to give his children the childhood he didn’t have. She tells him she doesn’t doubt his love for his children but that doesn’t change the fact that his life is a danger to all of his kids. He tells her that ignoring Kristina and Alexis keeping Sonny away from her is dangerous too. He tells her he is just trying to be a good father; he just hopes he is not too late.

Kristina and Kiefer are kissing in her bedroom. They take each other’s school uniform jackets off and lay down on the bed.

At the Jax house, Michael has a memory of Claudia telling him that she never meant for him to get shot; she sent the gunman. Carly asks him if he is having a memory and he tells her he doesn’t know. She tells him to tell her what he remembered and she will tell him if it was real or not. Jason knock son the door. He says he came by to see how Michael is doing. Carly tells him he has perfect timing; Michael has remembered something.

At the Metro Court, Dominic tells Claudia he is not interested in anything she has to say to him. She tells him she is trying to do him a favor. He asks her not to. She tells him she has important information to tell him. She tells him that if he is as smart as he thinks he is he will want to listen. He tells her to make it fast. Claudia spots Olivia walking by and tells her that she wanted to see her because what she was about to tell Dominic is really about her.

At Sonny’s house, he tells Alexis that if there is a problem, she needs to tell him. She tells him that technically there has been a problem since the day she found out she was pregnant. Sonny says Kristina needs a father and he is not going to let her down. Alexis tells Sonny she knows how Kristina feels because she grew up without a father. Sonny confirms that he knows her mother got pregnant in high school. Alexis tells him they should hope that doesn’t happen to Kristina. She says she knows that risk is inherent in every kid who grows up without one of their parents. Sonny says Kristina has a father; she just thinks he has been rejecting her for years and that he loves his boys more than her. He says he will prove his hove to his daughter. Alexis asks Sonny what he intends to tell Kristina about what he does for a living. She tells him she already knows, and she knows the difference between right and wrong, which puts her in an untenable situation to get close to him because it is a question of ethics. He says Alexis has had some questionable things in her life too. She clarifies to him that she does not profit from them. Sonny tells her that his kids and business are separate. She tells them they are not. She reminds him that when Michael and Kiefer were fighting at the country club he sent his thugs Max and Milo instead of breaking up the fight like a reasonable father would. He tells her he won’t let anyone bully his kids. Alexis tells him she understands that he wanted to protect Michael, but if he wants to be a father, he has to act like one instead of dealing with things like a mobster. Alexis asks Sonny if he has any idea how quickly news of the incident went through her circle of friends. He asks her if she is saying Kristina is ashamed of him. She doesn’t answer. She asks him what he will teach Kristina when they get closer. He says Kristina will learn that he has loved her for all of these years, he missed being part of her life, and he is going to try to make it right. She asks him what he will tell her about loving someone who is dangerous and who gets what they want by using violence. Sonny protests that he would never be violent with her. Alexis assures him that she knows that. She just wanted him to know that what he is asking Kristina to do is a lot. He is asking his daughter to love him and look up to him knowing that he is a criminal. He tells her that he won’t pull away from Kristina right now when she needs his attention because if she doesn’t get it from him, she will get it from someone else.

Kristina and Kiefer are making out on her bed when she suddenly sits up and says she can’t do it. He asks her what she means; she called him. She tells him someone could walk in at any second. He reminds her that no one is home; that was the whole point. She tells him she is sorry. He demands to know if she wants to have sex with him or not.

At Carly’s house, Michael tells him that his memory was no big deal. He lies and tells her he remembered being in an exam room and seeing people that he didn’t know standing over him. Michael leaves saying that Bill needs him to cover a shift. Carly tells Jason that Michael clearly doesn’t want her to know what he is remembering. Jason says Michael will tell her when he is ready. Carly asks Jason who Michael is protecting.

Olivia tells Claudia to make it fast; some people have to work for a living. Claudia says that people couldn’t help but notice after the tragedy at the carnival how concerned Olivia was about Dominic. Olivia tells Claudia that she obviously has nothing important to tell her and asks that the two of them take their mob nonsense elsewhere. Claudia says Olivia told everyone she was concerned about Dominic because she was head of the planning committee but the truth is that if Olivia had set extra barriers around the midway or around the gate, Edward’s car would have been stopped before it could have done any damage and the incident would have been avoided. Olivia tells Claudia that if she wants to stir up a lawsuit, she should contact the Metro Court’s attorneys. Claudia tells Olivia not to get defensive; she is trying to do a good deed. She says she has an idea to do a fundraiser for the victims of the tragedy and at the same time give Olivia a chance to redeem herself. Dominic would be the guest of honor since he saved her stepson’s life. She says it only makes sense that Olivia should organize the event because she was so concerned about Dominic. Dominic tells Claudia that he doesn’t know what she is after but not to use him to get one over on Miss Falconari.

