GH Update Wednesday 9/16/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/16/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

In Jason’s penthouse Sam lies in bed smiling as Jason brings her coffee. He is glad she stayed. She says as much as she likes having Spinelli around she also likes having him to herself and kisses him. Downstairs Spinelli and Maxie enter the penthouse to start wedding planning. Maxie says after almost losing him she is happy to start planning their wedding.

Nikolas sleeps on his couch in Wyndemere and dreams of his time with Elizabeth. He awakens to find Rebecca standing over him. She asks him what’s going on.

At General Hospital Elizabeth is deep in thought when Lucky approaches. He asks if she’s thinking about their wedding date.

Rebecca was with Edward at the hospital all night and brought him sticky buns from Kelly’s. She tells him she called earlier but Alfred said he wasn’t taking any calls. She then asks why he was drinking alone, and says she may know why.

Elizabeth says she is just preoccupied with Jake. Lucky says they should tell both the boys about their wedding at the same time. Elizabeth agrees but thinks they should wait.

Kristina, Molly, Robin, and Patrick are all at Jason’s with Maxie and Spinelli helping them plan. They are having trouble finding a venue and would like Kristina and Molly to do a reading. Molly suggests everyone think of a beautiful place for the wedding that maybe Maxie and Spinelli haven’t considered yet. At that moment Jason and Sam come down the stairs. Sam is in Jason’s arms, with Jason still shirt-less, kissing passionately. Jason puts Sam down and Jason looks questioningly at Spinelli. Molly stands and tells Sam Spinelli wouldn’t have asked them all over if he knew her and Jason “were upstairs making passionate love.”

Michael is on the phone demanding to know where someone is, but the person seems to hang up. Jax and Carly then enter. Carly excitedly tells Michael that he has an interview with Madison Prep so he can go to school with Kristina. Michael think school seems trivial with everything that happened at the carnival. Carly leaves and Jax asks if he’s done something to anger Michael.

Ethan visits Edward at GH. Edward says he knows that Ethan pulled him out of the car at the carnival and assumes Ethan wants something in return. Ethan does, but it’s not money. He wants Edward to warn Rebecca about Nikolas before he breaks her heart.

Rebecca thinks Nikolas is mad about Ethan being by her side. Rebecca says she wants Nikolas and there is nothing standing between them. Nikolas says he won’t take her for granted and will give her everything she deserves.

Lucky and Elizabeth talk about the accident and everything that has happened. She doesn’t want to rush into anything given their past. She also wants to wait to tell the boys until they have set a date. Lucky agrees to do things her way and tells her he doesn’t want them to have anymore secrets.

Sam tells Molly that what happened between her and Jason is private. But Molly points out that Jason didn’t have a shirt on and Sam is in the same clothes as yesterday, but she thinks it’s romantic that Sam and Jason are back together. Jason comes back downstairs, shirt on, and asks everyone to leave. Maxie calls him rude and says its Spinelli’s apartment too. But Robin gets up and urges Patrick to leave. After they have gone Molly asks to talk to Jason privately.

Michael argues with Jax. Jax tries to talk to him and Michael gets defensive about Sonny. Carly walks in and asks what is going on. Michael says nothing is wrong he is just realizing how quickly things can change in life. Jax says they should focus on the positive and Michael has another vision of Jax.

Spinelli and Maxie are on the pier and Maxie is mad that Jason kicked them out. Spinelli has to ask permission in the future to have guests. Spinelli says that while watching Molly he hopes that he and Maxie have a daughter like her in their future.

Molly asks Jason to sit down, which he does. Molly says she knows Sam spent the night and she wants to look out for her sister. She knows Sam is brave and tough but she knows Jason broke her heart. Jason should treat her with chivalry and honor and he has to promise to respect her and not bail on her. She then asks if he loves her. Sam overhears all of this from the door.

Michael knocks on a door and the fortune teller from the carnival answers. Michael says she was right about what she told him. He had a bad feeling all day and then the car ran through the midway. He has also been hearing and seeing other things.

