GH Update Friday 9/25/09

General Hospital Update Friday 9/25/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie is dreaming that she and Spinelli are married with two children and one on the way.   Jason is the mob boss and Spinelli is his best soldier.  As Jason and Spinelli are preparing to go out into the field to confront opposing forces, a haggard-looking Maxie comes into the room wearing a maternity smock and plain cardigan sweater, holding her toddler daughter and tells Spinelli she thought he was going to help her.  When she realizes what she and Jason are doing, she tells him she told him no killing to which he responds, “The Jackal must do what the Jackal must do.”  She tells her that men of danger do not cave in the face of nagging wives. As her young son plays with a large toy rifle, Maxie reminds him that she didn’t want to get married but he practically begged her.  She asks what happened to all that romantic “Fair Maximista” stuff.  There is a knock upon the door to which Spinelli points for Maxie to go answer.  She opens the door to the glamorous and successful Lulu Spencer who is wheeling and dealing on the phone as she comes in the door.  After saying Ciao to her party, Lulu continues texting on her phone as she tells Maxie she only has a second, she is off to the Spring Collection in Paris.  She gives Maxie air kisses, and says she will be gone for about a month so she wanted to say goodbye to her BFF and all her adorable godchildren.  Maxie says she is so jealous she could scream.  Lulu wonders why Maxie would be jealous of her empty life filled with one pointless fashion show or party after another with the same nauseating group of people and their oh-so-predictable Haute Couture.  She says that what Maxie has here is real. There is another knock on the door.  It is Patrick, Robin, and a mentally ill Uncle Mac babbling about how he could kill Jackal. Robin tells Maxie that it breaks her heart to have to drop off and pick up Uncle Mac every day after work but ever since he lost his mind at Maxie’s wedding, seeing Maxie is all he really has to look forward to.  Mac, holding a toddler toy, wipes drool from his mouth as he babbles the beginning of the Miranda rights, “you have the right to remain silent; he has the right to remain silent; I have the right to remain silent.”  Meanwhile Spinelli and Jason are pondering the weapons they will take with them. Jason tells Spinelli they have to go; people are waiting to die.  Lulu says she has to go; her private jet is waiting.  Maxie asks Lulu if she can’t stay a little longer because it has been so long since she has felt relevant; she feels like she is missing out on a lot.  Lulu confirms that she is and promises a nice chat when she returns from Paris, but tells Maxie that if she doesn’t leave immediately, she will be more than fashionably late to Carl’s kickoff party.  Spinelli says, “Wait!  The Jackal has made a life altering decision.”  He says it has become clear where his heart and priorities truly lie.  He says he wouldn’t be the man he is without your faith and confidence and says they have an unbreakable bond that is forged in stone.  Maxie beams upon hearing this.  He then reveals that he is talking to Stone Cold Jason whom he thanks for banishing his outer wimp and bringing out his inner warrior.  He tells Jason that he must follow his heart and accompany the one and only original blonde one to Paris where their destiny will finally be realized!  Lulu asks Spinelli if he is choosing her.  Brandishing his rifle, he tells her yes, calling her fair Lulu of his heart.  He tells her that once they stroll among the glittering Glitterati, their love shining more brightly than any of their jewels, their names will be forever linked in the Paparazzi like Brangelina and Bennifer.  They will be Jackalu.  Lulu says she likes it.  Maxie, who has been observing in amazement, calls him an insensitive clod and asks what about her – his WIFE?  He tells her that her luminosity has long since faded; he is no longer inspired.  Lulu and Spinelli head toward the door with Jason following them.  Maxie yells to Lulu that she can’t do this to her; she is her best friend!  Lulu says she is sorry; maybe she shouldn’t have married Spinelli after all.

Lulu knocking on the wall above Maxie’s bed awakens her from her dream.  Maxie awakens to see Lulu and Robin standing over her, beaming.  Lulu tells her to rise and shine.  Robin reminds her that it is her wedding day.

