GH Update Thursday 9/10/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/10/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Andrea hands Edward the martini she has spiked with digitalis and toasts to his health.  He drinks it.  Everyone is enjoying the carnival.  Edward gets into his car and tells Deirdre that he is on his way to the carnival.  He suffers a heart attack while driving his car.  The car plows into the carnival, damaging attractions and running over people.

In the hospital, Jason vows to Sam that the responsible person will not get away with it.  Rebecca sits by Edward, encouraging him that he must make it through the surgery.

Patrick tells Sonny and Olivia that they need to contact Dominic’s family and tell them that he needs a kidney transplant.  Sonny says he will find Dominic’s mother, but Olivia insists that she will take care of it.  Sonny asks if there is a reason that she doesn’t want him to contact Dominic’s mother.

At the carnival, workers are digging through fallen attractions.  Claudia looks for Kristina who is pinned under a ride.  Michael sees Claudia and asks if she has found Kristina.  

In the hospital, Nikolas watches Rebecca as she cries alone after her grandfather is taken to surgery.  Ethan comes up behind her and tells her he can stay or he can go; whatever she needs. She asks him to stay. 

Outside of Jake’s room, Sam tells Jason that inconclusive results are not always a bad thing.  Jason tells her that he just needs to know that Jake will be ok. Lulu comes in and asks how Jake is doing. She tells Jason that it must be awful to know that Edward was driving the car.  Jason is surprised by this news. She tells Jason that apparently Edward had a heart attack. Sam asks Jason if Edward knows that Jake is Jason’s son.  He says no.  She tells him she doesn’t know if Edward could handle knowing that he hurt his great-grandson.

In Jake’s hospital room, Lulu watches from the door as Elizabeth holds Jake in his hospital bed and Lucky sits next to her.  She comforts Jake, telling him that his mommy and daddy are there with him and love him very much.

At the carnival, Claudia tells Michael that the workers are still looking for Kristina but it is a mess. Michael tells her that Kristina was on the ride when the car hit it so she must be under something.  Claudia tells him that Kristina was laughing and having a great time when Claudia saw the car crash into them.  Michael flashes back to a memory from when he was in his coma.  He remembers Claudia telling him it was an accident; she didn’t know he would be there and didn’t mean for him to get hurt.  Michael comes back to the present as Claudia tells him that accidents are like that. She says that everything you have can be gone in an instant.   She tells him she is sorry.  Michael insists that his sister is not dead and he is going to find her.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Dominic that he has suffered severe injuries and can go into renal failure if he continues to lose blood.  He tells him that means his kidneys will shot down and may require surgery and possibly a kidney transplant. Patrick tells Dominic that he asked Sonny to contact his mother.  Dominic tells him no, not Sonny, not his mom.  Patrick tells him that family is the best option for a kidney transplant. Dominic grabs Patrick’s arm and tells him to let it go.

In the hallway, Sonny calls Bernie on the phone and says he needs the contact information on Dominic Pirelli.  Alexis comes up with Molly and asks Sonny if they have brought Kristina in yet.  Sonny asks if she doesn’t know where Kristina is.  Alexis tells him that Claudia said she was trapped underneath one of the rides and they couldn’t get to her.  Sonny asks Sam to tell Patrick that he had to leave because one of his kids is in trouble.

Lucky comes out of Jakes room to talk to Jason in the hallway. He reports that Jake has a mild concussion and some bruising but otherwise is ok. He tells Jason that they will keep Jake overnight and run some more tests just to be sure.  Sam and Jason thank Lucky for the update.  Lulu departs saying she is going to tell everyone that Jake is ok.

Rebecca tells Ethan that she thinks he saved Edward’s life.  Ethan tells her that all he did was pull him out of the car.  Rebecca protests that he was the first one there, he convinced Nikolas to let him carry Edward through the crowd and that got him to the ER much faster.  She tells him that with a heart attack, every second counts.  Rebecca wonders why Edward had a heart attack when he just had a complete cardiac workup that showed he was doing fine.

