GH Update Wednesday 9/9/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/9/09


Written by Lauren
Pictures by Juanita

The fortune teller tells Lulu that trouble is coming.

Again we see the montage of scenes: Dante goes to buy Morgan cotton candy, and Morgan throws his helmet in the air. Edward grabs his chest while driving his car. Kristina, Molly, and Claudia go to get on their ride. Anthony is handcuffed. Spinelli enters the warehouse. Olivia feeds Sonny popcorn. Alexis and Andrea argue. Spinelli is face to face with the gunmen. Elizabeth puts Jake down and he runs away, Jason sees. Shots are fired at Spinelli. Sonny leans in to kiss Olivia. Edward’s car plows into the carnival and everyone looks that way.

Molly and Kristina scream. Johnny pushes Spinelli out of the way. Elizabeth, Lucky and Jason run after Jake. Carly ad Jax run to Morgan, Dante pushes Morgan out of the way and is hit. Edward hits Andrea, who is trapped by the car. Johnny and Spinelli hide from the gunmen. Everyone at the carnival is screaming.

Andrea doesn’t move and Patrick and Robin run to Alexis who is on the ground, then Patrick goes to Andrea.

Louise, the woman Max was talking to tries to get him to regain consciousness.

Nikolas runs to Rebecca and Spencer. Rebecca recognizes Edward’s car. Ethan runs to the car and opens the door to check on Edward.

Jason, Sam, Elizabeth, and Lucky run to Jake and begin moving all these stuffed animals to locate him.

The gunmen look for Johnny and Spinelli.

Molly calls for Kristina and says she is still on the ride. Claudia stops her from running forward.

Sonny and Olivia and Jax and Carly run toward Morgan and find him on the ground. He says Dominic (Dante) pushed him out of the way. Olivia runs over and calls him Dante.

At General Hospital Matt tells Epiphany the hospital is like a ghost town. Lulu runs in and says a car just plowed through the carnival.

Patrick has gotten Edward on top of the car and is attending to him. Matt sends teams out to help people. Louise calls people over to Max and Alexis runs over asking if she has seen Kristina or Molly.

Molly continues to scream for Kristina.

Johnny tells Spinelli to leave and they both run for it, attacked by gunfire.

Olivia calls people over to help Dante and Jax sends Michael to check on Carly and Michael. Dante begins to regain consciousness and Olivia runs to him again. Sonny asks why she’s so worried, and Jax takes her away to reprimand her for being so obvious.

Jason finds Jake and Elizabeth is thrilled to hold him in her arms.

Molly tells a workman to find Kristina. Lulu runs up and tries to take Molly inside. She agrees and tells Claudia to stay and wait for Kristina.

The gunmen decide to leave because they hear the police, but Johnny has already been shot.

Nikolas and Ethan help the EMTs move Edward to the hospital.

Lulu brings Molly in and asks Robin to take a look at her for fear of shock. Robin tries to calm her down but has to leave for a consult.

Patrick sees to Dante.

Elizabeth and Lucky go with Jake to the hospital leaving Jason where he is. He looks absolutely crushed as he walks away and looks at all the wreckage around him.

Alexis finds Mac in GH and asks if he’s seen her daughters. Mac says everyone is working as hard as they can. Mac tells her to check the ER first.

Lulu continues to talk to Molly, who is very worried. She brings Molly down to the cafeteria.

Milo arrives and talks to Louise about Max. Louise tells him Max is alive but unconscious and may have spinal damage.

They bring Edward in and say he went into cardiac arrest. With Monica, Tracy, and Jason MIA, it seems Rebecca is Edward’s only relative to help make medical decisions.

Spinelli helps get Johnny out of the warehouse.

Jason watches Jake roll by on a stretcher. A doctor tells Elizabeth and Lucky that Jake may have sustained a skull fracture and will have an MRI. Only one parent can go in with Jake at a time and Elizabeth sends Lucky, because she needs to call her gram. When Lucky leaves, Jason comes in and Elizabeth tells him Jake’s status. Jason and Elizabeth cry together.

Nikolas tells Rebecca he has spoken to Tracey but no one has been reached. Robin comes and tells them that Edward did have a heart attack and he also needs surgery. Rebecca says Edward would want to live no matter what. Robin says his heart attack doesn’t make sense.

Mac stands over Andrea’s dead body.  A fire fighter shows Claudia a body, but it isn’t Kristina. She tells him to keep looking.

Elizabeth and Jason talk about Jake. The doctor comes back in and says the test results will be in shortly. Elizabeth leaves and tells Jason she will let him know the results. Jason sees Jake again. Sam watches Jason.

Johnny tells Spinelli to get away while he can, but Spinelli refuses and calls 911. But all lines are busy.

Morgan is worried about Dante, but Sonny assures him Patrick will help. In the exam room Dante is in a great deal of pain. Patrick says he’s not fine, but goes out to talk to everyone who is waiting to try to get them to leave, as per Dante’s request. Morgan sneaks in to see Dante and tries to give him his Yankees helmet. Dante tells him to keep it and begins to cough badly.

Lucky says the tests are inconclusive and Elizabeth tries to hold out hope. Outside the room Sam asks Jason if he wants coffee and he says no. She asks if there is any news and he says no again. She thinks this is her cue to leave and moves to go but Jason grabs her arm to stop her.

Rebecca sits with Edward and talks to him. Nikolas watches from the door. She tells him how kind and accepting he was and it is natural to call him grandfather. She begins to cry and begs him to be okay.

Morgan says he doesn’t want to leave because Dante doesn’t have family. Carly says Sonny will stay with him. Michael hears a police report that Kristina is still missing, so he runs to go help.

Molly runs to Alexis who is happy to see her. It is short lived when Lulu tells her Kristina hasn’t been found yet.

Claudia continues to look for Kristina, it has since gotten dark. A shoe sticks out of the ride.

Spinelli finally gets in touch with 911 and calls them to the scene. Johnny tells Spinelli that his dad tries to shoot him once before and then collapses.

At GH Olivia prays, and Sonny asks why she cares about Dante. Sonny asks if he reminds her of her son.

Dante tells Patrick not to contact his mother. Patrick tells Sonny that they haven’t found the source of internal bleeding, and then asks if either of them know how to contact his mother.

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