At Patrick’s house, Mac, putting on cufflinks, tells Patrick that not only is this the worst day of his daughter’s life and he has to be an active participant for it, but he has to get dressed up for it.  He wonders who invented stupid cufflinks.  Patrick offers to help him.  Mac says this is the worst day in Scorpio-Jones history.  He says it is going to get worse. Patrick advises him to try to remember it is not about him.  Mac tells Patrick that he is no better for Robin than Spinelli is for Maxie.  Mac says he takes it back; at least Patrick is a doctor.  Spinelli is tech support for the mob.  He asks Patrick if he would be as calm if he were about to hand Emma over to a weirdo like that.  He says he looked in on Maxie when he left home this morning and found her sleeping in her clothes.  She hadn’t changed into her pajamas because that idiot kept her out until 2:00 AM the night before her wedding.  He says he watched her life flash before his eyes.  Recalled when she was age2, 10, sweet sixteen.  He opines that she barely past that now; She is way too young to be married, especially to a dunderhead like Spinelli.  He says if he gets past this day, Patrick can throw him Shady Brook and lock him up with the other loonies. Patrick and Mac go out the front door.

At Alexis’s house, Kristina berates Molly for raiding her jewelry case.  Molly protests that Kristina wasn’t awake yet.  Sam tells Kristina that at least Molly is ready to go and asks if there is any chance that Kristina can catch up.  Kristina says she wants her necklace back and demands that Molly give it to her.  Sam tells Kristina that she can borrow one of hers.  Kristina says she doesn’t want to borrow one of Sam’s, she wants the one Molly is wearing.  Sam wonders when Kristina got so possessive.  Molly says it is because Kiefer gave it to her.  Sam tells them that this is Maxie and Spinelli’s wedding day and she doesn’t want to be late.  She asks Kristina to get ready so they won’t be late.  Kristina asks what about her necklace, and Sam tells her to be the bigger person.  When Kristina storms off, Sam tells Molly that Kristina is right; she should ask permission.   Molly doesn’t understand what the big deal is; Kristina wasn’t going to wear it anyway.  Sam says it has sentimental value because Kiefer gave it to her.  Molly starts putting on Sam’s makeup.  Sam sits next to her and asks Molly how serious Kristina and Kiefer are; Molly doesn’t know.  Sam asks if Molly likes Kiefer.  Molly tells her that Kiefer is beyond awesome.  She says Kiefer isn’t an outcast and he isn’t hiding an unsavory past that they know of but is facing a major obstacle in Kristina’s father.  After all, Uncle Sonny is a scary crime boss and is capable of almost anything.  Sam asks if Molly thinks Kristina loves Kiefer.  Molly says probably, but not forever a love like Spinelli and Maxie have, comparing them to Roxanne and Cyrano except this time the babe chose the geek.

In Maxie’s bedroom, Lulu pulls her out of bed and tells her she needs to wake up and then calm down, conceding that it sounds contradictory.  She gives Maxie coffee, saying it might be counterproductive.  Maxie asks why they let her sleep in so long.  Robin says they thought she needed her beauty sleep.  Lulu adds that she doesn’t want to walk down the aisle with bags under her eyes.  Maxie tells them they are right; this might be her last chance to get glam. Lulu asks Maxie what she means.  Lulu says she saw her future in a dream.  Then she tells them she might as well call it the nightmare that it was.  She saw granny-panties, sandals with socks.  Lulu asks Maxie if she is sick.  Maxie tells her no, but give her a few years and she will have squabbling kids and a mobster for a husband.  She leaves the room saying, “Happy wedding day.”  Robin tells Lulu that Maxie will be fine.

At the penthouse, Spinelli is frantically typing on his laptop computer.  Jason comes downstairs and asks Spinelli if he is all right. Spinelli admits that he has accidentally deleted his vows and that his usually clear and supple mind is in a dense fog.  Jason suggests that Spinelli is worried about more than his vows.  Spinelli confirms that Jason is right.  He says deleting his vows was an omen of doom.

As Carly enters the wedding venue with Jax and Morgan, she comments that she loves weddings – especially oddball ones.  Jax tells her he is sure she is in for a treat.  She says it is so beautiful it makes her want to do it again.  He tells her he would marry her 1000 times.

At Alexis’ house, Kristina tells Sam that she and Jason are in the tragic star-crossed lovers’ mode.  Sam says she and Jason are just friends. She then admits that they may be a teeny bit more than friends.  Molly advises her not to Romeo and Juliet, specifying that they should avoid doing something irrevocable that leads to mutual doom. Sam tells Molly that she and Jason are not doomed or star-crossed.  Molly says they are lover, though.  Sam doesn’t answer.  Molly tells her that her secret is safe.  Someone knocks on the door. Molly answers the door to Kiefer who tells her she looks beautiful.  He notices that Kristina let her wear her necklace.  Kristina comes out and protests that she did not let her wear it; Molly took it without asking.  Kiefer tells her that at least her sister has good taste.  Kiefer tells her she looks great and he can’t wait to show her off.  Kristina reminds him that she told him she couldn’t go out with him today because she has a reading at a wedding.