Luke Spencer is in a cell trying to chisel away the cement on the window holding the bars in place. He hears someone approaching and goes over to the door poised to attack the person with his homemade chisel. A gloved hand puts a key into the lock and turns it, then walks away.

At Carly’s house, Jason tells Carly that he knows Michael doesn’t want to hurt her. He tells her she has made it this far into her pregnancy and nobody wants to mess things up. She asks if Jason knows what Michael is remembering. He tells her that Michael needs to deal with his memories in his own way. She protests that she wants to help her son. Jason tells her she has to give Michael some space just the way she did with him. He asks if she remembers when everyone was pushing him except her. She tells him it is different when it is your kid. She asks if this has something to do with the day he and Sam showed up at Jax’s office. She recalls that Michael couldn’t get out of there fast enough and the rest of them were hiding something. Jason tells her to leave it alone. She tells him that wondering about it is stressful. He tells her to stop thinking about it and focus on having a healthy baby girl and let him take care of the rest. She asks him if he is not going to tell her. He confirms that he is not. He tells her she has to trust him to take care of Michael. She reluctantly agrees.

At the Metro Court, Claudia tells Dominic he saved Morgan’s life so she is trying to make him a hero. Dominic says he just did what anyone would have done. Claudia asks Olivia if she cared about everyone who got hurt or if it was just Dominic. Dominic tells Claudia to leave Miss Falconari out of this. Calling him Mr. Pirelli, Olivia tells Dominic that she appreciates his concern but she can fight her own battles. Dominic tells her that this is between him and Mrs. Corinthos and he would like to keep it that way. Olivia tells him he can keep it any way he wants but to keep it out of the hotel. Olivia walks away.

At Sonny’s house, he tells Alexis that he knows his life is dangerous to his children. He says he hasn’t forgotten that Kristina and her brothers were kidnapped or what happened with Michael. She says that is a perfect example of why he can’t promise to keep the kids safe. He tells her that Michael got shot when he was trying to make his life better. He says that will not happen again. His enemies are afraid and his kids are safer now than they have ever been. She points out that it is a result of even more violence. He says that’s the way it is. He says they have done it her way all this time; now, they are going to do it his way. He says he knows Kristina’s life won’t be perfect but at least she won’t feel abandoned. Molly knocks on the door and enters. She tells her mother that she needs help from Uncle Sonny on a school project. She tells Sonny and Alexis that she is doing a paper on the judicial branch of our government. She would like to interview a real criminal. Alexis tells her daughter to go ahead. Molly says she’d like to know what it feels like to be arrested and hypothetically, what the worst crime he ever got away with is.

In Kristina’s bedroom, Kiefer asks her why he brought him there if she didn’t want to have sex with him. She tells him she just wanted to see him. He tells her she kissed him first and asks what he was supposed to think. She tells him that she skipped school today to go see her dad because she wanted to stand up for herself and let him know how she really feels. She says now her father wants to pretend that he cares about her but he obviously doesn’t. Kiefer tells her that he cares about her and he worries about her. He says there is no way her father can understand what she is going through in junior year. He says everyone is still talking about the day at the club when Michal attacked him and Sonny strolled in there with his goons like in a B-movie. She says she shouldn’t have gone over to her dad’s house. Kiefer tells her he understands. Kristina tells him she wants to go someplace else where they can be together. He asks if she is sure that that is what she wants. She says yes. He tells her there is no big rush; he doesn’t want to push her. She tells him he isn’t. He tells her that if she is sure that is what she wants, he can arrange something. They kiss. Sam comes barging in and asks Kiefer what he is doing in her little sister’s room.

In Helena Cassadine’s bedroom, she babbles vengeance, betrayal, afraid. A nurse tucks her in and tells her she has nothing to be afraid of; she is safe in her own home.

In his cell, Luke tries the door and discovers it is unlocked so he leaves. Someone lurking in the corridor watches him.

