GH Update Friday 9/11/09

General Hospital Update Friday 9/11/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Rebecca is at Edwardís bedside in his hospital room. Ethan, Mac, and Robin are also in the room.  Rebecca asks Robin if she is saying that this day was not an accident.  Mac tells Robin she has been making a lot of accusations lately.  Robin tells him she has evidence this time. She says Edward did not simply have a heart attack and drive into the carnival. Ethan asks if someone messed with Edwardís car. Robin says someone messed with his heart. She tells Edward that he ingested something that brought on a heart attack. Rebecca asks Robin who wants Edward dead.  Robin reveals it is the mayorís wife. She tells Edward that what happened today was Andrea Floydís fault, not his.  

Jason observes Nikolas and Elizabeth kissing outside of Jakeís hospital room.  Elizabeth pulls out of the kiss, tells Nikolas this is crazy, and expresses concern that someone could have seen them.

In Dominicís hospital room, Patrick tells him to take it easy as his heart rate is already spiking. Dominic tells him that he doesnít want anyone trying to contact his mother; he wants Patrick to leave her out of it.  

In the chapel, Sonny tells Olivia that she must be desperate if she thinks he is the answer to her prayers.  Olivia tells him she believes in signs.  He tells her that he believes in coincidences, but if she thinks he can help her with whatever she needs, then go ahead. She tells her something has been on her heart and on her conscience for a long time.  He tells her he has been in this church, on his knees, praying a lot. He asks her what is on her mind.  She says his son.  

The nurse exits Jakeís room. Nikolas tells Elizabeth he doesnít think the nurse saw them. She says she could have.  Nikolas tells her he was just trying to comfort her. The last thing he wants to do is hurt her. She tells him she knows that.  She is just highly emotional right now. He tells her no one could blame her after what just happened.  She tells him that doesnít excuse this. He says he knows, and he is sorry. She tells him they are always sorry, but this has to stop. She says they have to stop doing this to Lucky.  

Lucky enters Edwardís room and informs Mack that they have locked down the carnival site and are still counting the injured.  Edward says it is his fault.  Rebecca tells him no, it is not. Mac tells Lucky to hear what Robin uncovered.  Robin tells Lucky that Edward just had a complete workup that showed his heart was just fine, and then he went into cardiac arrest. She tells him that the Tox Screen the hospital ran to check drug and alcohol levels, and it showed Digitalis in his system.  Edward protests that he doesnít take Digitalis. Robin tells him of course he doesnít; it could literally stop his heart with his medical history.  Robin tells them she went to the morgue and went through Andreaís effects and there was an empty vial of Digitalis in her purse.  Mac tells Robin he hopes she didnít break the chain of evidence.  She assures him that the Medical Examiner witnessed it.  Edward reveals that Andrea Floyd barely left his side during the whole carnival kick-off party. She wanted him to have a drink with her.  Robin tells Edward that Andrea knew he would have a coronary; what she couldnít imagine was that he would drive through the carnival and into her. Ethan says that is ironic. Robin agrees, saying Andrea set up Edward to die and it ended up killing her.  Edward says Monica told him not to drive.  He says he should not have gotten behind the wheel and now he will never forgive himself.  

Dominic tells Patrick that he wants to get out of there, as he tries to remove the IV from his hand. Patrick tells him to relax; he doesnít want to have to sedate him. Dominic tells him that he does not Patrick or anyone else to try to contact his mother. Patrick tells him they need to get a hold of his mother, or his father, or anyone else in his family because if he needs a transplant, family means the difference between life and death.   

