GH Update Monday 9/21/09

General Hospital Update Monday 9/21/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Robin is working at the hospital when Jason taps her on the shoulder. Jason asks to speak to Robin in confidence. Jason admits that Michael is starting to remember things from when he was in a coma. Robin explains that Michael could be experiencing real memories or flashes from a vivid dream. Robin notices that Jason is on edge, so she inquires about Michael’s flashbacks. Jason reveals that there are still questions surrounding Michael’s shooting. Jason thinks that someone was working with Ian Devlin, the shooter. Robin realizes that Michael could be remembering a confession from the co-conspirator. Robin comments that Jason’s concern for Michael reminds her of a time when she and Jason were once together. Robin is worried about Michael’s state-of-mind if he remembers who was involved in his shooting.

Olivia walks into Johnny’s hospital room where he and Dominic/Dante are having a conversation about business. Olivia is upset that Dante is there to talk about work. Olivia yells at Dante for bothering Johnny when he is trying to recover from his injuries. Olivia and Dante leave the hospital room. Dante doesn’t understand why his mother is so naïve when it comes to Johnny. Dante brings up that Johnny is on one side, Sonny is on the other, and Olivia is in the middle. Dante thinks that Olivia is making a mistake by staying with Johnny. Dante is worried that Johnny will end up hurting Olivia in the end. Olivia is resolute that Johnny cares about her. Dante reminds Olivia that Johnny will be mad when he finally finds out the truth about her son. Olivia offers that she and Dante should leave town before their secret is exposed. Dante is adamant that he is remaining in Port Charles. Dante wants to put Sonny in prison and will go to any lengths to get him there. Dante adds that he will give up his life to do the right thing which is to take Sonny down. Before they can finish their conversation, Lulu arrives outside the hospital room. Olivia, Dante, and Lulu check in on Johnny. Lulu tells Johnny that she is glad that he is going to make it. Dante sarcastically laughs while he listens to a concerned Lulu talking to Johnny. Dante implies that he and Lulu should get to know each other better. There is an awkward moment in the hospital room. Lulu goes on and on about her worry for Johnny’s safety even though they are no longer romantically involved. Finally, Lulu leaves the room accompanied by Dante. Olivia smiles at Johnny.

Sonny visits Anthony in prison. Sonny warns that he will take out Johnny if Anthony comes after his business again. Anthony laughs and points out that Sonny is mad because Johnny is seeing Olivia. Anthony makes a threat about Olivia. Sonny is adamant that he won’t back down when it comes to his family and friends. Anthony is curious as to why Sonny is so concerned about Olivia’s welfare. Anthony thinks that Claudia will be devastated by Sonny’s increasing interest in Olivia. Even so, Anthony doesn’t care if Claudia’s feelings get hurt. Sonny says that he has no problem coming after Anthony’s weaknesses. Sonny leaves the room. Anthony makes a comment to himself that Sonny has weaknesses too.

Elizabeth and Lucky are enjoying a night together at home. However, Elizabeth seems a bit distant. Lucky brings up Elizabeth’s odd behavior. Lucky thinks that Liz is having a hard time accepting the fact that they are engaged to be married. Lucky discloses that he is scared about marriage too. Lucky promises that their marriage will be successful this time around. Lucky leans in and kisses Elizabeth.

Nikolas is standing outside on the balcony when Rebecca walks up beside him. Rebecca asks why Nik hurried outside after making love. Nikolas suggests that he was too harsh with Elizabeth and Lucky. Rebecca questions why Nikolas suddenly sounds guilty. Nikolas asks Rebecca if he scares her. Rebecca confides that Nikolas’ behavior has been erratic lately but thinks that he is just trying to accept their new life together. Rebecca looks forward to a new beginning with Nik. Rebecca states that she is going to head to the hospital to check on Edward. Rebecca says that she will see Nikolas tomorrow.

Sonny returns home to find Jason waiting for him. Sonny suggests that Anthony cannot make a move against the organization. Sonny explains that Johnny will be eliminated if Anthony hurts Olivia in any way. Jason asks if Sonny is coming from a strategic or personal viewpoint. Sonny can’t believe that Jason is questioning his decision. Sonny maintains that this is strictly a business move. Jason doesn’t think that it is smart to get rid of Johnny. Jason points out that Johnny has been a trust-worthy ally in their organization. Jason disagrees with Sonny’s accessment of Johnny. Sonny is furious.

Lulu helps Dante back to his hospital bed. Dante asks Lulu to find him some food other than the hospital’s. Epiphany walks in. Epiphany warns that Dante will not be able to leave his room until his discharge has been okayed by the doctor. Lulu sneaks out of the room while Epiphany and Dante playfully argue back and forth.

Dante is sitting in his hospital bed when Ronnie shows up. Dante comments that Lulu could be returning with some ice cream. Ronnie brings up that Dante needs to keep an eye on the goal: taking down Sonny. Dante says that he still plans on sending Sonny to prison. Ronnie is worried that Dante is not going to follow through with the plan.

From his hospital room, Johnny asks Olivia if she has talked to Spinelli recently. Johnny explains that Spinelli was at the warehouse when the ambush occurred. Johnny praises Spinelli for his courage during the shootout. Johnny says that Spinelli was the one who called 911. Johnny confesses that he cares deeply for Olivia and doesn’t want to lose her. Olivia states that Johnny could get hurt or killed by working for Sonny. Olivia and Johnny both agree to work on their relationship.

Lucky and Elizabeth start to kiss but she pulls away when she remembers a passionate moment with Nikolas. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she loves him deeply. Lucky admits he feels the same. Lucky kisses Liz on the forehead and holds her in his arms.

Ethan shows up for a meeting with Nikolas. Ethan asks why he was summoned to Wyndemere. Nikolas hands an envelope to Ethan. Nikolas offers Ethan some money. Ethan thinks Nik wants him to take the money and leave town immediately. Nikolas tells Ethan that he can have the money simply by keeping Rebecca away from him (Nikolas).

At the Corinthos home, Jason emphasizes that there is danger in going after Johnny. Jason points out that Olivia could be caught in the crossfire. Sonny has made his mind up. Sonny says that he will take out Johnny if Anthony makes another move against him. Unfortunately, Claudia overhears the conversation.

From his hospital room, Dante is mad that Ronnie is questioning his loyalty. Ronnie wants to know if Sonny incriminated himself. Dante is unwilling to say too much. Lulu walks in and is surprised to see that Dante has a visitor. Ronnie quickly leaves. Lulu grabs Dante’s police badge before he can hide it.

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