At Sonny’s house, he tells Molly that he doesn’t discuss business with children. She asks if it is correct that he has been arrested on numerous occasions. He tells her that if he helps her paper she may say that he has never been convicted of anything. She asks if that is because he was innocent or because he had a smart lawyer. Alexis tells her daughter that she is aer4 smart lawyer and she would be happy to help her with her research. Molly tells her that losing her job damaged her credibility. Alexis tells her to ask her anyway; there is no need to bring Uncle Sonny into this. Molly asks why not; Uncle Sonny beat the system. Sonny tells Molly that her mother used to be his lawyer so she can tell her a lot. Molly protests that she needs a primary source. She asks Sonny if he has ever used the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination. He sends her to the kitchen to get milk and cookies. Molly says maybe she will talk to Jason since Morgan told her that Jason has been arrested a million times and he always gets out of it. She concludes that Jason would be perfect and makes her way to the kitchen. Alexis tells Sonny that if this were court, this is where she would rest her case.

In Kristina’s bedroom, she asks Sam since when she can stroll into her room. Sam asks her sister if their mom knows that she is home alone with a boy in her room. Kristina dares her to call their mom and tell her. She says nothing happened and she doesn’t appreciate the implication that it did. Kiefer says Kristina wasn’t feeling well so he stopped by to drop off her homework. Sam asks if she walked in on them doing homework. Keifer says that was a goodbye kiss; he was just leaving. As he heads toward the door, Sam asks where his books are. He says everything is online. He grabs his jacket and tells Kristina that he will get back to her on that question they were working on. As he leaves, he tells Sam that if there is any question as to what was happening she may have Ms. Davis to call him. He leaves. Sam tells Kristina he is one smooth kid. Kristina tells her it was one kiss and it is none of her business. Sam asks her if she is having sex with him.

Jason enters restaurant to meet Johnny. They go into his office. Johnny asks how Sonny ended up with this place. Jason tells him that Sonny has been looking for a place since the coffeehouse burned down. He knew the owners of this place and they wanted to retire. Johnny says it is old school. He jokingly asks if it comes equipped with guns behind the toilets. Jason ignores the question. Johnny tells Jason that he suspects he didn’t call him there to discuss real estate. Jason tells Johnny they have a leak in the organization and asks what Johnny knows about it.

At the Metro Court, Dominic tells Claudia that he doesn’t know what kind of game she is playing but she’d better leave Miss Flaconari out of it. Claudia tells him that she finds it strange that he is so protective of a woman he barely knows. He tells her Olivia is a good person and she doesn’t deserve any trouble. Claudia asks why he is so concerned about Mrs. Falconari. She recalls that he could barely remember her name when he first met her. She says it makes her wonder. Claudia walks away. Dominic calls someone and says they have trouble.

Luke Spencer enters Helena’s bedroom and quips that he has found her in his favorite position. She tells him she is glad she had him cleaned up. He asks what this is about. Why did she keep him locked up for months and then suddenly give him a shower, a shave, unlock his door, and let him find her. He wonders what will happen next. She beckons him to sit next to her and tells him to be watchful. He observes that she is cold and asks what is wrong with her. She says “danger.” He says he won’t snap her beautiful neck if she won’t fight back. It’s no fun if she doesn’t participate. She tells him she can’t stop him. He tells her she has always been able to stop him, recalling that not so long ago the lights went out and he woke up in that cell. He asks her what is going on. She says “Luke. Cassadine. Danger.” He tells her that the Cassadines and danger go together like the noose and the gallows. He asks her what she means. He asks if this is some kind of warning.

In Kristina’s bedroom, she tells Sam that what she does with Keifer is none of her business. Sam says she understands that, she is just saying that if she is going to have sex, she needs to be prepared. Kristina says she has heard Sam has hooked up with every guy in town and tells her to stay out of this. Sam tells her sister she is not making any moral judgments; she has made some terrible mistakes. She is trying to protect her from doing the same thing. Kristina concludes that Sam thinks Keifer is a bad choice. Sam says no, she thinks it is a bad idea for her to be alone in her bedroom with her boyfriend. Kristina protests that Sam doesn’t even know Keifer. She says he is smart, he is going to Harvard, and Mom likes him. Sam asks Kristina if he is pressuring her to have sex. Kristina says no, and she is not having this conversation. Sam says fine, she can just listen. She tells her that if she is going to have sex, she needs to prepare herself. She needs to know about birth control and STDs and protect herself. She asks her sister if she has even thought about that. Kristina doesn’t answer. Sam tells her that if she hasn’t even thought of that, then she is not ready to have sex, but if she is determined, she must make sure Keifer uses a condom. Kristina storms out.

Alexis arrives at Carly’s door. Carly tells her if she is there to complain about either of her kids, she can’t handle it right now. Alexis assures her that she comes in peace. She tells her that since they both have children with Sonny as the father she was thinking they could work together and create a united front.