Olivia tells Sonny she has seen how good he is with Michael and Morgan, and she is so sorry.  Sonny asks Olivia what this is about. She says Dominic. He asks what about him. She says she heard that he paid his medical bills.  Sonny says it was the least he could do; Dominic was injured rescuing Morgan. Olivia tells him that the carnival was supposed to be her baby. It was supposed to be about families having fun, raising money for a good cause, and now it has turned into this terrible tragedy.  He tells her it is not her fault. She tells him it is; she approved the layout and the security. Obviously, there should have been more barriers or something. She says sheíd be surprised if they donít all get sued.  Sonny tells her this is way too much guilt, even for a nice Catholic girl like her.  She says she will say a couple of extra ďhail Maryís,Ē just in case.   He tells her that he hopes God answers her prayers. He leaves the chapel.  Olivia tells God that she obviously was not clear on what that message was supposed to mean, so she is going to assume that He doesnít want her to break her boyís heart and blow his life apart unless it is absolutely necessary.   

Patrick enters the chapel.  Olivia tells him that when a doctor comes to pray, it canít be good.  Patrick tells her that even he needs a little help sometimes.  She tells him she has been looking for answers.  She says they are hard to come by these days, even in the chapel.  Patrick says Olivia told the front desk that she would be in here if there were any change in Dominicís case.  She asks if he is ok.  Patrick tells her that he just found it curious that she would put herself on record.  She tells him that she was in charge of the carnival; she wants to make sure he is being treated right.  He tells her that when patients lie to their doctors, it sometimes ends up killing them but for some reason the patients still lie.  He says in Dominicís case, he knows that Olivia and Dominic are not being honest with him. She asks him why he would say that. He tells her that he is not here to judge; Dominic is his patient. The fact that she is his mother could make a significant difference in his treatment.  He asks if he is right that neither Sonny nor Dominic know that they are father and son.  She asks Patrick how he knew that. She tells him that nobody could possibly know that. She gets up and runs toward the door, saying she has to get out of there.  He gets up and stops her. He assures her that he didnít say anything.  He tells her that the fact is that her son is in bad shape, and if he needs a kidney transplant, she will have some explaining to do. She tells him he is right. They have to get her tested, get her brothers tested, and maybe even have Sonny tested to see if he is a match, but they cannot tell him that there is any genetic connection. Patrick asks her if she thinks Sonny will give a kidney to someone he doesnít know. She asks if they can just cross that bridge when they get to it. Patrick tells Olivia that Sonny is Dominic or Danteís father; he has a right to know what is at stake.   

Sonny is standing in the doorway of Dominicís room looking at him as he sleeps, breathing heavily.  He suddenly awakens from his dream.  Sonny approaches him and asks if he is all right.  Dominic says yes.  Sonny tells Dominic that he saved his sonís life. Dominic tells him he was in the right place at the right time.  Sonny admits that he wasnít.   He says he watched his son frozen in the path of a speeding car, he ran toward him knowing that he wouldnít reach him.  He tells Dominic Morgan could have died right in front of him, but Dominic pushed him out of the way.  Dominic reminds Sonny that he was there to look after his kids.  Sonny tells him that wasnít just doing his job; it happened to fast; he could have saved himself instead of Morgan.  Sonny tells Dominic that one of these days when he is a father, he will understand what that means.  Dominic asks him who wants to be a father.  He tells him kids look up to you, they worship you, and then somehow you let them down. They sue you for emotional abandonment and point out what a jerk you are.  Sonny tells him that for someone who doesnít have a father, or who doesnít know his father, he seems to know a lot about that.  Dominic says he knows a lot about hero worship. He knows how it feels when the hero disappoints you. Dominic says he feels like that will happen with him and Morgan, that he is doomed to disappoint him.  Sonny tells Dominic that Morgan has a talent for sizing people up, and he guesses he was right about Dominic. Dominic smiles and asks if that means he is going to get a raise.  Sonny laughs and tells him that he will have to settle for a compliment at this moment. All he is saying is that his boy wouldnít be half-bad if he grew up to be the man Dominic is.  

Standing in the doorway of Jakeís hospital room, Elizabeth tells Nikolas that if Lucky saw them sneaking around, kissing in corners he would cut Nikolas out of his life. He asks Nikolas if that is what he wants. Nikolas tells her it is not his intention to hurt his brother or her.  Elizabeth asks why this is happening after all this time. She says it is as if she canít help herself, but she knows itís not right.  Nikolas tells her he is sorry; she has been a good friend to him and he should be a better one to her.  Elizabeth walks over to Jakeís bed, leaving Nikolas in the doorway.