In Maxie’s room, Robin tells her that she will make the most beautiful bride.  Maxie tells Robin that she has already won that title and asks her not to cry because that will make her cry too, and she has just finished her makeup.  Robin says she can’t make any promises.  Maxie asks Robin if she thinks Maxie should have tried to find her mom. Robin says she doesn’t know, and asks what Maxie thinks.  Maxie says she considered it because every girl wants her mom there for her wedding, but she didn’t bother contacting Felicia because she figured the outcome wouldn’t be good either way.  She says whether her mom came or not, resentment would boil over and ruin her day.  The last thing she needs to think about today is how people can promise to love you forever, then turn around, and walk away.

At the penthouse, Spinelli tells Jason that he ignored the ominous signs.  He says his grandmother cannot attend due to a scheduling conflict which he thinks is just an excuse to avoid the exchange of vows that she doesn’t believe will be kept.  Jason tells Spinelli that his grandmother’s opinion doesn’t matter; it is between Spinelli and Maxie. Spinelli tells Jason that part of Maxie fears that being married will be the end of something so he needs to assure her that this is not the end, but the beginning of a lifelong journey.  He thinks that thought may have brought words to him for his vows, but is again frustrated.  Jason tells him to say what is in his heart.  Spinelli fears his words will be inadequate. Jason asks Spinelli how he won Maxie over in the first place. Spinelli says he doesn’t know.  Jason says he will tell Spinelli because he watched the whole thing.  He tells Spinelli that he was himself; he didn’t speak anybody else’s words or pretend to be anybody else.  He was him.  That is who Maxie fell in love with.  Jason tells him this isn’t hard.  All Spinelli has to do is be honest.  Spinelli tells Jason that one of his most compelling qualities is that he speaks the truth, no matter how inconvenient or hurtful.  He asks Jason if he thinks Maxie and Spinelli are making the right choice or if they are making the biggest mistake of their lives.  Jason sighs and says that only Spinelli and Maxie can answer that.  He tells Spinelli that they don’t come any better than him; Maxie is the lucky one and he hopes she knows it.

In Maxie’s room, Lulu asks Robin if she thinks Maxie went out the bathroom window.  Robin says she thought Maxie would be more freaked out; she seems calm.  Lulu disagrees, saying Maxie is in shock.  The freak out will come when she goes down the aisle.  Robin thinks Maxie will go through with it.  Lulu says that’s what Maxie wants everybody to think.  She says she is worried about Spinelli.  If Maxie doesn’t go through with the wedding Spinelli will shatter in front of everybody.  She apologizes, saying that was inappropriate, she is gloomy by nature; she is always prepared for the worst.  Robin tells her that if the worst happens, at least someone is prepared.  Robin says she thinks Maxie should be back by now. They both jump up to run to the bathroom to see if Maxie has jumped out the window.  Maxie opens the door just before Lulu is able to.  She unenthusiastically says she thinks she is ready to put her dress on now. Robin begins to ask Maxie if she is having second thoughts but Maxie tells her not to start.  She asks them if they aren’t supposed to have presents for her.  Robin gives her the handkerchief that her grandmother Philomena carried on her wedding day as something old and borrowed.  Lulu gives her something that strays from tradition because it is not new but is perfect for her; a white feathered purse once belonged to Coco Channel.  Maxie thanks Lulu for being her best friend.  Robin gives Maxie a blue garter. Maxie says she always thought traditions were dumb but she realizes why they exist.  They keep people grounded during moments in their lives when they might be too anxious and miss something wonderful.  She thanks them for keeping her grounded.  She says she can’t believe this is really happening; she is a bride.

