GH Update Wednesday 9/30/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/30/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

On the Haunted Star Lulu comes in to find Ethan. He says he is leaving and she wonders what brought on this decision. She laughs at his reason and says she doesn’t buy it.

At their house Michael asks Carly if she has her carrots, which she says she does. She says he is just like Jax and Michael assures her he is just trying to make sure the baby arrives safely. Dominic comes into take Michael to school. Michael says he doesn’t need a babysitter.

At his home Sonny and Bernie discuss his last shipment. Kristina storms in and looks angry. She says she won’t take much of his valuable time since he’s always busy; she just wants to tell him he doesn’t have to make a baby because of her.

At the Metro Court Kate, wearing sunglasses, apologizes to Olivia for the Congo line. She then seems to not remember being all over Coleman the night before. She then says she wasn’t so drunk that she didn’t recognize her child with Sonny. Claudia steps off the elevator.

Ethan wonders why it’s so hard to believe that he just wants to leave. Ethan says he had an interest in getting to know his siblings, but realized it wasn’t going to happen. Lulu doesn’t buy it and says she got the same text from Luke. They need to figure out what to do next.

At General Hospital Alexis talks to Elizabeth. Alexis is working a pro bono case as punishment, but she loves it. Elizabeth says she never saw her as the D.A. anyway. Alexis then brings up Nikolas and asks what Elizabeth’s take is on him. Elizabeth says she has accepted Rebecca in his life. Alexis doesn’t think Rebecca is the problem and sees him showing Cassadine qualities. Nikolas walks up to a nearby nurse’s station and hears Elizabeth and Alexis discuss him and how he seems troubled. Nikolas interrupts and says he doesn’t appreciate being gossiped about by two women he trusts.

Sonny acknowledges Kristina’s anger and asks if something is going on at home. She thanks him for asking since he never does. She then says that he neglects her, never sees her and rarely calls and the only reason he’s talking to her now is because she caught him off guard. She says she ran his wife off the road and killed his baby and now he’s going to have a baby he doesn’t want just like he didn’t want her. She asks him not to do it.

Carly asks Michael why he’s so angry. Michael says he doesn’t want Dominic around him and his classmates, since the kids at school already give him a hard time. Dominic says as long as Michael is a safe driver he will leave the decision up to Carly. Carly says that while he’s at school he doesn’t need Dominic, but at night Dominic will be close by.

Kate says it took a while to recognize Dante but his eyes and smile are definitely Sonny’s. Kate says she knows this isn’t her secret to tell but wants to know what she’s going to do. Olivia says this is all too complicated and has gone too far to tell anyone the truth. It’s her worst nightmare come true. She tells Kate to tell her “I told you so.” And Claudia comes in and asks what she told her.

Ethan and Lulu look at their text messages and try to think of what the two separate messages that say the same thing means. They think he is in Greece and Ethan suspects Helena. Lulu isn’t convinced. Lucky shows up and says he needs their help.

Nikolas asks Alexis to discuss him in private since she is incapable of staying out of his life. Elizabeth asks why Nikolas is acting this way towards Alexis and says he has become colder and Cassadine like.

Sonny asks Kristina what’s going on. She says she came by after Maxie and Spinelli’s wedding, she brought him cake because she thought they might bond although she thinks that’s impossible. She overheard him telling Mike and it bothered her. She had to beg him not to do it, because it wouldn’t be fair to the child. Kids know when a parent doesn’t want them. She says Sonny feels an obligation to her and it’s not the same as wanting or loving. Sonny says he was thrilled to have a daughter but Kristina doesn’t believe him. She says if he was thrilled he would have made time for her and made sure she knew he cared. But she has learned to live with that. She says they both know she doesn’t mean anything to her.

Kate tells Claudia to move along but Claudia puts them both down. She then tells Olivia she’s going to get what she deserves and she can’t wait. After she leaves Kate observes that Claudia seemed more confident than usual and wonders if she could know about Dante.