Kate knocks on Olivia’s door. Olivia pulls her inside, checks the hallway to see if anyone else is out there, and closes the door. She asks Kate if she has ever said anything to Claudia about Dante. She assures her she has not. Olivia tells her cousin that she thinks she was right. She tells her that this morning Claudia cornered Dante and started dropping hints. She says she thinks Claudia may have figured out that Dominic is really Dante and might even know that Sonny is his father.

Sonny enters the office behind the restaurant while Johnny and Jason are talking. Jason tells Johnny that there is a lot going on with the carnival mess and the attack on the warehouse but before that, one of their shipments was busted. Johnny says he knows; it kind of got lost in the shuffle. Jason tells him that two lieutenants are still in custody. Sonny closes the door behind him and says the bust was too perfect. The warrants were all in order and it went off like clockwork, which implies that someone within the organization tipped off the cops. Johnny tells Sonny that he appreciates that he is giving him the opportunity to defend himself, but it wasn’t him. Sonny asks why he should believe him. Johnny tells him he has no reason to undercut his organization; he has nothing to gain. Sonny tells him that he would if it were to help his father. Johnny tells Sonny that the two of them will never get along, but he and Jason have proven to be a good team. He says he has done the best work he knows how to for the organization and beyond that, he is not a snitch. He wouldn’t go to the cops and he doesn’t know who did. Sonny tells Johnny he doesn’t believe him.

In Helena Cassadine’s bedroom, Luke notices that her pulse is weak. He concludes that she is not faking and asks her what is going on. He tells her she can’t let it end like this; it isn’t right; he has to snap her neck. She babbles, “Luke. Your family. No, mine. Danger. Revenge.” He tells her yes, for Spencers and Cassadines, revenge is a way of life. She says, “All of us. Together. Revenge.” He asks her if she is telling him that someone wants revenge on the Cassadines and the Spencers. She says yes. Someone hits Luke from behind and he falls, unconscious.

At Carly’s house, she tells Alexis that if “united front” means that they do everything her way, it is not going to happen. Alexis tells Carly that Molly has been asking questions about Sonny’s criminal and professional life, and since she is sure Morgan has asked Carly similar questions, she thought they could discuss how to deal with it since both children are old enough to know what is going on now. Carly asks what Molly asked. Alexis tells her that Molly wanted to know how he beat the system so many times and if he ever pled the fifth. Carly asks Alexis if Molly asked her about how many times she got Sonny out of jail. Alexis says she gets it, but she is here to figure out how they can best support, guide, and protect the children. Carly suggests that Alexis tell her daughter what she told everyone else when she took Sonny as a client. “Everyone deserves a fair trial and a vigorous defense; it’s a matter of principle.” Alexis says she thinks that is reasonable and that it would placate Molly but Kristina’s situation is a bit more complex. She says she is worried that Sonny wants to be fully involved in her life. Carly says she thinks it is good for Kristina to be involved in Sonny’s life. She says Sonny isn’t perfect but he has a lot of security right now and things are calm. Alexis protests that Sonny is impulsive. She tells Carly that they both know Sonny spoils the children as a way to resolve his own childhood issues. Carly tells her she is right, but he is their father. Alexis says he is also a criminal. Carly says the kids need to be with their dad; they don’t care that he is a criminal. They don’t care about laws and ethics. They love their father and they need to be with him. Alexis concedes that she knows Sonny loves the children, but she doesn’t understand why he cant see how he affects them by the things he does and the way he lives his life. Carly tells Alexis that if they could be a united front and make it work, she would be in, but it doesn’t work. Sonny is their dad, they love him, and they need to be with him.

In the office behind the restaurant, Sonny tells Johnny that he doesn’t like him or trust him. Johnny tells him that is fine, but he has no proof that Johnny has been disloyal because he hasn’t been. He says Sonny doesn’t have any specific information that Johnny fed to the cops because he would never do that. Sonny tells Johnny that he is not a tyrant like Johnny’s father so he isn’t going to do anything until he has proof but he warns Johnny that if he did do this, and he wants to live a little while longer, he should run. Johnny leaves. Sonny tells Jason that if he has something to say, then he should say it. Jason says Sonny knows Johnny didn’t do it. Sonny says maybe, but they will just see if he runs. Jason tells Sonny that if he wants to hate Johnny, he can hate him but don’t let it get in the way. They need to find out who is working against them.

