GH Update Thursday 9/24/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/24/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Jasonís place, Michael tells Jason and Sam that if he is remembering things that never happened, then nothing makes sense.  Jason says some of it might.  Michael says Sam didnít stand by his bed at the institute; sheís never even been to the institute.  He says if that memory is bogus, then all of them were. Jason asks Michael to take it easy.  Michael asks Jason to admit that Michael is crazy.  

In Oliviaís office, she tells a potential client that she appreciates his concerns about the Metro Court but assures him that they have state-of-the-art security system and one of the best convention packages in the business.  She offers to give him a tour including the new spa.  He tells her that the spa wonít matter if there is another hostage crisis.  She asks if she can imagine 200 dentists held at gunpoint.  He tells her the last thing any dentist needs is bad publicity.  Everyone already hates them. She tells him they can skip the spa and go ahead to the security system so he will have something specific to report back.  She tells him that she can prove to him that the chances of anyone getting shot at the Metro Court Hotel are almost nil.  Johnny stumbles into the door. Olivia runs over to him and asks him what he is doing there.  The client look on as Olivia tells Johnny he is supposed to be in the hospital; heís just been shot.  Johnny tells her he wanted to see her.  

At the Metro bar, Carly asks Olivia if she is pregnant.  Olivia tells her no, but they are trying so she will be.  Carly asks if Sonny knows about it.  

Sonny comes to Dominicís hospital room.  Jax is there and tells Sonny that he and Dominic are in the middle of a conversation. Sonny says it will not take long as he pushes his way into the room.  Dominic panics as he looks at his police badge on the table.  Jax tells him that if he is planning to discuss illegal activities then maybe Jax should call a cop.  Sonny tells Jax that he thought they were supposed to get along because of Carly.  Jax asks Dominic if he would rather have this conversation with him or with Sonny.  

At Robinís house, Robin tells Maxie that they should go before Uncle Mac has a chance to arrest Spinelli.  Maxie says she is terrified.  Robin tells her it is only the rehearsal dinner; she still has time to back out.  Maxie asks how she could back out; Spinelli has his heart set on marrying her.  She says Spinelli asked Mac for permission, told everyone about it, and even convinced Jason to wear a pink tie.  Maxie says she loves Spinelli and doesnít want to do anything that will hurt him.  Robin observes that Maxie seems more concerned about Spinelli than she is about herself.  Maxie says she knows; she feels like she is turning into that Fair Maximista that he keeps talking about.  Robin tells Maxie why she doesnít tell Spinelli that she isnít ready to get married yet.  Maxie says things donít last forever and she is not going to mess this up.  She reminds Robin that not long ago she was hustling drugs for Lucky Spencer and walking around Kellyís with a pillow down her shirt.  She had no prospects.  Now she is a junior editor at Crimson, she has a career in the fashion industry, and she is in love with a guy who loves her back.  She says if she has to get married to keep it all together, she will.  Robin tells Maxie she needs to be honest.  Maxie says she is being honest with her feelings about Spinelli so that should count.  Robin tells Maxie that she was resistant to marrying Patrick for a long time.  She says Maxie needs to look inside herself and trust herself.  Maxie says she knows she needs to be honest with Spinelli.  Robin corrects her saying she needs to be honest with herself.

In the hospital lobby, Patrick tells Spinelli that Mac is never going to give his blessing.  Spinelli laments that Macís blessing is the fondest wish of his intended.  Patrick asks when Maxie started caring what Mac thinks.  Spinelli asks Patrick to look at things from Maxieís perspective.  Neither of her biological parents will be there, nor will wise Georgie.  He says the commissioner is for all intents and purposes Maxieís father so if Mac can accept Spinelli and celebrate the mutual love he shares with Maxie then Maxie will feel a little less alone at the altar.  Patrick admits he never thought about it that way.  Spinelli asks if Patrick thinks he should explain it at the rehearsal but Patrick warns him to stay away from Mac.  Patrick tells Spinelli to contrite on Maxie while he and Robin take care of Mac and convince him that Spinelli is a good influence on Maxie.  