Edward says some people think Rebecca deserves to be heart by Nikolas, but he thinks she’s a good person. He will do what he can to help. Tracey rushes in and Edward asks what she wants. Tracey asks if he has been abusing the staff already. Monica also enters and asks how he is feeling. He says he should have listened to Monica and not driven. Tracey says she’s not leaving him alone again, and Edward tells her Rebecca has been with him the whole time.

Rebecca tells Nikolas she’s not going to obsess over everything she has done wrong. Edward’s accident has put things in perspective and she loves him. Lucky comes knocking and tells them that Jake is doing great and Elizabeth and him are getting remarried.

At GH Elizabeth thanks Patrick for checking on Jake. He notices her distraction and she tells him her and Lucky are getting married again.

Rebecca and Nikolas congratulate them. Lucky apologizes for not being supportive of Rebecca and Nikolas and thinks some people may not be too thrilled to hear about his reconciliation. He then tells Nikolas to make sure you tell someone when you love them and not to let anything stand in his way.

Jason tells Molly that he cares about Sam and respects her. Molly wants him to promise not to hurt her, and he explains that he and Sam have forgiven each other for what they have done in the past and then says the rest is between them. Molly won’t let him go that easily and asks if his love with Sam is doom, tragic, or fated. Molly thinks they are tragic like Lancelot or Tristan, where they aren’t destined for happiness. Instead the hero or the maiden end up dead, and Molly doesn’t want that to happen to Sam. Jason says he will be careful. Molly says they both deserve a happy ending. Jason then asks if he can go back upstairs and Molly dismisses him.

Jax says he is surprised by Michael’s outburst and Carly thinks he might be having a memory. She’s sure Michael can deal with it. Morgan comes in and says he knows what a good incentive would be for him to get better grades. He would like Dominic to stay with them while he’s recovering since he can’t work. Jax suggests he spend more time with Michael, but Morgan says Michael doesn’t have time for him.

Michael tells the fortune teller his story and that he’s seeing things. He thinks he might be seeing messages of things that haven’t happened yet. She tells him not to act on anything yet, understanding comes in months and sometimes years. He goes to leave but she stops him and tells him “some villains are vague, some villains are clear, some are standing by the bed, and some are in the mirror.”

On the pier Sam tells Molly she shouldn’t butt into her relationship with Jason, and Molly doesn’t need to tell Jason how to treat her because it’s embarrassing. Molly admits she might be trying too hard and doesn’t want Jason to ruin it. Sam says he won’t and that they both made mistakes last time. Sam also tells Molly she can’t compare her and Jason to a book like Romeo and Juliet, and says her and Jason have to figure things out themselves.

Jason comes downstairs and is on the phone as Spinelli comes through the door. Jason tells him he can’t have that many people over again. Spinelli then says he needs moral support from Jason for his wedding.

Tracey talks about what a bad man Mayor Floyd is, but Edward likes a Mayor that he can pay off. Rebecca comes in, and Tracey tries to dismiss her. Edward stands up for her and Monica thanks her. Edward says Tracey can leave if she doesn’t like Rebecca. Tracey wants Ethan to take Rebecca and leave, but Edward assures Rebecca he will take care of her.

Carly tells Morgan that they will think about it. Morgan is happy enough with that and leaves. Carly and Jax discuss the situation, and Carly thinks it might be a good idea. Jax doesn’t think having a recovering gangster in the house is a good idea. Michael overhears this and barges in. Carly tells him he has mail. He goes to the mail and can see Jax’s reflection in the mirror. The fortune teller’s words “and some are standing by the mirror” repeat in his head.

Spinelli talks about the wedding planning and he fears the planning is overwhelming the purpose of the wedding. He needs to voice his feelings to Jason. Jason hopes things work out, and his words cause him to ask Jason if he’s making a mistake.

Sam goes over to Carly’s house to talk to Michael. Michael tells her about remembering Jax saying how his mom couldn’t know and Jerry wasn’t involved. Michael thinks maybe Jax was involved in the shooting, and Jax was trying to get rid of Sonny. He wants Sam’s help because he thinks Carly should know the truth.

Nikolas and Elizabeth see each other on the pier and Nikolas congratulates her.

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