In Max’s room, his brother Milo sits by his bedside.  Louise, the woman Max met earlier, comes in, and tells Milo that she barely knows Max. She met him at the Dunk-a-Hunk and the next thing she knew he was saving her life.  She asks how a person thanks someone for that.  Max awakens and asks what happened.  His brother tells him he is in the hospital.  Max asks what he is doing there.  He says Louise called him.  Max asks Louise if she is ok. She tells him that thanks to him, she is.

Jason wonders if he should stay at the hospital since he is not hurt, he is not helping anybody, and Jake is ok.  Sam reminds him that Edward is not ok.  Jason reflects that Edward drove his car through a crowd of people and wonders why it happened.  Sam reminds him that Lulu told him that Edward had a heart attack.  Jason wonders if it happened before or after he hit the midway.  He wonders if Edward was drunk.  He feels sorry for Edward because he has already lost so much.

Claudia enters the hospital. Sonny asks her where Kristina is. She tells him the rescue workers are still looking for her. He asks her what ride they were on.  She tells him that Molly Kristina and she were on the kite-flyer.  She says the bars were already locked down when the car hit so they couldn’t get out.  She tells him that she managed to get Molly free and clear of the ride, but when she looked back, Kristina was not there. She says the rescue workers wouldn’t let her back in because one of the vendors was electrocuted.  She reveals that Michael is still trying to get back in.  Sonny says he has to go find his kids and runs out of the building.

At the carnival, Michael is calling for Kristina.  He stops in his tracks when he sees her.

Sonny, Claudia, Alexis, and Molly are back inside the hospital. Alexis thanks Claudia for getting Molly off that ride.  Molly tells her mother that she is afraid Kristina is badly hurt. Sonny says he feels like he should be doing something.  Michael runs in and announces that Kristina is ok and they are bringing her in now. Kristina is wheeled in on a gurney. She asks Molly if she is ok. Molly assures her that she is fine and asks why Kristina didn’t answer when she called her. Kristina supposes she must have blacked out. She woke up under the piece of the ride when Michael was calling her. She tells them that Michael brought the rescue crew to get her out.  Sonny asks her how she feels. She tells him she is happy to be safe and adds that she can’t believe he is there.  He asks where else he would be; she is his daughter, he loves her. She tells him she loves him too.

Lulu sees Nikolas and tells him she is glad she ran into him. She tells him Jake is going to be fine.  He tells her he didn’t know Jake was hurt.  She tells him Jake ran into the prize tent just before it collapsed.  They thought he had a skull fracture, but he is ok. Nikolas asks if Jake is still in the hospital and Lulu informs him that they are going to monitor him overnight.  Nikolas asks about Elizabeth.  Lulu tells him that Elizabeth and Lucky are fine and with Jake.  Nikolas tells her he is going to go see if they need anything.  

Sam asks Jason if he remembers when she worked for Edward.  He remembers.  She tells him that he was a master manipulator and that he only kept her around was to have contact with Jason. She tells him that she and Edward talked about him all the time.  She tells him that his grandfather was proud of him and misses him.  Edward wishes they were closer.  Jason tells her that it was clean and easy in the beginning.  Edward wanted to control him and he had to rebel against him.  He says that Edward didn’t need him; he had Alan, Justice, A.J., Lila, and Emily, but now they are all gone.  Sam tells him that she thinks Edward needs him and he needs Edward too.  Jason tells her that at times like this he thinks about the secret that he is keeping.  He knows how much it would mean to Edward if he knew he had a great-grandson.  He confirms that he will never tell anyone that Jake is his son, but it is crazy that they both could have died tonight, neither knowing that they are connected to each other through Jason.  Sam tells him that he knows it.  She tells him it matters that he is here for Edward and Jake.  Jason thanks her for her insight.  

