GH Update Tuesday 9/15/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/15/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

At General Hospital Olivia sits and talks to Dante (aka Dominic). Olivia says she has gone through extremes to keep him safe. Dante looks towards the door and Olivia turns to find Sonny.

At the prison Claudia attacks Anthony for having Johnny shot. Anthony says Johnny wasn’t supposed to be hurt, but Claudia doesn’t care and wants him to pay. Anthony turns the tables on her and says she’s just mad Johnny didn’t die, and she can’t take Johnny’s power.

At Mercy Jason tries to find out why Johnny wants Olivia protected from Claudia. Johnny says Claudia is no longer a threat.

At Wyndemere Elizabeth and Nikolas kiss and begin to undress each other.

Sonny says he just got there and asks Dante how he’s feeling. Even Sonny doesn’t think Dante is ready to get back to work soon. Sonny tells Olivia that Johnny was shot and he’s at Mercy. Olivia runs out.

Johnny says that he won’t turn against his sister. Spinelli stands up for Johnny and his bravery and asks Jason to wait to question him tomorrow. Jason agrees and asks what happened in the warehouse. Johnny says he knows Anthony was behind this but doesn’t think he was a target. He was a last minute replacement for Dominic.

Claudia fumes at her father’s accusations, but Anthony continues railing into him for Claudia including Johnny in her scheme to cover up her involvement in Michael’s shooting. Anthony says her fixation with Johnny is sick and unnatural, and she acts like his jealous lover. Claudia slaps him.

Lulu goes to see Lucky with a bag. Lulu says Maxie is driving her crazy and can’t wait until Maxie and Spinelli get married. She says if they don’t get married she may need to stay with Lucky permanently. Lucky says it may be crowded since he proposed to Elizabeth.

Nikolas and Elizabeth continue to undress each other and end up on the floor. They make love.

Spinelli says that because Johnny took Dominic’s place, Dominic was able to save Morgan’s life. Jason tells Johnny about the carnival and then asks Spinelli to excuse them. As Spinelli leaves Johnny thanks him for being there for him. Johnny tells Jason it was his idea to trade places with Dominic. And he doesn’t think Dominic would have anything to gain by setting him up. Olivia comes in and goes to Johnny’s side. She cries and tells him she couldn’t take it if he died. Sonny is there also and doesn’t look happy about Olivia’s reaction.

Claudia tells Anthony he’s going to pay and Johnny is going to help her kill him. Anthony doesn’t think John will ever turn against him, at the end of the day he’s still his father. Claudia says Johnny and Spinelli heard Antony’s men say it was him. Claudia says she’ll be back for him when he least expects it.

Lulu asks what Elizabeth said, and Lucky says she didn’t give him an exact answer. Lulu compares Elizabeth’s reaction to Maxie’s and says she’s not ready. Lucky doesn’t think it’s the same. Lulu doesn’t know why he’d risk screwing up what Elizabeth and he have.

Elizabeth and Nikolas have remorse after having sex. They both think they should have stopped.

Sam goes to the penthouse looking for Jason but Maxie says he’s not there. Sam decides to wait. Maxie says she plans on bringing Spinelli back to her house. Spinelli comes in and tells Maxie she was almost a widow before she was a bride.

Olivia says her heart went numb when she heard he was shot. She replayed a lot of their memories in her head, and she realized he is an amazing gift in her life and she hasn’t been paying enough attention to him. She wants them to be whatever they can be. Claudia comes and yells at Olivia to leave. Johnny tells Claudia she can leave if she doesn’t like Olivia there.

Jason and Sonny discuss the hit and Sonny decides there was a plant, he thinks its Johnny. Jason disagrees.

Nikolas blames himself for what they did, but Elizabeth takes her share of the blame. Elizabeth says Jake was conceived on a night like this. She tells Nikolas he’s the man she can’t have so of course she wants him. Nikolas reminds her she doesn’t love Lucky the way he loves her. They both continue to take the blame, but Nikolas tells Elizabeth not to hate herself, hate him. Elizabeth asks what they should do, and if they should tell Lucky. Nikolas asks her to please not tell, because Lucky will never forgive him. Elizabeth thinks the truth will come back to haunt him.

Spinelli tells them it was Anthony’s fault and that Jason has forbidden him to run any more errands.

Sonny thinks Dominic was the target and wants to use him. He wants to neutralize Anthony.

Claudia doesn’t believe Johnny wants her to leave. Olivia yells at her to leave and Claudia slaps her. Olivia slaps her back. They lunge at each other but when Johnny tries to interfere he grabs his throat and collapses.

Lulu visits Dominic but he’s resting so she tries to leave. He wakes and talks to her. He asks her to sit by him and says he’s glad to see her. She tells him she’s there avoiding telling Lucky the truth about what he’s getting into with Elizabeth. Dominic says he’s in pain and continues to flirt. Lulu says she doesn’t trust Lucky’s feelings of love, they are either destined to be together or doomed to fail. Dominic knows Lulu and Johnny had feelings for each other and tells her he was shot.

Johnny’s doctor tells Claudia, Sonny, and Olivia that if anything like this happens again Olivia and Claudia will be banned from the hospital. Olivia and Claudia yell some more until Sonny interrupts and says he needs to talk to Johnny alone. Olivia tells Sonny he can’t go in there and accuse Johnny of being behind all of this because he was doing Sonny’s work and almost died. She threatens to go to the cops and tell them everything she knows about Sonny. Sonny backs down and leaves with Claudia.

Sam is waiting for Jason when he comes into the penthouse. They talk about the shooting and Anthony’s involvement. He asks her about her case and she says it’s complicated. Jason asks her to call him if things get dangerous, and she tells him he’s the first person she would call.

Lucky and Elizabeth are at GH visiting Jake. She brings up the proposal and tells him he deserves her honesty.

Jason asks if Spinelli and Maxie are around and Sam says no and she’s glad they aren’t there because he needs to rest and she needs to work. She begins to walk toward the door but he takes her arm and asks if it has to be done tonight. He says he wants her to stay and kisses her. She says she wants to stay and kisses him back.

Olivia sits with Johnny and apologizes for fighting with Claudia, but Johnny understands. Johnny wants her to stay with him.

Lulu tells Dominic that she spoke with Spinelli and Johnny is doing ok, but says she’s not going to see him. Lulu wonders if she should call Olivia but Dominic says she went over already. Lulu thinks that’s for the best, he has the person he needs. Dominic talks about the mob in a way that makes Lulu say he sounds like someone that’s trying to stop the mob as opposed to someone who’s in it.

Elizabeth tells Lucky she is scared, but Lucky tells her to trust him. She says they should see a counselor to help them work on tings and then accepts his proposal.

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