GH Update Monday 9/28/09

General Hospital Update Monday 9/28/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

During the wedding vows, Spinelli admits that he cannot marry Maxie. Maxie looks confused. The wedding guests are shocked. Spinelli realizes that they can’t be sure that their marriage will last. Spinelli suggests that he and Maxie stay unmarried for now. Maxie happily agrees to the plan. Suddenly, Mac passes out. Maxie and Robin are worried about him. Mac wakes up and tells everyone that he is fine. Maxie announces that she has something to tell everyone even when Mac objects. Maxie confesses to Spinelli that she respects his decision to call off the wedding. Maxie intends on marrying Spinelli sometime in the future. After Father Coates announces that Maxie and Spinelli are not married, the couple kiss. All of the guests clap.

Spinelli tells the guests that a reception will still occur even though the nuptials didn’t happen. Robin pipes in that it is honorable that Maxie and Spinelli declared their love for one another. Lulu passes out wedding favors to everyone. Mac says that the reception will be held at Jake’s. Maxie and Spinelli walk down the aisle. Once outside, Spinelli offers to help Maxie into the limo. Maxie reminds Spinelli that she will marry him someday. Milo shows up as the limo driver. Spinelli and Maxie make out in the limo.

At the manor after the non-wedding, Lulu and Dominic/Dante flirt with each other. Dominic wants to escort Lulu to Jake’s. Lulu finally accepts Dominic’s offer. They walk out of the manor. As the guests pile out, Johnny tells Olivia that they should head to Jake’s. They leave. Jason is the last one at the manor. Sam thinks that Jason is hiding from everyone. Jason takes off his pink tie and puts it around Sam’s shoulders. They kiss.

The reception is being held at Jake’s. Ethan is helping out tending bar for Coleman. Ethan thinks it is funny that Lulu is accompanied by Dominic. Kristina, Molly, and Morgan want Ethan to teach them how to play poker. Lulu and Dominic watch as Ethan explains how to play poker. Morgan senses that Ethan wants to win all their money. Alexis walks up to the table. Alexis comments that Ethan can’t be trusted.

At the manor, Jason and Sam kiss again. Sam asks what advice Jason gave Spinelli. Jason says that he told Spinelli to “follow his heart”. Sam agrees with Jason. They kiss.

At the reception, Alexis complains to Carly and Jax that Ethan is teaching the kids how to cheat at poker. Carly doesn’t want to hear it so they walk away. Alexis strikes up a conversation with Mac. From the other side of the bar, Robin reminisces about happy memories that occurred at Jake’s. Robin and Patrick laugh as they watch Mac spinning Alexis around on the dance floor. Alexis appears uncomfortable with the whole thing.

Spinelli and Maxie arrive at the reception. Coleman toasts them on their non-wedding. Everyone applauds the couple.

At the reception, the guests mingle. Kristina flirts with Ethan and says that she likes his accent. Molly intervenes and tells Kristina that Kiefer would be mad if he knew what she was doing. Sam arrives at the reception and says hello to Alexis, Molly, and Kristina. Jason walks up to Carly. They head outside. Mac blurts out that he is glad that he didn’t have to track down Frisco and Felicia for the wedding. Johnny and Olivia congratulate Spinelli and Maxie on their “non-wedding”. Lulu interrupts to say that the couple is needed for pictures. Johnny admits to Olivia that he loves her. Dominic watches in disgust.

Outside the bar, Carly says that she is impressed that Jason wore a pink tie for Spinelli. Carly brings up old times at Jake’s. Carly confides that she is glad that she and Jason are still good friends. Jason agrees with Carly. They hug.

Everyone is surprised to see that Kate has arrived at the reception. Olivia looks worried and tells Johnny that she needs to take care of something. Kate hugs Lulu. Maxie realizes Kate has shown up. Kate confides that she is truly happy for Maxie. Maxie appreciates Kate’s kind words. Jason and Sam run into each other near the bar. Jason and Sam playfully flirt back and forth.

Robin takes the mike and announces that the maid-of-honor and best man need to make their speeches. Lulu goes first. Lulu explains that she wasn’t sure at first that Maxie and Spinelli were good together. However, Lulu admits that her feelings have changed. Lulu thinks that Maxie and Spinelli are a perfect fit. The guests clap. Spinelli tells Jason that it is his turn to speak. Lulu hands Jason the mike. Jason remains silent. Carly wants Jax to help out Jason. Coleman comments that Jason apparently has stage fright. Morgan saves the day by making a speech. Morgan makes jokes about this being his first time in a bar. Morgan congratulates Maxie and Spinelli. Everyone claps. In private, Spinelli takes Jason by surprise by saying he loves him. Spinelli hugs Jason.

Outside, Olivia confronts Dominic/Dante about leaving the reception. Olivia is worried that Kate will see Dante. Dante thinks that Johnny will dump Olivia once he finds out the truth.

The cake-cutting begins. Maxie explains that Kate supplied the cake. Maxie spreads the cake over Spinelli’s mouth. Everyone laughs. Robin and Patrick kiss. By the jukebox, Mac tells Alexis to chill out since she is so worried about her daughters. Olivia returns to the party. Johnny thinks that Olivia is still reeling from his declaration of love. Olivia admits that she feels overwhelmed by it all. Olivia announces that she is in love with Johnny.

Lulu finds Dominic outside. Lulu is concerned that her makeup has smeared. Lulu believes that she will never find a love like Maxie and Spinelli’s. Dominic thinks that true love can last for a long time. Dominic adds that love can come when a person least expects it.

Robin makes an announcement to all the single men that the garter belt will be thrown shortly. Jason catches it to the surprise of everyone. Sam laughs. As the women wait for Maxie to throw the bouquet, Kate and Olivia reminisce about Bensonhurst. Sam catches the bouquet. Spinelli declares that the stars are in alignment for Sam and Jason.

Maxie pulls Mac aside to talk. Maxie appreciates Mac’s love and support. Maxie asks for Mac to respect Spinelli. They both say “I love you” to one another. Matt shows up at the reception and tells Patrick that Maxie did the right thing by not marrying Spinelli.

Robin tells the guests that they are all going to sing a song dedicated to Spinelli and Maxie. Everyone sings along to “I Want To Know What Love Is” while Spinelli and Maxie dance. The couple looks very happy. Outside, Dominic takes Lulu by the hand and they begin to dance.


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