Lucky tells them that he and Elizabeth are officially engaged and they want to spend more time with their family, which includes Ethan. He invites them to a barbeque and says he’s also inviting Nikolas, which probably means Rebecca. He doesn’t want Ethan to start things, which Ethan says he won’t make any promises. They both agree and Lucky leaves. Once he’s gone Ethan and Lulu say that Nikolas may be able to help them.

Nikolas receives a phone call and it sounds like Helena on the other end.

Sonny says his life is complex. Kristina understands that Alexis wants to keep them apart but doesn’t understand why she was so easy to be given up. He fights to the death for Michael and Morgan but she didn’t receive the same treatment. She doesn’t care what his reasons are for that. Sonny apologizes. He tried to respect Alexis’ wishes but hurt Kristina in the process. He wants the chance to make it up to her, if she’s willing to give it.

Olivia says the only way Claudia would know is if Kate has been talking about it. Kate says she doesn’t blab, not even to Sonny when they were together. Olivia is sure that keeping their secret is the best for everyone. Kate tells her this will come out sooner or later and she needs a plan for when it does. Dante comes in with papers for Mrs. Falconeri and asks Kate if she can keep her mouth shut.

Nikolas tries to talk to Helena but on the other end a woman takes the phone away from Helena and says she needs to rest.

Lulu tells Ethan that Nikolas would have told her if he knew Luke was in trouble. Lulu says something about the text bothers her. She’s sure Luke has never sent a text before and the use of “old man in trouble” is very un-Luke. She then says she’s going with him. Ethan says no way; he’s not putting her in danger. He leaves.

Michael comes back home to find Carly still sitting on the couch. He has taken a 2 hour free period so he can work on landscaping as punishment for running away to Mexico. He then has a flashback of Carly visiting him while he was in a coma.

Dante says he noticed Kate recognized him at Jake’s. Kate says she did and she was very drunk so it was a close call. Dante asks her not to tell anyone. Kate promises not to tell but warns him that lies are dangerous and there will be major fallout. Kate walks away and Olivia tells him that that was way too close.

Sonny says he wants to make things right. He doesn’t want her to think he doesn’t love her because he does. She apologizes for melting down. He tells her not worry about the baby or Claudia’s accident anymore. They hug and she says she needs to go because she skipped school. Sonny goes back inside and Kristina calls Kiefer to meet her at her house as soon as he can.

Ethan read s Greece travel book on the plane. Lulu sits down right next to him and tells him not to argue because she has more experience rescuing her dad than he does and she’s sure Luke will need both of them.

Luke is in a cell trying to loosen a metal bar from his window.

Alexis goes to see Sonny and asks what is going on with Kristina. He explains what Kristina overheard between him and Mike. Alexis asks if he is clueless.

Dante is leaving a message for Lulu at the Metro Court and sees Claudia. She tells him to make time for her because he will really want to hear what she has to say.

Sonny wants Alexis to focus on the problem with Kristina. He tells her that Kristina doesn’t think Sonny loves her. Alexis says she knows that’s true. Sonny says he will now be a part of Kristina’s life. Alexis remains him that he is a criminal and she wants to protect her. Alexis tells him to stop procreating, he already has more children than he knows how to handle.

Kiefer comes to see Kristina and they go to her bedroom. She says she knows where she stands with him, he wants her and she wants him too. She kisses him.

Carly knows Michael had a memory. Michael thinks it might not be a real memory and Carly asks for an example. Michael tells her about his flash of Sam, but she was never there. She says she did tell him that when he woke up he would teach her to play a video game. He then sees Claudia telling him she gave the order and is the reason he got shot. Michael thinks maybe some of the flashes are true.

Claudia says Dante and Sonny are bonding and Sonny may have even taken a paternal interest in him. Dante says it’s just luck. He tells her to say whatever she has to say.

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