Jason is goes to Samís place and knocks on the door.  When she answers the door, she tells him she is surprised to see him. He tells her he is surprised to be there, he thought he was going to go home when he left the hospital, but then he realized that he needed to talk to her.  She asks what happened, if Jake is ok.  He tells her Jake is fine.  He tells her that he went to check on Jake and he saw Nikolas and Elizabeth kissing.  Sam says it is hard to believe, although she knows Jason doesnít exaggerate.  She asks if they saw him. He says no.  Sam says this is unexpected; Elizabeth and Lucky always seem like they are together. She says this is going to devastate Lucky.  Sam tells Jason she knows this canít be easy for him either.  Jason says Elizabeth can be with whomever she decides to be with; heís just concerned about how it will affect his son. 

In Edwardís hospital room, Lucky asks Robin what motive Andrea Floyd would have to kill Edward.  Robin tells Lucky that Mayor Floyd was having an affair with his aide, Brianna Hughes and Andrea had followed them to the Metro Court to confront them.  Brianna had already hit her head in the shower.  Ethan surmises that the wife hit the mistress over the head to make it look like it was an accident. Robin says right, there were blunt heavy objects in the room that could do the job that were small enough to take out of the hotel room.  Edward asks if this has anything to do with the big ugly handbag that Andrea was carrying.  Mac asks Edward if he remembers seeing Andrea Floyd in the hotel that day.  Edward says yes, at the end of the corridor, right outside the room where that poor girl was killed.  Robin tells Edward that when Andrea realized that he could put her at the scene of the crime, she slipped him the digitalis.  Rebecca says she canít believe Andrea could be so cold.  Mac says Andrea didnít want to lose her husband or his political career.  Lucky tells Robin he still doesnít understand how she got involved.  Robin says she just wanted to prove Alexisís innocence. She says she didnít want Andrea to get away with murder, but she didnít want her to die either. Mac tells them he will turn all the evidence in to Forensics, and he is certain that with the toxicology report and the Digitalis evidence, Edward will be exonerated of all charges. Edward thanks Robin. Robin tells Edward that they will let him rest.  Robin, Lucky, Mac, and Ethan go out the door. Ethan turns and asks Rebecca if she is coming.  She tells him no, not yet. Alone with Edward, Rebecca says she told him he was innocent.   She tells him she knows it is still bothering him. He tells her he should not have been driving he hurt so many people. He asks what Lila must think of him right now.  

In Dominicís hospital room, he tells Sonny that Morgan is a good kid; he just seems a little lonely. He asks Sonny to pardon him for saying so.  Sonny tells him that he and Morgan used to spend a lot of time together.  Dominic asks if Morganís mother being pregnant changes things. Sonny tells him it goes back to when Michael was shot -- another time when his best intentions blew up on his face.  He tells Dominic that Michael wanted to visit Sonny at his legitimate work at the coffee warehouse so Sonnyís fiancťe Kate Howard, Oliviaís cousin, brought him.  He says a sniper took a shot at him; it ricocheted and hit his son in the head. Carly had him sign away his boys, so he hardly sees Morgan. He says he still doesnít know how safe his boys are with him.    Dominic tells Sonny that Morgan will blame himself if Sonny stops seeing him. He will think he did something that made his father stop coming around. Sonny asks Dominic he blamed himself.  Dominic tells Sonny that he has never said that out loud before.  He didnít want to hurt his mom. Sonny tells Dominic that when his father walked away he said he would never do what he did to any of his kids.  He had to grow up to finally forgive his father and realize that people do things for different reasons.  He says there is no excuse for not making an effort, and he thinks Dominicís dad is a damned fool not to even try.   