At Jasonís place, Jason tells Michael he will get through this.  Michael tells Jason that he couldnít even get through his first day at his new school.  Sam tells him that she is sure his mother can think of an excuse for him.  Michael says his mother cannot have any stress.  He canít tell her that he cut his first day of school to have a meltdown.  Jason tells Michael he canít push himself to remember; he needs to give himself time to heal.  Michael says he canít even tell what is real and what isnít.  Sam tells Michael it is not his job to figure out who the villain is; there might not even be a villain.  Michael flashes to an old woman with her hand on his forehead saying, ďsome villains are vague, some villains are clear, some are standing by the bed, and some are in the mirror.Ē  Michael comes back to reality, puts his hands over his face, and then looks in the mirror as he hears the old womanís voice echoing in his head.  

In Dominicís hospital room, Jax pockets Dominicís police badge.  Relieved, Dominic asks if there is an unfriendly vibe going on here or if it is just the drugs wearing off.  Jax tells Dominic he thinks he should seriously consider his offer; it might be the safest place for him considering everything that is going on; plus Morgan is looking forward to it.  Dominic tells Jax he will get back to him.  Jax tells him the sooner, the better and leaves.  Alone with Dominic, Sonny says he heard that Morgan wants Dominic to live with him.  Sonny says he doesnít think itís a good idea for him to live with Carly and the kids.  Dominic is not ready to guard people; itís too dangerous.  Dominic says thatís good; he likes living at Kellyís.  Sonny says that after Dominic has saved his sonís life, he doesnít want him recuperating in a room at Kellyís.  Sonny invites Dominic to stay at his house.

At the Metro Court bar, Claudia tells Carly that Sonny wants another baby as much as she does.  Carly doubts that.  Claudia tells Carly that she will always appreciate her for pulling her out of that car and saving her life. Carly says she would have done that for anybody.  She tells Claudia that she canít lose a baby and just replace it with another one.  Claudia says obviously, but she and Sonny are getting along better than they ever have and they have decided that it is the perfect time to have another baby, and they intend to give this child everything.  Carly says it is a big fantasy for Sonny to give his kids everything he never had.  Carly tells Claudia she is guilting Sonny into having another baby.  Claudia tells Carly to look at herself, pregnant with her husbandís child yet still trying to keep her claws in Sonny. 

At Robinís house, Maxie says she isnít the only person who has had pre-wedding jitters.  She says after she is married, nothing will change.  She will still have her career and so will Spinelli, and they will still have amazing sex, and there is nothing Jason can do about it.  Robin asks if they will live with Jason.  Maxie says yes, for now because Spinelli thinks Jason needs to have people around him.  Robin asks if Jason knows about that.  Maxie admits she hasnít asked him.  Robin asks if Uncle Mac knows.  Maxie tells her that Mac thinks they will live Lulu at Maxieís apartment and they intend to let him keep thinking that.  Maxie wishes Mac didnít hate Spinelli so much.  Robin tells her that Mac will always think they guys they are with are not good enough; thatís just how he is.  Spinelli and Patrick arrive.  Spinelli tells Maxie there has been a change of plans, Maxie and Spinelli will go to the rehearsal together.  Patrick and Robin will go together.  When Spinelli and Maxie leave, Patrick asks Robin what she thinks; she says not good.  He asks if Maxie will go through with it.  Robin says they will see.

At Jasonís place, Sam asks Michael what is wrong and why he keeps looking in the mirror.  He tells her it is the fortuneteller.  Sam asks why he is thinking about her since most carnival fortunetellers are fakes.  Michael says this one is not.  Jason asks Michael why he thinks that.  Michael says because he is crazy.  Michael leaves.  Sam asks Jason if they should go after him.  Jason says no, they should give him some time.  She asks what he thinks about the fortuneteller. Jason says he doesnít know, maybe Michael is so desperate for answers that he will take them from anyone. 