Olivia enters Dominic’s room and sits next to him on his bed.  He wakes up calls her mom.  She tells him she is right here.  He realizes what is happening and tells her she needs to get the hell out of there.  She tells him not to make her smack him. He tells her she will blow his cover.  She tells him she doesn’t care about his cover; he almost got killed today.  He tells her that he could not let a kid get run over.  She tells him she is proud of him.  Patrick returns to Dominic’s room, but sees that he has a visitor and waits at the door. Dominic tells Olivia that the doctor said he might need a transplant. She tells him she knows.  He tells her that they need to find Ronnie, call Gorski, and get him the hell out of there.  She tells him he is too badly hurt to be moved right now.  He tells her that if anybody finds out, he is dead.  She tells him that right now they just need to focus on him getting well.  She tells him that if she has to, she will tell the doctors that Dominic Pirelli does not exist and that he is her son, Dante.  Patrick is still in the doorway, overhearing.

In the hallway outside of Jake’s room, Lucky gives Elizabeth a cup of coffee. She tells him that Jake is asleep and comments on what a resilient little boy they have. He tells her he doesn’t know what they would have done if that had lost him.  She reminds him that they did not lose him.  She tells Lucky that he told her to have faith that he would be ok, and he is.  He tells her that she is the strongest person he knows and that he can always count on her and so can the boys.  She tells her she is glad that Cameron left early with the Goodsons.  Lucky asks if he should call them.  She tells him no, Cameron is spending the night with them. Lucky asks her if she is staying at the hospital tonight and she tells him yes. He tells her he is going to find out if Mac needs help.  She tells him she will let him know if there is any change. She assures him that both she and Jake will be fine. He tells her that he is grateful to her and the boys for becoming the family he has always dreamed of having. He tells her she is amazing and he is glad she is in her life. She says, “Same here.”  He goes in to say goodnight to Jake.

Jason sees the nurse Epiphany in the corridor and asks if Edward is still in surgery.  She tells them they have been trying to contact Edward’s family. He tells her it is ok, he knows Edward needed surgery; he was just checking up on him.  Epiphany tells him that she will let him know when Edward is back in his room.

Michael gets off the elevator, sees Claudia, and stands there looking at her.  Claudia is startled when she turns around and notices him. She asks if he is all right. He says he is. She mentions that he was just staring at her. She asks him if he knows he is a real hero for saving his sister.  He tells her he was just lucky. He tells Claudia must have walked right past her.  Claudia agrees – her and all the rescue workers. She guesses Kristina was unconscious.  Michael says Kristina was awake when he found her.

Jason finds Sonny and asks about Kristina.  Sonny tells him she had an x-ray and is doing fine. Sonny tells Jason that Edward was driving the car and asks how that happened.  Jason says they think it may have been a heart attack but Edward is still in surgery.  Sonny asks Jason if he knows how many people were hurt. Jason tells Sonny that he has not heard, but reveals that Jake was in the tent when it collapsed.  Sonny asks if Jake is all right.  Jason tells him that Jake will be ok.  Jason asks what happened to Kristina. He tells Jason that she was on the ride that got hit, and she got stuck under the wreckage. He tells Jason that Kristina is all right but both she and Morgan both had close calls. Jason asks where Morgan is. Sonny says Morgan went home with Carly.  Sonny tells Jason that Morgan was in the midway, the car was coming straight for him, and he froze.  He tells Jason that Dominic pushed Morgan out of the way and Dominic got hit.  Jason asks how Dominic is.  Sonny tells him Dominic has internal bleeding and it looks like he may need a kidney transplant.   He tells Jason that Bernie is tracking down Dominic’s parents. He tells him that that is the last thing a parent wants to hear. 

In Dominic’s room, he tells Olivia that she cannot tell anyone that he is her son. Olivia tells him that Sonny already has Bernie looking for his parents. She asks if they won’t be suspicious when he can’t find anything. Dominic tells her to find a way to stall Sonny.  She tells him she will not stall Sonny while he is in here dying. He tells her that if Sonny finds out that he has been lying, he will be dead sooner. He tells her that if his cover is blown, the whole thing is over. His only chance is her keeping quiet.  She tells him he has a lot of relatives and if he needs a transplant, there is a good chance that they will find him one.  He tells her there is no way the family will keep quiet about it. She tells her that if he needs a kidney he will get a kidney; she doesn’t care about his cover or his case. He asks her not to tell anyone until they know if he needs the transplant. She tells him she is not making any deals.  She says she promises that she will not let him die.