In the chapel, Olivia tells Patrick that he needs to tell her exactly how he knows so much about her business.  He tells her he over heard a conversation she had with Kate when she was in the hospital after being shot in the church.  She asks him why he has known this for a year but this is the first time he has mentioned it.  He tells her it was never his business before, but now it is because Dominic is his patient and Sonny or one of his sons could be a donor if he needs a transplant. Olivia asks what happens if Dominic doesnít need a transplant.   Patrick tells Olivia that he has a patient that is gravely ill, and he deserves to know that the little boy that he saved is his brother, or that on the other side of the door there is family that cares about him.  Patrick tells her that he would want to know. Olivia tells Patrick that she was 15 years old when she got pregnant. She didnít tell Sonny she was pregnant.  She didnít tell Dominic because she didnít want her kid growing up with a gangster for a father.  Patrick tells her that that is her choice, but it doesnít change the fact that Dominic needs the best care possible and Patrick is the one to give it to him.  He tells her that he doesnít think she would jeopardize her sonís life just to keep a secret.  She tells Patrick that keeping Dominicís secret does protect his life.  Olivia tells Patrick that if Dominic needs the transplant, then she will tell Dominic that Sonny is his father and she will tell Sonny that Dominic is Dante and is his son.  

Kristina goes into the backyard of her house and hears a noise. She asks if it is Michael, saying she thought heíd left.  Kiefer reveals himself and tells her he was driving by and saw her lights on. He asks if it is too late. She says no, she is glad he is there. He tells her he keeps thinking about how she could have died.  He hugs her. She tells him it was scary but she is ok.  He tells her he hates having to hide their relationship from her dad. He needs to be able to talk to her. She tells him he can call her or text her anytime.  He tells her he has a better idea. He says he got this for her as he hands her a small wrapped box.  It contains a phone. She tells him she already has a phone. He tells her that this one is just for them; no one else will have the number.  He can call her whenever he wants. Itís their private connection.   

Sitting in the hospital lounge sharing a bag of pretzels, Patrick tells Robin she must be proud of herself for busting that case wide open just like she said she would.  Robin says she pushed Andrea pretty hard, which made her desperate and then her only solution was to try to kill Edward.  Robin reflects that if she had handled things differently, maybe this whole tragedy could have been avoided.  Patrick affirms that it was a tragedy and neither of them wanted Andrea to die, but the hardest thing for him to face is that Andrea could just as easily have tried to kill Robin.  Robin tells her she never felt in danger. He tells her she gets that from her mother. She says from her father too. She says she feels like she has the tiniest idea what it feels like to accomplish a mission. He tells her she should be proud of herself. She was smart, she was committed, and he is very proud of her. She promises to be more careful next time. He says please, no next time.  She tells him he knows what it is like to be good at something; you get addicted. She says that maybe that is why she went into medicine; itís kind of the same, figuring out problems, solving mysteries. She says she canít waste a talent like that. Robin stands up, kisses her husband, and leaves.  

At Samís place, Jason tells her that Lucky is the only father that Jake knows. Sam says he is a good one; Lucky loves those boys like they are his own. Jason says Lucky is a good dad. Sam asks if he is worried about what will happen if Lucky finds out about his brother and Elizabeth. Jason says he is afraid Lucky will leave and things will get ugly. He tells her that he saw what Sonnyís kids went through in the custody battles and he never wants Jake to go through something like that.  

In Jakeís hospital room, Elizabeth talks to her son, wondering how he can remain so calm amidst such chaos. Rebecca arrives, and Elizabeth goes out to talk to her.  She tells Elizabeth that someone put something in Edwardís drink to cause him to have the heart attack, but Edward still blames himself. She asks Elizabeth if she will go to see Edward and reassure him that Jake is alright.  Rebecca says she has nothing to gain except to put Edward at ease.  Elizabeth tells her that this is exactly what Emily would so.  Rebecca asks her who cares as long as it helps Edward. Elizabeth concedes that that comment was unfair and agrees to go see Edward soon.  

