GH Update Tuesday 9/29/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/29/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Claudia visits Anthony in prison and tells him her and Sonny are trying to have a child. Anthony says her child will not have Johnny’s legacy.

At Jake’s Spinelli thanks the crowd for serenading them and for celebrating with them. Mac gets up to make a toast to Spinelli for not marrying Maxie. Spinelli also opens up the karaoke floor to everyone. Coleman brings Kate a drink and asks her to sing karaoke with him, but she declines. Sam tells Jason that all of this is because of him and Spinelli wouldn’t even know any of them if it wasn’t for him. Mac tells Alexis that she looks pretty and that it’s nice to see her away from the office.

Claudia tells Anthony that the baby is the final piece in the puzzle for her and Sonny. Anthony says he loves Johnny he just always knew Claudia was a lost cause and a bad seed.

Olivia asks Dante (Dominic) why he’s still there, she is worried Kate will recognize him. Dante isn’t worried since Kate hasn’t seen him since he was a kid and she is distracted by Coleman. Lulu bets Ethan $20 he won’t sing karaoke. Ethan gets up on stage and sings “One of my Kind” by Inxs. After the song Kristina goes over to talk to him and flirt a little bit. Coleman flirts with Kate some more, but steps away to pull Ethan away from Kristina. Kiefer comes in and tells Kristina he doesn’t like the idea of her dancing with other guys. Robin tells Patrick that she is trying to set up Lulu and Matt. Patrick tells her to be careful.

Anthony asks Claudia if her last baby was even Sonny’s and she yells at him to shut up. She tells him they are going to be a family, but Anthony thinks it’s just a big joke because Sonny would rather be with Olivia.

Kate wonders to Coleman what Olivia is so sour about. She looks at Dante as he walks by and says she knows him.

Olivia talks to Johnny at the bar and asks how he’s feeling. Molly asks Morgan to sing with her and they pull Coleman away from Kate. Kate then goes over to Dante and says she would know him anywhere even all grown up. Just then Coleman announces Molly and Morgan singing Jackson 5’s “ABC.” Carly and Alexis get up and shake it a bit to the song.

Back at the house Claudia comes home and wants to go upstairs. Sonny says he needs to be reachable to Bernie right now so it’s not a good idea. Claudia says that’s fine and heads over to Jake’s to congratulate Spinelli.

Alexis, Carly, and Jax all congratulate their kids. Robin pulls Lulu over to Patrick and Matt and invites Lulu and Matt to an intimate dinner party, just the four of them. Lulu says that’s fine and excuses herself. Matt and Patrick say Robin was too obvious.

Kate asks Olivia what her son is doing at this wedding, but Olivia pulls her away.

Milo then gets on stage and announces Mac and Patrick who sing “Macho Man.” Coleman interrupts and stands on the bar. He brings up two women and joins into the song. He sings right to Kate and she seems to be eating it up. The whole bar starts to dance and Coleman even gets the priest to sing a little “Macho Man.”

Kate and Coleman continue to flirt and she kisses him. Olivia says Kate is officially hammered and will be horrified in the morning. Lulu and Maxie also look on and Maxie wonders if they should break it up but Lulu says no. Coleman invites her upstairs but she says there is something she has to do first. Olivia then drags Kate outside.

Ethan visits Nikolas at Wyndemere and says he wants answers about Luke. He is worried about him and thinks Helena is involved. Sonny says he hasn’t seen either of them in months.

Sam picks up the bouquet she caught and Jason thanks her for being his date. He asks her to come home with him tonight.

Mac shakes Spinelli’s hand and says he will appreciate him as long as he keeps Maxie happy and unmarried. Robin hugs Maxie and says good night. She is making sure Mac gets home. Carly and Jax also give their congratulations and say goodnight. Kiefer asks Kristina if he can give her a ride but she says she’s going with her mom. He tells her to call him on the phone he got her. Johnny also says goodnight. Dante asks Lulu if she wants to keep the evening going but she says she will take a rain check. Sam and Jason are the last say thank you and congratulations. Jason tells Spinelli not to hug him again, so instead Maxie hugs him.

Sam and Jason leave and Maxie and Spinelli are left to dance alone. Spinelli sings “I want to know what love is” to Maxie as they dance.

Jason and Sam arrive in his room and there are candles burning everywhere. They kiss at the doorway and begin undressing each other as they move toward the bed.

Lulu sits at her apartment surrounded by Maxie and Spinelli’s gifts when she receives a text, “old man in trouble come quick to Cas.” Ethan receives the same text while he is with Nikolas. Nikolas tells him there is a problem he should solve it and not show up at his house drunk.

Sonny speaks Spanish on the phone as Mike enters. Mike asks if he is hiding something. Sonny tells him that he agreed to something that he’s not comfortable with. He says he agreed to have another baby with Claudia and he wishes he hadn’t. Kristina overhears this. Sonny says he feels it’s his responsibility to give her a child because it was his daughter that killed her first baby.

Kate tells Olivia she knows Dante is really Dominic, Sonny’s child. Claudia overhears this.

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