At the Metro bar, Carly tells Claudia that she canít help it if she feels threatened by the place Carly holds in Sonnyís life.  Claudia say Carly is the one who feels threatened; Sonny and Claudia are a prefect fit and their child will have everything that they have to offer.  Claudia concludes that makes Carly feel like an outsider.  Carly says she will never feel like an outsider.  She is the mother of Sonnyís kids.  They were married 4 times.  They have a connection that Claudia will never break.  Claudia tells Carly that she has a fantasy that she is the only woman that Sonny could be loyal to, but she is wrong.  She tells Carly that she had her chance to be Sonnyís wife and she blew it four times.  She will never understand him like Claudia does and she will never understand what it takes to run the Corinthos organization the way that she does.  Claudia says she and Sonny are a perfect fit; she is the only on that Sonny ever needs. 

In Oliviaís office, she tells Johnny that he just scared that poor dentist half to death and cost the Metro Court a major convention.  She asks him what kind of hospital lets a man walk out of the ICU full of bullet holes.  He says he told her, he wanted to see her. He says he canít sit in that hospital bed anymore.  Itís a waste of time that he could be spending with her.  She tells him that he canít sit in her office bleeding to death and trying to flirt with her.  He asks her if she is going to admit that she is glad to see him or not.

In Dominicís hospital room, he tells Sonny that he is a terrible houseguest.  He talks too much, he likes loud music, heís hyper, and he is going to need a lot of really good food after this hospital slop.  He tells Sonny he would drive him nuts.  Sonny assures him that he has a big house and he will make sure Dominic is taken care of.  Dominic says that is reassuring.  Sonny tells Dominic that he wants him under his roof so he can keep an eye on him.

Patrick and Robin enter the wedding rehearsal.  Mac is talking to himself saying Maxie is so smart, so gorgeous, she could have anybody, and she picks a babbling thug.  Robin and Patrick go up to him and he says a babbling thug came here last night to case the joint.  Mac says this wedding is a 10-31: a crime in progress.  Patrick tells Mac that Spinelli really loves Maxie.  Mac asks Patrick if he would let his daughter marry an idiot like Spinelli.  He says Spinelli should be sitting in Federal Prison right now.  He asks if everyone has forgotten that.  Spinelli is still breaking laws all over the Internet and he works for Jason Morgan.  Mac asks how he can let a criminal steal his daughter away from him.  He says he should have had him arrested last night.  Robin tells Mac that Maxie needs him to believe in her right now and support her choice. Patrick tells Mac that the couple really wants his blessing.  Mac says that is not going to happen.  Maxie and Spinelli come in. Patrick takes Spinelli aside while Mac grabs Maxie and gives her a bear hug.  She asks him if he is ok.  He tells her she is still her daughter.  Spinelli says he respects his patriarchal feelings of protectiveness.  Mac asks someone to shut Spinelli up.  Maxie tells him that was not nice.  Lulu enters with the bouquet telling Maxie not to toss it to her unless she wants it to hit the ground.  Mac asks Lulu if she can talk Maxie out of this.  Lulu says she will not stand in the way of true love.  She tells Maxie that Kate called and said moving the deadline is no problem and she wishes Maxie well.  Sam, Kristina, and Molly enter, saying they brought their readings to practice.  Robin takes Mac aside and tells him not to have any meltdowns in front of Molly and Kristina.  Mac says he will not allow Maxie to throw her life away.  Robin reminds him that it is Maxieís life, not his.  Jason enters and Mac says he thought his day couldnít get any worse.  Robin tells her uncle that it is Maxieís day.  Mac reminds her that tomorrow is Maxieís day; this afternoon is his last chance to save her.  Robin tells Mac he has done a great job raising Maxie.  Maybe now it is time for him to trust her and let go.  He doesnít want to let her go to a thug and a professional killer.  Robin says she has faith in Mac; she knows he can get through this.  Patrick interjects, telling Mac it is not his choice.  Mac says Patrick is right.  He goes into the middle of the room says itís time to get started.  He asks where the damned priest is.  A Buddhist monk enters in ceremonial robes and greets them with ďNamaste.Ē   Spinelli returns the Sanskrit greeting.  Mac says they are finished here.  He tells Spinelli he is under arrest.