Nikolas is sitting in the waiting area when Lucky comes out. Nikolas tells his brother that Jake is all right.  Lucky tells him he knows; he and Elizabeth have been texting. He tells Nikolas that he has come to a decision after watching Nikolas struggle with losing Emily and getting into the Rebecca mess. Nikolas concludes that watching his life explode has helped Lucky.  Lucky tells him that he realized he has wasted time. The woman he loves is alive and well, just down the hall. He wants to give her another chance to be happy by giving them their life back. He says Elizabeth deserves it and there is nothing standing in their way.  Lucky leaves.  

Sonny is in Dominicís room telling him a story about when he was a boy, standing in front of a broken stained glass window, trying to hide his ball, but it broke through his pocket and landed between him and the priest. Olivia walks in and asks what is going on. Sonny says he was just telling Dominic about his shameful past and was just about to get to the best part, which is her, unless she has any objections.  

Elizabeth is playing with Jake in his hospital room when Lucky arrives. She goes out into the hallway with him. He asks how Jake is doing, and she says he is great. He asks how she is doing. She says she is a little stressed and incredibly grateful. He says sometimes he canít help thinking about what might have happened. She tells him they need to stay positive. He tells her that things have become very clear, and he wonders how many miracles one guy can get. She tells him they have had their share. He tells her she knows how important she, Cameron, and Jake are to him and asks why they arenít doing something about it.  

At Samís place, she tells Jason that maybe he just caught a weak moment between Nikolas and Elizabeth. They both went through a lot today and are vulnerable --Especially Elizabeth. Sam says that Lucky is an adult and even if Nikolas and Elizabeth do get together, Lucky might be upset that his brother is sleeping with his ex-wife, but he would never take it out on the kids.  Jason tells her he knows people do crazy things when they are hurt. Sam tells Jason that not only does Lucky love the kids, but he has made a commitment to them.  He knows what it is like to have an absent father.  Jason says as long as Jake doesnít lose the only father he knows, he has given up his right to have any say in the rest of it anyway. Sam reminds him that he was there today to help save Jake. Jason tells her he was only at the carnival because she finally said yes, and he thanks her for that.  

In Kristinaís backyard, Kiefer tells her about her phoneís features. She tells him it seems like a lot of trouble when she already has a perfectly good phone for him to call and leave messages on. He tells her his messages donít always get answered. This way she will know it is him and he will be able to find her when he needs to. He tells her she wonít be texting when he is trying to reach her, and he will have a special ring so he will know itís him and call him right back. She concludes that itís like when you whistle for a dog; she will come running.  He grabs her by the wrist and shouts, ďWhy donít you get it? Why do you play these games with me?Ē  

Michael comes home and sees Jax sitting in the living room using his laptop. Michael asks why he is up. Jax tells Michael that it is morning in India and he wanted to catch his mother before she left on her trek. Michael asks Jax to say hello to his mother for him. Jax says he will, and types something on his computer.  Michael asks Jax if he was really waiting up for him. Jax admits that it was the only way to get Carly to go to bed. He asks Michael how Kristina is. Michael tells Jax that she just has a sprained wrist, so she is ok.   Michael asks Jax if he is going to sit up and wait for him every night until the baby is born. Jax assures him that it is just tonight because his mother was worried about him. Jax says he doesnít want to make Michael feel like he is responsible to keep his mother calm. Michael tells him he gets it.   Jax tells Michael that he has been meaning to tell him he was hard on him right after he came out of the coma.  Michael has a flashback, remembering Jax telling him that he was sorry he let it get to this point. Jax, in the present, asks Michael if he is ok.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that this has been a very emotional night. He tells her that that is why he canít waste the chance to tell her what he feels. Elizabeth tells him she knows how he feels about her. He tells her he loves her and he always will. He tells her they have an amazing honesty between them, he loves spending time with her, and he doesnít know why they havenít moved forward. She cautions him not to say anything in the heat of the moment.  He tells her he still believes everything he said to her when they got married before, and he still wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He asks her to marry her.

