GH Update Monday 9/14/09

General Hospital Update Monday 9/14/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Sam gets a call from Michael, who asks for her help. Michael stresses that Sam can’t tell Jason about their phone conversation. Once off the phone, Sam tells Jason that she needs to run an important errand. Jason offers to come along. Sam tries to change the subject. Jason senses that the phone call is important so he urges Sam to leave immediately.

Ethan confronts Nikolas at the hospital. Rebecca wonders why Ethan and Nikolas are suddenly arguing. Rebecca decides to leave the hospital to clear her head. Rebecca tells Nik that she will call him later. Once alone, Ethan warns Nikolas that he won’t allow him to hurt Rebecca. Nikolas thinks that Ethan is being hypocritical since he pushed Rebecca to scam the Quartermaines in the first place. Ethan doesn’t want Nik to take advantage of Rebecca. Nikolas maintains that Rebecca is a good con and almost got away with swindling money from he and the Quartermaines. Ethan brings up that he has heard stories from Luke that Nikolas is nothing like the Cassadines. Ethan makes a valid point that Nikolas is starting to sound bitter regarding Rebecca and is acting like a true Cassadine.

Outside of Jake’s hospital room, Lucky asks Elizabeth to marry him. Elizabeth is stunned. Elizabeth points out that their two other marriages didn’t work out. Lucky is resolute that this time he and Liz can have a successful marriage. Elizabeth isn’t so sure. Elizabeth is worried that another break-up would upset the boys. Lucky thinks that Elizabeth is scared. Lucky promises that their marriage will work. Elizabeth emphasizes that she cares about Lucky and always will. Lucky senses that Elizabeth doesn’t feel the same way about him.

Spinelli is sitting by Johnny’s hospital bed. Spinelli explains that Johnny was admitted to Mercy Hospital. Johnny can’t remember what happened to him. Spinelli tells Johnny that he was shot repeated times. Johnny is worried about Olivia’s safety. Spinelli suggests calling Claudia. Johnny bluntly tells him no. Johnny is concerned that Claudia will make a stupid decision and come after Anthony without thinking it through. Johnny starts to confess about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting but he falls asleep before he can tell Spinelli the truth.

Bernie shows up at Sonny’s home. Claudia tells Bernie that Sonny is at the hospital. Claudia thinks that something terrible happened. Bernie blurts out that there was an ambush at Sonny’s warehouse. Bernie admits that Johnny was shot. Claudia is devastated.

At the hospital, Patrick reveals to Olivia that he knows that Dominic/Dante is Sonny’s son. Patrick pushes for Olivia to come clean about everything. Patrick brings up that his family was destroyed by secrets. Olivia is adamant that Sonny’s business could put Dante in jeopardy. Patrick is sure that the secret will eventually come out. Patrick leaves, unsure if he got through to Olivia or not.

Ronnie checks in on Dante to see if he is alright. Ronnie feels bad that Dante got injured saving Morgan’s life. Ronnie is worried that Dante’s cover will be blown. Suddenly, Jason walks in. Dante acts like everything is normal. Ronnie leaves Dante and Jason to talk. Jason says that Edward had a heart attack behind the wheel and caused the accident at the carnival. Jason takes Dante by surprise when he says he owes him for saving Morgan. Bernie shows up. Outside of Dante’s room, Bernie informs Jason that the warehouse was ambushed by Anthony’s men.

Elizabeth and Lucky continue to talk about their past failures at marriage. Elizabeth talks about Lucky’s drug problem and his affair with Maxie. Lucky maintains that he has changed. Elizabeth starts to cry. Elizabeth confides that she has always loved Lucky.

Sam and Michael meet. Sam says that she will call Spinelli for help but Michael insists that it’s a personal matter. Sam doesn’t like lying to Jason. Michael explains his problem. Michael admits that he is seeing flashes of memories from when he was in a coma. Michael is unsure of how to proceed.

In jail, Anthony is angry and throws a chair when he learns the news about Johnny.

Claudia shows up at Johnny’s hospital room. Claudia wants to know her brother’s prognosis. Spinelli isn’t sure if Johnny will make it. Claudia wants to know who sent the men to Sonny’s warehouse. Spinelli hesitates to tell her the truth at first. Spinelli replies that Anthony was the mastermind behind the ambush. Claudia promises to seek revenge on her father.

Olivia pays a visit to Dante. Olivia asks how her son is doing. Dante thinks that Olivia is hovering. Olivia wants Dante to forget about work and just rest for the night. Dante appreciates Olivia’s concern and knows that she is worried about him. Dante promises to lay low for a while. Dante discloses that his undercover work is getting to him. Dante admits that he is starting to enjoy spending time with Sonny, Carly, and their children. Olivia sympathizes with Dante. Olivia questions what Dante’s next move will be. Dante suggests going after the Zacchara family instead. Olivia says that she would be devastated if Sonny was sent to prison. However, Olivia doesn’t want Johnny to be a casualty either.

At Mercy, Spinelli updates Jason about the ambush at the warehouse. Spinelli explains that four gunmen were going to kill him but Johnny showed up just in time. Spinelli insists that Johnny saved his life. Jason is mad that Spinelli could have been killed. Jason feels bad that everyone he cares about is always in harm’s way. Jason is adamant that he is going to take care of Anthony tonight. Jason and Spinelli talk about their game plan. Jason isn’t sure of Claudia’s frame of mind. Spinelli relays that Claudia showed up at the hospital. Jason is surprised that Claudia already knows about Johnny. Spinelli informs Jason that Johnny wants Olivia to be safe. Spinelli adds that Johnny was about to admit to something before he passed out.

Elizabeth shows up at Wyndemere. Nikolas’ demeanor is serious. Elizabeth says that she needs to speak to Nikolas about something important. Nikolas asks if Liz is going to accept Lucky’s marriage proposal. Elizabeth feels torn. Elizabeth tells Nik that she doesn’t know if she loves Lucky enough to marry him. Elizabeth doesn’t want to hurt Lucky so she can’t be completely honest about her feelings. Nikolas comments that Liz wouldn’t have shown up at Wyndemere if she willingly wanted to marry Lucky. Elizabeth admits that she doesn’t have the heart to tell Lucky that she has feelings for someone else.

Ethan shows up at Lucky’s doorstep. Lucky is not happy to see Ethan. Ethan explains that Nikolas is planning on dumping Rebecca. Lucky questions why Ethan is so concerned about Rebecca’s feelings. Ethan maintains that Rebecca doesn’t deserve Nikolas’ vengeance. Lucky doesn’t think that Nik would manipulate Rebecca. Ethan storms out when Lucky doesn’t agree with his opinion of Nikolas.

Jason returns to Johnny’s hospital room. Jason informs Spinelli that Johnny’s surgery went well. Spinelli is relieved that Johnny is going to survive. Johnny awakens. Johnny asks about Olivia. Jason stresses that he will keep an eye on Olivia but questions who would come after her. Johnny admits that Claudia poses a threat to Olivia.

Claudia goes to see Anthony. Claudia is outraged about the ambush. Anthony has tears in his eyes. Anthony feels terrible that Johnny was shot. Claudia threatens to come after Anthony for what happened to her brother.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth finally comes clean about her attraction to Nikolas. Nikolas admits that he feels the same way. Nikolas and Elizabeth finally give in to temptation and kiss.

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