At the Metro bar, Carly tells Claudia that she has been to hell and back with Sonny.  She says they have loved each other, hated each other, damned near killed each other, but it is over.  They have no future.  What they do have is a connection that Claudia will never understand.  Claudia asks Carly if her husband understands her obsession with her ex.  Carly tells her that Jax and Sonny fight over everything and that will never change, and it has nothing to do with Claudia. She says she and Jax love each other and want the same kind of life; she and Sonny donít.  Claudia says good, at least Carly understands that much.  Claudia says that when she and Sonny have a son he will be groomed to take over the Corinthos organization as its rightful heir.  That is a part of Sonnyís life that Claudia understands in a way that Carly never will.  Claudia tells Carly she can give Sonny the kind of family that he needs.  Carly protests that Sonny has a family and she warns Claudia not to mess with her kids or the relationship that they have with their father.  Claudia tells Carly she will not be pushed around and she is not afraid to fight for what is hers.  Carly tells Claudia sheíd better watch who she calls out.  The next time she finds herself trapped in a car that is about to explode, she will be on her own.

In Oliviaís office, she coaxes Johnny to sit down. She tells him his life is precious to her; she is not going to have him risking it to spend time with her when he should be in a hospital.  He asks if they can compromise.  She says if the compromise is that she drives him back to Mercy.  He says no, compromise to take him back to his place and tuck him in. She says his place is a dump.  He says he isnít going back to the hospital.  She tells him she has to get him out of her office.  He says he can call someone. She tells him to trust her. 

In Dominicís hospital room, he tells Sonny he may be safer in the hospital.  Sonny doubts it.  He tells Dominic that he may have been the target at the warehouse, but Anthony doesnít think things through.  He could never have imagined that Johnny was going to take Dominicís place.  Dominic asks why Anthony Zacchara would go after him.  Sonny thinks Anthony wanted him to be an example of what happens to people when they switch sides but since he failed, he will come at Dominic even stronger.  Sonny says that since his little boy is alive because of Dominic, it is his duty to keep Dominic safe. Dominic says he appreciates that.  Sonny tells Dominic that he will send a car to pick him up.

Jax reenters Dominicís room after Sonny leaves.  He throws Dominicís police badge to him and tells him he got a little careless with it, calling him Detective Falconeri.

At the wedding rehearsal, Mac says he is not going to allow Maxie to be married by whatever this is, referring to the monk.  Molly tells Mac that the man is a Buddhist monk.  She continues that Buddhism is essentially a path to salvation attained through insight into the ultimate nature of reality.  She says it often involves vegetarianism, chanting, and a peaceful resolution to all conflict.  The monk tells her she stated that well.  The monk tells Spinelli he is looking for the Garden Room.  Spinelli reminds Maxie that that is the room they made memorable last night.  Maxie gives the monk directions.  The monk wishes the couple lasting peace and happiness.  Spinelli and the monk say Namaste to each other.  Mac tells them to stop saying that.  Maxie tells Mac to cut it out.  Mac asks why he is the only one who is upset about this.  He tells Jason he is the reason Spinelli is here and asks him if he canít stop him.  Jason asks Spinelli if the priest shouldnít be there.  Spinelli says he is sure he is just a few minutes tardy.  Maxie says maybe the priest got the dates mixed up and they will have to postpone. Spinelli says never, nothing will stop them from proceeding with their boundless love.  Mac says no priest, no rehearsal, no rehearsal, no wedding.  He tells everyone there has been a big mistake and the wedding is off.  Spinelli objects that the priest would not forget.  As Mac is once again telling everyone to go home, the priest arrives, saying he made a wrong turn at the first set of French doors. He says he ran into the most fascinating Buddhist monk who said something about chanting for peace and understanding in this room.  Mac says not to talk to him about chanting.  The priest says the monk was offering to chant on Macís behalf. The priest says it reminded him that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it can bring everyone together no matter how far apart we may seem.