At the wedding venue, Mac is pacing.  Patrick asks if he can get something for him.  Perhaps a shot of whisky or an antidepressant.  Mac says he can just shoot him in the head.  Patrick says he can make a call.  Mac tells him he doesn’t have to; Jason the mob enforcer is the best man.  Mac wonders how that little bundle of joy who is Maxie ended up growing up and getting married to organized crime. Patrick says he wouldn’t call Spinelli “organized crime.”  Spinelli and Jason enter and Mac tells Spinelli he is glad he could make it.  Damian frantically wonders if his bride is waiting for him.  Patrick assures him he is fine; the guests are still arriving and Maxie is not here yet.  Spinelli thanks Mac for his albeit reluctant consent to the marriage and assures him that he will always act with Maxie’s best interests at heart.  Mac tells him that if that is true he should call off the wedding.  Mac walks away.  Patrick tells Damian he is sorry.  Damian says he is not offended.  Patrick tells him that he is a better man than Patrick is.  He goes inside.  Jason tells Spinelli to remember what Jason said; if he speaks from his heart, everything will be fine. 

Morgan spots Dominic at the wedding venue and asks if he has worked out when he is moving in.  Dominic tells him that he will be staying with Morgan’s dad instead, but tells him that is the next best thing.  Jax, having overheard the conversation comes over to Dominic after Morgan departs.  He tells Dominic that moving in with Sonny should make his job easier.  Dominic tells him he would rather not talk about that here, or anywhere else.  You never know who is listening.  Jax reminds Dominic that he is on his side.  The sooner he rids this town of Sonny Corinthos, the better.  Dominic tells him that the job is not as easy as it looks.  Dominic’s mother Olivia enters on the arm of Johnny Zacchara.

Spinelli tells Jason poets and singers fail to mention excruciating anxiety when they rhapsodize about the joining of two souls in miraculous matrimony.  He says they should have eloped. Jason tells Damian to relax and take a deep breath.  Sam, Kristina, and Molly enter, with Molly commenting on how amazing the décor looks.  She tells Spinelli that he looks especially handsome and Maxie is lucky.  He thanks her for her support and says he looks forward to her poetry recitations.  Sam shoos the girls away and asks Spinelli how he is holding up. Jason tells her Spinelli is a wreck.  She replies he is a groom; he is supposed to be stressed.  She congratulates Spinelli.

Olivia and Johnny sit behind Carly and Jax.  Carly tells Johnny that she is surprised to see him up and around.  He tells her Olivia has been taking good care of him as he kisses Olivia’s hand.  Carly says she thinks the two of them are great together and she loves the “I don’t care what anybody thinks” vibe.  Jax tells Carly it must seem familiar.  Johnny says it’s nice to be approved of for once.  Olivia says she and Johnny aren’t making a lot of top 10 lists in this town.  Carly says that is because Port Charles is full of judgmental people who have no right to talk. Carly says they should rub it in their face.  Johnny says it works for him and kisses Olivia. Dominic, who has been sitting behind Olivia and Johnny the whole time, gets up and walks away.  He goes out on the terrace.  Lulu greets him by asking what he is doing there.  He tells her she looks gorgeous.  She wonders what he is doing there since he doesn’t know Spinelli or Maxie.  He tells her she caught him; he heard she was going to be the maid of honor so he finessed an invitation just so he could dance with her.

Inside, Milo shakes Spinelli’s hand and tells him that Max sends his regrets and congratulations.  He says Max still can’t believe a babe like Maxie would marry Spinelli. When Milo releases Spinelli’s hand, Spinelli winces in pain.  Robin comes in and tells Spinelli that Maxie is here in the limo.  Robin is here to make sure the coast is clear before Maxie comes in, Jason tells Spinelli it is time to do this.  Robin hugs Spinelli and wishes him all the happiness he can stand.  Robin goes back outside.  Spinelli stands there, frozen.  As Jason begins to make his way toward the altar, he notices Spinelli is not with him.  He turns and calls Spinelli’s name.  Spinelli says he can’t; there is a room full of people.  Jason reminds Spinelli of Karaoke night when he was so nervous that he thought he would open his mouth and nothing would come out.  He asks Spinelli how he got through it.  He says he focused on Maxie.  Jason says this is the same thing, He instructs Damien to look at Maxie and speak the truth.  Spinelli asks what if he sees truth in her eyes that he’d rather not know.   Jason says if he doesn’t want surprises, Maxie is right outside.  He asks if Spinelli wants to go talk to her.  Spinelli says no, that won’t be necessary; he is ready to proceed with his wedding.