Dominic enters the restaurant and heads toward the office door. The maitre D directs him to where the tables are. Dominic advises him that he works for Mr. Corinthos. He says this is a nice place. The man says the food is good too. Dominic says that is good because he plans to spend a lot of time here.

In Olivia’s apartment, Kate tells her cousin that she has been carrying too many secrets for too long. Olivia tells her that maybe she is right; maybe she should have told Sonny the whole truth as soon as Dante got to town. She says she kept thinking she could fix it, get him pulled off the case, but now it has gone on too long and it is too late. Kate asks Olivia why she is so sure that Claudia knows the truth. Olivia tells her that Claudia was taunting them as if she was trying to trip them up. Kate tells Olivia to remember that Claudia only thinks about Claudia so whatever she may choose to do must benefit Claudia. Olivia says that blowing Dante out of the water would score big points with Sonny and he would hate Olivia for not telling him. She wonders why Claudia wouldn’t do it. Kate says it depends on what Claudia knows. She says that if Claudia only knows that Dominic is really her son Dante and is a cop… Olivia interrupts her and says he is a dead man. Kate says if on the other hand she knows that Dante is Sonny’s son, she might not want Sonny to know. Olivia says she should have told the truth a long time ago as Kate had advised her. She doesn’t know how she thought she would protect him from anything. She says she just wishes she could pack up her baby and take him home.

At Sonny’s house, Claudia is writing on a notepad “Dominic Pirelli, Dante Falconari, Dante Corinthos.” She crosses out “Dante Corinthos,” rips the sheet from the pad, and tosses it in the fireplace. Michael enters and asks her if it isn’t a little early for a fire. She tells him she was just burning up a bad check. She tells him you can’t be too careful with identity theft. She tells him his father isn’t there but she is always happy to see him. He tells her he came to talk to her about when she came to visit him at the institute. He tells her he is starting to remember more about what she said.

Kristina knocks on a door. Keifer answers it and says he was starting to worry. She apologizes that it took so long. She comes into the hotel room. He tells her he wanted her to be comfortable. She tells him it is perfect. He tells her they have all the privacy they want with no interruptions and no family barging in. She smiles. He takes her face into his hands and kisses her. She pulls back a little. He tells her it is ok. She says she knows; she is just a little nervous. He tells her all she has to do is relax; he will take care of her. He begins to try to kiss her and she tells him he is so wonderful about this. He tells her it will be good the first time and great after that. He grabs her face again and starts kissing her and pushing her toward the bed. She pulls away from him, and then says she is sorry. He tells her not to do this. She says it is just all happening too fast. He grabs her arms and tells her she is not backing out on him again.

In Olivia’s apartment, Kate tells her that it is important not to jump to conclusions. She asks if there is a chance that Claudia is bluffing. Olivia says no, the digs that she was making were too accurate; somehow, she has figured it out. Kate says not necessarily. She says Claudia sees Olivia as a threat; she could be trying to trick her into confirming her suspicions. Olivia asks what she is supposed to do. Kate says she should tell Sonny the truth. Olivia says only as a last resort. She asks if she can just throw Claudia off a bridge. Kate asks if she can help, then says people would notice. Olivia says they would give her a medal. Olivia asks what she is going to do when Johnny finds out. Kate reminds Olivia of Celeste Mancini, the girl who took her lunch money in third grade. Olivia says she remembers chasing her down, giving her a bloody nose, and getting Kate’s money back. Kate tells her to remember that she is a fighter. She says she is confident that when the time is right, Olivia will handle Claudia. Johnny enters Olivia’s apartment with his key. He notices Kate and Olivia and asks if something happened to her son.

In the office behind the restaurant, Sonny is sitting behind the desk and Jason is sitting in a chair in front of it. Sonny tells Jason that he had Bernie cross-reference the shipments from the past month with personal records so they can zero in on the leak and take care of the situation. There is a knock on the door. Jason gets up and opens it to Dominic, commenting on the ridiculousness of Dominic’s knock. Dominic says hello to Jason, calling him Mr. Morgan. He then tells Sonny that Bernie told him Sonny wanted to see him.

At Sonny’s house, Claudia tells Michael that he knows she would do anything she can to help him. She asks what he remembers. He asks if she visited him a lot. She confirms that she did. He tells her she is in a lot of his memories. He says that in a lot of them she is sitting at his bedside telling him that she was sorry. She says she is sorry for what happened to him. She says it was terrible and should never happen to anyone. He tells her that he has one recurring memory I which it seems like she is trying to explain what happened to him and saying it was her fault that he got shot.

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