Claudia is at home when Sonny arrives, slamming the door behind him.  She tells him that she wants to tell him before anyone else does that she had a little run-in with Carly at the Metro Court.  Sonny reminds Claudia that Carly cannot have any stress because if her pressure spikes she could stroke out or lose the baby.   Claudia says she knows; everybody knows.  He asks why she was even talking to Carly.  He says if she runs into her, she should just get along with her.  Claudia asks Sonny if he knows that Carly is still possessive of him as if they were still married. He tells her they are still connected because of the children.  He asks her if she told Carly that they were thinking about having a baby.  Claudia asks him what he means, thinking.  They made a clear decision.  He says it was a private decision.  She says they didnít agree not to tell anyone. He says she isnít pregnant and asks what she was thinking.  She innocently tells him she doesnít know.  She says she is sorry.  She comes close to him and sexily asks if she can make it up to him.  He tells her she can make it up to him by making sure everything is fine when Dominic moves in.  She doesnít understand.  Sonny tells her that Dominic is getting out of the hospital and will need a place to stay until he gets on his feet. He asks Claudia is she has a problem with it.

Olivia has taken Johnny back to her place. He tells her he is sorry, he didnít mean to manipulate her into coming here and taking care of him here.  She asks him if he got a list of his meds.  He tells her he wasnít officially discharges.  She wonders what kind of hospital lets gunshot victims get up and walk out of the door. He says he told her he wanted to see her.  She tells him he made his point.  He says she is mad at him. She asks if there was any question.  He asks what he can do to make it up to her.  She tells him to lie down and do exactly what she says.  He says it will be his pleasure.  She kisses him and walks away.

In Dominicís room, Jax tells him that he might want to consider keeping his badge in a safer place.  Dominic asks Jax how he knew.  Jax says he didnít; he took an educated guess and Dominic just confirmed it.  Dominic laments falling for the oldest trick in the book: pretend you know and let the suspect fill in the blanks.  Jax tells Dominic he is a little off his game; no wonder his mother is so worried about him.  Dominic tells Jax he knows a lot.  Jax confirms that he does.  Dominic asks Jax if he can convince his mother to leave town, or fire her, or something. Jax says he doesnít think so; she does what she pleases.  Besides, she is an excellent Operations Manager.  He would never let her go.  Dominic asks Jax if he understands what kind of danger Olivia is in if anyone finds out.  Jax reminds Dominic that he is the one who came into town.  He says that the sooner he gets Sonny off the street, the better they will all be.  Dominic confusedly asks Jax if he wants Dominic to bust Sonny.  Jax confirms that he wants Sonny to go to prison for the rest of his life.  Dominic asks if there is a particular reason.  Jax says he has a whole bunch of reasons, but mainly because his family will be safer with Sonny in prison so he will help Dominic in any way he can to make his case against Sonny. 

Michael enters his motherís office.  Carly tells him he is supposed to be at school.  He tells her he left.  She asks if he wants to tell her why.  He discloses that he is starting to remember things that never happened.  She asks for an example.  He tells her to forget it; he doesnít mean to upset her.  She tells him that shutting her out upsets her.  Michael tells his mother that he was about to lose it with that jerk Kiefer.  All of a sudden, he had a memory of Sam coming to see him at the institute but that never happened.  He has all these things flashing in his head.  He canít tell if they are memories or dreams.  She asks him what things he is remembering.  He tells her he remembers people standing by his bed saying things.  She asks what they say.

