GH Update Tuesday 9/22/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/22/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At General Hospital Lulu holds Dominic’s (Dante) badge and asks where he got it.

Sam enters Jason’s to see Michael. Michael is upset that Sam told Jason about his memories, because he knows Jason will retaliate and it will be Michael’s fault. Sam tells him Jason’s actions aren’t Michael’s fault and he needs help with his memories. Michael has another flash of Claudia.

At Sonny’s house, Claudia tells Sonny and Jason that she will back him if he decides to deal with Anthony by going after the only thing he loves.

Spinelli has his hand covering Maxie’s eyes and she asks if they are in another garden. Spinelli uncovers her eyes to reveal a Buddhist temple, which he thinks is the perfect place for their wedding. Maxie says the place makes her want to take a nap and it doesn’t scream wedding to her. Spinelli reminds her that their wedding is on Friday and they have yet to choose a place, so he wonders if she really wants to get married.

Dominic says the badge is his; possession is 9/10 of the law. Lulu wants an answer. Dominic tells her he knows a guy who can get things like this for him; he uses it for emergencies to ID himself as an undercover cop when he gets busted. Lulu doesn’t buy it.

Michael says he has memories of Claudia but thinks it may just be like his other memories of her feeling sorry for him. Sam doesn’t think so.

Claudia tells them to use her brother to push back at Anthony and make him believe Johnny’s life is in danger. She understands this is in everyone’s best interest.

Spinelli lists all of the locations they have looked at for their wedding, but Maxie says she is just looking for the perfect place. Maxie assures him that she really wants to make him happy.

Sam tells Michael she needs his help and to stay objective. She asks him to walk in her shoes for a second and think like a PI. She says that they don’t know what his memories need yet and need to be objective.

Nikolas says his offer of money for Ethan to take Rebecca away isn’t a scam. Ethan doesn’t buy that Nikolas suddenly feels bad and wants to know what’s going on.

Elizabeth goes to Jake’s and wants help to “stop thinking.” Olivia walks up and asks for a drink also.

Lulu doesn’t believe the badge is a prop, she knows it’s the real thing. He asks her to drop this but she says no. He tells her it’s a real badge and it’s stolen.

Ethan wants to know why Nikolas no longer wants Rebecca to pay. Nikolas wants Rebecca to choose to walk away from him, because it will empower her. He doesn’t know why Ethan is arguing. Ethan tells Nikolas to take the money and shove it.

Elizabeth and Olivia sit together and drink. Olivia says she thinks she has found the perfect man in Johnny. Elizabeth doesn’t want to talk about sex because she can’t be with the man that makes her melt, he’s off limits. Olivia says there was once a man she couldn’t be with, but she raised her son all alone. They toast to being single moms. Elizabeth asks Olivia what she would do if while she was raising her son she had met a man that was wonderful and loving and a great dad but didn’t make her melt and didn’t give her butterflies. Olivia says she never got that lucky.

Jason comes home to find Sam and Michael there. Jason assures Michael he won’t act rashly based on Michael’s memories and Michael doesn’t have to tell him anything if he doesn’t want to.

Sonny tells Claudia that Johnny is the only leverage he has and Claudia believes Anthony will stop what he’s doing to protect Johnny. Claudia asks for a sign of good faith.

Maxie recites her list of requirements for their wedding venue, of which there are many. She says she doesn’t want to compromise anything she wants and maybe it is a better idea to postpone. But Spinelli says he has found the perfect solution.

Lulu and Dominic play cards and she calls him unreliable. Ethan walks in and tells Lulu that Nikolas needs her.

Elizabeth and Olivia talk about their boys. Elizabeth wonders if it’s fair to her boys to take them away from Lucky. Olivia says she would have been happy to have found a man like Lucky, but at the same time having a man who makes your heart spin is amazing. Elizabeth doesn’t want to tell Lucky the truth, that her feelings have changed. She says Lucky is too good for her and then tells her that she slept with his brother on the night she accepted his proposal.

Sam excuses herself, and Michael tells Jason he wishes he hadn’t remembered anything and feels like this is worse than being in a coma. Michael knows that Jason doesn’t want Michael to follow in his footsteps, but he doesn’t want to be treated like glass anymore. Jason says he needs to find his own way, and he knows he can do it. Michael leaves.

Claudia says she knew she needed to side with Sonny. He asks her what she means by good faith. She says she wants to get pregnant again.

Ethan tells Lulu that Nikolas offered him $1 million dollars to steal Rebecca. Lulu says that while Nikolas has issues he doesn’t like people sticking his nose in his business. He makes a deal with Ethan that if Dominic picks the high card she stays where she is, but if she does she’ll rush off to Nikolas. Dominic picks a 3 but Lulu picks a 2, so Nikolas will have to manage on his own.

Elizabeth says she is a slut for sleeping with one brother while engaged to another, Olivia says she’s just confused. Elizabeth says her and Nikolas have always been friends and kissed one drunken night, and now she can’t stop thinking about him. She knows she can’t let herself be with Nikolas, and she doesn’t think he loves her anyway because he’s so messed up. Elizabeth says Lucky is everything she should want, and he’s the right choice. Olivia tells her no matter what to put her kids first.

Sam approaches Jason and says Michael was hard on him. Sam knows that Jason wasn’t able to tell him all the crazy things he has done to get out of his head, like live dangerously. She says there is nothing wrong with the way he lives. Jason says she’s the same way.

Sonny says he didn’t expect this and a new baby won’t replace the one they lost. Sonny asks if he owes her because Kristina is responsible. She says no. Sonny doesn’t know if he wants to make a conscious decision to make a child. She says if he does this for her it will make everything right.

Spinelli leads Maxie with his hand over her eyes again. He uncovers her eyes and she says it’s exactly what she described. He says it’s the Rice Manor drawing room and it is available for Friday due to a last minute cancellation. She tells him she loves him and kisses him. He is very happy to have a place to get married.

Elizabeth is alone at Jakes and plays a song on the juke box. Nikolas arrives and pulls her into his arms.

Olivia visits Johnny at the hospital and they kiss.

Sonny takes Claudia’s hand as she smiles at him, and they climb the steps together.

Dominic pulls a card out of Lulu’s back pocket revealing she cheated at the card bet. She leans over and kisses him. Before she leaves she takes another card out of her pocket.

Jason and Sam hop on his bike for a ride.

Maxie and Spinelli dance at their new wedding venue.

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