Nikolas is standing against a wall in the hallway when Rebecca comes to the elevator. She asks him if he has been waiting for her this whole time. He tells her that he knew she wanted to spend time with Edward. He says if she is ready to leave, he would like her to come home with her. Ethan, who has come to the elevator with Rebecca, tells her not to do it.  Nikolas tells him it is none of his business. Ethan tells Nikolas he doesnít believe he would do this. Nikolas tells Ethan to back off.  Rebecca tells Ethan he has been wonderful tonight and asks him not to spoil it. Ethan tells her that she canít trust Nikolas and if she goes home with him, she will regret it.

In Kristinaís backyard, Kiefer is still holding her by the wrist. He tells her that if Michael gave her the phone she would take it. She tells him Michael is her brother. She tells him to let go. He tells her she doesnít avoid Michaelís calls. She tells him he is hurting her.  He lets go her wrist and bangs his hand on the table. He tells her he is sorry. Then he tells her she always makes him do this. He tells her she never lets up. He tells her he is giving her a gift and sheís throwing it back in his face.  She tells him that is not what she was going. He says he got it because he worries about her. He says he cares too much about her. He picks up the phone and tells her she didnít even notice. He shows her that the phone is her favorite color and the ringtone is her favorite song. He tells her he pays attention to those things for her because he cares about her. She apologizes and thanks him. He tells her it is just the beginning.

Jax asks Michael if he feels ok and observes that Michael is a little pale. Michael tells him it has just been a long day and he is tired. Jax tells him to try not to stay up too late, and Jax goes upstairs to bed. Alone, Michael remembers Jax talking to him when he was in a coma. He remembers Jax saying that he helped his brother do this to him. He said he had the chance to come clean with his mother, but he didnít do it, and he wonít do it because he is back together with Carly and she is happy. He wonders how he could sacrifice that, so Carly can never know.  Back in the present, Michael opens his eyes widely as he sighs and sits down.

At Samís place, she asks Jason hoe he knew she wanted to go to the carnival when she kept telling him that she didnít. He tells her Carly warned him not to believe her if she said she didnít want to spend time with him. She admits that it was perceptive. Jason tells Sam he wants to get this straight; he asks if she was backing off because she really wanted to go. She stumbles over her answer, no, I donít know, maybe, all right, fine. She tells him she can be as direct as he wants. He says if that is what she wants.  She tells him that she has enjoyed the time they have spent together lately, but she knows how far off track they were and she didnít want to ruin it by talking about it too much.  Jason says him either. She smiles.  Samís cell phone rings. She tells Jason she has to take it. When she answers, Michael tells her he didnít know who else to call, he needs her help, and she cannot tell Jason what he is about to tell her.

In Dominicís hospital room, he tells Sonny and Olivia that Michael said something about the two of them knowing each other from the neighborhood. Sonny confirms that they went to grammar school together. Olivia tells Sonny that the kid isnít interested in stupid stories about the old neighborhood. Dominic says he is. He wants to hear about Miss Falconeri fits into the stickball story. Sonny reveals that Olivia is the one who broke the stained glass window. Dominic laughs. Olivia asks if they really need to go there. Sonny tells Dominic that Olivia may not seem like it, but she was a hell of a stickball player. Dominic says he is too; his mom taught him; she played all the time. Olivia tells them to stop the stickball diaries.  Sonny says he just wants to finish his story. He tells Dominic that Olivia confessed to Father Valente that she broke the window because she knew Sonny was in hot water with God.  He says that one thing Olivia always did was own up to it when she was wrong, no matter the consequences. Olivia tells Sonny that the kid obviously needs his rest, and Patrick is going to be here with the test results.  Dominic tells her that he doesnít care about the test results because no transplant is happening; no oneís insides are going into his.  Olivia blurts out, not just anybodyís. Dominic gives her an annoyed look.  Patrick enters and says he is glad they are all there; he has Dominicís test results.

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