At the wedding rehearsal, Sam asks Kristina why she is being so quiet.  Kristina tells her sister that Michael got upset and left school today.  She doesnít know if he is going to fit in at Madison.  Sam reminds Kristina that Michael is going through a lot right now.  Kristina says she is worried about him, but she can only protect him so much.  Molly enters and announces that they are ready.  Everyone assembles in their places for the wedding rehearsal.  Mac takes his place at Maxieís arm and tells her it is not too late to back out.  She tells him that if he doesnít stop, she will start screaming and never stop for the rest of her life.  The priest asks if there is a problem.  Maxie assures him that they are fine.  Mac and Maxie walk up the aisle.  Maxie has to wrestle herself away from Mac to take her place by Spinelli.  Robin pulls Mac away, telling him that she knew he could do it.  The priest tells them that once they are in their places tomorrow, he will do the traditional invocation and then they can say their vows.  He asks if they want to practice their vows now.  They both say they will wait. The priest says that they can start with the readings.  Kristina asks if they should practice them now.  Spinelli tells them they would prefer to hear them tomorrow.  The priest says that is fine.  He tells them that at that point, he will pronounce them married and Spinelli will kiss his bride.  They practice that part, passionately kissing in front of their guests.  Mac demands that they stop kissing.  The priest tells them that he will then introduce them to the crowd, and they will turn around and walk down the aisle.  The priest says his work here is finished; this is one of the easiest rehearsals he has ever done and he hopes the ceremony goes as smoothly.  Spinelli goes one direction with the priest while Maxie goes over to Jason and tells him she needs to talk to him right now. 

In Carlyís office, Michael apologizes to his mother.  He says he should not have brought it up especially with her.  She asks if he remembers what people are saying.  Hr asks what difference it makes if the memories arenít real. Carly surmises that Michael had a tough day today.  He tells her that so far, he hates Madison.  She said it could have been worse.  She could have driven by and waved or dragged him out of there.  She says she came close and tells him he can ask Jax to confirm it.  Michael tells his mother he is afraid he is going crazy.  Carly tells him about when she was in a coma when she had Morgan. She tells him she was out for a long time and she went to an entirely new place, a totally different life, and even though she knew it wasnít real, it felt real.  He asks her how she handled it.  She tells him that it took a long time for her to connect with people and she was terrified.  She tells him that eventually things started to make sense.  She assures him that they will for him too.  He says if he can remember what really happened.  She tells him he remembers what he remembers.  He should leave it at that.  She tells him not to put so much pressure on himself.  They already have their miracle; he is awake.  She tells him she knows he is hungry and he is thinking pizza.  He tells her that if they go to Andrettiís, she has to order the salad.  She argues, not if they donít tell Jax. 

At the Corinthos home, Olivia tells Sonny that she doesnít like Dominic.  She says he worked for his father for over a year and now supposedly he is loyal to Sonny.  Sonny tells her that Dominic saved his sonís life.  Claudia tells Sonny that Dominic is manipulating him, trying to get on his good side.  Sonny tells his wife that Dominic has good instincts and he got hurt saving Morganís life.  He tells her he has to keep an eye on him anyway.  She says ok, she will make him feel welcome.  Sonny thanks him.  She says itís what they call compromise; itís what marriage is supposed to be about.

Laying on the couch in Oliviaís living room, Johnny tells her that he thought she was going to have her way with him.  As she unfolds a blanket for him, she tells him he thought wrong.  She doesnít negotiate with terrorists; she just doesnít want him dragging his bullet-shot self all through town.  She wants to keep him out of Sonnyís way too.  He tells her to forget Sonny.  She tells him that she wishes they both could, bur Sonny is a permanent fixture in both of their lives now. Johnny tells her that if she is trying to protect her, she might as well not; she cannot protect him against any of them.  She says she doesnít like the sound of that.  He tells her she canít save him or force him to be a better man or to change.  All she can do is sit there and be the best thing in his life and he will try to do the same for her. 

