GH Update Wednesday 9/23/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/23/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Jason enter his penthouse kissing and holding each other. She says she had an amazing time on their bike ride on the top of the mountain. Spinelli enters and is upset that Jason hasn’t been there for him.

At the Crimson office Maxie tells Lulu that Spinelli found the perfect place for their wedding but needs something to intervene. Lulu says there are messages from Kate and Maxie seems happy that Kate might ruin her wedding.

At Mercy hospital Claudia visits Johnny and tells him to congratulate her because she is getting everything she’s ever wanted. She says Sonny wants to have another baby.

Olivia goes to see Sonny at his home; she wants to talk about how Johnny almost died and how it’s never going to happen again.

At her home Robin is on the phone coordinating flower arrangements. Mac knocks on the door and says the wedding is going to give him an ulcer, because he got a call that Spinelli and Maxie broke into Rice Manor to see it. Mac thinks maybe if Spinelli gets arrested there won’t be a wedding. Robin tells Mac that Maxie is the only person that can stop this wedding.

Maxie is sure that Kate will hate the place they chose to get married and refuse to let them get married there. Lulu lets her know that Kate is on her way to Tokyo so she won’t be able to interfere in Maxie’s wedding. Maxie is freaking out that Kate isn’t there sabotage her wedding and that she will actually have to get married and tie the “noose” around her neck.

Spinelli tells Sam and Jason that they have chosen Rice Manor to get married. Sam is impressed and says that’s where Carly and Jax got married. Spinelli then proceeds to tell them about getting caught breaking in. Spinelli says there is still much to do, like get Jason fitted for his tuxedo. Just then the tailor knocks and comes in with suit bags.

Johnny asks why Sonny would want to have a baby with her. Claudia thinks that maybe Sonny feels bad or maybe he likes the idea. Claudia asks why he doesn’t love her like he used to.

Olivia wants Sonny to stop putting Johnny at risk, but Sonny says Johnny is arrogant and rubs him the wrong way. Sonny tells Olivia that Johnny is leverage against Anthony and he plans to use him that way. Olivia asks how he would feel if she used his own son against him.

At the Metro Court restaurant Jax and Carly discuss what she will eat for breakfast. She is concerned about Michael starting a new school. She is worried about him with everything that’s happening. Jax tries to get her to calm down and says Michael might surprise them.

Michael walks down the hall of Madison and bumps into someone who is very mad. Another student also yells at him. Kristina walks up and asks how he likes it so far.

Sam tells Spinelli that he looks very handsome and discovers that he knows some Japanese. Sam goes to leave but Spinelli asks her to stay to help convince Jason about certain wardrobe pieces. Jason comes down the stairs and Spinelli and Sam both tell him he looks dashing. Sam pulls Jason outside and tells Jason to wear whatever Spinelli wants him to wear.

Ronnie enters Dante’s room at GH with coffee and donuts and Dante is not happy to see him. Dante says he can’t find his badge anymore and is nervous of what will happen if someone finds it.

Sonny tells Olivia to stay out of this, but Olivia refuses and says Johnny is an innocent man. Sonny says Johnny isn’t innocent, and Olivia can’t believe what Sonny has become. Claudia enters and says there is no reason for her to be there. As she’s leaving Claudia tells Sonny, loudly, that Dr. Lee said there was no reason she couldn’t get pregnant. Olivia then tells Sonny that if he gets “this woman” pregnant on purpose she pities all three of them.

Lulu visits Dante (Dominic) who is looking under his bed. She pushes his badge under and asks if he’s looking for it.

Robin tries to get Mac to help make the bird seed sacks to toss at the bride and groom. Patrick comes in to run some errands on Robin’s to-do list. Mac asks how they can be endorsing this wedding. Patrick says Spinelli loves Maxie, and wonders what will happen in five years. Patrick points out that Mac didn’t like him at first either, but now they are on friendly terms. Mac says he won’t ever like Spinelli.