Robin joins Maxie in the limo and tells her Spinelli needs a few more minutes.  She asks how Maxie is doing.  Maxie says she is thinking profound thoughts.  Robin tells her that wedding do that to you. Maxie tells Robin she doesn’t know if this is luck or coincidence.  She recalls that Georgie was crazy in love with Spinelli.  She guarantees Robin that if Georgie had lived she would be the one marrying him.  She tells Robin that when Georgie died, it left a huge hole in Maxie’s heart; she thought she would never be happy again.  It is like Georgie sent Spinelli to fill her up, take her hand, and lead her away from the dark place that was eating her alive.  Maxie tells Robin that Spinelli is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to her.  She wonders how ungrateful and arrogant she would be to reject something like that. 

Mac observes Lulu talking to the minister and surmises that Maxie must have arrived and that means he has to give his little girl over to that incoherent mess.  He asks Patrick how he is supposed to do that.  Patrick tells Mac that he will just do it.  He reminds him that whether he likes it or not, Spinelli is the guy that Maxie chose to marry.  He tells him that he is new to the father-daughter thing but he knows that Emma’s happiness is the most important thing in the world to him.  He knows Mac feels the same way about Maxie so he is going to stuff his reservations down deep where Maxie can’t see them and support her on the biggest day of her life, just like he did with Robin.

Carly wonders what is taking Michael so long to arrive to the wedding venue because he is driving his own car.  Jax tells her to relax, he just got a message; Michael is fine.  Suddenly Morgan exclaims, “Holy crap!”  Carly tells him not to talk like that.  He points out to his mother that Jason is wearing a pink tie.  Carly whispers, “Holy crap.”  Sam says wow when Jason passes her on the way to the altar.  Robin comes in and asks Patrick if everything is ready to go.  He says they’d better get a move on before the groom passes out.  Spinelli is trembling at the altar.  Robin goes to get Maxie.

Outside, Mac helps Maxie out of the limo.  Robin announces that they are all set.  Mac kisses Maxie’s forehead.  Robin tells Maxie she used to worry about her a lot; she is like a little sister to her.  Now she has found her soul mate and Robin doesn’t have to worry about her.  She just has to be proud.  She tells her she loves her and orders her to go get married. Robin goes back inside.  Lulu tells Maxie that she used to worry too, but about Spinelli.  She worried that Maxie wouldn’t see what a wonderful guy Spinelli is and that she would break his heart.  She says she has never been so happy to be proven wrong.  Maxie tells Lulu that she knows Spinelli loves her more than anyone ever will.  Mac tells her it is not too late to change her mind.  She tells Mac that she loves Spinelli and is about to marry him. Lulu asks if that is their cue.  Maxie tells Lulu that she and Mac will be in there in one second. Lulu goes inside, leaving Mac and Maxie alone.  Mac marvels that she is all grown up and about to be married.  He gets misty as he wonders where the years went.  She tells him she loves him and calls him dad.  She tells him that if it weren’t for him, she and Georgie would have been lost, especially her.  She says no matter what happened she knew she always had a safe place to go – wherever he was.  He tells her now its time to let her go. She tells him that she knows he doesn’t approve.  He tells her it doesn’t matter.  She loves him and he makes her happy.  That’s all he can ask.  He kisses her, crooks his elbow for her to take it, and asks if she is ready.  She takes his elbow and they walk toward the entrance.

Spinelli, Jason and the minister are at the altar.  Jason tells Spinelli it is time.  Lulu appears and proceeds down the aisle.  Mac and Lulu appear at the entry.  Spinelli is awestruck.  The guests stand as Mac walks Maxie down the aisle.  When they reach the top, Mac extends his hand to a stunned Spinelli, who shakes it. Mac tells Spinelli he is trusting him, and tells him to take care of her.  Spinelli says he will.  Mac kisses Maxie’s hand and relinquishes her to her groom.  He then goes to his seat.

The minister begins his invocation and then announces that Damian and Maxie have chosen to write their own vows.  Maxie and Spinelli turn to face each other.  Spinelli takes her hand and begins by admitting that he had carefully crafted vows to assuage her reservations, but they were irretrievably lost, leaving him but nothing but the words in his heart.  That is what he will depend on now.  He says he has never been like other people but became used to the outsider status and was content with it.  He says he is never bored in his own company and could endure being alone.  Then there was her, Luminous, transformative Maxie.  She saw him, she got him, and to his utter shock, amazement and profound gratitude she loved him.  He says that is the most precious gift and he will never betray it.  Then he tells her that is why he cannot marry her.

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