In Dominicís hospital room, he tells Jax that if anyone finds out that he is a cop he and his mother will both be dead.  He asks Jax if he understands that.  Jax says theyíd better not find out.  Dominic asks Jax if he has any reservations about what he is going to do to Sonny.  Jax says he has one: Morgan likes Dominic.  He is not sure what it will do to Morgan when Dominic brings Morganís father down.  Dominic says he hates the idea of hurting that kid, but when he takes down Sonny maybe Morgan will realize that no one is above the law; not even Sonny Corinthos.  He says it is a valuable lesson that might hurt Morgan but that might also save his life in the end.  Jax tells Dominic that living in Sonnyís house will give him access to evidence, but he had better work fast before anyone else figures out his identity.  Jax leaves Dominicís room.  Alone, Dominic ponders his badge.

At Oliviaís apartment, she tells Johnny that for her, being in a relationship means taking care of the other person.  He tells her he gets that, but she canít do that with him.  He just wants to be with her.  He says he doesnít know how much time he has left, but he knows he wants to spend every moment of it with her.  He admits he has never felt this way about anyone.  She says neither has she, God help them.  She kisses him.  Her phone rings it is her son Dante speaking in his undercover persona from the back of a limousine.  He calls her Mrs. Falconeri, and says he is Dominic Pirelli calling to thank her for his concern for him while he was in the hospital. He tells her he has just been released and will be well looked after.  She asks if he is going back to Kellyís. He says no, he will be staying with the boss, and it looks like they are coming up Mr. Corinthosí driveway now.  She casually thanks him for letting her know so Johnny, who is a few feet away, will not be aware.  When she hangs up, Johnny asks her if she is ok.  She tells him it was Dominic Pirelli and apparently, he is going to be recuperating at Sonnyís house, which is a bad idea on so many levels that she doesnít even know where to begin.  Johnny asks if she is saying she doesnít trust Dominic.  She tells him yeah, and neither can Johnny.  Johnny says he can take care of himself. Olivia says she hopes that is true.  She kisses him. 

Dominic enters the Corinthos house.  Claudia greets him by telling him that she wants him the hell out of her house. He smugly asks her if that is any way to greet a wounded man.  He asks her why she is so hostile.  He wonders if she is still afraid that he will tell Sonny that she hired him to take out Jason in an ambush.  She tells him not to threaten her; she might find the need to defend herself.  She sees Sonny coming and greets him with ďhi, honey,Ē telling him that she was just making their guest feel welcome.

Jax comes home and sees Carly and Michael sitting at the dinette.  He concludes that school let out early today.  Carly tells her husband no, Michael left because he remembered something.  Michael volunteers that what he remembered didnít happen. Jax asks Michael what he means.  Michael says he realizes the things he thought he remembered may not have happened.  He says he knows that is no reason for him to leave school early and apologizes to them both.  Carly tells Michael that she doesnít want him to worry so much about upsetting her; having him around is good for her.  She says she would have given anything to talk to him like this when he was in the coma.

Michael has a memory of Claudia saying she was sorry; she never meant for him to get shot.  She was just trying to protect her brother, not that that excuses what she did.  She sent the gunmen.  She gave the order.  It was her fault that he got shot.

After everyone has left the rehearsal, Maxie thanks Jason for waiting for her.  She says she told Spinelli she would meet him at the restaurant.  Jason wonders why she would want to hide it from Spinelli that she is talking to Jason.  She confides that she doesnít want to marry Spinelli.  Jason tells her she has to tell Spinelli.  She says she canít.  She says she is only telling Jason because if she starts freaking out tomorrow she needs Jason to grab her and remind her that she loves Spinelli and that he loves her, and how wonderful he is to her.  Jason repeats that if she doesnít want to marry Spinelli, she has to tell him.  He will understand.  She says no, he wonít.  Maxie tells Jason she is not saying she doesnít ever want to marry Spinelli.  She loves him with all of her heart and she wants to be with him forever.  She canít imagine her life without him.  She just doesnít want to get married right now.  Jason tells her Spinelli needs to know that.  Maxie says it is fine; she will just lie.  Jason tells her that isnít fair to either of them.  Maxie says it will be ok.  She asks Jason to stop her if he thinks she is going to run from the altar, screaming.  She implores him not to let her hurt Spinelli; she canít break his heart.  Spinelli has overheard the whole conversation.

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