Mac questions Rebecca at the hospital. She tells him that she didn’t see Edward before the crash. She tells him that she was at the carnival with Nikolas and Spenser Cassadine.  Mac asks her if she went to the carnival kick-off party at the Metro restaurant. She says no. Ethan asks Mac why he is interrogating Rebecca.  Mac ignores Ethan and asks Rebecca if she saw Edward at any time before the carnival, and she tells him she saw him at breakfast and he seemed healthy. Mac asks if Edward has been under a lot of stress. Rebecca reminds the commissioner that the Quartermaines are always under a lot of stress. Ethan interrupts and says Edward had a heart attack behind the wheel of a car; it was a terrible accident. He asks Mac why he is trying to turn it into something else.  Mac confirms that Edward had a heart attack and elaborates that he is trying to determine if he was drunk when he had it. He says if Edward was drunk, then he is in a lot of trouble.

Robin enters the Medical Examiner’s office and asks the attendant if she my see Mrs. Floyd’s effects.  The attendant gives her a box.  Robin goes through Andrea’s purse and finds the digitalis.  She tells the attendant that a toxic dose can stop your heart.

In the chapel, Olivia tells God she is praying for her son again. She says she doesn’t know what to do; every choice she has puts her son in danger but if she does nothing, her son could die.  She tells God she will turn it over to Him and wait. She knows He will send her a sign.

Lulu enters Dominic’s room and tells him he is the big hero.  He asks if that means she will go out with him. She tells him she thinks heroes are overrated.  He jokes for her to look at all his pain and suffering. She tells him that she doesn’t date guys that she feels sorry for, but she does want to thank him for saving her cousin Morgan. Dominic tells her that he just did what anyone would have done.  Then tells her that was the modest approach and asks if it is working. She laughs and says maybe a little. He coughs and then tells her it’s ok; he is actually a quick healer and will be out of there in a couple of days.  She tells him that the day he walks out of this hospital, she will go out with him. He tells her it is a date.

Rebecca is at Edwards’s bedside after the surgery; Jason comes in and asks how Edward is. She tells him the surgery went well. She tells him she hopes she wasn’t out of line when she authorized it, but Edward couldn’t afford to wait.  Jason tells her he is glad she was there. Rebecca tells Jason that Monica and Tracy are on their way back. She asks if Jason has spoken to the police yet. He says no. She tells him that the police are asking questions about drunk driving.  He admits that the family has had problems with alcohol.  She tells him that even if he had a couple of drinks, there is no way that he could have been drunk enough to drive straight down the carnival midway.  She says maybe the accelerator got stuck, the transmission went into overdrive, or the brakes got stuck.  Not noticing that Edward has opened his eyes, she tells Jason she doesn’t know, but it must have been something major to do all that damage and hurt that many people.  Jason asks her to let him know when Edward wakes up. She tells him he is welcome to stay, as she is sure Edward would rather see Jason than her. Jason tells her he doubts that, but he will be around if he needs him or if she needs anything.  She asks if it is ok for her to tell Edward that Jason was there. He says yes, if she thinks it will help.  Jason leaves.  Rebecca turns around and sees Edward is awake. She tells him she will call the doctor. He asks her what he has done.

Robin returns to the triage. She tells Sonny that she just checked on Kristina, and she is doing ok, reading a magazine, and waiting for an x-ray. He thanks her.  Robin asks Epiphany if she has Edward Quartermaine’s blood work. Epiphany tells her she has received it but it is confidential so she cannot give it to her. She puts it down and says if she turns her back and a doctor chooses to pick it up, there is not much she can do about it.  Epiphany turns and walks away.  Robin takes the report. Sonny watches her go. 