Sam says Jason needs to support Spinelli in everything about this wedding. Jason doesn’t want to wear the pink tie. Sam can’t believe this is all about a tie and points out that Spinelli has lived in a pink room for years. Jason and Sam go back in and Spinelli says that he can wear a darker tie. Jason stares blankly and tells Spinelli to just give him the tie.

Maxie is on the phone asking about things she has ordered, saying if they aren’t exactly what she wants she can’t get married, but everything seems to be under control. Matt comes in and Maxie just wants him to leave. He says he’s there to save her.

The tux man leaves and tells Jason he can never repay what Jason has done for him. He has made him feel valued and has made sacrifices. Jason tells him to stop and says it’s just a tie. Spinelli doesn’t think anything can spoil his wedding.

Matt wants Maxie to go to the Bahamas with him. Maxie laughs and says she’s marrying Spinelli tomorrow. Matt thinks that after the wedding is over Maxie will be miserable, he knows she’s not the marrying kind. She had dreams and wanted to have fun and he doesn’t think Spinelli will understand. Maxie says she won’t hurt Spinelli.

Kristina congratulates Michael on doing well in math. Kiefer comes up and interrogates Kristina about why she didn’t answer his texts on the phone he gave her. Michael says it’s really messed up that Kiefer got her his own personal phone. He has a flash of Sam visiting him telling him that Kristina needs him. He then rushes off and Kiefer calls him a wackjob.

Lulu dangles the badge in front of Dominic and says she should put it in the mail to the NYPD. She decides to leave it for him, but puts it far from his bed.

Olivia comes to see Jax with some business updates. Olivia says she has her mind on both Sonny and Dante because they are a collision course towards each other. She leaves right before Carly comes back. Jax brings up a deal that has halted because they heard about the Metro Court hostage crisis. Carly tells Jax that the hostage crisis wasn’t his fault and he isn’t responsible for Jerry’s crimes. Carly says she’s going to take a walk and Jax offers to go along. She says she’s not going to walk by Madison Prep. Carly says she is concerned about Morgan, and Jax suggest they let Dominic move in like Morgan asked.

Patrick comes back with more ribbon. He is glad Mac left because he makes Patrick nervous. Robin says Mac just wants Maxie’s life to be perfect because she’s the only daughter he has left. Robin says Mac is usually right.

Sam tells Jason he looked great in the tie and says he is a great friend to Spinelli. Jason asks Sam when she’s planning on getting to the wedding and then asks if she will go with him. She says yes, she thought he’d never ask. Michael comes knocking and says he had to leave school. He had another memory.

Sonny is on the phone and wants to know who knew Dominic was in the warehouse the night Johnny got shot. Claudia comes down and asks him if he wants to go upstairs and work on their “project.” Sonny says he needs to leave and talk to Dominic.

Jax visits Dominic and tells him that he and Carly would like Dominic to stay with them for Morgan’s sake. Dominic asks what the catch is.

At GH Spinelli asks Patrick for some time to talk about how to get Mac’s approval. Patrick says Mac wants Maxie with someone who is stable and has a stable job like a banker or a lawyer. Spinelli knows that will never happen but is determined to gain his approval.

Maxie goes to see Robin. She is worried she is going to do something to ruin her wedding because everything is going perfectly. Robin says everyone is scared of marriage, but Maxie is so worried about failure. She doesn’t know why she should bother if she can’t have guarantees of happiness. She asks Robin how she got past her parents’ divorce.

Michael tells them that he remembers Sam talking to him. Sam tells them that she never visited him at the institute. Michael starts to freak out and worries that he is making up all of his memory flashes.

Carly goes to the Metro Court bar. Claudia walks up and orders a drink while Carly’s back is turned, to settle her stomach once she’s pregnant. Carly turns around and is shocked. Claudia says she and Sonny are going to have another baby.

Jax says there is no catch; they just want him to stay with them. Sonny walks in and asks Jax to leave so he and Dominic can discuss business.

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