Michael enters Kristina’s examination room and asks if she is ok. She tells him that the x-rays showed that it is just a sprained wrist.  She tells him that it is weird that he had a bad feeling about the carnival and then it turned out this way. He tells her it is just a coincidence. She tells him the fortuneteller knew something bad was going to happen. He tells her that what the fortuneteller said was so general that she couldn’t be wrong.    Kristina tells Michael that she owes him big-time; she was afraid she wasn’t ever going to get out of that ride. He tells her that all kinds of people were looking for her. She reveals that someone else found her. She says the woman was walking away when Kristina looked up. She says she got a good look at her shoes.  

Nikolas goes to Jake’s room. Elizabeth goes out into the hallway to talk to him. Nikolas tells her she just heard. He holds her. She tells him Jake will be ok. She tells him she is glad he is there. He tells her everything is going to be ok. They kiss. Jason rounds the corner and sees them.

In Edward’s room, he reveals to Rebecca that he heard her talking to Jason.  She says she will call him. He tells her no, and demands that she tell him what happened.  Rebecca tells him that he needs to rest.  Ethan enters and observes that Edward is awake. He says, “Welcome back.”  Edward tells them that one of those grifters had better start talking now. Mac knocks on the door and asks if he may come in. Rebecca informs him that Edward just woke up and hasn’t seen a doctor yet, so he is not ready to answer any questions. Edward asks Mac to tell him what happened.  Ethan offers to call Edward’s lawyer. Edward asks why he would need a lawyer. Mac tells Edward he’d like to ask some questions and tells him to let him know if it is too much. Edward tells Mac he is not saying anything until he finds out what is going on.  Mac hesitates, looks at Ethan and Rebecca, and then reveals to Edward that he ran his car through the carnival from the entrance to the Ferris wheel at the end of the midway. Edward asks if anyone was hurt. Mac confirms that a lot of people did.  He tells him that the rescue teams are still out there. He reveals that there are some fatalities. Edward asks if it is because of him. Mac asks Edward if he drove from the carnival kick-off party. Rebecca tells her grandfather that he doesn’t have to answer. Edward tells Mac he wasn’t drunk, if that is what he thinks; He had one lousy martini. Mac asks if he is sure.  Edward tells him he didn’t even want to go to the party.  Mac asks why not. Ethan tells Edward he doesn’t need to answer any more questions. Edward says now look what he has done. Mac tells Edward that he will make sure that counsel is present when he takes Edwards statement, but cautions Edward that if alcohol was involved he could face criminal charges.  Robin enters Edward’s room and announces that Edward was not drunk; someone was trying to kill him.

Kristina and Michael emerge from the exam room.  Molly jumps up to greet her sister.   Kristina announces that it was just a sprained wrist. Sonny puts an arm around each of the girls and says the next time they spend an evening together it will be fun.  Kristina says she is looking forward to it. He tells Molly he will teach her how to make Lasagna. Sonny says he is going to see Dominic and tells Michael to go home and says he is going to see Dominic. Michael tells Sonny to let him know if he can do anything else. Sonny tells his son that he is proud of him for finding his sister. Sonny hugs his son and walks off. Alexis thanks Claudia for everything she did for Molly. Claudia says she wishes she could have done more. Alexis, Michael, Molly, and Kristina get on the elevator while Claudia remains outside. Kristina thanks Claudia. As the elevator doors close, Kristina looks down and notices Claudia’s shoes.

Patrick enters Dominic’s room and asks how he is feeling. Dominic tells him he feels the same, but is not interested in trading out his kidneys. Patrick tells him that he doesn’t want to do that either, but he does want to keep everyone updated, which means his mother is going to have to tell his father about him. Dominic tells him that he is sorry to disappoint him, but his mother is at home in Brooklyn and she couldn’t even tell him who his father is.

Olivia is in the Chapel when Sonny enters.  Sonny says Sister Angela would have been proud to see both of them praying. He notices that Olivia has been crying and asks her what is wrong.  Olivia tells him she asked God for a sign, and she got one. She tells him that now she knows exactly what she needs to do.


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